Dear expectant father

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Dear Expectant Father

Dear Expectant FatherBECOMING A FATHER IS A PROCESS !Time To Grow-As an expectant father you need to use your pregnancy as a time to grow from being a 'man' to being a 'father'. This is true of women as well.

The Transition Time- Pregnancy is the transition time frame and 'the birth' is the very specific, defined Gateway through which both of you must pass in order to 'parent'.

Heres the reality, once youve impregnated a woman growth is all on.

The fertilized egg goes on steroids, the cells multiplying constantly and rapidly. The Biological Imperative of growth takes over even though neither you nor the mother may know conception has occurred.

Growth is mandated regardless how either of you feel about each other or the pregnancy, or your financial situation, your family life or other factors. The growth of your baby doesnt take a break not for one moment.What about you?

Often men feel like observers to this early pregnancy and even later. Nows not the time to just watch. In fact, now is the time for you and all expectant fathers to choose to grow at the same time.

Of course its much more difficult to continue to grow rather than be forced to by circumstances. Luckily your baby wasnt born 10 minutes after conception, you get up to 9 months to grow into being a father.

FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR GROWTH INTO FATHERHOOD.Pregnancy can be broken up into 5 phases for your own growth:Conception to 12 weeks12-24 weeks24-32 weeks32 weeks to the birthThe birthTHESE ARE THE QUALITIES YOU CAN FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON GROWING DURING THESE PHASES.Remember you want to grow these qualities toward yourself, your baby and its mother:

KindnessPatienceAwarenessAttention to detailBeing able to see what needs to be done and doing itGrowing a second set of armsGrowing two more sets of eyesHumourDelightClarity

Dont wait until your newborn is in your arms to try to figure out how to father.

Grow skills-Your skills can be learned while your baby is growing inside the mother and while the woman is growing her mothering skills.

By growing your fathering skills while pregnant and using birth/coaching skills during birth then you can be a confident father once your baby is born. and www.thepinkkit.comPlease visit learn more:

Thank youhttp://www.thepinkkit.comVisit us at-