CREEKVIEW HIGH SCHOOL .The guidance lesson for the month on November focuses on Bullying ... Pet

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    STAMPEDE November/December 2017


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    The Creekview Counseling website has great information for students and parents. Please check it out!

    Also, are you on Twitter? If so, follow CHS Counseling at @STANGS2COLLEGE.

    Please remember to check PARENT CONNECT this year so that you can monitor your students grades

    and attendance.

    The CHS Food Pantry needs support. If you would like to donate crackers, granola bars, protein bars,

    soups, or other items, please feel free to drop them off in Student Services. Student learning and focus has

    been greatly impacted and supported by our snack pantry.

    Throughout the school year, the counseling team will provide guidance information on several important

    and mandated topics to all students. These topics will include suicide prevention and awareness, drug and

    alcohol abuse, healthy relationships and dating violence, bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and online safety,

    child abuse, and personal space and safety. We hope the information they receive will help all our students

    remain safe and healthy.

    The guidance lesson for the month on November focuses on Bullying & Cyberbullying. Students received

    information on this important topic including how to help and what to do if they see/experience bullying.

    This lesson contained information about Davids Law. This new law was passed during the 85th

    Legislative Senate Bill 179 and classifies cyberbullying as a misdemeanor offense. By doing so, the

    courts may issue subpoenas and uncover people who are posting anonymously online! Parents of students

    who cyberbully others may also be held responsible if they could have intervened but didnt! Thank you

    for your support in educating our students about this important topic.

    Attention Senior Parents! Be sure to order your students cap, gown, and tassel (and any other graduation

    items) before March 1st at After that date, item availability will be limited, and prices

    will be adjusted. Have questions? Contact Mrs. Moss in Student Services.

    The Local Scholarship Application is available now at The Educational Foundation

    administers various civic, business, individual, and Foundation scholarships. All scholarships utilize the C-

    FBISD online scholarship application. Students will fill out an online application which will filter each

    applicants eligibility for various scholarships. The deadline to submit the completed scholarship

    application is Friday, March 9th by 5:00 pm. All scholarship winners will be announced at Senior Walk



    Does your student need to take the SAT or ACT? Next national testing dates are:

    SAT March 10 May 5 June 2

    ACT Feb 10 April 14 June 9

    Credits.Credits.Credits..After the completion of the semester credit will be awarded for all

    classes passed. Grade classification is based on the number of credits a student has accumulated. See

    below for the credit break-downs.

    9th grade 0-5.5 credits

    10th grade 6-11.5 credits

    11th grade 12-18.5 credits

    12th grade 19 or higher

    To graduate, students must meet all the credit requirements as well as the state testing requirements.

    Attendance is important! Every student must be present 90% of the semester in order to be eligible for

    credit in classes. For the fall semester that means no more than 8 absences!

    Final Exams will occur the week of December 18th. Please mark these dates on your calendar and

    encourage your student to studystudystudy! Credits will be awarded after the semester ends.

    Does your student belong to the Test Anxiety Society? Here are some tips to help ease the stress

    associated with testing.

    Dont CRAM...its hard on the brain! Spread out the studying time over several days.

    When you study, draw a picture of what you are learning inside of your head!

    Stay positive! Tell yourself you CAN do well! TEST stand for Think Each Situation

    Through. You get to show how much you have learned when you take a test.

    On multiple choice questions, cross out answers that dont make sense so you can narrow

    down your choices.

    Check a random 5: pick any 5 questions, and recheck your work. If you have time, recheck 5



    Students who study smart often spend less time studying, and yet they get better grades. Here are 10 Study Smart Tips:

    1. Have a place to study thats quiet, well lit, and comfortable.

    2. If you have a lot to do, prioritize your work!

    3. Do difficult assignments first while you are fresh and alert!

    4. Alternate types of homeworkreading, math, history, science.

    5. Break large assignments into smaller parts!

    6. Before you begin, make a plan. Decide what you want to get done and the order you are going to do it.

    7. Always allow more time than you think you will need!

    8. Set a time to start on your homework and stick to it!

    9. If you have something to memorize, work on that first. Then go over it again at the end of your study session.

    10. Turn OFF the TV and phone! You need to FOCUS!

    Is your student involved in a club or organization at CHS? High school is like anything elsethe more you put into it, the more you get out of it! Students who are involved in school activities generally do better academically, and they enjoy school more! Being involved in school activities provides the opportunity to meet new people, be a leader, focus on a common goal, and build school culture! CHS offers a tremendous amount of club opportunities!

    Your Counselors,

    Tina Iglesias A-C

    Janine Kay D-G

    Stacy Lovett H-L

    Melanie Gotlieb M-P

    Lisa Yaklin Q-S

    Jessi Porter T-z


    The Food Pantry is running low. We are seeking support from our community and PTSA. If you would like to donate non-perishable items, please feel free to bring you donations to Mrs. Moss.

    Additionally, we all support students that are hungry during the day. If you would like to donate to our CHS Pantry Snack pile, please feel free to donate items such as:

    Peanut butter crackers

    Cracker of any favor

    Protein bars

    Nutrigrain bars/breakfast bars




    Juniors & Seniors You are allowed 2 college days per year.

    (If you do not use them, they will not roll over)

    Can be used for Trade Schools and Military visits as well

    In order to use them you Must:

    Let your Attendance Secretary know the date you will be absent due

    to visit

    Bring a note on letter head from the college you are visiting with the

    date you missed

    Complete the Verification of Work form once you return

    If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Amaya or Mrs. Warren

    in Student Services

  • From Mrs. Moss

    Attention Seniors:

    Be sure to order your cap, gown, and tassel

    (and any other graduation items) before

    March 1st at After that

    date, item availability will be limited, and

    prices will be adjusted. Questions? See

    Mrs. Moss in Student Services or call her at


  • From Ms. Cain

    MOVING? Students who are moving

    over the winter break or before, please

    notify the Records Office at 972.968.4814

    or stop by Student Services by December

    11, 2017.

    If you are moving to a new home but

    returning to Creekview, new residency

    documents must be given to Records.

    If you are moving and not returning to

    Creekview, a "Non-Returning Notification

    Form" must be signed by the parent

    before the last day of the fall semester.


    On October 21st and 23rd, thirty Creekview Choir students competed in the Region phase of the All-State Choir auditions. We are proud of their hard work and dedication to this process. Please congratulate the following students for being chosen as All-Region Choir members for Region 31:

    Region 31 Honor Choir: Roddy Lisle and Sarah Lukich

    Region 31 Treble Choir: Claire Cathey, Alex Gutermuth, Yazmyn Keshavjee, Kianna Montanez and Insha Noorani

    Region 31 Mixed Choir: Luke Bayard*, Rose Edelman*, Parker Edmondson, Hasoo Eun*, Stella Galarza*, Ben Gonzales*, Jessica Hausmann*, Jakob Jeter*, Nicholas Lara*, Christian Lim, Christie Nah*, Samuel Park and James Zeinert*

    On November 16th, ten Creekview Choir students (*) competed in the Pre-Area round of All-State Choir auditions. Please join us in congratulating the following four students for advancing to the Area round of All-State Choir auditions to be held in January:

    Alto: Jessica Hasumann (1st Chair) and Rose Edelman (2nd Alternate)

    Tenor: Hasoo Eun (1st Chair) and Jakob Jeter (2nd Alternate)

    To hear these talented students firsthand, mark your calendars for Tuesday, December