Cool Online Tools to motivate and engage your students PowerPoint created by Kelly Ford, Director of Technology in Curriculum Resources from teachers,

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  • Cool Online Toolsto motivate and engage your studentsPowerPoint created by Kelly Ford, Director of Technology in CurriculumResources from teachers, students, seminars, and online researchStudents + Textbooks = watch this short clip

  • 3 Mega-Skills for Students (as they enter the 21st century)Expert Researchers learning how to manage the overwhelming amounts of information onlineGlobal Communicators linking our students to students outside of the classroom.Being Self-Directed having a voice in the direction of their learningFrom NJDOE 21st Century Conference with Alan November of

  • Project-Based LearningSmall tasks or assignments building into a culminating, meaningful product.

    The essential question is the foundation. It empowers the students so they can begin with the end in mind.

  • PBL ProblemsBurnout

    No choice in format to present

    Becomes a reporting out of information and never answers the essential question!

  • Students Must Answer

    What is my message to the audience and why is it important?

    Ask them everyday. Their answer will grow and change over the course of the PBL.

  • One Student ExampleMedieval PBL Driving Question AnswersAnimoto about Medieval InventionsGlogster on Medieval Inventions

  • What do you think of this example?These students were typically the ones who never completed assignments, didnt participate in group work. They actually didnt finish all parts of the PBL. But look at the part the DID finish.


  • More Examples

  • Your Curriculum UnitsExplore, discuss your current PBLs:Is the essential question meaningful?Are there opportunities for real-life connections?

  • Click on more to explore new ways to use Google

    Click here for tips and tricks for getting better search results on Google

    Screen shot taken using Jing

  • Use this visual tool for main ideas of historical speeches, vocabulary practice, or as a concept mapwww.wordle.netRecent speech by President Obama

  • Digital Storytelling ProjectsField TripsBack to School NightBook TrailersAnimoto Sample from Thompson Science ClassOther Animotos from Thompson Middle School

  • Another Format for Digital StorytellingFree with windows, just download Photostory3 from onlineRuby Bridges Video , 8th grade Thompson

  • Digital Poster Every student should have the option to do a poster digitally!Glogster samples from Thompson

  • TeenReads.com

    Share book reviews online and evaluate the quality of other reviews.

  • Use Jing to record a lesson that you can post on your website so that students can refer to it any time for help. Students can use Jing to create tutorials for other students. Grade Essays or Digital Projects Using Jing Voice Recording no printing or hand-writing your comments!Teacher Lesson Student Tutorial Grading a Project

  • Connecting to Students Across the District

    This screen shot was taken using Jing.

  • Connecting to Students In Other Parts of the

  • Keep Your Students Engaged in a VideoClick here for quick video on how to use Today's!

  • The new way to connect with authors, speakers, and professors outside of the classroomStart a grandparent Skype group with primary gradesMost laptops are equipped with built-in webcams/ microphonesand the cost to purchase either is minimalConnect with schools across the district,state, country, and world

  • Poll Your Students for Instant Feedback (texting from cell phone or laptop)

  • I-PadioGoogle

  • Examples of PBLs using 2.0 tools

  • I Want To ExploreExamples of authentic PBL ideasGoogle (more)AnimotoJingNingOther?



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