8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 1/236 1 2 3 4 5 6 Contents Map of the units Introduction PET content and overview Homes and habits Student days Vocabulary and grammar review Units 1 and 2 Fun ime Our world Vocabulary nd grammar reuiew lnits 3 and 4 Feelings Leisure and fashion Vocabulary and grammar reuiew ]nits 5 and 6 7 Out and about I This s me! Vocabulary nd grammar review Units 7 and 8 I Fit and healthy 10 A question of taste Vocabulary and grammar reuiew Units 9 and l0 11 Conserving nature 12 What did you say? Vocabulary nd grammar reuiew Units i and 12 Grammar eference lrregular verbs Writing reference Speaking eference Authentic past PETpaper rom Cambridge ESOL Extra material Answer key Acknowledgements A + 6 8 16 24 26 34 42 44 52 60 62 70 78 80 88 96 98 106 7r4 116 732 133 r42 r48 173 175 238 Contents @

Complete Pet Student Book

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8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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Map of the unitsIntroductionPET content and overview

Homes and habitsStudent daysVocabulary and grammar review Units 1 and 2Fun ime

Our worldVocabulary nd grammar reuiew lnits 3 and 4FeelingsLeisure and fashionVocabulary and grammar reuiew ]nits 5 and 6

7 Out and aboutI This s me!

Vocabulary nd grammar review Units 7 and 8I Fit and healthy

10 Aquestion

of tasteVocabulary and grammar reuiew Units 9 and l011 Conserving nature12 What did you say?

Vocabulary nd grammar reuiew Units i and 12

Grammar eferencelrregular verbsWriting referenceSpeaking eference

Authentic past PETpaper rom Cambridge ESOLExtra material

Answer key












Contents @

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8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 2/236


1 Homes and habits Readrng art : Livrng n a windmill ;L i v i n g a c a v e h o m eReading or gist and marn oints

Writ ing art : ldentifyingargetSTTUCTUTESWrjtrng n emai

Listening art . Routines round he worldldentifying aral lel xpressionsDescript ion f a roomTwo candidates oingSpeaking art1

2 Student days Reading art :The daily ifeof aBeij ingeenagerAn extract rom Teen magaztneReading art . Five exts bout work

Writ ing art :Writ ing short messageThan ing, expla n ng. apolog sing,inviting. uggesting

Nadine alking bout er experiences s anexchange tudentListen g Part : Four hort ecordingsTwo candidates oingSpeaking art

Vocabulary and grammar review Units and 2

3 Fun ime Reading art :The eenager hosarleo cross n oceanldentifying ri ter 's urpose

Writ ing art1: dentifying ords ochange; rror orTectionDescribingree-t jme ctivj t ies

Listening art . Four ways f spendingday outTalking bout skiing olidaYTwo eenaqers iscussing heir ree im e

4 Our world Reading art : Discover he sland fBorneo

Writ ing art :Writ ng a et ter Selma alking boutwhere he ivesListening art : Oymyakon,he NorthernPole f ColdA candidate oingSpeaklng art

Vocabutary nd grammar eview Uni ts e fid4

r l 5 Feel ings Reading art : How o be happierUsrng l 'e conle\ t o gL,ess issirg


Writ ing art :Your avouri te ay ofrelaxing;Something xcit ing ou ike o

d oCause nd effect inksFormal/ informalxpressions

Listeningart : dentifyinghe anguage loprnrons

Candidatesoing peaking art

6 Leisure and ashion Reading art : The GuideHK

[entertainment uide o Hong KongJDJ Jupiter nd he kickboxer

Writ ing art :Writ ing short message osay hank you

Two people alking bout Vprogrammeslwo people lanntng nlght t j t ogetherListening art : Four hort ecordings boulost temsTwo candjdates oingSpeaking art



l r--z

Gcaounry an gnmmar eview nns and 6

7 Out and about Reading art1: dentifyingext purpose Writ ing art . Transformationdialogue; dentifying aral lelexpressionsDescribinguture l imates

Lrstening art . Photographing xtremeweather ondit ionsGett ing o he stat ion n imeTwo candrdates oingSpeaking artTwo people iscussing ransport n he

future8 This s me! Reading art : Life oaches in d

success rtn oung eoplePu ctuationWrit ing art :Writ ing Physicaldescilplon'Skilfull inkino' etween ontent oints

Krist ianalking o his rfe oachListening art : Becoming ilmextraDescribing omeone's hysical ppearanceThree andidates oinqSpeaking art

Vocabulary,and rammar review Units / a n o d

I Fit and healthy Reading art . Choose our portUsing he context o gless r 'ssingwords

