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The 2010 edition of the Cowes Port Handbook was published by The Knowlege Zone. For 2011, TKZ Media Ltd will bring out a new publication entitled the 'Solent Handbook & Directory'. The new Solent Handbook & Directory is due out before Easter and will be distributed up and down the Solent, including on the Isle of Wight.

Text of Cowes Port Handbook 2010

  • Photo: Rick Tomlinson

  • INTRODUCTIONCowes Port Handbook & Directory 22001100//22001111

    Welcome to the 2010 Cowes Port Handbook which, as usual,has all the up-to-date information you need when visitingCowes, whether youre racing or cruising, under power or sail. IN



    It's a great pleasure for the editorial team here at The Knowledge Zone to hear thefeedback from our readers who tell us that the Handbook is a highly appreciatedguide to Cowes for everyone who arrives by boat, and even those who dont!

    Last year was a tough one for everyone, with the economic situation causing aretraction in most sectors. The lack of corporate activity around sailing events andthe reduction in the number of large yachts at many regattas was most noticeable.Thankfully, the core sailing audience held up well and the numbers entering mostof the racing events were better than many had expected.

    This year, as we go to press, the signs are encouraging with the expectation ofmore corporate activity and reports from accommodation providers indicating thatvisitor numbers promise to be strong. If the weather cooperates and we have agood summer, we all hope that sunshine will bring out the sailors andpowerboaters in force. Certainly, the event calendar looks strong with someexciting events to attract competitors and spectators.

    This years Handbook again features the Solent Racing and Safety Afloat sectionswhich proved popular when we introduced them last year. If there is otherinformation that you would like to see included in the Handbook we would love to hear from you.

    The Handbooks sister publication, Cowes Online ( has been afavourite for many UK and overseas sailors for some time now, with its mix of localinformation, daily updated sailing news, and highly popular live streaming videoand on-demand video reports. Over the winter we have seen our already largeaudience grow by over 70% and the number of visitors continues to increase at an astonishing rate.

    Equally popular is our iZone network of HD screens in Cowes. Youll find iZonescreens in the Waterside, Fountain Hotel, Vectis Tavern, Pier View, The Anchor, andthe Duke of York, as well as a large outdoor screen in Cowes Yacht Haven. iZonefeatures great event video coverage from Cowes TV plus up-to-the-minute newsand live weather and forecast information it even shows tide times!

    Finally, wed like to thank all our advertisers for their support and wed ask that you let them know that youve seentheir adverts in this Handbook or onCowes Online or the iZonenetwork. Together, we aimto bring you the bestinformation and mostuseful content to helpmake your visits toCowes fun and stress-free! Have a greatseason.

    Steve Sleight

    EDITORSteve SleightART EDITORKaren HollowayEDITORIAL TEAMSara Coombes

    Louisa MamakouZara MacAlisterADVERTISINGGuy Barkley-SmithADMINISTRATIONTanya Sleight

    in association with Published by TKZThe Knowledge Zone


    CONTACT:The Knowledge Zonet: 01983 245505e: editor@theknowledgezone.netw: 2010 The Knowledge Zone Ltd

