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Dollars With Sense. Welcome to the online re-training for Dollars With Sense. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Dollars With Sense

    Welcome to the online re-training for Dollars With Sense. This presentation will walk you through the changes and new materials that have been added to the DWS program. In order to best facilitate your individual learning preferences, please manually proceed though the slides. Thank you for participating in our online retraining, we look forward to your continued involvement with Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta.

  • Welcome & IntroductionsTraining Objectives Overview of Junior Achievement (JA)Program GoalProgram Evaluations and Impact AssessmentProgram materialsProgram OverviewFour Lessons Learning Outcomes and ActivitiesOther ChangesVolunteer/ Teacher CooperationVolunteer Roles and ConductPreparationAdministrative Issues Contact InformationThank YouAgenda

  • Understand the changes to the new DWS program.Be familiar with the learning outcomes of the program

    Training ObjectivesBy the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Junior Achievement of Canada (JACAN)

    Core Purpose: To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta (JASA)

    Position Statement: To inspire and educate young Albertans to succeed in the global economy by providing them with opportunities to experience free enterprise, understand business and economics and develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

  • Exposure to business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy Access to positive role models Understanding of career opportunities & workforce readiness Unique partnership between business, education and non-profit sector Emphasis on the importance of staying in school Hands-on, experiential programs for Gr. 4 Gr. 12 students

    Benefits of JA

  • Elementary SchoolGrade 4 & 5:Business Basics: Technology & InnovationGrade 5 & 6:Business Basics: Our Business World Middle School Grade 7 & 8: Dollars with SenseGrade 8 & 9: Investment Strategies ProgramGrade 9: ESIS: Economics For Success (In School) Grade 9:ESIS: Economics For Success (MRC)High SchoolCompany Program A Student Venture (In school and After School)JA Titan

    Our Programs

  • Program GoalTo encourage Middle School aged youth to develop the financial literacy necessary to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

  • There is a national system in place to track our programs. The intent is to assess the learning impact for students and determine the level of satisfaction of volunteers, educators and students with the JA programs.

    There are online student, educator and volunteer satisfaction surveys. Please visit to complete the surveys.

    Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment System

  • Program guides (2)Student Workbooks (30) Barter Activity CardsJA DollarsPizza Menus (6)Investors Games

    Tent Name Cards (30)Bingo GamesCertificates of Accomplishment (30)Parent Letters (30)Pens and Markers

    Program Materials

  • Program OverviewPage 5IntroductionsEnergizers(10 minutes)Lesson 1Lets Talk MoneyWhat Would You Do?You and Your MoneyExploring Methods ofPaymentDiscussion(40 Mins)Lesson 2Be a SMART ShopperWhy do we Buy the Things we buy?Are You a SMART Consumer?Discussion(40 Mins)Lesson 3Look After Your MoneyThink About GoalsA Project BudgetDiscussion(45 Mins)

    Lesson 4Make Your Money WorkBecome Investment WisePersonal Investment ChoicesInvestors Game Discussion(55 Mins)Wrap UpMoney Bingo Discussions

  • Students willDevelop a money management self-profile.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of barter and money exchange systems.Choose appropriate forms of exchange for making purchases and payments.

    Key ActivitiesWhat Would You Do?You and Your MoneyExploring Methods of PaymentTrade Vs MoneyHow do I pay?

    Lesson One Lets Talk Money

  • Students will:Determine factors that influence their spending.Identify steps in being a SMART consumer.Demonstrate how to make SMART decisions.Calculate the cost of credit.Develop awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities.Key ActivitiesWhy do we buy the things we buy?Are you a SMART consumer?Make SMART consumer decisionsDont Pay for a YearKnow your Consumer Rights

    Lesson Two Be a SMART Shopper

  • Students willIdentify needs, wants, and financial goals.Prepare a project budget.Differentiate services offered by financial institutions.Demonstrate how to write a cheque.Identify types of fraud and how to protect themselves from fraud.

