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Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hydep.71) Put the words from the story in the correct bottle.Adjectives: worried, evilVerbs: punish, enterNouns: envelope, bottle, messenger, master.2) Match each definition to the correct word.1. To kill someone: murder2. Very surprised: Shocked3. Poor health or disease: illness4. An item to cover the face: mask5. Crazy, not normal: mad6. An item to lock a door: key7. A person working in a house: servant

P.14-151) Match the words with the correct meanings.1. Repeatedly: again and again.2. Well-dressed: wearing smart clothes3. Shut: closed4. Suspect: think somebody is guilty5. Keep it secret: not tell anyone6. Well-known: famous2) Match the words to the picture. Then use them to complete the sentences.1: In the 1800s, many people had servants to do all the work in the house.2: You lock a door with a key.3: A fire always makes smoke.4: A hundred years ago, most houses had a chimney on them.5: You must write a name and address on an envelope.3) Complete the sentences with the correct person.1: Mr. Utterson went to the bank with Mr. Hyde.2: Dr Jekyll is Mr. Uttersons client.3: Mr. Enfield is very worried about Dr Jekyll.4: Mr. Hyde will get all Dr Jekylls money after Jekylls death.5: Dr Lanyon is an old friend of Mr. Utterson and Mr. Jekyll.4) Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.1. Describe Mr. Hydes appearance: Hes short and hes got dark hair. When you look at him, you feel something evil. He gives an impression of deformity.2. What did Mr. Hyde give the girls family?He gives a hundred of pounds.3. What was strange about the cheque?The cheque are signed with another person.4. Why does Dr Lanyon seldom visit Mr. Jekyll?Because they argue about scientific questions.5. Where did Mr. Utterson wait for Mr. Hyde?Mr. Utterson waits on the old door of the last building.6. What was Mr. Uttersons impression of Mr. Hyde?Mr. Hyde gives his number and address to Mr. Utterson.

P. 22-231) Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. Pay attention to the words in bold.1. She had a smile on her face because she was happy.2. My bag is full because there are many items in it.3. He burned the paper in the fire.4. This conversation is private so please close the door.5. The boy is pale. He is feeling ill.6. I recognize her because I met her last year.2) Complete the sentences with the words below.1. Laura keeps her purse in her bag.2. The man was very ill. He was unconscious for a week.3. There was a beautiful view from the window.4. I usually sit beside the window on the bus.5. I am certain this is true. There is no doubt about it!3) Match A and B to make sentences about the story.1. According to Poole, Dr. Jekyll gave Mr. Hyde the key to the laboratory.2. Dr. Jekyll controlled Mr. Hyde because he could get rid of him.3. The police found a gold watch on the body.4. The victim of the crime was a Member of the Parliament.5. Utterson found big boxes in the laboratory.4) Answer the questions.1. What instructions did Dr. Jekyll give to Utterson?Utterson keep calm and help Dr. Jekyll after hes dead.2. What did the maid see outside her window?Two persons between them, Mr. Hyde.3. According to the police, what two mistakes did Hyde make?First, he kept the cane and second he burned the chequebook. 4. Where did the police wait for Mr. Hyde?In the bank of Mr. Hyde.5. What was Dr. Jekyll interested in?He write on his will all possessions for Hyde.6. How did Dr. Jekyll look when Poole and Utterson entered his room?He looks very ill.

P. 30-311) Complete the puzzle. Use the clues below.Across 1: Square 5: MessengerDown 2: Escape 3: Suffer 4: Dine 5: Mad2) Complete the sentences with the words and phrases below.1. The man didnt speak in a friendly manner.2. The man covered his face with a mask.3. If you find the money, I will give you a reward.4. People often give money to help the poor.5. She hasnt got any pain now. She is at peace.3) True or False.1. Dr. Jekyll promised never meet Hyde again. True2. Dr. Jekyll burned the letter. False3. Utterson told Dr. Jekyll what to write in his will. True4. Mr. Guest was Mr. Utterson servant. True5. Dr Jekyll wanted to see Mr. Utterson. False6. Utterson opened Lanyons letter. False4) Answer the questions.