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This is the material for constructivist lesson.

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  • 1. Environmental Education: Std 9

2. Madhavi_Dharankar_Constructivism A class to be divided into groups of 5- 7. One half-story card and five blank cards/papers to each group Each group to come up with five different waysto complete half- story. Illustrations withpictures, photographs, drawings are allowed. 30 minutes to complete the task2 3. The government of Surya Pradesh wants tobuild a massive information technologycomplex outside their capital. They believethat this complex will attract manycompanies from all over the country andthe world and that this will provide jobs tothe people of Surya Pradesh. The areaselected for complex has about 2000 trees.Scientists say that this area acts as agreen lung to the heavily polluted city.3 Madhavi_Dharankar_Constructivism 4. Madhavi_Dharankar_Constructivism How do development decisions impact theenvironment? Why should we integrate environmentalconcerns with development concerns? What could be the principles to guide decisionmaking in environment and developmentconflicts?4 5. Madhavi_Dharankar_Constructivism What ideas and notions did the suggested ends ofthe story contain? Did these notions andperceptions that the students carried had any linkto the real-life exposures they have? Share a few examples of what ends the studentssuggested to half a story and your comments tothese. Share at least one more teaching- learning ideas(like half- a-story) that could be effective in dealingwith open ended topics and themes like that ofsustainable development. 5