Designer creates living outside office at RHS Flower Show Cardiff

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<ol><li> 1. Designer creates living outside office at RHS Flower Show Cardiff Garden designer and landscaper Robert Hughes is creating what he considers the ideal office life with a dual purpose urban concept garden, 'Office Box'. The space is designed to allow people to work, create and "think freely" outdoors and features a hidden fold-out desk, benches and contemporary shelving cubes. The ordered, geometric style is mirrored in the planting and box cube topiary Hughes has created with the expertise of Best4hedging, which supplied the plants for this project. An L-shaped pool is located on the raised patio area and the whole garden is designed for compact spaces, in line with the 'Simple Spaces: Amazing Places' RHS theme showing how small areas can be transformed into inspiring and amazing gardens. "Being outside among nature while we work brings clarity and improves our productivity," Hughes, who runs Robert Hughes Garden Design Landscaping in Cardiff, said. "I wanted to create a simple, elegant but exciting workspace that complements and yet contrasts nature. It is vital for us to maintain and improve our environment not just for ourselves but for others and for wildlife. "From the calming elements of the pond and the flowers providing pollen for insects and seeds for birds, to the green roof soaking up large quantities of water, which would normally end up in our congested drains, the Office Box is a garden which works to improve our immediate environment on so many levels." Nursery manager of Best4hedging Gareth James said: "The topiary was one of the most integral parts of Robert's design. He explained the vital role it played in connecting the hard landscaping and architecture to the rest of the garden, so it had to have the right form to achieve the result he was looking for. "The Buxus topiary cubes used create soft boundaries, blurring the hard lines and soft natural </li><li> 2. textures to bring it all together as one harmonious space. It's a great example of how the right topiary and shape can make all the difference." RHS Cardiff runs from 17 to 19 April at Bute Park, Cardiff Castle. ticle/1341876 </li></ol>