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Critical Thinking WORKOUTS. Intro. Claims. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Truth?. 6. 7. 8. 9. WORKOUT #1. Claims We Make. Critical Thinking WORKOUTS. Created & Presented By: Ruby Tovar. Brought to you by: English Success Center. Funded by: US Dept of Education, Title V-HIS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Critical Thinking WORKOUTSIntroClaims012Truth?34567891WORKOUT #1

Claims We MakeCreated & Presented By: Ruby TovarBrought to you by: English Success CenterFunded by: US Dept of Education, Title V-HISCritical Thinking WORKOUTS

2Dogs and cats are animals.Some animals are mammals. My favorite dogs are GREAT DANES.Giving your dog lots of love and affection will make him a good dog.

Tell me something about the following statements.

What kind of statement is it?

(For True: ) Is it true 100% of the time? Yes.What is it called when something is true 100% of the time? So, weve established a very high standard for a FACT. Now we know when something is a fact.

What kind of statement is this one? Opinion.

What about this one? Is it a Fact? Is it an opinion? How is it different than the opinion above?

3Vegetables grow in soil.Vegetables come in all shapes, sizes and colors. My favorite vegetable is green beans. Spinach is the best-tasting leafy green.Vegetables grow best in organic soil.

Eating vegetables will keep you healthy.4

Flowers grow in soil.Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The prettiest flowers are orchids. Giving someone flowers shows how much you care about them.5facebook was started by a college student.facebook has 400 million users!facebook has improved my social life.

facebook is changing how people work, live, and play for the next generation.

facebook is the best social network tool.6Guitar Hero is a video game.Guitar Hero comes with different bands & songs.Playing Guitar Hero decreases the likelihood that youll really learn to play the guitar.

The best Guitar Hero song to play is by SOAD.

7Cars were invented in the 20th century.Sports cars come in all shapes, sizes and colors. My favorite car is a Chevrolet Camaro . The Maserati is too futuristic to be as popular as the Camaro.

8Pop music started in the 20th century.Pop is short for popular.Rihanna is one of the best pop stars right now.Beyonce is sooo pretty!! OMG!!


POP music stays popular because it reflects contemporary trends of each decade.

Lady Gaga will be the Madonna of today.10CLAIMWhat do you want to prove?OPINIONFACTWe now are beginning to see the difference between a Fact and Opinion. Its pretty clear.

That third kind of statement is a claim. What makes something a claim over an opinion?

A claim answers the question What Do You (It, etc.) Want To Prove?

11claimsomething (an interpretation about the world) that really wants to be truebut is arguableThis is not a definition. This is an understanding.

What do you notice about the words I use?

What do you think it means that a CLAIM WANTS TO BE TRUE?

Does that mean it is true?

Does that mean it is false?

12Not DeadNot AliveZombies

something in between?Zombies. What do we know about zombies?

They arent dead. They arent alive.

13claim = like the zombies TRUE FALSE

*wants to be trueI want to live!Why do I say claims are like zombies?

A claim is a certain state of being. The way its worded, all by itself, is not true and not false. Its always arguable.

What if we prove it true? 100% of the time?

Remember though, it wants to be true. I notice something about the world and say it out loud in the first place because I think it is true.

14What do I think I know?What am I trying to prove?There are other types of claims. The kind no one says out loud.

Im standing here talking a lot.

I never said them out loud, but I have made many claims to you here.

What are some of them? 15 GRADES GET SKILLS16PsychologyEconomicsChemistryLiterature

More Implicit claims. 17