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Cuba’s art and architecture is a creative, unusual blend of influences from many culture. Read more about Cuban art and architecture now!

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Cuba Educational Travel: Art & Architecture

Cubas art and architecture is an unusual blend of influences from many cultures throughout Africa, South America and Europe. The sheer diversity of styles makes Cuban art and architecture fascinating. Restrictions for legal travel to Cuba are still in place, however, with customized educational tours and people-to-people travel packages, travelers can book a tour to Cuba with very little extra effort outside of filling out some paperwork!A blend of influences...Hello!Cuban Artists:Artists are encouraged to work and explore their creativity.Notable Artists:The murals of Amelia Pelez.The modern primitivism of Wifredo Lam.The photography of Alberto Korda.Various Street Artists

Artistic Influences:Contemporary Cuban artists are influenced by many styles including:European.Native American.African cultural art.Historic Cuban art was influenced by:Spanish styles.

Economic Influence on Architecture :The success of the sugar industry and cubas many sugar plantation.Art Deco architecture which include different styles like:The elegant Edificio Bacardi.A former headquarters for Cuban rum.The rich plantation owners built opulent mansions.

Trinidad is famous for its many museums includingFinca Viga is a museum In Havana. History, art, architecture and archeology.Known for its well-preserved Colonial buildings.Museums:

Requires a full, pre-planned itinerary and a specific qualifying goal.Trips must be booked through a travel agent authorized by the United States Treasurys OfficeExcellent way to experience the culture of CubaLegal Travel to Cuba:

For more info on booking educational tours in Cuba, please visit:American Tours International, LCC6053 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90045Tel :- 800-995-6635 Fax :- 310-649-1435 YOU