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    Avatar: Unoriginal Plot, but Thrilling to WatchIDS Students Discuss the Avatar Phenomenon

    By Jessica W.

    The 2009 film, Avatar, is a major box office hit and fun to watch. Eighth grader, Nico d.G., explains the film as, a thrilling and amazing experience. It earned $27 million on its opening date in the U.S. and Canada. It was the second largest December movie opening, just loosing out to I Am Legend. What makes this movie so appealing? In addition to tons of action, the special effects are incredible. The entire movie is in 3-D. It is no wonder why it took 15 years to make this film. The movies director, James Cameron, is another reason why it is such a box office hit. He brought us such films as The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic.

    The movie takes places on another planet, called Pandora, in the year 2154. A company named RDS is mining the planet in order to find a valuable mineral called unobtanium. One kilo of unobtanium is worth $2 million dollars. The natives of the planet, the Navi, do not want foreigners on their planet for fear that the foreigners will exploit the planets natural resources for capital gain. One of the humans, Jake Sully, falls in love with a native named Neytiri. Even though the Navi people are supposed to be his enemies, he opens his mind and realizes that the humans are really the primitive ones.

    While the special effects are amazing, the plot of this film is somewhat unoriginal. Many of my classmates agree with me that the plot has similarities to Pochohantas and Dances with Wolves. Overall, I give this three and a half stars and would recommend this to anyone even for the special effects alone.

    Lower School Art ConnectionFifth grade students enjoyed viewing the world of the art classroom through various teleidoscopes. Students were encouraged to mix a wide range of colors for use in their circular paintings. Wassily Kandinskys colorful and whimsical paintings were inspiration for this project.

    This issues winner of the Lower School Art Contest is Sadie S. This drawing is a teleidoscope drawing. It is drawn as if it is seen through a teleidoscope. Beautiful job, Sadie! -Camille M.

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  • What is youre favorite sport and why?

    We asked the teachers the question above because we wanted to know what our teachers liked to do

    when they recreate.

    Here are their responses:

    Ms. Dwyer said, Tennis, its my family favorite activity.

    Mrs. Warner said, I dont play sports, because I dont like the competitive edge. However, I enjoy watching tennis and baseball on TV.

    Mrs. Ficke said, Football because I enjoy the aggressive nature of the game (tackling!)

    Dr. B. said, Tennis because its challenging and very strategic.

    Mrs. Effgen said, I like to watch basketball and I like to run. I used to play basketball and its very fast paced.

    ROVING REPORTERSby Christine H., Anika Rose L., and

    Rachel D.

  • This issues installment of Nature Watch focuses on the brilliantly colored Northern Cardinal. Best recognized by its bright red color, the Northern Cardinal is a large and long-tailed songbird, with a hunched-over sitting posture and thick red beak. One of the few birds that do not migrate, this cardinal keeps its brilliant shade all year. However, only the males have the bright coat and black faces. The females are a pale brown with only red on their tails, wings, and crest.

    These birds are up early and their sweet whistles and tones are one of the first sounds in the morning. Their most common habitats are backyards, parks, wood lots, and shrubby, forest edges.

    If you want to have these beautiful birds in your yard, try this project. Put cold water into an ice cube tray. Fill the tray half way with water. Top each section off with birdseed mix. Place the tray in the freezer with a tooth pick in each cubicle. When you remove it from the freezer, carefully pull the toothpick out and thread a string through the hold. Hand it outside and watch these bright birds feast!

    Hard-Wired The latest in technology from the perspective of Hayden H.By Hayden H.

    CES, or the Consumer Electronic Show, was just held in Las Vegas. The CES is where companies come to show off their new gadgets and gizmos. This is the worlds largest consumer technology tradeshow. One of the most popular topics of conversation this year was the new development in the world of television. Samsung is developing an LED TV, not LCD, that is 1 inch thick. It is also 3-D ready.