Writ ing art : Writing storyText rganisat ionNarrativeerb enses

Listening art :Young eople 's eal thldentifying greement, tsagreement nc ldecision-makingListeningor agreement, isagreement nddecrsrons

to A question of taste Reading art : Eight nusualTESTAUTANIS

Jack Blenkharn as hishair ut

Wrlt lng art :Writ ing short messageThdn ing, explaining, inviting,ap olog s ng, sugg estt g

A waiter giving nstructions _,,'-lListening art : Seven hort ecordingsPeople alking bout aving omething on ePeop asking or objects hey don't know

the name fOne andidate olngSpeaking art

Vocabulary and grammar review Units I and lA

I1 Conserving ature Reading art : nternational l imatechampronsMatching ptions i th elevantwords n he ext

Writ ing art : Letter boutw ldl ife ndpetsChecking or mistakes

L stening art :Wildlifen ndlaListening or ways of expressing xamplesListening or word stress

12 What did you say? Reading art : Can ou speak Martian? Writ ing art . Writ ing story Students iscusstng projectListening art . Web Challenge'compett t

Vocaiitary ana grammar revilw Units I and 12

@ tun of the units

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8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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. Discussrng young erson's oorn

. Speaking art 1. Questi0ns nd answeTsH o u s e n d o m eCountable nd uncountable ouns

. Preposit ions f ime

. Frequency dverbs

. Present impie nd present ontinuous

. State erbs. A few, a little, many, much, a lot of, lots of. Preposit ions fplace. Question orms

. Talking bout ypical chool ays

. Talking bout hanges your i fe

. Speaklng art . Turn aking nd act ve istening

. Talking bout work

Take. t. pass. ail. ose. miss. psrn. each. rudlEarn,have, make, spend, ake

Pas t imp and pas t ontinuousUsed o

Talking bout ourselfSpeaking art : vlaking uggestions ndreply g po tely o suggestionsPronunciation. ordstress or new nfor mation

Free meNegative refixesPhrasaJ erbsPeople 's obbies

Verbs o lowed by to or -rng

Speak g Part : Describ g photos fplaces Holiday ct ivit iesTravel,ourney, tripBuild gs and placesAdjectives sed o describe laces

Comparative nd superlatrve djectivesSpell g of comparatlve nd super t ve adjectivesA bit, a little, much, far, a lot/Votas. . . s . . .Big and enormous gradable nd non-gradableadjectrvesl

. Speaking art : Describing hotos

.Speaking art : Describing ersonalexperien es

Personal ee ngs, prnions, xperiences

Re atrons i th othersAdjectives ilh edand -ingAdjectives nd preposit ionsAdjectives f emotion nd heir pposites

Can. ould. ighL.may ability rd possibi ty )

Should, houldn't, ought to, must, mustn't, have o,don' t ave o obligation nd prohibit ionJ

. Ta k ng about nterta ment' Speaking art . Talking bout ct ivit ies t home

and going ut ;Talking bout he clothes ou ik eto weaT

Television rograrnmesGoing utBeen/gone, meet, get to know, know, ind outDescribingost tems

Present erfectYet,already, ustSince and orPresent e r fec t r past imple

. Talking bout xtreme eather

. Speaking art : Giving nd asking or easonsand preferences

. Pronunciation: eak orms

WeatherTra sportAdverbs of degreeToo/enough

P-epos ions o''novenert.


car. elc.Compound ords

The uture: will, oing o, present 0ntinuous, resents r m p

Saying he et ters f he alphabet nd spell gwordsSpeaking art 1 :Asking eneral uestions

Phrasal erbsDescr ing peoplePrefixes nd suffixes

Zero, irst nd second ondrtionaWhen, f, unless present, utureSo do /and Nor/Neither do I

Speaking art : Which port o ake upPronunciationStressed ords

Health ndexerc el l lnesses ndaccidentsq ^ ^ r t c ^ ^ l ^ . ^ t i ^ n a

Which, hat, who, whose, when and nzhere lauses(defining nd non defning)Past e r fec t imple

' Talking bout ood' Soeak g Pdrt : Desc-ib 'rg bjecrs ou don

know he name f

Types f ood and dr inkCourse, dish, ood, meal, plateShops nd services

C o m m a n d sHave something done

. n i e . , , e a i n ^ a n i m . l { . . i a

. Saving ater

. Speaking art : Saving nergy' Givng examp s. Pronunciation:Wordtress i thsuffixes. P - o n r n c i a t i o n : We a k ' o r n sn p a s s e s

The natural orldThe environmentNoun uffixes

The passive: resent nd past impleComparative ndsuperlat ive dverbs

' Communicating ithothers' Descrrbing here hings re' S p e a k i n g a n 3 : D e s c r i n g p h o t o

