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Dual Enrollment . Register for Dual Enrollment Today!

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Dual Enrollment Slide 2 Register for Dual Enrollment Today! Slide 3 What is Dual Enrollment: Dual enrollment classes are taken at your local high school and taught by high school instructors. Textbooks are provided by the school Teachers are highly qualified and approved to teach college curriculum Slide 4 Why Dual Enrollment: Earn college and high school credit at the same time! Finish college faster and save money on college tuition and text books! Your college credits earned while in high school, transfer to the college or university of your choice* *Verification with your academic counselor is recommended Slide 5 How Much Does It Cost: $71 per semester hour + $15 processing fee. Accepted Payments Check Credit Card eCashier online payment plan Ask about the Tuition Assistance Program Slide 6 See The Difference See The Difference: CourseCreditsTuitionFeesBooksTotal English 1013$213$15$0$228 Rio Salado Tuition: In-State Universities Tuition: CourseCreditsTuitionFeesBooksTotal English 1013$1,671$110$53$1,834 Rio Salado:$ 1,734 Northern Arizona University$ 6,964 Arizona State University$ 7,794 University of Arizona$ 8,250 Argosy College$ 12,960 University of Phoenix$ 13,200 * Approximate full-time annual tuition comparison based on two 12- credit semesters Slide 7 Courses Offered at Red Mountain: First Year Composition (ENG101 & 102) Elementary Spanish I & II (SPA101 & 102) Precalculus (MAT187) Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry I & II (MAT221 & 231) General Physics I & II w/ Lab (PHY111 & 112) Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology w/ Lab (BIO160) General Biology I & II w/ Lab (BIO181 & 182) Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II w/ Lab (BIO201 & 202) Fundamental Chemistry w/ Lab (CHM130) General Chemistry I & II w/ Lab (CHM151) Elementary French I & II (FRE101 & 102) Elementary German I & II (GER101 & 102) Intermediate German I & II (GER201 & 202) Intro to Literature (ENH110) (Rio Salado Course ID) Slide 8 I would recommend Dual courses to everyone headed to college as they help to ease your workload and the transition from high school to college. Enabled me to be ahead in my freshman year college courses. Dual Enrollment makes me feel confident and knowledgeable with my classes. I feel like I learned a lot more than I would have learned in high school classes. A great way to start college with several credits completed and prepare for the challenging college courses to come! More resources were available through my dual enrollment class. What Students are Saying: My Dual Enrollment classes required me to work harder and push myself more. " Dual enrollment is great. I would encourage everyone to do it. The only thing I regret is that I didnt take more dual enrollment credits." Slide 9 Register Today Online: Go to Fill out online registration Print and give to your local high school liaison