Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity Building Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity
Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity Building Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity

Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity Building Counter-Terrorism Leadership Highlights Capacity

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  • Capacit y BuildingHighlight s Count er -Ter ror ism Leadership

    High-Level Regional Conference

    - Mr. Voronkov also visited the Tajik border with Afghanistan. He exchanged views with Tajik authorities on technical assistance needs, particularly regarding border security.

    - USG Voronkov updated Member States on UNOCT priorities and initiatives as well as UNCCT projects at the Quarterly Briefing with Global CT Compact entities (6 May).

    - UNCCT Director Khan addressed the Inter- American Committee Against Terrorism emphasizing the importance of strengthening CT cooperation between the UN and the Organization of American States (23 May).

    - On 7 May and in the presence of the Secretary-General, UNOCT launched the UN Count er ing Ter ror ist Travel Program m e. This new flagship initiative aimed at improving the tracking of suspected terrorists, using state-of-the-art software, will be implemented in partneship with CTED, ICAO, OICT and UNODC.

    - In May, Mr. Voronkov, signed two Mem oranda of Underst anding: with UNODC and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to institutionalize the tripartite partnership and develop a joint project; and with the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) to strengthen the partnership on countering and preventing violent extremism.

    - UNCCT and UNDP conducted a joint workshop on PVE t hrough St rat egic Com m unicat ions focusing on capacity- building for civil society organizations in Jordan.

    - The Dushanbe Conference took place on 16-17 May. It was organized by Tajikistan in cooperation with the UN (UNOCT and UNRCCA), the EU and the OSCE. USG Voronkov launched the "Dushanbe process on Countering Terrorism and its Financing in Central Asia" to institutionalize intra-regional dialogue and support the implementation of the Dushanbe Declarat ion .


    For more information: #UNit et oCount erTer ror ism @UN_OCT #UNCCT

    - Launching the 2018 UNCCT Annual Report, USG Voronkov told the UNCCT Advisory Board that in 2018, the UNOCT annual expenditure increased to $17.6 million representing a growth of 66% compared to 2017 demonstrating a continued upward trend in delivering capacity-building assistance.

    - UNCCT through the Border Secur it y and Managem ent Program m e held a training in Nairobi, Kenya at the national level, to build capacity of frontline officers addressing threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters.

    - In close cooperation with the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat, UNCCT developed a handbook of "good pract ices in com m unit y resil ience t o radicalizat ion and violent ext rem ism in t he G5 Sahel," under the project aimed at supporting regional efforts of the G5 Sahel countries to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism (PVE) thanks to the UN Peace and Development Trust fund.

    - Following Sri Lanka's request for assistance, the CT Travel programme partners and INTERPOL conducted their first assessment mission from 27 to 30 May.

    In 2018-2019, UNCCT provided capacity-building support to Member States.


    - On behalf of USG Voronkov, UNOCT Chief of Office Ms. Alirzayeva participated in the event "Youth Engagement & Vocational Training" in Baku and launched an online survey on Twitter as part of its Global Youth Programme (3 May).

  • To enhance coordinat ion and coherence, the UN Global Count er -Ter ror ism Coordinat ion Com pact , which is a coordination framework bringing together 36 UN entities, plus INTERPOL and the WCO, was launched by the UN Secretary-General in December 2018. It operates through its Coordination Committee and 8 thematic Inter-Agency Working Groups, which were revitalized in April 2019, providing an ?All-of-UN approach? to the system?s work on counter-terrorism and preventing and countering violent extremism, as conducive to terrorism.

    UNOCT Mandat e

    Top Cont r ibut ors t o t he Trust Fund

    Established through GA resolution 71/291 on 15 June 2017, the Office has 5 Funct ions:

    UNOCT Off ice St ruct ure

    Secret ary-General


    OUSG Liaison Of f icers

    Deput y t o t he USG


    - Provide leadership on the GA counter- terrorism mandates entrusted to the Secretary-General from across the UN system;

    - Enhance coordinat ion and Coherence across the 38 Global Counter-Terrorism Compact entities to ensure the balanced implementation of the four pillars of the UN Global CT Strategy;

    - St rengt hen delivery of UN counter-terrorism capacity building assistance to Member States;

    - Im prove visibi l i t y, advocacy and resource m obil izat ion for UN counter-terrorism efforts;

    - Ensure t hat due pr ior it y is given to counter-terrorism across the UN system and that the important work on preventing violent extremism is firmly rooted in the Strategy

    The Office provides most of its capacit y-building support to Member States through the UN Count er -Ter ror ism Cent re (UNCCT), which was established by an initial contribution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Counter-Terrorism Trust Fund in 2011. UNCCT has an Advisory Board composed of 21 Member States plus the European Union (EU) as a Guest Member.

    The Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism has received $239.1 million in contributions and hard pledges as of May 2019, from 30 donors. Overall top donors to date:

    St rat egic Planning & Policy

    Suppor t

    Policy, Know ledge Mgt & Coordinat ion

    UN Global CT St rat egy

    Pillar I Addressing t he

    condit ions conducive t o t he spread of

    t er ror ism

    Pil lar II Prevent ing and

    com bat ing t er ror ism

    Pil lar III Building St at es'

    capacit y and st rengt hening t he

    role of t he UN

    Pil lar IV Ensur ing hum an

    r ight s and t he rule of law

    Kingdom of the Netherlands

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia United States of America

    European Union Norway Russian Federation

    State of Qatar




    For more information: #UNit et oCount erTer ror ism @UN_OCT #UNCCT

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    Special project s

    & Innovat ion

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