Slang ordsSpeak. alk. say, ell. ask orPreposrt ions fplace

Reported peechReported ommandsReported peech. ther hangesReported uestionsIndirect uestions

Map of the units Cs

Page 4: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 4/236


Who this book is forComplete PET s a stimulating and thorough preparationcourse or students who wish to take the PreliminaryEnglish Test from Cambridge ESOL. t teaches you thereading, writing, listening and speaking skills which arenecessary or the exam as well as essential rammar an dvocabulary. For those who are not planning to take theexam n the neat future, the book provides skills andlanguage highly relevant to an int ermediate evel of English(Common European Framework CEF) evel BU.

What the book containsIn the Student's Book there are:

r 12 unitd for classroom study. Each unit contains:. one part of each of the three papers n the PET exam.

The units provide anguage nput and skills practiceto help you deal successfully with the tasks n eachpart.

r essential nformation on what each part of the examinvolves, and the best way to approach each task.

. a wide range of enjoyable and stimulating speaking

activities designed o increase your fluency and yourability to express yourself.

r a step-by-step pproach o doing PET writing tasks.. grammar activities and exercises or the grammar

you need to know for the exam. When you are doinggrammar exercises ou will sometimes ee hissymbol: @. rnese exercises re based on researchfrom the Cambridge Learner Corpus and theydeal with the areas which often cause problems forstudents n the exam.

. vocabulary necessary or PET. When you see hissymbol OAV a vocabulary exercise, he exercise

focuses on words which PET candidates ftenconfuse or use wrongly in the exam.

. Six unit reviews. These contain exercises which revisethe grammar and vocabulary that you have studied ineach unit.

r Speaking and Writing reference sections. Theseexplain he possible asks you may have o do in theSpeaking and Reading and Writing papers, and theygive you examples ogether with additional exercisesand advice on how best o approach hese PET papers.

o A Grammar reference section which clearly explainsall the main areas of grammar which you will need oknow for the PET exam.

o An authentic past PET exam paper supplied byCambridge ESOL or you to practise with.

o A CD-ROM which provides you with many interactiveexercises, ncluding further listening practice exclusiveto the CD-ROM please se he class audio CDs or theStudent's Book istening exercises). trl hese extraexercises are linked to the topics n the Student's Book.

Also available are:

o TWo audio CDs containing listening material for the12 units of the Student's Book plus the Listening Paperfor the test supplied by Cambridge ESOL.The listeningmaterial is indicated by different coloured cons in theStudent's Book as follows: (1 cu, (-) clz.

. A Teacher's Book containing:o Step-by-step guidance for handling the activities in

the Student's Book.o A number of suggestions or alternative treatments

of activities in the Student's Book and suggestions orextension activities.

. Extra photocopiable materials for each unit of theStudent's Book to practise and extend anguageabilities outside he requirements of the PET exam.

. Photocopiable recording scripts from the Student'sBook istening material.

. Complete answer keys including recording scriptsfor all the listening material.

. Four photocopiable progress tests for every threeStudent's Book units.

. 12 photocopiable word lists [one for each unit)containing vocabulary ound in the units. Eachvocabulary tem in the word list is accompanibdby a definition supplied by the corpus-informedCamb r dge L eor ner's D ctionary.

r A Student's Workbook containing:r 12 units for homework and self-study. Each unit

contains further exam-style exercises o practisethe reading, writing and istening skills needed nthe PET exam. In additi on, they provide furtherpractice of grammar and vocabulary, which also useinformation about common PET candidate errorsfrom the Cambridge Learner Corpus @.

r A 'Vocabulary Extra' section, which contains twelvepages of further revision and practice of the essentialPET exam vocabulary contained n the Student'sBook uni ts .

. An audio CD containing all the listening material forthe Workbook.

. The website www.cambridge.org/completepet containsa full model PET or Schools ractice est.

Co) Introduction

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8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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Homes nd habits

Starting off0 Wittr a partner, look at the two pictures and the

photo of Julia. Which do you think is her room?whv?

O @rlisten to Julia, and check your answer.

@ Look at the underlined words from the recording.Match 1-6 to the expressions -f with similar



I I'm out quite a lot then f aI

2 i t ' s not a part icularly ig / broom l

3 I've got all my favourite \ cthings here

but there ust isn't any space dthereI'm starting o get better e

when I have someone ound f

the things I likemostsomebody isitsme

not in very much

beginning oimproverather a smallit's completely

full up

Listening Far&Q Read hese nstructions.

. Youwif hear a conversation etween girl,Zoe,and a boy, ucas, bout aily abits n differentcountries.

