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  • U.S. General Services Administration

    Department of Defense All Hands Session

    Whats New for 2012 and Other

    Recommended Lectures and Courses

    July 2012

  • 2012 GSA SmartPay Conference

    Fine Tune Your Payments Program With GSA SmartPay

    This material is intended for use by the GSA only

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    House Rules

    DoD All Hands Session

    (agency name)

    To ensure the best possible learning experience for participants, please adhere

    to the following house rules:

    Turn electronic devices to vibrate No video taping or audio recording is allowed Hold questions to end of session Ensure your participant badge is scanned to receive CLP credits

    For each course Take advantage of opportunities to provide feedback

    Please select the Citi Q&A icon on any Citi PC at the conference Answers to be emailed after the conference within 60 days

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    DoD All Hands Session


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    DoD All Hands Session

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    Interactive Training Events DoD

    DoD All Hands Session

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    Citi offers on-site training at no cost for agencies meeting the required minimum participant level of 20 or more as set forth in the GSA SmartPay2 Master Contract.

    Regional Citi Training Locations

    Norfolk, VA

    Washington, DC

    Visit to view and register for these sessions

    Upcoming Training

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    On-site at your base or installation

    20-participant minimum

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    Distance LearningVideo Conferences

    Please e-mail us at and a Citi training coordinator will work with you directly for on-site or Distance Learning sessions.

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    Review Whats New for 2012

    Review Other Recommended Lectures and Courses

    Goals & Objectives

    DoD All Hands Session

    Department of

    DefenseDoD Travel

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    1. Going Green

    2. Online Cardholder Functionality

    3. SMS/Text Messaging (Fraud and

    Informational Alerts)

    4. ATM Fees

    5. New Lecture Classes How Do I..?


    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD Travel

  • 1. Going Green


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    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelGoing Green

    Citi will continue to add more offerings/functionality

    in support of this global initiative:

    Requests for new accounts can all be done

    online no paper applications are required

    Cardholders can view and download statements

    online - no paper

    Payments can be initiated online - no checks

    DoD lags greatly behind the rest of the federal

    government as well as the private sector as it

    relates to going paperless with statements as well

    as submitting card applications

    Citi is in the process of offering GSA, under the Master Contract, the ability to make receiving a

    paper statement a negative option, making the electronic statement the standard default

    % of Online Statements Turned On

    Year DoD Government Private Sector

    2010 1.80% 20.63% 47.20%

    2011 5.20% 30.55% 61.07%

    2Q12 4.83% 34.50% 52.90%

    % Paper Applications (2011)

    Entity % Paper



    # of Trees

    That Could

    be Saved*

    DoD 43.07% 30

    Government 42.83%

    Private Sector 6.91%

    Year # DOD



    # Pages


    # of Trees


    Could be


    2010 6,754,975 9,069,228 1,134

    2011 8,925,011 8,925,011 1,116

    2Q12 1,389,234 1,861,733 233

    * 8,000 pages = one tree

  • 2. Online Cardholder Functionality


  • 12

    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelOnline Cardholder Functionality

    Cardholder Maintenance

    As of May 23rd, cardholders will are able to manage their demographic information online, via

    CitiManager phone numbers, email and mailing addresses

    Cardholders no longer have to contact their APC or call Citi to update their addresses or phone



    This summer cardholders will be able to request their credit balance refund payments via CitiManager

    and benefit from ACH functionality

    Will be able to maintain bank routing information within CitiManager

    Citi continues to enhance our cardholders experience and providies more functionality available at

    your fingertips

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    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelACH Functionality Verifying Refund Eligibility

  • 14

    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelACH Functionality Requesting a Refund

  • 3. SMS and Email Alerts


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    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelSMS & Email Alerts: Overview

    Cardholders and APCs are now able to conveniently, efficiently, and easily stay

    informed about activity on their cards using their mobile phones

    Cardholders can now receive SMS and email alerts for convenient access to information about their

    accounts just like they can with their personal cards programs. Cardholders can receive balance and

    transaction updates through pre-registered and on-demand alerts. Fraud Early Warning will automatically be

    provided via email and SMS as selected by registered companies.

    Key benefits of Citis alerts include:

    Convenience: Stay abreast of card activity and information whenever and wherever even when traveling

    Timeliness: Receive prompt notification of fraud early warning, statement availability, payment due date and other key

    events related to your account

    Efficiency: Easily receive information and notifications, including earliest possible notification of potential fraud - without

    checking CitiManager, calling customer service, or contacting the APC

    Flexible subscription options: Choose from email alerts, mobile alerts, on-demand inquiries and CitiManager

    Emails are sent 24/7. SMS is sent from 8am to 9pm local time. Local time is determined by the area code associated with what is listed as their home phone.

  • 17

    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelOverview: Informational & Fraud Early Warning (FEW) Alerts

    Although both types of SMS alerts are sent to a cardholders subscribed mobile

    phones, the two types of alerts function differently and solve for separate challenges

    Informational Alerts

    Purpose: Keep customer informed about

    account updates and details for better

    account management

    New Statement Ready

    Payment Due

    Payment Received

    Payment Past Due

    Optional Enrollment: Opt-in or Opt-out

    of alerts through CitiManager or through

    Customer Service. Cardholders can stop

    receiving alerts at any time by replying

    STOP from the registered mobile device

    Fees: Citi does not charge for this

    service. All standard message & data

    rates apply per cardholders mobile

    provider contract

    FEW Alerts

    Purpose: Inform cardholders of:

    suspected fraud quicker for immediate

    actioning and reduced Citi exposure.

    New contact strategy in addition to

    the telephone contact strategy

    Citi FEW team is able to ensure an

    added layer of security with their

    alerts through SMS and email alerts

    Mandatory Enrollment: Alerts are sent

    automatically to cardholders via e-mail or

    SMS. Cardholder may opt-out of SMS

    Fees: Citi does not charge for this

    service. Any message sent to or

    received from Citi FEW is free to the end


  • 4. ATM fees


  • 19

    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelCash Advance Fees

    Cash Advance fees changed with the new option period of the contract

    Statement messaging for accounts that generated a statement during the announcement period received

    a message on their statement. Accounts that did not generate a statement received a statement mailer

    (see below)

    IBA Communication Timeline

    4/20 4/23 5/11 5/225/22 6/6 6/11 6/22 6/22 7/6 7/11

    * Communication campaign begins

    * 30-day advance notice of new fees

    * End of 30-day advance notice

    * Last statements with old fees* First statements to show new fee


  • 5. New Lecture Series


  • 21

    DoD All Hands Session

    DoD TravelHow Do I?

    Each How Do I session merges the practice of being an APC, with its unique policy and

    program responsibilities, along with the technical instruction that gives the user the know

    how to execute their duties. This day in the life approach keeps the learning relevant and

    focused so that it captures the necessary basics of managing a program in compliance with

    GSA and OMB guidelines, and providing the APC with the tools to execute upon these


    Each How Do I lecture focuses on providing instruction and explanation of the policies

    set forth by OMB, what and how these policies apply to an APCs daily activity in the

    context of the Program Type and cardholder community, with support through he us