East Africa Migrations

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  • 1.Itineraries by ETG
    The Great Migration
    East Africa

2. Nairobi, Kenya
3. Palacina, homestyle luxury in State House Valley
4. The Masai Mara and the Migration!
5. Masai Mara : The Great Wildebeest Migration
6. The Masai Mara and the Migration!
7. Masai Mara : The Great Wildebeest Migration
8. Offbeat Mara Camp, Mara North Conservancy
9. Offbeat Mara Camp
10. Offbeat Mara Camp
11. Offbeat Mara Camp
12. Private Concession and all the perks.
13. 5 seater Land Rovers.
14. Guide and spotter lead the game drives.
15. Koiyaki Guiding School graduates.
16. The Masai Mara and the Migration!
17. Front row seat!
18. Olkiombo Airstrip
19. Both Mara Intrepids Camp and Mara Explorer right on Talek River.
20. Mara Intrepids Camp
21. Mara Intrepids Camp
22. Surprise Bush breakfasts, dinners
23. Or Mara Explorer as an upgrade
24. Both 5 and 7 seater Land Rovers available.
25. Migration Pattern
26. Tanzania Migration Itinerary
27. Arusha CoffeeLodge
1 hour from JRO AP / 5min from Arusha AP
28. Arusha CoffeeLodge
23 luxury chalets tucked into coffee grove
29. Serengeti Soroi:: Mbali Mbali
Western Corridor over Musbi Plains
30. Serengeti Soroi :: Mbali Mbali
2.5 hour game drive from Seronara Airstrip
31. Serengeti Soroi :: MbaliMbali
Various dining options
32. Serengeti Soroi :: Mbali Mbali
25 Thatched Chalets
33. Serengeti Soroi :: Mbali Mbali
Modern Africa Design
34. Serengeti Soroi :: Mbali Mbali
Turkish Tubs & Outdoor Showers
35. Serengeti Soroi :: Mbali Mbai
Watch the migration from your room!
36. Baraza Resort &Spa
1 hour from Zanzibar AP
37. Baraza Resort &Spa
Conde Nast Traveler : top 30 beaches in the world
38. Baraza Resort & Spa
Fusion of Arabic, Swahili and Indian design
39. Baraza Resort & Spa
Only 30 villas
40. Baraza Resort & Spa
One bedroom, Two Bedroom Villas +Presidential Villa
41. Baraza Resort & Spa
Each villa has personal Villa Host & private plunge pool
42. Baraza Resort & Spa
Large rooms with large bathrooms
43. Baraza Resort & Spa
Plenty of activities or pure relaxation
44. Baraza Resort& Spa
Impeccable Service
45. Baraza Resort & Spa
Fresh Sea Food
46. Baraza Resort & Spa
Frangipani Sap offers a variety of treatments
47. Contact Information:
Express Travel Group: Ben Malasi:
Baraza Resort & Spa:Sujit Shah
Serengeti Soroi:Taki
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