. Decide feach entence -5 s correct rincorrect.

. lf it is correct, ut a tick /) in he boxunderforYES. f it is not correct, ut a tick U) in heboxunder B or NO .




O unt r

Page 6: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 6/236

Exom adviceBefore ou isten, ookat he sentences ndunderline he keywords, hen:thinkof words nd phrases ith he same ropposite eaningslisten or hese nd similar xpressions.

@ nefore you listen, look at the underlined part ofeach sentence -5 and think of other expressionsthat mean the same, or the opposite.


Lucas and Zoe agree hat taxisare too expehsive.

Zoe believes hat Lucas's owncan be dangerous t night. trT

4 Zoe says people n the north ofEurope get up earlier han thosein the south I I

5 Lucas h inks i t i s a good dea osleep or a short ime after unch. I I

O (d} Now listen to the conversation and tick (/)the boxes.

Pneposit ions f t ime

D pug* 117Grammar eference. repasitions f time

@O Zoe says at six o'clock and in the evening.PETcandidates often make mistakes with prepositionsof time. C ircle the correct option in ifalics insentences 1-5.

I The weather s cold n /@night.2 School tarts at 8 o'clock n in t he morning.3 We got there at / on Friday evening.4 I'll see you on at 4 o'clock.

5 His birthday is on / ln July.

@ Wittr a partner, put these expressions in thecorrect columns. Then think of more expressionsto add to each column.

... the-weekend ... the morning ... summer

. . April 24 ... 2010 . the holidays

. . . half past wo . . . bedtime . . . Saturdays


@Discuss these questions about the recording withyour partner. Use expressions rom Exercise 4.

f Why do you think different parts of the worldoften have different daily routines?

2 Which of the daily routines you heard about smore ike yours? n what ways?

3 Which do you think is better? Why?

GrammarFrequency dverbs; Lrcstionorms

&pug* 117Grammar eference. requency dverbs

Q fook at these words and sentences rom therecording and answer the questions below.

... they often go out after hat ...

. . . they don't usually have heir main meal ...

. . . there are always ots of people around ..

.. . older people o o bed early most nights ..

. . . the school day s normally about he same ..

I Do frequency adverbs ike often go before or afterthe main verb?2 What happens with the verb be?3 Where do frequency expressions ike mosf nights


@ nut the words in brackets in the correct positionin these sentences.

I I listen to mus ic on the radio. (occasionally)T accnsio*n!-h6 islet lo wusic ot tl*e radio.

' 2 I check my em5il. (every wo hours)3 I'm late for school. never)

4 I write letters o friends. (sometimes)5 I don't have unch at home. (always)6 tr'm sleepy n the morning. (almost every day)7 l go out on Monday nights. (hardly ever)8 I stay n bed ate. (most weekends)

@ How true are sentences 1-8 for you? Rewritethose that are not true, using different frequencyadverbs and expressions.

T rnrely listeu to wusic o+t tne rndio.

I- Iisleu to wusia ou ttne rndia +enrh* a!-!- ne) r iwe , v

I Lucas says hat everywherecloses early n his town.

Homes and habits fi l\_-/

Page 7: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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@ Work in groups. Ask about these activities andanswer using frequency adverbs plus the correctpreposition of time.

arrive tschool rwork gethomegetup n he morning go o bed

rhave reakfast have inner have unch

'W|ne:';"do Vou Vet up?''I nlwn\s Vetr p nl t.so iu th"eworui+w.'

@ nst a partner questions about the following,beginning Do yoa ever or How often do you ... .Use expressions ike euery day, once o week and'twice a month in your answers.

chat nline cook meal godancingread magazine send extmessages idy our oom

'Doyou ever cl*nt o+tLi+te7''ies, A ctnnl o'nli+teevery everi'tr,'

'Vowottet do you se+rd ey'l wessnVes?''t seud o.X turry Lta# tnour|

Reading Sart 5O Work in small groups and answer these questions.

r ln what ways are he homes n the pictures ditferentfromordinaryhomes?

r What are he advantages nd disadvantages f ivingin each?

r Which would you ike to live n? WhY?

.g Quictty read he text at the top of page l, withoutfilling in the gaps, and answer hese questions.

o What k ind o f t ex t (e .g .r What is the text about?

story, article) is it?

. Which of the pictures on the right

. Which parts of it are the sails and

. Which five of the points below are

I The family built a windmill and they now live in it .2 The Wraysbury windmill is four centuries old.3 The windmill has he same ind of rooms as a house.4 Living in a windmill is different rom living in a house.5 There are sometimes ires n the windmill.6 The windmill has a fire exit.7 The windmill will make ts own power'8 They used material rom abroad o build the windmill.

shows his building?the bolcorLy?in the text?

@ ttow do the same with activities 1-3.

@ unit

Page 8: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 8/236

. . . , .a .a: .a . , . : . : : : . r : r, , . , . .

. . : : : t . . : ,:4 . , : :a : . : . .: , . : : : . . : . : .

q. . ' . . . . , 'ri::iiil:.:t::t:::::

l' lI




@ nead the text more carefully, and fill in the gapswith these words.

as corners etectricity fe w

rground job like in on third

' r , . : t r i r.a : . i r : t i t i : r : i i : r i t : , : . , .

:l:Thetne.rrstS-metre ong

@ nead the text below, paying no attention to thegaps for the moment. Decide what kind of text itis, what it is about, and its three main points.

Exam advice

We oftenbelieve hat iving na cave s 0).. . . . .C-from hedistant ast, he days f cavemenand cavewomen, ut nowadaysa [1) of people re

buying cave homes. heclimate s changing ndtemperatures round heworldare 2) .,bu t

inside cave t remainscool, ven 3l . . . . .summer.

I am sitting n a cave home nCappadocia, ne of the hottestparts ofTurkey, ) threeo'clock n a Julyafternoon.Outside t reaches 5 degrees

here t is only 18. t never allsmuch below hat,even uring hecoldestmonths.Modern ave omes ike hi s

oftenhave phone, atelliteTVand an nternet 6)and hey are very omfortable.(7) the bedrooms reveryquiet, arkand cool, eople ov esleepingn hem. nd, hey ay,it'seasy o make more 8)foryourself. ou ust dig a biggerroom!

Begin by reading he text o get a general dea ofthe type of text, ts opic and he main points.

almost 5) day, but in

Homes and habits @

Page 9: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 9/236

@Read the text on page ll aboutliving in caves dgain andchoose the correct word foreach space, A, B, C or D.Use the questions in italics tohelp you.

0 Aalylhing Beverything.66-mffi) D nothing

@ Discuss these questions in pairs.

r Would you like to live in a cave home? Why (not)?r Which other unusual places o live do you know of?

GrammarPresent imple nd present ontinuous; tate erbs

*|s ptg* 117Grammar eference. resentsimple ncl resentcontinuaus

{[) Vtatctr extracts 1-4 from the text with uses a-d of the present simpleand present continuous.

1 I am sitting n a caue a it's always rue2 tlrc climate s clnnging b it's happening now3 it remains ool, even n summer c it happens egularly4 it reaches 5 degrees lmost every day d it's in progress

@ Complete the email with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.Use the present simple or the present continuous.

;J J

H i D a v i d ,

t [f) ...1r'-.nrifi'vtg../...*nrifi!fr [write)o gou romourholidag ome,U -

right next o the sea. (2 ) [s i t ) n mg cosg bedro6m, hich

t3)[beJ t he back ofthe bu i ld ing , nd [4 )

[ lookJ ut ac ross he waves o a i t t l e s l and . [5) . . . . . [ loveJhi s

view, nd n he even ing somet imes 6) . . [s tag) n o watch he

sun godown. verg ag (7) (goJ or a ong walkalong he oP of

the cliffs. t 's ate June now, o he weather 8) Iget)hotter, ut

l a lwags 9) . . . t eave ) he house a r lg n he morning h i l e ha t

coolwind romout a t sea t0) . . . . . .. u low). [11) . . . . . . . .

[haveJ reallg ood ime ere, nd [12)home!

Bge or now,


. . not h inkJ wan t o go

F+efr f \eFr$:fr4=effi fl sf 4sFwiF!4Jstwqsffi

* prg* 118Grammar eference. tate erbs

Verbs hat describe states ale not normally used n continuous orms:

we often believe that living in a cave ... not we-creof+er+aievins

inside a cave t remains cool . IJiotfi

@ Wtrictr of these are state verbs?

I A littleC few

2 A risingC adding

3 A aboutC o n

B manyD lot

B liftingD raising

B i nD round

B duringD b v

B bothD another

B SinceD Even

B floorD space

Whiclt word goes before of'

and anoun?

Which verb does not n€ed anobject?

Which preposition goes withthe seasons?

4 A a tC for

Which preposition usually goeswith exact imes?

A someC every

8 A areaC and

7 A S oC Until

Whiclt word completes hefreqaency explession?

A bridge B connectionC relation D tie

Which word usuaLly oes with'Internet'?

Wttich linking word means'becausd at tlrc beginning of asentence?

