Dell Networking - Aventri with Dell Networking Dell Networking is the fundament within the IT-Infrastructure

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  • Dell Networking Move at the speed of business

    ir, Dominique Vanhamme EMEA Networking

  • Networking

    The next wave in IT is here Networking in the Virtual Era

    Sources: 1 Gartner, Inc., “Virtualization Improves IT Functions and Processes,” G00218877, Philip Dawson, September 28, 2011 2 Gartner, Inc., “Virtualization Key Initiative Overview,” G00214309, Philip Dawson & Chris Wolf, July 22, 2011 3 Gartner, Inc., “Best Practice: Virtualize Your IT Systems Incrementally to Reduce Costs,” G00218910. Philip Dawson, September 23, 2011 4 Forrester, “Sizing the Cloud,” Stefan Ried, Holger Kisker, et al, April 21, 2011

    5. Big Data: Gartner, July 2012

    Power & Cooling 50% will have a project by 2016 50%

    $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$

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    $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$

    Big data >50% Enterprises to invest in next 2 years

    50% Cloud 80% hybrid by 2015 80%

    Data growth 25X BW/rack by 2015 25X

    Mobility (VDI, Devices – BYOD) 3X more devices than a year ago


    Virtualization 80% server virtualization by 2016


  • Networking

    Dell Networking: Momentum in last 2 years

    Force10 Acquired

    Enterprise DC, Blades & Solutions Focus

    Enterprise Fabric , AFM & SDN

    Active Fabrics, Convergence for Enterprise & Web Data Centers

    Full Campus Refresh

    Aug 2011

    July 2012

    Feb 2013

    July 2013 Dec 2013

    Portfolio Improvements

    Market Impact

    Dell enters Data Center Networking

    Blade Switch (MXL/IOA): Fastest growing switch in our history

    10/40GE Enterprise Fabric & SDN

    Active Fabrics: S5000, S6000

    Dell Share #12

    #3 vendor

    Gartner MQ

  • Networking

    Fueling Networking Growth & Momentum An integral part of our Enterprise Solutions

    Networking revenue up +19% Y/Y • 100% growth in Data Center networking (Force10) • 10 consecutive quarters of YoY growth • Fueled by networking-enabled IT solutions

    Innovation & thought Leadership • MXL/IOA blades - one of the fastest growing new

    product families in Dell networking history • 10/40GbE fabrics – Flat, Active Fabric architecture with

    fixed form factor switches and blades • Enterprise SDN - unique migration approach across

    Legacy, NVO and OpenFlow environments

    Source: Dell FYQ2 earnings presentation & Dell’Oro reports

    New Customers 30K+ FY13 New campus/branch & data center customers

    E2E Solutions +15 Pan Dell Networking-enabled architectures & attach

    Market share #2 in 10/40GbE #3 overall in Ethernet switching

    Annual Revenue

  • Networking

    The Facts

    • On February 11, 2013, Gartner published its inaugural Magic Quadrant for Data Center Network Infrastructure.

    • Dell is included in the report and positioned in the Niche quadrant.

    • No vendor was positioned in the Leaders quadrant.

    Gartner Magic Quadrant—Data Center Networking

  • Networking

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless Access LAN, Aug 2013

    Features in the MQ report 1. Dell is a “one stop shop” for any

    opportunity, and has one of the largest access layer portfolios.

    2. Gartner highlights our campus security capabilities with SonicWall products.

    3. Gartner highlights Dell’s managed services capabilities.

    4. Gartner highlights our ability to deliver worldwide in over 100 countries and most vertical markets.

    Gartner states that Dell is “…a one-stop shop that has the ability to deliver in any access layer opportunity. Dell should be considered for any global access layer solution from SMB to large enterprises…”

  • Networking

    Controllers & Access Points



    Guest access and BYOD

    W-series ClearPass

    Blade I/O



    E600/E1200i Modular

    M6220 M6348 M8024-k MXL

    Campus & Data Center Chassis Switches

    Instant access Points w/ built-

    in controller

    S4810 / S4820T

    Dell Networking Product Portfolio

    Wireless & BYOD

    S5000 S6000

    Fabric & Access Switches





    1G 10G 10G/FC 10/40G

    1G 10G 10G/FC 10/40G


  • Networking

    What does it mean for YOU ?

