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6 Easy ways for motivations

PhD. Diana Moise Easy ways to motivate your self and others against fears

Tuturor ne e frica de ceva- de apa, de paianjeni, de inaltimi, de esec , unele devin fobii altele sunt doar niste etape normale in viata noastra SI SA NU UITAM CA ORICE MONEDA ARE 2 FETE DECI

Frica de esec-acest tip frica isi are radacinile in conceptia , gresita de altfel, ca tot ceea ce faci trebuie sa aiba 100% succes

Fear of failure-this type of fear has its roots in the misconception that everything you do has to be 100% successful.

Frica de succes- Se bazeaza pe ideea ca probabil inseamna mai multa responsabilitate si consideratie dublata si de presiunea (stupida) ca de acum incolo trebuie sa continuii la acelasi nivel

Fear Of Success-this type of fear is based on the idea that success is likely to mean more responsibility and attention, coupled with pressure to continue to perform at a high level.

Frica de a fi judecat-acest tip de frica vine din copilarie cand aveam nevoie sa fim apreciati

Fear Of Being Judged-this type of fear comes from the need for approval that most people develop in childhood.

Frica emotionala-vine dintr-o experienta nefasta in care actiunile tale au ca si consecinta ceva negativ si atunci faci tot posibilul sa o eviti

Fear Of Emotional Pain-this type of fear is rooted in wanting to avoid potential negative consequences of your actions.

Frica de te face de rusine-este rezultatul imputernicirii altora cu dreptul sa te judece atunci cand arati ca esti om si poti gresi

Fear Of Embarrassment-this type of fear is a result of empowering others to judge you when you demonstrate that youre only human by making mistakes and having lapses of judgment.

Frica de a fi singur- Este o frica proiectata de societate si strans legata de respingere si stima scazuta de sine

Fear of Being Alone-this type of fear is related to rejection and low self-esteem and it is projected by society

Frica de a-ti exprima propriile sentimente- Vine tot din frica de respingere si creaza o retinere in a fi sincer in discutiile cu cei din viata ta.

Fear Of Expressing Your True Feelings-this type of fear holds you back from engaging in open, honest dialogue with the people in your life.

Frica de respingere-vine din scenariul ca ceilalti o sa spuna sau faca ceva neplacut care ne va afecta

Fear Of Rejection-this type of fear comes from personalizing what others do and say, and may affect us

Frica de intimitate-acest tip de frica se manifesta prin neputinta de a-i lasa pe ceilalti sa se apropie de noi ca sa nu descopere cum suntem cu adevarat

Fear Of Intimacy-this type of fear manifests itself by an unwillingness to let others get too close, less they discover the real you

Frica de necunoscut-acest tip de frica se manifesta atunci cand ne imaginam ca ni se pot intampla lucruri rele, deoarece nu ni le putem explica, daca facem o schimbare in viata noastra

Fear Of The Unknown-this type of fear manifests itself as needless worry about all of the bad things that could happen if you decide to make a change in your life.

Frica de a pierde-acest tip de frica este legat de o potentiala durere asociata cu o pierdere emotionala semnificativa pentru persoana in cauza

Fear Of Loss-this type of fear is related to the potential pain associated with no longer having something or someone of emotional significance to you.

Admite ca ceilalti nu sunt motivati de ceea ce esti tu motivat si ca frica ta nu este si frica lor