Whicttword means empty', onand above lrcground?

belong change consist containguess improve include matter

,prefer relax renfember seem

oreim exist iirr torg;imean need own Paint :

suppose understand

@ un*

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8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 11: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 11/236

, - l


asI t



,7or 5pall nunberslas 5€ with ountable

noqns, e.g'There are - plat'es on the table'

Three, t'hink'

21op pallamounts 't/g s€ " wtTn- t^ ̂ ,,

uncountabl€ ouns' e'g'Only " sugarmny

c.oft'ee, leo"e' don'f ike t very weef'

3 \r!sus€ onlywith ountable ouns' €,Are

fhere ... .. " ' blankefs n ourbed?,"No'don'f ike

fu hiave.. "' blanket'snsunmer'

a /s us€ onlywith 'rncountableouns n

qr""t """ and negative sentences' e'gDo you

have .. . t'ree fine af weekends?''No' don'f have

@ O PET candidates often make mistakes withprepositions of place ike in, ot and on. Circlethe conect option in italics in each of thesesentences.

You can stay n @!^y house.We're staying at / in different rooms.My bedroom s the best room of / ln my house.

It's a large room af / on the second loor.I have some photos n / on the wall.Also I have a big window in / on the left of mybed.


it*Tuit f there s no noun' wejust use

e.g.HesleePs " '

9 fil in the gaps with a little, a few, mtlch, mdny,a lot or a lot offlots of. (Sometimes more than oneanswer is possible.)

1 I usually ike to put... . . . .4.IittXe.... . . . ake-up on ,

but not ... . . .r. .Xpt... . Too much ooks errible,I think.2 I t doesn' t ake. . . . . . . . t ime o wash

those lothes, ut t takes. . . . . . . . . hours,usually wo or three, o dry them.

3 I've got DVDsbut I can't buy anymore because hey cost . . . . . . . . . . . . . . money.

4 Those new light bulbs are very popular. They

@ Work in pairs. Talk about your apartment orhouse, describing each room and what is in it. Asyour partner listens, he or she draws a picture orplan of your home. When you finish, check yourpartner's diagram. Then change oles.

Speaking Part 1Q nut the words in 1-5 in

the correct order. Thenmatch the questions withanswers a-e.

I surname / yolur what /i s?$lttat is youv sur+tnwE

2 spell yotu it / how / do?3 live / where / you / do?4 do / what / do / you?5 English do / studying enjoy yolu?

a In Torre del Mar. It's a town on the coast nearM.ilaga, n Spain.

a^(!,| Lopez.

c Yes, a lot..I studied t at school and now I havelessons t work with the other people here.

d It's L-O-P-E-Z.e I'm a secretary. work in an insurance company.

@ Complete the tables with prepositions from a-eabove.

free tine at'all!'

withcountable nd5 We can us€

don ' t s e . . . . .

5 I don' t use. .

Ln"ountrule ouns n anyKind fsentence' g

r^^,t "d drlnksn heTrrageWe've gof -- " )Qvu ut l

electricity, so... . . . eople re buying hem.

.. shampoo, us t.... drops. My hair always goes dry if

I useThere sn' t . . . . . . . . pace n my bedroomso don' t keep. . . . . . .. . . things here.

a towna countrya company

the coasa hillln island


t) pug. 118 Grammar eference. repositions fpt26s

@ nst another student the questions in Exercise 1.Your partner should answer about himselfor herself, being careful to use the correctprepositions.

@ nead the dialogue based on Speaking Part Iquestions. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in

brackets and prepositions of place and time.

@ unt r

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Student days

Starting offQ Work in pairs. Choose a phrase from the box for photos A-E.

have unch n he school anteen alarm lock ings: eacher akes egister catch he school us set offforschool

"I fil You will listen to five different sounds. After each sound,talk to your partner and match t with photos A-E.

I t +t^i44Kt nlnrw elocK s rixVi*Vtso it Voes with"?lnofoA.

@ Use he phrases n Exercise to ask and answer questionsabout your typical school day.

Vnve6ou Vot n'n nlnrw clocK? Yes" t ri+t6s nt 7"00 nw.

Reading Xlar*

Exam oduice.

You read a long actual ext and decide f tensentences re correct or incorrect.. The en sentences ollow he order of the text. j

Q Work in pairs. Before you read the text on page lZ look at thetitle, pictures and clocks. What do you think the text is about?

@ Wayne goes o secondary school in Beiiing, China.What do you think Wayne does on a typicalschool day? Use the phrases in Starting off.

T fbti+tK l.nyre's nlnrw clocK rirVs very enrl6.

@ Read the text quickly to get a general idea of what it isabout and find out if you were right about Wayne.

