Constructivist Learning in K-5 Physical Education

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Constructivist Learning in K-5 Physical Education. Matthew Cummiskey Temple University Please provide email…. What is constructivist teaching ?. Constructivist Principles. Encourage students to arrive at answers in different ways - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Constructivist Learning in K-5 Physical Education

  • Constructivist Learning in K-5 Physical Education

    Matthew CummiskeyTemple University

    Please provide email

  • What is constructivist teaching?

  • Constructivist PrinciplesEncourage students to arrive at answers in different waysInvite students to describe how they generated solutions to the learning problemsHave students articulate, defend, refine and adjust their own strategies to solve problemsEstablish classroom social norms for listening to other and sharing solutionsBuild learning on students previous knowledge while integrating concepts into broad understanding (pathways)

  • Advantages for Students-Improves the following:Positive self image & confidence slanted ropeCritical thinkingMovement vocabularyCreativitySelf-responsibilityEnjoyment of classSocial interaction

  • Advantages for TeachersGet inside a childs headAdjust teaching based on responsesMore interaction with studentsInvolve multiple movement education concepts and skill themesNon-competitive or low competitive levelHigher activity timePromotes leadership and successHigher interscholastic participation rates

  • Approaches:IS:Guided DiscoveryProblem SolvingReciprocalConvergent

    IS NOT:CommandPractice

  • Constructivism at Its Best

  • The basics of

    Movement Education (K-3)Movement Education Schedule

    Skill Themes (4-5)Skill Themes Schedule

    See material under curriculum and teaching models tab on homepage

  • Spiral Curriculum

  • Examples K Self SpaceK1 Range1st Force2nd Pathways3rd Rhythm4th Movement and Position4th Bounce Pass5th Cooperative5th Throwing Challenge

  • Develop your own constructivist lesson using the movement education or skill themes approach

  • Constructivism Helps children become skillful movers and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and physical activity.Questions??Documents: