Create a cattle rancher brand and explain its significance

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  • Create a cattle rancher brand and explain its significance.
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  • Whats the difference between these cows? $6 $38 $80
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  • Creating a Cattle Kingdom After the Civil War, the demand for beef increased. Texas rangers set up cattle drives to have cattle travel to railroads. Texas longhorn cattle were the most popular because they were low maintenance. One of the most famous drives was called the Chisholm Trail. The Life of a Cowhand Mexican and Spanish vaqueros taught American cowhands a lot about their trade in tending and driving cattle herds to market. Cattle drives were hot, dirty, and boring. They worked 18 hour days and encountered a lot of danger. Stampedes (runaway herds) were among their worst fears. Cowhands worked for ranch owners and were lucky to earn $1 a day for their hard work.
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  • The Cow Towns Cow Towns developed near railroad lines at the end of cattle drive trails. These areas were generally profitable and attractive to settlers although cowboys could make things rough and rowdy. There were rarely shoot outs, but often disorderly behavior. Officials like Wyatt Earp became famous for keeping the peace. The Cattle Boom Cattle roamed free in the open range. They would be branded with their ranches symbol to identify them. Sheep herders were often driven out since cattle ranchers felt they ruined the grazing land. The End of the Cattle Kingdom As farmers began to settle in the open range and railroads developed, the cattle kingdom began to end. Once barbed wire was invented in 1874 westerners could fence off large areas of land cheaply. Loss of grazing land and harsh winters also played a role.
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  • Clothing
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  • Food
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  • Transportation
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  • Todays Activity: Song Writing Cowboys often sang during their long, lonely days on the range. Write your own cowboy song.
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  • How would you feel about choosing this career path? Cattle Drive video clip