  • Networking

    1. Active Fabric

  • Networking

    What is Active Fabric?

    Active Fabric is a family of high- performance, cost-effective, inter- connect products purpose-built for stitching together server, storage and software elements in virtualized and cloud data centers.

    Active Fabric

    Dial up and down capacity easily with fixed form-factor switches

    Infinitely Scalable

    Highly Reliable Equal Cost Multipathing for performance and availability

    Optimized for growing East-West Network Traffic

    Flatter Topology

    Template based Provisioning


    Pick and choose best of breed network switches as fabric



    Built on industry standards and inter-operable with current



    Unified fabric for LAN and SAN traffic


    Single Pane of Glass One console to Design, Build and

    Manage multiple fabrics

    Mainstream and SDN deployments


  • Networking

    Layer 2/3 Multipath

    • VLT/mVLT • OSPF • IS-IS • BGP

    Converged LAN/SAN


    • iSCSI • FCoE • FC


    Software Programmability

    • OpenFlow • REST, XML • Perl, Python • TCL

    Virtual Networking


    Spine and Leaf

    Active Fabric designs Maximum functionality, maximum programmability

  • Networking

    Introducing Dell Active Fabric Results-driven innovations

    Rapidly respond Intelligent orchestration

    that is intuitive

    Intuitive • Active Fabric Manager automates the design & deployment of fabrics

    86% reduction in time

    required to design & deploy network


    Improve efficiency & quality

    Systems-level efficiency that is comprehensive

    Comprehensive Industry Leading Power, Cooling & Density:

    • 77% Less Power*

    • 79% Less Heat Output*

    • 59% Less Racks Units*

    77% Less power than

    comparable Nexus 7k/5k solutions

    Seamlessly scale Modular, scalable

    systems that are flexible


    • Modular HW + SW for a simple scale-out architecture

    • Purpose-Built for the Software-defined Enterprise

    • Optimized for east-west traffic flows

    59% Average Savings with

    Active Fabric Solutions*

    *source : Gartner + internal. Versus Comparable competitive products

  • Networking

    1. Active Fabric 2. SDN

  • Networking

    Complete and unbiased approach to SDN

  • Networking

    Complete and unbiased approach to SDN

    Dell Networking S6000

  • Networking

    1. Active Fabric 2. SDN 3. Roadmap

  • Networking

    Credibility with Dell Networking

  • Networking

    FY14 Key Networking Introductions

    S5000 converged switch

    Dell’s first fully modular 1RU switch for 10/40G Ethernet &

    8Gb Fibre Channel for converged environments

    OpenFlow 1.0 for SDN

    1GE Optimized

    1Gb Ethernet edge switching refresh with Linux-based OS, MLAG, RPVST+ & Policy-based


    High Density Switch

    Compact high density 40Gb switch positioned for top of rack or end of row for 40G

    fabrics or Web2.0 environments

    C-series Lightning

    10G SFP+ & 1Gb POE+ line cards + VLT feature

    enhancements extend life of C-series chassis

    Cost-effective, high- performance SDN- enabled networking

    fabric for virtualized & cloud data centers

    Active Fabric

    Hybrid OpenFlow 1.0 support for select switches, enables programmability of network flows for traffic steering and segregation


    W-series ClearPass Access


    Centralized visitor & guest access appliance for BYOD initiatives providing flexible licensing options, clustering,

    and policy management

    W-series 7000 series controllers

    Rack-mounted wireless controllers with increased

    scalability, application intelligence and 802.11ac


    Released Released Released

    Released Released Released

  • Networking

    1. Active Fabric 2. SDN 3. Roadmap 4. Solutions

  • Networking

    Telephony and Voice Mail

    Instant Messaging

    E-mail and Calendaring

    Unified Conferencing: Audio, Video,