Designing e learning environment to encourage student centred learning

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1. Designing e-learning environment toencourage student centred learning Arkhadi Pustaka, Herman Saksono Center of Innovations in Higher Education, University of Gadjah Mada INDONESIA 2. IWhat am I going to talk about? Generally, about eLisas redesign What is eLisa? Why it was redesigned? How does it work? How about the user participation on its early deployment? 3. At the end of the presentation I hope I can: Give the description of the application of its conceptual shift on the design. Share experiences from the early implementation of the design 4. What is eLisa? 5. Why? 6. the shifting gears phenomenon 7. the shifting gears phenomenon 8. the shifting gears phenomenon 9. the shifting gears phenomenon 10. the shifting gears phenomenon TCL S 11. the shifting gears phenomenonWeb 2.0 1 12. Hence eLisa was redesigned:Collaboration Oriented Content 13. How does it look? 14. eLisa 1 15. eLisa 3 16. How does it work? 17. In general We removed the focus from content presentation (learning materials)by transforming discussion activities as thecenter of attention without eliminating or separating the learning materials 18. On its early deployment: 19. On its early deployment: 20. On its early deployment: 21. On its early deployment: 22. Finding successful implementation,measured by visits and discussion participation, depends on how the lecturers use eLisa as a tool for delivering learning 23. TerimakasihThank you for your attention


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