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District 29-I Newsletter August 2018 District District 29-I Newsletter August 2018 District Governor Rob Bright Together, Let’s Make a Difference Since arriving back home from the

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  • District 29-I Newsletter

    August 2018

    District Governor Rob Bright

    Together, Let’s Make a Difference

    Since arriving back home from the 101st Annual International Convention, July

    has flown by quickly. I have had the pleasure of visiting with 11 Lions Clubs as

    the District Governor. These DG Visits have been enjoyable, fun and informative.

    District 29 I is providing many services and together, we are making a difference.

    Fifty-two Lions Clubs have scheduled a DG Visit. Thank you. I appreciate you working with me and my schedule.

    Hopefully, I can get the last five Lions Club scheduled in the next couple of days.

    They say that with age comes wisdom. So, as Lions, we ought to be pretty wise. We as an organization are 101 years

    old. Later, in the newsletter, you will read an article by PID Steve Glass, Global Leadership Team (GLT) Multiple

    District Coordinator. Also, I want to take a few seconds and talk about Leadership. The most common definition of

    Leadership is: “the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group.” I think we confuse the

    role of a leader with a person who has a position or office. You could be the lowest person on the totem pole, do not

    hold an office and have great leadership abilities. As PID Steve states, we need to identify potential club and district

    leaders and ensure that they are trained and mentored. A leader makes hard decisions and choices. One of those

    decisions might be declining to be a club president, secretary or treasurer for multiple years. Encourage someone

    else to take the position and be standing by to guide them, hold their hand, and teach them. I have discovered that I

    receive more enjoyment and satisfaction in watching one of my protégées succeed, then if I perform the job or held

    the office myself. So, are we wise enough for the next 100 years?

    Remember, our District Conference will be held on October 12th and 13th at the Clarion Inn in Shepherdstown. I

    would love to have every District 29 I Lion attend. Registration form is located in this newsletter.

    If I can provide any assistance to you or your club, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to

    serving as your District Governor.

    DG Rob


    FIRST VICE DISTRICT GOVERNOR This year has started off with attending the 29-I Council meeting, a visit to the

    Bridgeport Lions Club with the District Governor and a trip to the Shepherdstown

    Clarion for planning of the October 29-I conference. We are going to have an

    opportunity to join with the Shepherdstown Lions Club on Friday night of the

    conference for their charter night. It is a celebration of a new club and everyone is


    I know you are tired of hearing this but it is important to “keep your eye on the prize”

    of having a +1 in membership on June 30, 2019. Many clubs dropped members who had not paid their

    dues by this June 30th so the planning should be underway to replace every member you lost and add a +1.

    We all know retention is difficult. It is why we need to start now with planning a membership recruitment

    campaign and a plan to retain those members you haven’t seen in several meetings.

    As we all know this year is the first time there is a female International president. Her goal along with

    each of us should be to recruit more females into our clubs. District 29 has 34.49% female membership

    and 29-I follows the trend with 34.37%. We should have 50% as our 29-I collective goal for this year.

    Some of our clubs are predominantly male. It is the right time to invite wives, companions, daughters,

    sisters, etc. to join your clubs. Speaking from experience I can say it makes the socializing at meetings

    enjoyable and is a great feeling to work on a service project together. So, don’t just invite your

    spouse/companion for the club picnic or Christmas dinner – invite her or him to join you in Lionism.

    I look forward to meeting many of you in the next year. Please contact me if I can be of assistance in any way ([email protected]). WE SERVE.


    SECOND VICE DISTRICT GOERNOR Lion Kim and I have been traveling along with DG Rob on his club visits. So far,

    we have logged 1300 miles. We have met a lot of very nice people. We are

    excited about visiting as many clubs as possible this year in District 29 I. Lion

    Kim is seeing all the wild and wonderful sites in WV that she has only ever heard


    DG Rob, FVDG Ruth, and I are busy planning the upcoming District 29 I Fall Conference. If you have not heard yet, it is being held in beautiful Shepherdstown, WV on Fri/Sat Oct 12th and 13th. I hope that you will make plans to attend. We are planning to have some FUN! Come see what Lion Kim and John’s alma mater has to offer. Let’s have fun being a Lion serving our communities. If I can provide any assistance to your club, please do

    not hesitate to contact me by telephone at 304-820-7742 or email me at [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • 2018 – 2019 DISTRICT CALENDAR


