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    Correspondent The European Youth Forum (JYF)

    Oct 2014 Nov 2016 Europe The European Youth Forum (JYF) is the European Youth Parliament. The

    elected consortium that unites all national youth councils & NGOs (non-

    governmental organisations) around Europe non EU countries included.

    As a correspondent for our official publication "YO!Mag, apart from

    my editorial duties, I perform a range of international relations, advocacy

    networking, knowledge transfer & European policy analysis.

    Media Relations Manager & National Delegations

    March 2011 May 2016 Europe is the biggest web Eurovision-related Australian portal. Since

    2011, I turned into an insider, taking the opportunities given from both the

    webside & the National Delegations of Romania, Australia & Malta. As a Media Relations Manager, I was the person between our

    readers/our delegation and the media bubble. I arranged and handled live

    show-ups & exclusive interviews to national broadcasters like: TVM,

    ERR, NRK, SVT, SBS, ERT & DR1.

    Account Manager International Committee of Education (ICE)

    Sep 2014 May 2015 Brussels, Belgium The International Committee of Education (ICE) observes the way that the

    Erasmus+ program is implemented in Universities & other Higher European

    Institutions (HEIs). The Committee focuses on the impact that the Erasmus+

    program has on its target group (students).

    As an account manager, my main duty was to promote our work & activities, always in partnership with the European Commission. I served as the first ever marketing-oriented observer, before the PR & Account manager role was officially introduced.

    Customer Care Analyst Samsung

    May 2014 Sep 2014 Cluj-Nacopa, Romania Samsung is maybe the biggest & most worldwide-known multinational

    conglomerate company in Electronics and IT devices. The Balkan HQ is

    located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As a Customer Care Analyst, I supported the Greek & Cypriot call center using SAP in two ways: Reviewing our customers written or orally expressed disatisfaction, in order to create groups of relevant feedback and turning their feedback into satisfaction marks & rates.



    Learning Disabilities World Congress RESEARCH PAPER PRESENTER & SPEAKER London, UK, 2016

    Inclusive On-Line Youth Engagement INVITED INFLUENCER European Parliament, Strasbourg, FRA, Nov 2014

    Erasmus Programme Annual Congress NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF NORWAY Milan, ITA, 2014

    The International Learning Environment POLICY MAKER Student Patrliament, Oslo, NOR, Feb 2014


    Top 60 European Youth Leaders Aug 2016 Brussels, Belgium

    POLITICO, the biggest European politics & policy

    newspaper, announces the Top 60 European

    Youth Leaders list every 3 months. Last August, I

    was the first non-EU outsourced & non-political

    oriented youth professonal, who entered the list.

    European Press Prizes 2015 Jan 2016 Brussels, Belgium

    The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is the longer

    cultural standing event in the world. With the

    editorial support of my press office, the ESC 2015

    Viennas daily green-room discussion, on whether

    & how much inclusive Eurovision is, turned into a

    cadidancy, for the European Press Prizes 2015

    The Investigative Report Award.

    European Commission Surveys Nov Dec 2014 Brussels, Belgium

    The Erasmus Impact Study & the Erasmus Voting

    Assessment are the two main tools that European

    Commission created, in order to measure the

    impact of an Erasmus semester abroad, beyond

    education. In 2014, I was assigned to design &

    implement the promotion of those two surveys,

    leading a team of 5 members each.

    Roalinna 15G, 2740, Roa, Norway [email protected] +47 40 29 47 68



    Special Needs Education M.Phil. University of Oslo (UiO)

    Aug 2012 May 2013 Oslo, Norway This Master Program investigates how teaching can get at its highest

    degree of inclusion, within schools, universities & societies.

    Erasmus Exchange Student Oslo University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA)

    Aug Dec 2009 Oslo, Norway Our Shared European Culture was a 4-month Erasmus package, with

    insights from sociology, psychology, ethnology & education.

    Philosophy & Social Studies University of Crete

    Sep 2005 Sep 2011 Rethymnon, Greece My bachelors major is on Criminal & Identity Psychology.


    DAL Norwegian National Team U21 Tae-Kwondo European Championships 2012

    June July 2012 Athens, Greece I was the assistant of the Norwegian delegation in Athens. This

    experience helped me to get familiar and shape my communication skills

    to a later good match with the Norwegian mentality & culture.

    Recreational Officer & Festivities Special Olympic Games ATHENS 2011

    June July 2011 Athens, Greece I was in charge of a 5-member team, assigned to keep the flame of the

    athletes sparkling, during their afternoons in the Olympic Village. We

    organized various team building & cultural sharing activities.



    PrePare Developement Stage

    Beez Entrepreneurship School 2016 by Think

    Young Brussels Tank Athens, Greece

    Mobilizers/Tikit CREA Summer Academy 2015 by the

    European Commission Milano, Italy

    COMPUTER SKILLS - Microsoft Office

    - Evernote

    - Cloud Drivers

    - Blogger

    - WordPress

    - DropBox

    - SAP

    - Sound Forge

    INTERESTS & HOBBIES Cultural Ambassador, Volleyball Referee, Urbanist Photographer & Traveller, Eurovisionary, Language Teacher, Music & Lyrics, Cooking


    Escriv Muoz, Jess Chair, International Committee of Education

    e-mail: [email protected] tel: +34 649 11 03 70

    Papadongonas, Alexandros Greek & Cypriot Team Leader, Samsung e-mail: [email protected] tel: +40 741 353 336

    Vanhoutte, Olivier International Delegation & Artist Manager, Eurovision Song Contest e-mail: [email protected] tel: +32 496 330 854


    3,07 / 4,00

    Greek Native

    French Intermediate B1

    English Proficient C2

    Norwegian Intermediate B1

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