@ unn,


Page 14: Complete Pet Student Book

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@ Read sentences -8 about Wayne's day. Underlinethe most mportant words n each.

I Wayne makes breakfast or hissister.

2 Wayne gets a lift to school by car.

3 Wayne s punished f he gets oschool ater han 07.20.

Wayne's chool as some portsfacilities.

At midday, none of the studentsgo home or lunch.

Wayne eaves chool a|17.20.

Wayne does his homework untilit's time for dinner.

Wayne never sleeps more hansix hours a night.

@ nead the text again to decide if each sentence scorrect or incorrect. If it is correct, tick (/) boxA. If it is not correct, tick (/) box B. Underlinewhere you find the information in the text.

@ In your groups, compare your typical school daywith Wayne's. In which ways is your day similarand in which ways is it different? Would you liketo study at Wayne's school? Why (not)?









chemis t ry, eography, a ths , Engl ish ndsport of course.We have port every ay.

The a la rm clock ings . have o get up .

go to the kitchen o fry myself an egg orb reakfas t . y s i s t e r uys someth ing romthe market ta l lson the way to schoo l o she can s leepIongcr.

Our school idn't use o have 'football itch, asketball,courts,or.a unning rack but now'it does.

ffi All of us eat n the school anteen. e have/ a .

r -- , , ! \ ^ ^

: 30 minutes o eat our lunch and hen wehave a break or 20 minutes. Sometimes go

to the ibrary o s tudy and somet imes go outs ide o p laytab le enn i s .

/^Lf;--l \ Afternoon classes egin.:

,1@\ we finish school but we can't go home; we/ / _ _ " 1 , - : : t I ! \ i

r-- nave an exam alter class. cnoot s so naro:

, f f i l 'm home again. hat means can have/ r , - , ' \.-=:::+ supper early. t takes me 30 minutes o eat

and then I have o do my homework, We havelots of homework every day.

, ff i l 'm never sleep efore idnight. always/ / : : , \ r r , i _ 9 \ I-waKe up Iess nan s lx nours a t e r.

I r ead something. omet imes need o learnfamous poems or texts n other anguages .

I set off for school. sometimes o to schoolby bus. However, normally go to school

by bicycle. n China, drivers have o be oldert h a n ' l I yea r s o ld . As I 'm 16, can ' t d r ive o schoo l iketeenagers n other coun t r i e s .

We have o be n school t east 0 minutesbefore essons egin. t's a school ule. f

you don't arrive n ime, ou can expectpun i shment . f you are of ten a te , he teacher i l l t a lk oyour parents e r ious ly.

Student avs @

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VocabularyI*ke, sif, pass, u{ lcse, rnlss, earn. *ach an{i srudy

O nead his extract rom the Cambridge earner'sDictionary.

GrammarPast impl*

*ffi prgr 119Grammareference; astlmple

We ave o ake n exam t he end f he ourse.

I donotwantomissmyclass.W

I've ostmyumbrella.

I wanto ean how odive.

Mydad aught e how o dive.+ty+aalearntne+ow+eArive

He s studying iologyt university.

OO Work in pairs. PET candidates often makemistakes with verb + noun combinations. Circlethe correct option initalics in sentences 1-7.

/--I I made Q@ an exam wo weeks ago.2 I have o go to the univers ity because 'm sitting

passing my exam oday.3 I'm in my classroom, writing / taking this exam.

4 I began o run because was afraid of losingmissing he school bus.5 | learn study every weekend or my exams.6 Near he hotel here s a golf course, so we've

decided o go there to learn / study golf.7 I think our new teacher wlll learn teach us a lot.

@ write five questions using some verb + nouncombinations from Exercises I and 2.

Aowotle-w do you lnKe exatws t your sctnoo!?

@ Work in small groups. Ask and answer each

other's questions.

(O Work in small groups. Nadine is from Toronto,Canada. Last year she went to San Pedro deAtacama - a town in Chile - to be an exchangestudent. What differences do you think she foundbetween her life in Canada and her life in Chile?

A {O Listen to Nadine talking about thesedifferences and complete the table.



expensrve actlvltles



Nadinedreams n

fu n

(I) ........il)i.q.Y

none of these h

@ unit

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I Where go /laslyear? Wlnara id6ou 6o


a Last vear liued- in chileY.

2 Where / slay?

b r. . . . .. . . . .

@ Work in pairs. Nadine talks about an experience hat happenedlast year. Write the interviewer's questions 1-6 in the correct formof the past simple, using the words given.

Past imple nd past ontinuous

& pug" 119Grammar eference. astsimple nd past onttnuous

Q fook at the pictures. Whathappened to Nadine when she wawalking to school?

g (i\ Listen to the recording to finout if you were right about whathappened to Nadine. What do ythink happened next?

