Compliance of Veterinary Medicine Systematic Reviews with Literature Search

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Compliance of Veterinary Medicine Systematic Reviews with Literature Search Reporting Standards MLA 2013 One Health - Boston Lorraine Toews MLIS Health Sciences Library, University of Calgary Alberta, Canada. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Compliance of Veterinary Medicine Systematic Reviews with Literature Search

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Compliance of Veterinary Medicine Systematic Reviews with Literature Search Reporting Standards

MLA 2013 One Health - Boston

Lorraine Toews MLISHealth Sciences Library, University of CalgaryAlberta, Canada

11Introduction Poorly reported studies distort the available pool of research evidence and compromise its reliability.

Simera I, Kirtley S, Altman DG. Maturitas 2012 May;72(1):84-7.

Reporting deficiencies make it difficult to evaluate the reliability of the presented findings

Simera I, Moher D, Hirst A, Hoey J, Schulz KF, Altman DG. BMC Med. 2010 Apr 26;8:24

22Introduction Searching is critical to conducting systematic reviews. Searches for systematic reviews need to be constructed to maximize recall and deal with potentially biasing factors. Errors made in the search process may results in a biased or otherwise incomplete evidence base for the review.

Sampson M, McGowan J. Errors in search strategies were identified by type and frequency. J Clin Epidemiol. 2006 Oct;59(10):1057-6333PurposePurpose of my study to examine Reporting of literature searches in systematic reviews in veterinary journalsCompliance with PRISMA reporting standardAssess conduct of review

44MethodsMEDLINE journal title search 14 high impact veterinary journal titlesLimited to Titles meta-analysis, systematic review Publication type meta-analysisPublished mid-2009 to December 2012

55Methods: Journals SearchedAmerican Journal of Veterinary ResearchJournal of Veterinary Pharmacology & TherapeuticsAustralian Veterinary JournalNew Zealand Veterinary JournalCanadian Journal of Veterinary ResearchPreventive Veterinary MedicineCanadian Veterinary JournalVeterinary JournalJAVMAVeterinary RecordJournal of Veterinary Diagnostic InvestigationVeterinary ResearchJournal of Veterinary Internal MedicineVeterinary Surgery66Methods: Systematic Reviews 2009-2012JournalsNumber ofSystematic ReviewsJAVMA4Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation1Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine3Preventive Veterinary Medicine9Veterinary Journal7Veterinary Research1 TOTAL 2577Methods: PRISMA ElementsPRISMA reporting items examined Information sources searchedDatabasesGrey literatureFull electronic search strategyLimits Publication dateLanguage Article, appendix, supplementary data reviewed for PRISMA reporting elements

88PRISMA: Information Sources SearchedDescribe all information sources databases with dates of coverage in the search

9Databases SearchedWhy is this important?Systematic review literature searches - comprehensiveIncomplete or biased search can result in Biased evidence baseInaccurate/over estimate of intervention effect1010Results: Databases SearchedDatabase%of Reviews SearchedCAB Abstracts64%PubMed56%Agricola32%MEDLINE32%Web of Science20%BIOSIS12%Google Scholar12%IVIS |Scopus | AGRIS | Current Contents |Global Health| Global Health | Google | Library catalogues |LILACS | PubMedCentral8%1111Results: Database Coverage Databases Searched in ReviewsDatabase Coverage of Veterinary Journals *CAB AbstractsCAB AbstractsPubMedScopusAgricolaScience Citation Index ExpandedMEDLINEWeb of ScienceWeb of ScienceBIOSIS BIOSISEMBASEGoogle ScholarMEDLINEIVIS |Scopus | AGRIS | Current Contents |Global Health| Global Health | Google | Library catalogues |LILACS | PubMedCentral * Grindlay, Brennan, Dean2012 JVME 39(4): 408

1212Results: Databases SearchedNumber of Databases Searched% of Reviews that Searched Databases1 database 8%2 databases 20%3 databases 24%4 databases 12%5 databases 16%6 databases 4%10 databases 4%1313Results: Grey Literature SearchedOnly 32% of reviews searched for grey literatureOnly 24% reported searching for conference proceedings1414Grey Literature SearchedWhy is this important?Counteract publication biasOver half of trials in conference proceedings never published (Scherer et al. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2007 2)Published trials showed greater treatment effect than unpublished trials (Hopewell et al. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2007 2)Reviews based only on published literature risk exaggerating intervention effectiveness (Relevo et al. J Clin Epidemiol. 2011 Nov;64(11):1169)1515PRISMA Search StrategyPresent full electronic search strategy for at least one database including any limits used such that it could be repeated

16Search StrategyWhy is this important?

Systematic review literature search aims to Be comprehensiveMinimize biasBe reproducible

17Search Strategy Elements High sensitivity strategiesFree-text & subject headings usedSubject headings explodedVariant spelling, truncation

Strategies customized for each databaseSubject headings vary between databasesIndexing varies between databases

Cochrane Handbook Pt 2 Ch 6

1818Results: Search Strategy0% Line-by-line full search strategy12% Used subject headings0% Reported exploding subject headings

48%Limited by publication date20%Limited by language

19ConclusionsReporting often incomplete

Not comply fully with PRISMA

12% did not report databases searched

64% did not report if grey literature searched

0% reported full electronic search strategy2020ConclusionsGaps in reporting unable to evaluate

Completeness & bias of search

Replicate search

2121ConclusionsReporting gaps suggest Conduct of searches fell short of best practices Validity of reviews questionable based on incomplete, biased search2222Thank you for listening