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  • 1. Compensation Plan Your guide to prosperity Effective July 2010

2. Promote the Body by Vi Challenge....and get paid! 2 3. The power of ViSalus is more than just the companybehind it; its the community of people within. Our loyalDistributors are, and always will be, the most importantcomponent of our Community. Because they transformlives through the Body by Vi Challenge and bring ourmission of Life, Health and Prosperity to the world, weare proud to reward them with a lucrative 21st centuryCompensation Program.There are 8 ways to earnincome with ViSalus: 1 Direct Sales & Personal Customer Commissions2 First Order Bonus3 Weekly Enrollers Pool4 Fast Start Bonus5 Team Commissions6 BMW Bonus7 Leadership Pool Bonus8 Ambassador Star Bonus * To View the most up to date ViSalus Compensation Plan, please visit www.visalus.com 3 4. The ViSalus In order to earn income with ViSalus you must remain Active. You do this by maintaining$125 Personal Qualification Volume (PQV) in Auto-Ship Sales or $200 PQV in Retail Sales Compensationper month. This can be a combination of personal product purchases and/or personal Plan was designedCustomers. As an Active Associate you can earn income 8 Different ways. with four important objectives in mind. To incentivize and 1 Direct Sales & reward:Customer Personal Customer Commissions Retail Sales allow you to earn income by purchasing ViSalus products at wholesaleAcquisition andprice and then selling them to a customer at the retail price. You can also earnthe sale of ViSalus Personal Customer Commissions from Retail Customers who order direct from ViSalusproducts under your Distributor ID, as well as Preferred Customers who elect to save up to 25% off retail price by enrolling in the Auto-Ship program. Personal Customer CommissionsNew Distributor are a sliding scale paid on personal, retail, and preferred customer sales over $200 inEnrollment Bonus Volume (BV) cumulative per month (outside the first 30 days). The first 10%Proper of the Personal Customer Commissions are paid on the Weekly Pay Cycle, while theOrganizational balance is paid on the Monthly Pay Cycle. The more customers you acquire, the more you earn!DevelopmentLong TermPersonal Customer Commission ScaleLeadership $0$200 bv(Part of your Active Qualification)Development $201$500 bv10% bv $501$1,000 bv15% bv $1,001$2,500 bv20% bv Did you know? Over $2,500 bv25% bv Being a ViSalus Distributor can save you money every year justAll volume is imported at 100% Bonus Volume (BV). When the 15% Personal Customer Commission level is achieved, form the tax advantages of beingBonus Volume (BV) is imported at 80% for upline team commissions. When the 20% Personal Customer Commission a home-based entrepreneur? Be level is achieved, BV is imported at 60% for upline team commissions. When the 25% Personal Customer Commission level is achieved, BV is imported at 40% for upline team commissions. sure to consult your Accountant right away! Example illustration:Personal Customers (and/ortheir Customer referrals):9 Transformation Kits = $2,241 bv$4,624 bv8 Core Kits = $1,592 bvx 25%7 Shape Kits= $693 bv= $1,156 per month just from2 Balance Kits= $98 bv your personal customers! you= $4,624 bv ViCABULARy 70% RULE: Seventy percent (70%) order with ViSalus. Products are dollar BV. For example when that is tracked from Enroller toof products obtained from ViSalusprocessed on a selected date atyou purchase a Body by ViEnroller.must be retailed or consumed wholesale price. Transformation Kit for $249, itFROntLinE: A term used to referencebefore reorders are made. BV: Bonus Volume. The amountcounts as $249 QV and $249 BV.Associates that are Sponsored AUtOShiP: An optionalof each product sale that EnROLLER: The Distributor directly directly to you and found on Level convenience program that allows counts toward bonuses and responsible for enrolling a new1 of your referral organization. Customers and Distributorscommissioning. In most cases, Distributor.LEVEL: The number on which a to create a monthly standingViSalus products offer dollar forEnROLLER tREE: The line of referralDistributor lies in your referral 4 5. Its time for you to get paidwhat you are worth. 2 First Order Bonus The First Order Bonus is based on the personal product orders placed by a new Associate within their first thirty days and is paid to the first four Active upline Associates. Personal product purchased by Associates outside their first 30 days will count toward Personal Customer and Team Commissions. These bonuses follow the Enroller Tree and are paid on the Weekly Pay Cycle. The more product and samples your new Distributors get out to their contacts, the faster their business will grow! First Order Bonus Scale Refer 3, Get your Enroller 20% bv next Month FREE! 2nd Upline Enroller10% bv Customers & Distributors who refer 3 people to the 3rd Upline Enroller5% bv same or greater Body by Vi 4th Upline Enroller5% bvChallenge Kit qualify to get their next month product for FREE! Example illustration: 5%While all ViSalus Body by Vi Kit Customers are eligible to get their product for free, as 5%a Distributor you are able to 4th also earn Personal CustomerEnroller Commissions! 