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  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    Dental Health ProfessionalInformation Packet

    Updated November 2011

  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet



    I. Introduction3

    II. How to join and help..4Join a Dental Brigade

    How to Help: Gather Medication/Supplies

    How to Help: Donations

    III. How to prepare for the Brigade6Basic Travel Needs

    Accommodations and Daily Needs: Room, Board, Attire

    Suggested Tools to Bring

    IV. What to expect on Brigade..9Typical Brigade Format

    Student, Dental Student, and Dental Hygienist Involvement

    Brigade Location and Setup

    Pediatrics Program

    Restorative Care

    Instrument disinfecting protocol

    Data Informatics

    Patient Referral Program

    Community Health Care Workers

    Testimonial from Dr. Jim

    V. Appendix...20Supplies Needed for Brigades & Wish List

    Contact Information

  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    DentalBrigadesHealthProfessionalPacket| 3

    Dear Dental Health Care Professionals:

    It is our honor and privilege to welcome you to Global Brigades the nations

    largest international student movement.

    With your time, knowledge, and efforts, you will be changing the world, one

    brigade at a time. The change you will make in peoples lives is real. The people

    you will meet will thrive because of your leadership and dedication. The most

    important step now is the first step to get involved and to make a difference.

    Global Brigades incorporates hands-on global health initiatives while respecting

    local culture. This is a unique opportunity to apply your education, intellect andcreativity to help the Honduran, Panamanian, and Ghanaian people realize their

    dream of escaping poverty and experiencing true development. We encourage

    students, volunteers, and health care professionals to use this time to build skills,

    networks, friendships, understanding, resumes and a stronger connection to our

    global community.

    Thank you for your interest and leadership in Global Brigades. As a student-led

    movement, this experience and club is exactly what you make it. Ask for more.

    Share new ideas. Keep the momentum alive. Wherever this experience takes you

    and your team, were here supporting you, every step of the way!

    Welcome to the GB family,


    w w w . g l o b a l b r i g a d e s . o r g





    GlobalBri ades-Honduras



  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    DentalBrigadesHealthProfessionalPacket| 4

    How to Join and Help

    Join a Dental Brigade

    Every dental brigade consists of dedicated student volunteers, medical and dentalprofessionals, pharmacists, and auxiliary staff providing primary health care to

    rural communities. The group functions as a mobile medical and dental unit,

    setting up small clinics to diagnose and treat patients at no cost. If you have any

    interest in joining one of our university chapters on a brigade, we will connect

    you with the nearest group whose brigade will coincide with your

    schedule. Dental professionals return from the trip having not only served

    underprivileged communities, but also having empowered the next generation of

    professionals to strive for global access to healthcare. We will provide you with all

    necessary information to help prepare you for a successful brigade in an

    environment unique to many existing programs.

    If you are interested in joining a Dental Brigade, please contact the Dental

    Brigade Program Advisors, at [email protected]

    Once you have joined a brigade, Global Brigades will need to verify that you are a

    licensed practitioner. In order to do so, you must send us copies of your diploma,

    valid license and updated passport. For 3rd and 4th year dental students who wish

    to participate, please see the Dental Student Involvement section on this packet

    for more information. Please scan all documents and submit them [email protected] later than one month before your

    departure date. Without these documents, health professionals will not be

    allowed to practice in Honduras.

    Please note that the local law requires an in-country dentist to accompany all

    dental brigades, and that this in-country dentist will assume all medical liability

    for treatment received on brigades. We will provide an in-country dentist to join

    your brigade; it is not your responsibility to recruit them.

    Help to Gather Medications/Supplies

    If you cannot attend the dental brigade itself, you can still contribute to our

    efforts and make a tangible difference by equipping students with the right tools

    for their brigade. In order for this trip to be a success, we ask for the support of

  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    DentalBrigadesHealthProfessionalPacket| 5

    dental professionals in all fields; it is essential that we have enough medications,

    anesthesia, and supplies in order to effectively treat as many people as possible.

    As our programs expand, the focus and scope of brigades may begin to differ, and

    thus certain brigades may require different supplies. These may be sought from

    hospitals, pharmacies, supply houses, pharmaceutical companies, and

    individuals. Donations of any kind or questions may be directed to the student

    group you are sponsoring. If you are able to donate any medication or supplies,

    please ensure that they are non-expired.

    For a complete list of needed medication and supply donations, please see the



    Whether or not you are able to accompany us, we appreciate donations. Without

    donations from members of the medical community, our brigades would not be

    possible. Global Brigades is a non-profit organization, and as such, all donations

    are tax deductible.

    Be a sponsoro Global Brigades has recently launched a new online fundraising

    platform,, where donations can be made to

    individuals or groups.

    Step 1: Enter the name of the group or individual into the

    search bar

    Step 2: Select the appropriate brigade you wish to donate

    towards and click DONATE

    Step 3:After making a donation, you will automatically be

    emailed a receipt.

    Donate or assist in gathering health-related dental supplies (see appendixbelow)

    Assist in pre-trip education, motivational talks at the nearest chapteruniversity

    Please see the Appendix for an additional donation wish list.

  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    DentalBrigadesHealthProfessionalPacket| 6

    How to prepare for the Brigade

    Throughout the preparation process, please feel free to contact the Dental

    Brigade Advising Team with any questions.

    Basic Travel Needs

    General list of necessities prior to traveling:

    Valid Passport which must not expire within 6 months of departure fromthe US

    For brigades to Ghana, all volunteers are required to have a Ghanaian visa.Please visit the Ghanaian embassy website for visa application instructions

    and fees:

    Required vaccination Ghana: For brigades to Ghana, proof the yellowfever vaccine is required.

    Recommended vaccinations Central America: Hepatitis A, typhoidfever, up-to-date standard vaccinations (e.g. Hepatitis B and tetanus), and

    Yellow fever (Panama only Recommended zone). Please visit the CDC

    website for current information on vaccinations:

    Malaria prophylaxis to be taken 1-2 weeks prior to departure and asdirected by your local travel clinic. Travel clinicians will recommend thetype of prophylaxis best suited for your personal and travel needs.

    Any prescription medication currently taken $38.00 exit fee to depart Honduras and about $50-$100 for souvenirs A cell phone is not necessary. Please contact your cell phone provider for

    details for international service.

    Emergency contact information: Upon your arrival to Honduras, Panama,or Ghana, Global Brigades will send an email to your emergency contact,

    notifying them that you have arrived safely. This information will be

    collected via your club president before your departure.

    Accommodations and Daily Needs: Arrival, Room, Board, Attire

    Welcome to Global Brigades! Upon your arrival you will be met by a Brigade

    Coordinator at the airport who will guide you to your bus, organize your luggage,

    help you to exchange money and get you on your way to our accommodations.

  • 8/2/2019 Dental HCP Packet


    DentalBrigadesHealthProfessionalPacket| 7

    Our accommodations are about one to three hour away from the airport

    depending on your brigade country. Once you arrive, you will participate in an

    afternoon activity. After dinner, we will begin an introduction to the country your

    program is in and address any questions you may have at that point.

    We will always try to provide health care professionals with quarters that are

    separate from students, however during busy brigade seasons this may not

    always be possible and therefore we ask that you be flexible. When possible,

    health care professionals will be placed with other health c

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