    3-D appeared to be a biggest trend at CES. The movie Avatar really helped to bring 3-d mainstream. Before only geeks and kids saw 3-D movies, now everyone is looking to 3-D as the new innovation. Personally, I don't want everything to become 3-D if I still have to wear those glasses. Sadly, the world is years from being able to watch 3-D movies without looking through plastic glasses. Another big problem with the whole 3-D craze is that it can give you a headache. One of the reasons why I didn't completely enjoy Avatar was because I had a mild headache throughout the movie. If companies can somehow fix the need for ugly and uncomfortable glasses, plus the likelihood of a headache, I would be in total support of the all things 3-D.

    Also featured at the CES was Toshibas TV with a cell processor. This cell processor is the one that is in the Playstation 3. It is famous for being the best of its kind and delivering a stunning visual. The new Cell TV can take any 2-D video and make it 3-D. It provides a nearly unsurpassed visual.

    At CES, new ways to spend money did not stop at TVs. Netbooks have increased in popularity at an astounding rate. Netbooks are laptops that have a screen size of around 10'. Their portability is used by many people. It is the kind of thing that you would throw in a bag for an hour and a half long car trip. However, it is not something you would use as your main computer. They are fairly cheap at only around $500 for a decent machine. Many companies like Linovo have made tablet/netbook hybrids. The screen of the netbook is a touchscreen and it can swivel. If you want to take something into photoshop, you can turn the screen around and use your fingers instead of a mouse cursor. This is a big deal for graphic designers.

    Nature WatchBy Michael Elizabeth G.

    Science and Nature

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    Sports and EntertainmentNFL Week 11By Tyler M.

    There were countless amazing games in 2009, from the NHL to the MLB. In this article, I am going to count down, in my opinion, the five best moments in the world of sports in 2009.

    5. March 12, 2009: NCAA BAsketball: UCONN vs. SyracuseThis game was almost as tiring to watch as it must have been to play in Madison Square Garden. There were six overtimes! Needless to say, it was a close game. In the end, Syracuse ended up winning, 127-117. It was an exhilarating game, the longest in Big East history. Every moment kept all the fans on the edge of their seats.

    4. September 27, 2009: NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ersThis year, one of the oldest quarterbacks in the game of football joined the Minnesota vikings and contributed to their 27-24 victory against the 49ers. This man is none other than Brett Favre. With two seconds left in the game, Favre threw a bomb from he 37 yard line into the back of the end zone. After the throw, he went down and looked up to see his wide receiver, Greg Lewis, with the ball in the end zone. He threw his hands up in the air and high-fived all his teammates; he knew that this is a game he and his teammates would never forget. All the fans in the Metro Dome were going crazy the moment he caught the ball. It was truly a moment to remember.

    3.August 7, 2009: MLB: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red SoxOn August 7th, all eyes were on the Yankees and Red Sox in 15th inning. What more do I have to say? This game was memorable for both Yankee and Red Sox fans alike. I thought the game might go on forever. After 5 hours and 33 minutes of scoreless innings, ALex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees ended the silence. By the time Red SOx Pitcher, Junichi Tazawa, turned his head and looked up, the ball was long gone. As A-Rod rounded the bases with his hands held high, he knew he had just made history.

    2.July 23, 2009: MLB: Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay RaysNot many pitchers can say they have pitched a perfect game, with no hits and no walks. However, on July 23rd, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox, added himself to this exclusive list. A picture of Buehrle, with his glove on his head and a smile on his face, made every headline that next day. This game was so great because even thought the all the fans were captivated, watching and waiting to see Mark Buerle and his magic perfect game unfold.

    1.May 23, 2009: NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando MagicOne headline from this game read, The King Does it Again. With virtually no time left in the final period, LeBron James made NBA history. As James dribbled down the course he stopped at the top of the three point arch and looked at the basket and then at the clock. He knew head about one second to make this shot. He set himself quickly and let it fly. Everyone looked up as the buzzer sounded. The shot went through the net. LeBron threw his hands up and ran to his cheering teammates. The fans looked at the score: 96-95. The Cavaliers had one it!

    2009 was an amazing year in sports, no matter what team you root for. In my mind, true sports fans will agree that these games demonstrated tremendous athleticism