    Photo: Rick Tomlinson

  • Cowes Port Handbook & Directory 22001100//22001111




    Harbour Masters Review 4-5

    Cowes Harbour Commission 6-7

    Outer Harbour Project 8-9

    Medina Estuary 10-13

    Cowes Harbour Guide & Useful Contacts 14

    Useful Services 15

    Fast Facts 16-17

    Navigation & Port Information 18-21

    Moorings 22-24

    Weather Information Sources 25

    Radio Communication 26

    Cowes Chain Ferry 27

    HM Customs Information 28

    Onwards from Cowes 30

    Cowes Ashore - Introduction 32

    Cowes Ashore - By Day & By Night 33

    Cowes Ashore - Accommodation 34

    Cowes Ashore - Food and Drink 35

    Cowes Ashore - Catering and entertainment 36

    Cowes Ashore - Yacht Clubs 38

    Cowes Ashore - Town Map 40

    Solent Racing 42-48

    Safety Afloat 50-55

    Events@Cowes 56

    Events Diary 58-68

    J. P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race 64

    Events Calendar 70-75

    Rallies & Regattas 76

    Directory Index 78

    Directory of Services 80-129

    Information for Commercial Vessels 130-139

    Tide Tables for Cowes 142-149

    Jotters Notes 150-151

    Advertisers Index 152-155

    Acknowledgments 156

    Plan of Cowes and River Medina Pull out inside back cover

    Solent Racing Marks Pull out inside back cover

    Photo: Paul Wyeth

  • Cowes Port Handbook & Directory 22001100//22001111


    Welcome to Cowes andto another edition ofthe Cowes Port Handbookand Directory. I trust youwill find this aninvaluable andinteresting A-Z guide toCowes and the MedinaValley. The Handbook iscomplemented by thepopular website Cowes Online Cowes Online provides topicalyachting news, harbour and weather information, anddelivers a wealth of video action from all the majorCowes events plus live streaming video from cameras atthe Royal Yacht Squadron and Trinity Landing.




    R M





    Deputy Harbour Master Rod Hodgson (left)and Harbour Master Stuart McIntosh (right)

    Cowes and yachting, both as an industry and as a pastime, have not beenisolated from the impacts of the economic recession and, in particular,Cowes as one of Europes premier yachting event destinations has felt theeffect of a reduction in sponsorship and corporate spend.

    It is, however, very reassuring that the major stakeholder organisations stillhave the confidence to move forward with plans and investment into newimproved facilities and services.

    The Outer Harbour ProjectCowes Harbour Commission (CHC) is certainly playing its part withSEEDA, our project partners in the Outer Harbour Project (see pages 8-9).The Commissions principle objective is still the delivery of the newdetached outer breakwater, an extension to the Shrape breakwater and dredging of the new eastern channel.

    Making these exciting new developments happen is not without itschallenges, not least of which is ensuring and providing robust researchand evidence that the proposal doesnt have a detrimental impact on theimportant natural features and hydrodynamics of the estuary and adjacentSolent waters.

    CHC and SEEDA have invested significantly to work with the relevantauthorities, including Natural England, to meet this crucial objective but ithas resulted in delays to the consent process. However, we are confidentthat all the necessary consents will either be granted or are in the process

    of being granted by Easter.

    SEEDA has gone tomarket with the

    opportunity totender for thecontract tobecome theirdevelopmentpartner and,despite theeconomic

    downturn, therehas been an

    encouragingresponse thus far.

    The Commission andSEEDA will be working

    hard during 2010 to bringforward the delivery of thisstrategic development forboth Cowes and the Island.

    Photo: Peter Mumford / Beken of Cowes

  • HARBOUR MASTERS REVIEWCowes Port Handbook & Directory 22001100//22001111

    Our WaterfrontCowes Town Waterfront Trust and Cowes Yacht Haven have also beenbusy developing their plans for the next phase of investment of thiscentral event site. The overall objective is to help integrate Coweswaterfront with the High Street, and to construct new workshop andretail units to replace the old sheds at the rear of the site. Theseimprovements and investments will radically improve the appearance and open up the town from the waterfront.

    This united commitment to invest in new facilities is an indication of theconfidence of Cowes to build on its reputation as one of Europes premieryachting event centres and a destination of choice for racing and cruising sailors.

    In tandem with investment in quality facilities is of course the requirementfor us to meet, and hopefully exceed, our customers expectations. Aspart of the Commissioners efforts to meet this objective, we have made aconcerted attempt to improve communications with our customers andstakeholders to ensure we are providing all the current information andnews from the Harbour Commission and, as important, getting feedback on what we are getting right as well as where there is room for improvement.

    New initiativesTwo initiatives are already proving beneficial, namely the newly re-constituted Advisory Committee and the monthly E-Newsletters. If youhavent already signed up to receive our E-News, I recommend you do soby going online to the Commission section of Cowes Online.

    Another major undertaking was the overhaul of the HarbourCommissions management structure with the aim of improving efficiencyand customer service by streamlining the management team anddelegating more authority to the newly appointed Team Leaders who aredealing directly with our customers. I hope that these changes willcontribute to making Cowes and the Harbour Commissions marineservices the first choice for Solent and visiting yachtsmen alike.

    Finally, I am pleased to report that we now have in commission our newmooring barge, Seaclear, a purpose- built multicat to provide us withincreased capability and allow us to continue to maintain moorings,buoyage, and carry out marine contracts within Cowes Harbour andaround the Solent.

    The Commission is looking forward to the challenges ahead in theseexciting times. We also look forward to providing you with a warmwelcome, whether you come to race, cruise, or simply enjoy the tranquilsections of the river up to the Folly Inn or Newport Harbour. Please feelfree to give us your feedback about the things