Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

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Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Marshall Scott Poole Director Kevin Franklin Executive Director. Mission. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social SciencesMarshall Scott PooleDirectorKevin FranklinExecutive chass.uiuc.eduMissionThe Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (I-CHASS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign charts new ground in computing and the humanities, arts, and social sciences by creating spaces for digital discovery and learning environments. I-CHASS presents path-breaking research, computational resources, collaborative tools, and educational programming to showcase the future of the humanities, arts, and social sciences. chass.uiuc.eduIn Pursuit of This Mission I-CHASS:Bridges the worlds of the scholar and the technologistFosters the interdisciplinary and international collaborationsProvides resources for computing, data management, analysis of data, text, and images, simulation, geospatial inquiry, technology integration, and other critical functions, always exploring emerging technologies and new paths to knowledge chass.uiuc.eduIn Pursuit of Its MissionI-CHASS:Creates learning environments and spaces for digital discoveryFosters engaged research that is applied to real world problemsWorks to shape the future directions of computing for the humanities, arts, and social sciencesI-CHASS is a network organization that serves as broker among scientists, funders, policy-makers, and organizations, both nationally and chass.uiuc.eduSources of SupportUniversity of IllinoisNational Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)External GrantsNational Science FoundationNational Endowment for the chass.uiuc.eduAdvanced Technology, Culture, and the Arts: Example Projects of I-CHASSCollaboration with Smithsonian Institution (U.S. National Museum) Grand Challenges:Valuing World CulturesUnderstanding the American ExperienceUnderstanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse PlanetUnlocking the Mysteries of the UniverseDigging Into Data: Visual Analytics of Artistic chass.uiuc.eduAdvanced Technology, Culture, and the Arts: Example Projects of I-CHASSIndigenous Culture Initiatives:Alaska MuseumsAmerican Indian Cultural Preservation (Collaboration with National Museum of the American Indian) chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCACo-founded in 2008 by I-CHASS, the Costa Rica Center for High Technology (CeNAT) and the Costa Rica United States Foundation (CRUSA).In 2010, the Office of Science, Technology and Innovation (OSTI) of OAS took on administration of ARTCA: OAS-ARTCAGeneral Cooperation Agreement Between ARTCA and RedCLARA (Spanish for Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks) in Costa Rica.Cooperation Agreement Between University of Illinois and OAS to be managed by chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCAResearch and development activities address common/hemispheric problems that arise in the natural sciences, medicine, technology, and the human sciences (humanities, arts and social sciences).Works closely with NSF, NIH, NEH, ministries of science and technology, and Latin American national science and technology funding agencies (CONICITs) chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCA Projects:PASI: Methods in Computational Discovery for Multidimensional Problem SolvingWorkshop for young scholars on Computation Based Discovery for Multidimensional Problem SolvingFunded by U.S. National Science Foundation Office of International Studies and Education (NSF-OISE)Organizers/Resources:Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)I-CHASSAdvanced Vizualization Lab (UIUC)OAS-ARTCA Office of Science, Technology, and chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCA Projects:PASI: Methods in Computational Discovery for Multidimensional Problem SolvingDate: July 2013Duration: Ten DaysLocation: Universidad del Valle de Guatemala35 ScholarsExemplaryTopics:Foundations of Data ScienceVizualizing Data for DiscoverySimulationComplex Data AnalysisText Analysis of Very Large DatasetsInnovative Approaches to Big DataNominations: Contact chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCA Executive Immersion ProgramExecutive Immersion Program is tailored for high ranking officers from Ministries and National Councils of Culture.It showcases the most current research and education in Digital Humanities, eSocial Science, and other relevant cultural inquiryHigh ranking officials will be hosted for 3 days to 1 week by 5 campuses starting in September 2013, U of Illinois, Cornell, U of Washington, U of California, Clemson. The host University will cover housing and meals; the participants agency must cover chass.uiuc.eduOAS-ARTCA Projects:Hemispheric Scalable Research ChallengeAccess to High Performance Computing ResourcesProjects:Digital HumanitieseSocial ScienceCultural Preservation and ExplorationClimate ScienceBiological chass.uiuc.eduOther Possible InitiativesScience JournalismIndigenous Culture InitiativeEmerging Media NetworkRadical Innovation SummitDigital HumanitieseSocial*******


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