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Crystal Amber Photography's current product catalog.


<ul><li><p>C R Y S T A L A M B E R P H O T O G R A P H Y </p><p>CATALOGP R O D U C T</p></li><li><p>adorn your walls with beautiful photo art!</p><p>G A L L E R Y W R A P S</p><p>Nothing shows off your artistic side quite like a </p><p>Gallery Wrap. Printed on premium canvas and </p><p>wrapped around a stretcher bar, you will love </p><p>your very own original masterpiece.</p><p>Once printed, the canvas is wrapped around a 1.5" or 2.5" stretcher frame and finished </p><p>off with durable black backing. Gallery Wraps are delivered ready to hang with wire </p><p>hangers for all sizes.hangers for all sizes.</p><p>15% OFFSPECIAL OFFER</p><p>GALLERY WRAPCOLLECTIONS</p></li><li><p>W A L L A R T P R I C E G U I D E</p><p>11 X 14 Gallery Wrap</p><p>16 X 20 Gallery Wrap</p><p>20 X 20 Gallery Wrap</p><p>24 X 30 Gallery Wrap</p><p>30 X 40 Gallery Wrap</p><p>$192</p><p>$279</p><p>$315</p><p>$396</p><p>$645</p><p>N/A</p><p>$351</p><p>$393</p><p>$561</p><p>$795</p><p>$81</p><p>$138</p><p>N/A</p><p>$529</p><p>$607</p><p>N/A</p><p>$209</p><p>$328</p><p>$546</p><p>$657</p><p>11 X 14 Standout</p><p>16 X 20 Standout</p><p>20 X 20 Standout</p><p>24 X 36 Standout</p><p>30 X 40 Standout</p><p>GALLERY WRAPS 1.5 frame 2.5 frame</p><p>3/4 thickness 1.5 thicknessSTANDOUTS</p></li><li><p>PREMIUM PHOTO ALBUMS</p><p>STARTING AT $270</p><p>Photo albums are the perfect way to preserve your images and to tell a story about your </p><p>family. They are a gift that your children will cherish as they grow into adulthood and </p><p>have children of their own. These heirloom quality albums will last and are sure </p><p>to be passed down from generation to generation.</p><p>Premium photo albums are the highest quality albums I have to offer and it shows!</p><p>Customization options are nearly limitless. Choose from premium leathers, linens, or</p><p>custom acrylic, metal, or wood photo covers. Leathers can be etched with beautiful </p><p>designs. Leathers and linens have the option for cameo cut outs. Pages are substantial </p><p>with a choice of 1/32 or 1/16 thickness.</p></li><li><p>$720</p><p>$630</p><p>$570</p><p>$330</p><p>$270</p><p>AVAILABLE SIZES</p><p>AND PRICING</p><p>15 x 10</p><p>12 x 12</p><p>10 x 10</p><p>6 x 9</p><p>5x5</p><p>Premium photo albums are an heirloom that will be cherished for years to come.</p><p>Each photo album is carefully designed to your</p><p>specifications. </p><p>Choose from variety of design options,</p><p>and sizes then let me fill the album with your </p><p>story. View available designs at:</p><p>www.myproductcatalog.comcontact me for more details</p><p>253-245-9019</p></li><li><p>A fun and affordable way to showcase</p><p>your photos!</p><p>M I N I B O O K S</p><p>AS LOW AS</p><p>EACH</p><p>ACCORDION</p><p>$21</p></li><li><p>PINT-SIZED PERFECTION</p><p>On-the-go photo-sharing fun with Accordion Mini Photo Books.</p><p>Because the family photo album doesnt fit in your purse - Accordion Mini Photo </p><p>Books give you a chance to show off your favorite photos with style, no matter </p><p>where you find yourself. Perfect for celebrating any occasion these little gems offer </p><p>a fun and affordable way to showcase your photos. Make sure you get one for all</p><p>your friends and family. Available in 3x3, 4x8 and wallet sizes.</p></li><li><p>To Celebrate Every Occasion In Your Glorious Life</p><p>GORGEOUS PHOTO CARDS</p><p>Original and distinctive designs make my greeting cards and stationery cards a </p><p>favorite choice when you want to leave a lasting impression.</p></li><li><p>Professional Quality Customized Just For You!</p><p>I deliver professional quality photo cards personalized just for you. With designs for </p><p>custom holiday greeting cards, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, </p><p>birthday party invitations, birth announcements and more, this is your first and last</p><p>stop for all things stationery.</p><p>Simply choose from a wide variety of fresh, colorful designs, and then Ill take your </p><p>pictures and text to create stunning, customized greeting cards sure to showcase any </p><p>event with the utmost style. Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments event with the utmost style. Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments </p><p>and the successes in your life</p></li><li><p>PHOTO JEWELRY</p><p>My jewelry selection comes in striking sterling silver and antique silver-plated pewter </p><p>that will beautifully showcase your favorite photos. These pieces are designed to grow </p><p>with your family and new photo charms or birth stones can be added to update your </p><p>piece over the years. What a perfect gift for wives, moms and grandmothers! Prices start </p><p>at an affordable $90.</p><p>Get more information on photo jewelry at</p><p></p><p>Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve</p></li><li><p>My home dcor products offer a fun and personal touch to every room</p><p>in the house. Ill take your awesome photos and transform them into genuine </p><p>works of art. Discover all my designs at</p><p>ADD A TOUCH OF WHIMSY TO YOUR HOME</p><p>WALL ART</p></li><li><p>All you need is one fabulous feature wall to really make a room stand out. </p><p>Whether you want to make a statement, or simply have a small space that needs to </p><p>impress without ovewhelming, I can help create stylish feature wall ideas.</p><p>Style Your SpaceJust The Way You Want!</p></li><li><p>MORE AWESOMENESS</p><p>Not only do I carry standard photography products, but I also offer</p><p>a wide range of unique and fun products ranging from chalkboards, movie </p><p>posters, iPhone cases, and more.</p><p>CUSTOM MOVIE POSTER</p><p>BIRTHDAY CHALKBOARD</p></li><li><p></p><p>GET IN TOUCH WITH US</p><p></p><p> | (253) 245-9019</p><p>Please note that all products are subject to a sales tax of 9.5%</p><p>Prices and offers are subject to change.</p><p>view available designs at</p><p>browse, choose, be happy</p><p>Crystal Amber Photography</p></li></ul>