Delivering a memorable training experience

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  • 1. Delivering A Memorable Training Experience

2. What is a training sessionLecture DemonstrationA set of Activities InteractiveworkshopSlideA knowledge Presentation &transferOr an Experience discussionsEndeavour 3. What is experience ? 4. How do you feel at conclusion of a training ProgramReliefConfusedKnowledgeableEnthusedEmpoweredSuperior 5. How should we ideally feel? EnthusedEmpowered 6. How long should this continue? CurrentroleFuture roleLife longCan beimpactful in not justmanaging yourprofessionallife but yourpersonal lifeas well 7. How does one achieve this ? Catering to unanticipatedExceedingexpectationsexpectationsUnderstandingexpectations 8. Understanding the Structure of expectation Provide teamwork/concept Un-knowledge which I can use in anyjob and in every sphere of lifeexpected Make it as good asDesired anything I haveIn-line with best-in-class experienced industry standards Provide me the best in class tools & frameworks to keepExpected Make it relevant to my jobme ahead of my Make it interactive competitors Have a sense of humorBasic = Good communicator Reasonable understanding of topic 9. Do people change by attending a great training session? No They change only with consistent follow through/feedback because every change involve either undoing an existing habit or acquiring a new habit both of which need consistent practice 10. Lets beginReach us @: Call - 1800 209 8777 Email - View -