Dont be a child injunction

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This is another injunction handed out by parents, in their child ego state, feeling threatened by having their child around.

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  • 1. Dont be a Child Injunction
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  • 3. Dont Be a Child This is another injunction handed out by parents, in their child ego state, feeling threatened by having their child around.
  • 4. Dont Be a Child Instead of wanting the baby right out of way, the Child in the parent says: There is only room for one kid around here and that is me. But I will put up with you, so long as you behave like a grown up instead of a child. This may be reflected later on by verbal messages like You are too old to .. or Big boys dont cry.
  • 5. Dont Be a Child Dont be a Child is also give out by parents who were never allowed to be child like themselves and feel threatened by child like behavior. They may have been reared in times of depression or in a stern home where worth and value were related to doing.
  • 6. Dont Be a Child Sometimes, eldest or only child give themselves this injunction. Seeing Mother and Father arguing, an only child may decide: The only other person around here is me. So I must be the cause of the fight. Therefore, it is up to me to do something about it. I did better grown up quickly so I can take charge. An eldest child may decide similarly that she is responsible for her younger brothers and sisters.
  • 7. Dont Be a Child If you feel awkward relating to children, you probably carry Dont be a Child. The same is probably true if you stiffen up when you are at parties or in similar fun situation among other adults. Dont have fun and Dont enjoy are sometimes listed as variants of Dont be a Child.
  • 8. Dont Be a Child For sure, we dont need to be in our child ego state in order to have fun or enjoy. But if you decided as child that having fun and enjoying were things children did, and that you were supposed to be a solemn little grown up, you may well rubber band to that decision when the chance arises of having fun at your present age.
  • 9. Dont Be a Child In some families, if you are having too much fun you are labeled lazy or sinful. There may be a magical belief that if you feel so good, something bad will happen. So the way you magically ward off evil is to not feel so good.
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