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  • 1. Marketing SolutionsPresented To: School of Continuing Education,Columbia UniversityDate: 12/7/2012Account Executive: Janine TaorminaAccount Manager: Tim McCarthyMarketing Solutions1

2. School of Continuing Education, Columbia UniversityBusiness Review Marketing Objectives: Increase REACH Extend BRAND Increase top-line AWARENESS Conversions Goals ChallengesMarketing Solutions 2 3. LinkedIn Mission: Connect the worldsprofessionals to makethem more productive and successful. Marketing Solutions 3 4. The globally connectedprofessional network187,000,000+ UKNL 8M+3M+DACHregistered members (as of October 2012) 3M+France3M+ItalyCanadaSpain3M+ 5M+Europe 2M+ USA 35M+61M+India 14M+ BrazilAustralia7M+ 2.9M +Marketing Solutions4 5. We connect people acrossa wide range of demographics45% women55% men Educated: 55% college grad or above *Affluent:49% HHI $75K+33% HHI $100K+ 27% Millennial A18-34 44% are parents 24% GenX A35-44 38% Boomers A45-64Source: comScore, November 2011. * @plan, Rels 4, 2011.Marketing Solutions5 6. And they use LinkedIn for many purposesConnect &76% Network with other professionals Communicate 40% Let others know what Im up toResearch People &62% Learn about what other colleagues are doing Companies 43% Learn more about a companyProfessional Insights46% Stay up to date on industry discussions 72% Maintain professional identityManage Career 37% Look for jobsAs of March 2012 Marketing Solutions 6 7. Social Media Environment MattersQuality Audience Business Context Marketing ImpactReach the most influential, affluentPromotes trust andDelivers compelling insights and and educated audiences at scalemessage receptivityresults with social media solutions 4.2M 2x+10Corporate Executives on more confident in info found onshift in Net Promoter Score as a LinkedIn. 150M members and LinkedIn than other social sites2 result of leveraging LinkedIn3growing11 Internal LinkedIn data (US), March 2012 2 LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey (US), August 20113 Global computer manufacturerMarketing Solutions7 8. Reach Influential, Affluent Professionals Quality AudienceBusiness Context Marketing ImpactBusiness Decision Makers CompLinkedIn 26.7%Target By NY 24.1% ProfessionFaceb 15.8% Seniority Education IndustryHHI $100K+ Company Size Geography Comp Group MembershipLinkedIn 34.4% NY 31.9%Faceb 20.0%Source: The Nielsen Company @Plan,US Adults age 18+, Rel 3 2011Marketing Solutions8 9. LinkedIn combines social media solutions that delivercompelling insights and results.CreateAttractExperiences Audience Content Ads Company Page Social Ads Groups Partner MessagesAmplify thruEngage inNetwork Conversation Network Update PollsStatus Groups Company Followers Company Status API/Web Plug-InsUpdates Marketing Solutions 9 10. LinkedIns Marketing SolutionsMarketing Solutions 10 11. LinkedIn Audience TargetingThe most accurate way to target professionals on the web. Profession Seniority Industry Company Size Geography Education Marketing Solutions11 12. LinkedIn PollsSmall talk that delivers big.Marketing Solutions 12 13. LinkedIn Content AdsNew optional format for video feedsDistribute School ofContinuing Education,Columbia Universitys Standard Content Adcontent to build brandloyalty and establishthought leadership.The benefits of ContentAds with expandableplayer: Highlight video content Expandable Video Provide moreContent Adinformation about thevideos More engagementoptions Marketing Solutions 13 14. LinkedIn InMail MessagesDirect Communication to the Professional Inbox Drive Awareness & Promote University Initiatives Target CLOs & HR Execs Credible messaging and high open rates since members only receive one InMail every 60 days Leverage Added Value Elements (300x250 or 300x600) to cross promote and drive followers to Company Page & University- Sponsored GroupsMarketing Solutions14 15. LinkedIn Custom GroupsWhere members collaborate on shared passions, interests or goals Cultivate long-lasting relationships Robust membership-driving program Over 1,000,000 Groups currently exist 1,500 Groups created every day 3,000,000 join groups every month Marketing Solutions 15 16. School of Continuing Education, Columbia University Company Pages & Follower EcosystemMarketing Solutions 16 17. Capture Followers who will become your advocatesGain School of Continuing Education, Columbia University followers with LinkedInsFollow Company Ads Leverage LinkedIns precisetargeting to garner qualifiedProspective Students Generate social awarenesswhen new professionals followFuqua Build relationships by increasingfollowers Influence professionals by usingtheir social graphMarketing Solutions 17 18. Engage Those Most Interested in Your BrandIntroducing Company Status Updates HomepageSchool of Continuing Education, Columbia UniversityProfileis announcing a new Executive MBA program. XYZco Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Maurisrhoncusscelerisqueporttitor. Fusceviverrajustofermentum dolor volutpat. Like (5) Comment Share Like (5) Comment Share Mobile Website 55% of LinkedIn members will follow a company forever.1 45% of members want weekly updates.1 LinkedIn Survey (n=363), US and Canada, October 2011Marketing Solutions18 19. Education companies have already adopted status updatesOver 900 EducationCompanies sent Status Updates in30 days Over 100 sent more than 10LinkedIn Internal Data as of July 2012 for higher education & education management industriesMarketing Solutions19 20. MobileMarketing Solutions20 21. From coffee to couch and everything in between Desktop iPad 12am1am2am3am4am5am6am7am8am9am10am 11am12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 9pm 10pm11pmMarketing Solutions21 22. LinkedIn iPad Sponsorship Marketing Solutions22 23. InnovationMarketing Solutions23 24. Marketing Solutions 24 25. LinkedIn Certified Developer ProgramMarketing Solutions25 26. LinkedIn Platform: APIs for marketersIE Business School Marketing Solutions 26 26 27. LinkedIn Platform: APIs for marketers American Express creates a viral engine that rewards LinkedIn members with card discounts for professional recommendationsMarketing Solutions 27 28. Case StudiesMarketing Solutions28 29. INSEAD: Successfully using the follower ecosystemObjectiveEngage potential candidates anddifferentiate programme usingadvocacySolutionTargeted social ads Follow ads Recommendation adsResults19,800 followers /2 months435 recommendationsMarketing Solutions29 30. London Business School: Intelligently using content and relevant messaging Objective Drive awareness and perception of LBS using relevant content and highly targeted direct messaging Solution Targeted display Content ads InMail Results 85% open rate on InMail 0.1% CTR on targeted display 8% engagement rate on content adMarketing Solutions 30 31. 2013 Proposal Columbia University_MS_Q1 Q2 13_DSM ID2608683.xls Columbia Targets MS programs (2).xlsx Marketing Solutions31 32. Marketing Solutions 32