    Key ActivitiesThink about goalsA Project BudgetShop for Financial ServicesKnow about Cheques and Know Your Cheques GameLook Out for Fraud

    Lesson Three Look After Your Money

  • Students willList different ways to invest money.Define some investment terms.Identify the advantages and disadvantages of various investmentsIdentify the sources of information available to help them make informed investment decisions

    Key ActivitiesBecome Investment WisePersonal Investment ChoicesInvestors GameInvestment PromotionLesson Four Make Your Money Work

  • Money BingoExtended activitiesSolo Delivery Option

    Other Changes

  • As the Volunteer you are:A role modelAn experienced resourceA facilitator of the learning experienceA motivator for youth in search of their futureThe Teacher:Ensures you understand classroom rules and proceduresMaintains order and disciplineProvides you with feedback so you can adjust your delivery style Supports your effortsIntroduces you to the students and to this learning experienceVolunteer / Teacher Cooperation

  • JA Volunteer ConductDress appropriatelyUse appropriate languageValue and promote diversityNever meet with the students on your ownAvoid physical contactUphold lawsDo not use the experience to sell, endorse or solicit business from students, teachers or other volunteers unless this contact is first initiated by them.

  • Review the program materialsPrepare for your lessonsWork through all of the activitiesCollect resources to be used during delivery. Preparing For the DWS Delivery

  • Please complete and sign the volunteer application formGive your employer as much notice as possible of your absenceIf the need arises and you must cancel, give JA as much notice as possibleWe request that volunteers deliver the program twice during a school yearReview the privacy policy/consent to release and volunteer code of conduct forms To view visit:


  • Elementary and Middle School ProgramsClarende 781-2581

    Kathryn 781-2584Contact JASA:

  • Thank You For Volunteering With Junior Achievement!You Make A Difference!

    Welcome to the online retraining of the Dollars with Sense program. This presentation is designed to introduce volunteers who are already experienced with the program to the new curriculum and content. While the new program is similar in intent, the delivery will look substantially different. Please make sure that you have copies of the new program guide and the new student workbook, so you may follow along. Please familiarize yourself with the agenda, and when you are ready, move on to the first item.

    By the end of this presentation, we hope that you will be familiar enough with the changes to be comfortable walking into a classroom and presenting the program in its new form.JACAN has a new mission statement and associated values, while JASA has created a new position statement.

    As a returning Junior Achievement volunteer you are making a difference in the lives of tomorrows leaders. Our unique hands-on partnership between students, educators and business volunteers benefits Canadian youth!Junior Achievement offers 7 unique programs FREE of charge to school-aged youth. In the spring, JASA will be piloting a new program for students in grades 4 and 5 all about the progress of technology and innovation.Please contact our program staff if you are interested in learning more about any of the other programs.Although DWS has been refreshed the programs goal remains the same.

    Once you have completed your classroom delivery of the refreshed DWS program please visit JACANs website to complete a volunteer satisfaction survey.These are the materials you should expect to find in your delivery bag when you arrive at the school. The Investors Game and the BINGO game are new.The items in purple writing are new pieces of the program. While most of these items are new, they still cover the same concepts as the previous program, but with a slightly different structure or emphasis. Please turn to p. 5 in your program guide. Note that activities are now classified as core activities or extended activities. While some activities are still available (for example, the barter game), they have become extended activities.Please turn to p. 6 in the program guide. Core activities are recognizable by their red title and are required, whereas extended activities which have a green title may be added at the discretion of the volunteer, if time permits.The boxes in the margins are colour coded. The green boxes are to help volunteers make connections with the students and the blue boxes hold tips about content and presentation styleOn page 8, you will find yellow and gold boxes which outline planning and preparation ideas.Please turn to p.8 in the program guide. The activities listed on the slide in green font are extended activities.. Once you have completed the energizers and introductions with the class, you begin lesson 1 with a hypothetical question to students about the choice between spending $100 on either a video game or shares in a company in the activity What Would you do? You may choose to s