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  • Myth emati CS Christos H. Papadimitriou UC Berkeley : christos
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20032 mythematics noun, plural but plural&singular in use, nlgsm/slpn from Gr myth (= story that serves to unfold a world view or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon) more correct form: mytheumatics 1 a : the use of story-telling in the teaching of computer science and mathematics
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20033 there is no idea worth explaining that cannot be explained by a good story Anonymous narrative as epistemic modality why Myth ematiCS? three modes (historical/biographical context, illustration, embedding) programming vs. story-telling a story plan
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20034 narrative knowledge Narrative Psychology (J. S. Bruner, introductory book by M. L. Crossley) a viewpoint within Psychology interested in how humans understand their world and their experience by constructing stories and assimilating stories by others Bruner: Two modes of thinking: Paradigmatic (logico-deductive, classificatory) vs. Narrative (storied)
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20035 narrative knowledge (cont.) Narrative richness considered a precondition for the self (and vice-versa) Stories are interesting For 99% of the course of humanity stories appear to have been the principal mode of social knowledge and education The neurology of narrative: episodic memory and the hippocampus
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20036 why Myth ematiCS? Incredibly, many people do not find CS interesting. Math: much-much more so ( Doxiadis embedding) Even if we thought that there are enough people who find CS fascinating, it is important to expand/diversify our span.
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20037 why Myth ematiCS? (cont.) Story-telling is alive and well precisely in places and cultures that are in dire need of CS and math education Multimodality and variety is desirable in education
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20038 the three modes Historical/biographical context is probably already used in math and CS education (e.g., Archimedes, Galois, Ada, Turing) Artefact stories, too: Eniac, OS360, programming languages, crypto, grep, internet, open source ( steve weber source) Stories of authorship, rivalry and scooping
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  • ITICSE, July 2,20039 narrative illustration E.g., exponential growth, depth-first search Incompleteness: A play and a theorem (later) Natural (hi)story: Dijkstras algorithm as wave propagation in a wire model Low-intensity narrative illustration: word problems, evocative terminology (e.g., traveling salesman problem, taxicab rip-off problem, two- phase locking)
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200310 extreme narrative mode: embedding in a story
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200311 math is inevitable, hard, fun, and sexy
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200312 how to prove it? and whodunnit? only the parrot knows
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200313 beautiful loser mathematician
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200314 Turings Net ghost teaches CS to star-crossed lovers
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200315 2003
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200316 Salgarism Embedding story writing is a constant struggle with it
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200317 story-telling and programming: a comparison Stories too must compile and run (work, get published, be read) Stories can have bugs And the construction problems they present are maddeningly combinatorial
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200318 Im gonna tell you a story ( LOGICOMIX ) G. Cantor G. Frege B. RussellL. WittgensteinD. Hilbert K. Gdel & friendE. PostA. M. TuringJ. Von Neumann eniac
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200319 Madness in their method? (a re-telling) G. Cantor G. Frege B. RussellL. WittgensteinD. Hilbert K. Gdel & friendE. PostA. M. Turing
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200320 play by Doxiadis illustrates Gdels theorem
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  • ITICSE, July 2,200321 thank you!