    2 DG Visit, Bridgeport, Bridgeport Civic Center

    6:00 PM

    6 DG Visit, Petersburg, Moorefield, Petersburg City Park 6:30 PM

    7 DG Visit, East Preston, Alpine Lake Resort, Terra Alta 7:00 PM

    9 DG Visit, Bruceton Mills, Clark’s Residence, Bruceton Mills 6:00 PM

    11 Sight Foundation, Adamston Methodist Church 10:00 AM

    12 DG Visit, Mt. Storm, Presbyterian Church, Mt. Storm 2:00 PM

    13 DG Visit, Franklin, Sugar Grove, Star Hotel, Franklin 6:30 PM

    14 DG Visit, Martinsburg, War Memorial Park, Martinsburg 6:00 PM

    16 DG Visit Keyser, Potomac State College, Keyser 6:30 PM

    18 DG Visit, Berkeley Spring, Mason’s Residence, Berkeley Spring 6:00 PM

    22 DG Visit, Wardensville, Wardensville Town Park 6:00 PM

    23 DG Visit, Central Upshur, Ireland, Fishhawk Acres, Buckhannon 6:30 PM

    25 District 29 I 1st Cabinet Meeting, Fort Ashby 10:00 AM

    27 DG Visit, Tennerton, North River Park, Buckhannon 6:30 PM

    28 DG Visit, East Lewis, Lewis County Park, Weston 6:45 PM


    1 DG Visit, Lumberport, Community Building, Lumberport 3:00 PM

    4 DG Visit, Rowlesburg, Side Tracked Restaurant, Rowlesburg 6:30 PM

    6 DG Visit, Adamston, Christ Church Methodist, Adamston 6:30 PM

    9 DG Visit, Fort Ashby 1:00 PM

    10 DG Visit, Inwood-Bunker Hill, Hedgesville, War Memorial Park,

    Martinsburg 6:00 PM

    11 DG Visit, Jane Lew, Watters Smith State Park, Lost Creek 6:30 PM

    12 DG Visit, Harrison County H.O.P.E., Mia Margherita, Bridgeport 6:30 PM

    17 DG Visit, Short Gap, Senior Center, Short Gap 6:30 PM

    20 DG Visit, Tygart Valley 6:30 PM

  • 20 – 22 USA/Canada Forum, Columbus Ohio

    24 DG Visit, Paw Paw 6:30 PM

    25 DG Visit, Zone 6 Meeting, VFW, Rowlesburg

    26 DG Visit, Lost Creek & Johnstown, United Method Church, Lost Creek 6:30 PM


    1 DG Visit, Stonewood 6:30 PM

    4 DG Visit, Mountain 6:30 PM

    8 DG Visit, West Milford 6:30 PM

    9 DG Visit, Junior, Light of Christ Church, Belington 6:30 PM

    10 DG Visit, Kingwood 6:30 PM

    12 – 14 District 29 I Conference, Clarion Inn, Shepherdstown

    13 District 29 I 2nd Cabinet Meeting, Clarion Inn 9:00 AM

    23 DG Visit, Shinnston, Brice Ferguson Museum, Shinnston 6:30 PM

    24 DG Visit, Harpers Ferry, Charlestown, Anvil Restaurant, Harpers Ferry 6:30 PM

    25 DG Visit, Hodgesville, Buckhannon, Kesling Mills 6:30 PM


    2 – 4 District C Conference, Marriott Charleston

    4 Council of Governors, Marriott, Charleston 9:30 AM

    6 DG Visit, Philippi, Medallion Restaurant, Philippi 6:30 PM

    12 DG Visit, Elkins, Parsons 6:30 PM

    27 DG Visit, Grafton, Taylor Co. Technical Center, Grafton 6:30 PM


    6 DG Visit, Romney 6:30 PM


    12 District 29 I 3rd Cabinet Meeting, Penn Alps, Grantsville 10:00 AM

    25 – 26 WV Lions Leadership Retreat, Days Inn, Flatwoods

    27 Council of Governors, Days Inn, Flatwoods 9:00 AM



    15 – 17 District L Conference, Oglebay Park, Wheeling WV



    3 – 5 MD 29 WV Lions State Convention, Days Inn, Flatwoods

    4 Council of Governors, Days Inn Flatwoods 9:30 AM

    5 District 29 I Cabinet Meeting / Breakfast 8:00 AM


    CONGRATULATIONS to the Lions Clubs in District 29 I for making 100% club


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