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Dewey Decimal System

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Dewey Decimal System. Melville Dewey and his System. Melville Dewey’s Childhood. Melville Louis Kossuth was born December 10, 1851 in New York. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dewey Decimal System

Dewey Decimal SystemMelville Dewey and his System

Melville Deweys ChildhoodMelville Louis Kossuth was born December 10, 1851 in New York.As a child he was drawn to mathematics and enjoyed classification systems.Melvilles family could not afford to send him to school, but at age 19 he went and attended Amherst College.He worked in the library there to fund his education

2Classification Before Dewey

Before Dewey, Classification systems used a fixed design.Each book was given a specific spot on the shelf.Books and shelves had to be reclassified with each addition to the collection.No two libraries used the same system. of Modern Librarianship

Dewey invented the Dewey Decimal System when he was only 21.This system is based off of subjects and numbers, making it easy for one to categorize and shelve books.Amherst College was the first to adopt his modernized system.

4The Classifications000-099Computer Science, Information, and General Works: EncyclopediasGeneral Reference WorksComputer science MagazinesOddities

5The Classifications100-199Philosophy, Parapsychology and Occultism, Psychology:Schools of thoughtHuman natureWitchcraftDivinatory arts

6The Classifications200-299ReligionTheoriesDenominationsReligious ethicsDoctrinesReligious practices

7The Classifications300-399Social SciencesLawPolitical ScienceCustomsFolkloreSocial problems and services

8The Classifications400-499LanguageBilingualismAll spoken languagesAll written languages

9The Classifications500-599Natural Sciences and MathematicsMathematicsAstronomyEarth sciencesBiologyPlantsAnimals

10The Classifications600-699Technology (Applied Sciences)MedicineHealthAgricultureManagement Chemical EngineeringBuildings

11The Classifications700-799The Arts (Fine and Decorative)LandscapeSculptureMusicGraphic artsDrawingPaintingPhotography

12The Classifications800-899Literature and RhetoricDramaPoetryFictionSpeechesLettersHumorEssays

13The Classifications900-999History, Geography, and Auxiliary DisciplinesGeographyTravelGenealogyHistory of places LegacyDewey died at age 80 and 7 decades after his death, he is still known for the most widely used library classification system In the world.

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