10%3rdYou must have a Challenge Kit on EnrollerAutoShip to qualify for this program. Free Kits can be earned by having at20%least 3 personal Customers on Challenge2ndKits with volume totaling at least 3 times that of your personal Challenge Kit.Enroller Program runs on the Calendar month, so acquire your customers by the close of the Monthly production period to receive your next month Kit for free.Enroller Limit 1 free Challenge Kit per person per month.newAssociateViCABULARyorganization. Anyone you sponsor PQV: Personal Qualification Volume.above you within the organization.and/or Sponsor, and his/heris on Level 1. Anyone they sponsor Total Qualification Volume from allMay or may not also be your Enroller and/or Sponsor, etc.would be on your Level 2, etc. personal and customer orders tiedEnroller.WEEkLy PAy CyCLE: Friday through MOnthLy PAy CyCLE: Monthlyto your ViSalus Distributor ID. UPLinE: The term upline refers to Thursday night at midnight Pacific commissions and bonuses paidQV: Qualification Volume. The amount that portion of either your Enroller Standard Time. Weekly commissions out on the 15th of the month thatof each product sale that countsor Sponsor tree that precedes you. and bonuses are paid on the are based on the previous monthstoward qualifying for ViSalus Ranks.This consists of the Independent Monday following the end of the production. SPOnSOR: The Distributor directlyDistributor who is your Enroller pay cycle.5 6. The key to success in 3 Weekly Enrollers Pool ViSalus is simple Get your product for FREE, become a Rising The Weekly Enrollers Pool highlights the fundamental building block of the ViSalus Compensation PlanThe Power of 3! If all you ever did was focus on getting into the Weekly Enrollers Pool,2BV%Star, and help others and you duplicated that throughout your organization, you would do the same!move rapidly through the ViSalus Career Path. The Weekly Enrollers Pool is open to Associates who purchased an ESS or Distributors who have achieved the rank of Regional Director or above. WEB ViSalus places 2% of the total company Bonus Volume (BV) from the previous four weeks into this revenue Pool. One quarter of the pool is paid each of the following four weeks to those who qualify. Here is how you can qualify for the Weekly Enrollers Pool this week:Weekly Enrollers Pool Point System Become a ViSalus Rising Star! 3 new Associates* = 3 points For those looking to maximize3 Preferred Customers*= 3 points their potential, the Rising Star *Must total minimum of $500 QV Program provides a lifetime of added benefits for DistributorsEach Additional $490 in QV who achieve the rank of Directorabove first $500= Bonus 3 points within their first 30 days! Recommended Action PlanYOUDirector Achieve the rank of Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star and your points will automatically get DOUBLED every time you qualify for the Enrollers pool! 3 Customers All production must fall within the same Weekly Pay Cycle to qualify. The Bonus amount varies each week depending on total company BV and the number of people in the pool that week. The Enrollers Pool Bonus has a minimum of $75. This Bonus is available to any Active Distributor who enrolled with an Executive Success System or has reached the rank of Regional Director or above and is paid on the Weekly Pay Cycle. The Weekly Pay Cycle ends each Thursday at midnight Pacific Standard Time. 3 Distributors$2,000 GQVRising Star Benefits: Companywide Recognition. Earn a bonus in the ViSalus $$ Weekly Enrollers Pool just for Get qualifying! paid! $$ Earn DOUBLE POINTS every Getpaid! time you qualify in our WeeklyGet $$ Enrollers Poolfor life! paid!Get with your upline mentors right Getpaid! away and put together a game $$plan to help you get your productGetpaid!$$ for free next month and become a ViSalus Rising Star!6 7. 4 Fast Start BonusHelp your newDistributors get By achieving the rank of Director or above, you can earn up to $180 in Fast Startstarted with the tools Bonuses from the products that are sold within each Executive Success System (ESS) in your team. These bonuses follow the Enroller Tree and are paid on the they need to succeed! Weekly Pay Cycle.Fast Start Bonus ScaleAssociate Director Regionalnational Presidential Ambassador DirectorDirector Director $50$100$130$155$170$1802nd Generation Override +$15+$10+$10+$10Fast Start Bonus Overrides can be earned once you achieve Regional Director or above based on the difference between the Fast Start Bonus earned at your rank, and the Fast Start Bonuses earned by those within your organization. Second Generation Fast Start Bonus Overrides can be also be earned once you achieve Regional Director so that you are still rewarded on the pro