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  • 1.CUB SCOUTS S A V E BOYHOOD PACK 1313 Sruti Dhulipala, Jillian Dresser, Latasha Ewell, Dave Treston December 4, 2007

2. AGENDA Situation Goals Insights and Observations Targeting Communication Strategy Creative Conclusion 3. SITUATIONEnrollment is down Recruitment efforts blocked 4. GOALS Increase Cub Scout enrollment by 4% (2,758 recruits) Develop a long-term recruitment plan including: New touchpoints Relevant message to boys and parents Repositioning of the Cub Scouts brand 5. INSIGHTS AND OBSERVATIONS 6. THE DECLINE OF BOYHOOD?Over-protective parents Strict school curriculum TV/computers/videogames Pressure to succeed earlier in life 7. THE RETURN OF BOYHOOD 8. Scouts can solve the crisis in 21st century manhood. Hal Iggulden, co-author of The Dangerous Book for Boys 9. Before about 1915, boyhood was seen by most grown-ups as a state of natural savagery. [A boy was] resourceful, adventurous, not much interested in school, very interested in wild places. Foreword to the American Boys Handy Book 10. TARGET AUDIENCE 11. HOW SCOUTS IS VIEWED...Traditional Clean-cut boys who tie knots The dorks Arts and crafts 12. SCOUTS REALLY IS... 13. STRATEGYAppeal to boysdesire for mischief 14. POSITIONCub Scouts is the School of Mischief 15. THE TAKEAWAY For BoysForbidden fun For Parents Lessons buried in mischief 16. What does it mean to be in the School of Mischief? 17. CREATIVE 18. KNOT TYING Essential knowledge for building a raft from logs, making a tripwire, or getting a handle on pesky siblings. FIRST AID Cuts and bruises are common occurrences while practicing mischief. Learn how to take care of yourself so Mom doesnt have to. MARKSMANSHIP This means shooting B.B. guns and archery. Yes, were letting you touch guns and bows and arrows. And well teach you how to handle them safely. MODEL ROCKETRY Learn how to shoot off a rocket and return to Earth safely. Or glue the cap shut to witness an incredible crash landing. WRITING WITH CODES AND SECRET INKS Never get busted for passing notes in your other school again. CAMPING Who says you have to return from your adventures into the wilderness when the sun goes down? 19. HAT:Keeps moms from lickingNECKERCHIEF:their fingers and fixing your hair Turn around and put over your mouth to avoid cooties from nearby girlsBADGES: SHIRT POCKET: Keep track of the amount A storage space for bugs of mischief you have gotten into leaves and arrowheads PANTS: The dark blue color hidesthe dirt and grass stains from your adventures 20. MISSION: Collect all the items and bring them to your first den meeting. 1. Your finished catapult2. Find a stick that can be used for a walking stick3. Capture a bug4. Find three rocks that could be used as arrowheads5. Write a recipe for a mischief sandwich and make it6. Get a girls phone number 21. 1. Using craft glue, attach the clothespin to the board 2. Glue the small wood block to the back of the clothespin.This will push down on the clothespin to launch the ball 3. Let glue dry 4. Glue the popsicle stick to the small wood block allowingfor a long arm for launching. 5. Let Glue dry 6. Glue the bottle cap to the end of the popsicle stick.Make sure you leave a fingers length on the end. 7. Let glue dry. 8. Launch the ping-pong ball across the room by pressingdown on the end of the stick and letting go! 22. COMPASS: Navigate your way through your backyard, or annoy your parents by repeatedly telling them which direction they are facing. DUCT TAPE: You never know when a roll of duct tape will come in handy. You might need to tape your leg back on. ROPE: How else are you going to make that tire swing? MAGNIFYING GLASS: Examine bugs up close. Find their burning point. FLASHLIGHT: If you ever stumble upon a mysterious cave, youre probably going to want to take a look inside. FIRST AID KIT: It might get dangerous out there, so be prepared for cuts and scrapes. BINOCULARS: Spot cootie carriers approaching your tree fort from thousands of feet away. HIKING BOOTS: When you stomp through mud puddles you dont want to wear your church shoes. Discover more about scouting at 23. SECRET MIRROR MESSAGESUPPLIES Liquid Hand or Dishwashing Soap Cotton Swab Mirror DIRECTIONS Put a couple drops of liquid hand soap or dish washing soap into a cup. Use a cotton swab or your finger to write a message on the mirror in the bathroom. Make sure it is thin enough to be invisible.Next have a loved one take a hot shower with the door closed. As they step out of the shower, they will be greeted by your message. Dont take hot showers? Then just breathe hard on the message and presto it appears.What's Going On? The soap breaks up the surface tension of water and keeps the mirror from becoming fogged up with steam. 24. Think you can beat a cub scout? Prove it. Pick up a Pinewood derby car kit and build your dream car. Come to the race and test your car makingskills. Oh, and dont for get to wear your neckerchief disguise.Theyll never know youre not a scout. PINEWOOD DERBYSATURDAY APRIL 6th, 200817TH ST FARMERS MARKETLEARN MORE ABOUT SCOUTING AT WWW.SCOUTINGVIRGINIA.ORG 25. CONCLUSIONLow-cost Local Sponsorships Year-round cycle 26. THANK YOU

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