@ (?) Listen to the rest of Nadine'sstory. Were you right about whahappened next?

@ look at extracts 1-3 from therecording. Underline the verbsin the past simple (e.g. did)and circle the verbs in the pastcontinuous (e.g. ruas doing). Theanswer the question that followeach extract.

| 'suddenly awoman oppeared rnowhere and she started screamiat the dogs. The dogs an off.'r Did the three actions happe

the same ime? What happelast?

2 'Tlrc sun was stining and I wasfeeltng ood.'. Do we know when the sun

started shining? Do we knowthe sun stopped shining?

3 'I was walking to school when Isaw a group of dogs.'e Did Nadine see he dogs bef

she started walking to schoo

in San Pedro de Atacama.


How / feel / when / firsI / arrive?I . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. s ca red .

Speak Spanish before go?Yes, did. I

What subjects study?

Spanish t school.


e I . . maths, chemistry, iology, ..

6 Be a good experience?f Yes, t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I 'm reallyglad . . . . . . there.

@ (d.) Listen to the interview again. Check your questions l-6 andcomplete Nadine's answers a-f.

@ Work in pairs. Look again at Nadine's answers a-f. Underlinethe regulor past simple forms and circle the irregalar past simpleforms.

I@ O PET candidates often make spelling mistakes with regular

past tense forms. Correct one spelling mistake in sentences -7and say why it is wrong.

0$3 p.gu 120Grammar eference; petling f regular past imple

eioyedI We eq€Xed ourselves lot. '0' is n vowel b"lor" 'T't so llne 'y '

doesu't cl,ta+Ve,

2 We plaid football all day.3 I planed wo things for the holiday.4 He traveled around he world two years ago.5 It was very hot so I openned he window.6 I really must tell you what happend o me.7 My dad studyed French at school.

O O PET candidates also make mistakes with irregular past simpleforms. Correct one mistake in sentences 1-6.

6|} pug" 132Grammar eference. rregularverbs

aleI We eaed spaghetti at lunchtime.2 She buyed us a lot of presents.3 I choosed a part-time course because didn't have a lot of free time.4 I was riding my bike when I felt off it .5 He had short hair and he weared glasses.6 In your email you writed you had a lot of exams.


::lrL,,ill ,

Student avs @

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@ Look at extracts 1-3 again and complete heserules with post simple or past continaous.

Listening Part 1

Exam advice. There are seven hort recordings, ach on a

different opic.. Listen o the recording nd choose he correct

picture.. You isten o each recording wice.

Q nead the four Listening Part I questions andunderline the important words in each.

Past imPle ndPast ontinuous ules

ilJrn" o P^s-t -inr'Pi'eotalk ll*"=

::""'6j|ijn: i^ ni p^=,"t"none ction appened

; aifertheother)'to talkabouf n

-g z We use he (2)

-l activityfhatwas lready 'PP:n:e^1|1::::::it*-5 der r rIrw f this activityinished r nof'

-g past Wedon't knc-'g g We olten use he (3) ll did)and

'9 ;;il. ."

. .- . Qwas oing)logethero show

.S ln# ".n". rr.ffenean hemiddlefanactivity'e

-'F ;X ;;;;; ' "{I' *' "to introduceheactivitvn he

S :'"]'""-" - -

" eg'As/Whcdwhilewaswalkingfo. ( - v / '



I What time does John have to leave school oday?

^ @ @ a @E M E E r uW 'W

/wAr "F**,,(*,*-iFat 11 am ?hat are

* ;;;; ' i"actioninthe \ ') - '- ,^^- ""u i

": iio" *olt'i,go schoolvfensaw group fdogsi

'-fu *"-'**B'rq4e,*lsffisffi*$.*s*a$


@ tommy is an exchange student from the USA.Read what he says about his first day at aJapanese school and put the verbs in brackets inthe past simple or past continuous.

O {d) Listen to Tommy and check your answers.

@ Work in small groups. Use the past simple andpast continuous to tell each other about:

an unusual ourney o schoolyour first day at high school.

A T B I c IWhat does Nathan have o buy?

A T B T c l

Whatwill the weather be like tomorrow?







@ unit

A T B T c I

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2 nsJ



Hi . f gou can borrow our rother ' s cooter, g dad 's ooking or s tudentsto del iver izzas . e t us knowwhat gou h inkwhen gou come or dinnertomorrow.

Mara has written he email o

A inviteNatasha o have inner.

B ask Natasha f she can borrowher scooter.

C informNatasha bout a ob .


JanHarris phoned. Theywant o celebralelheir weddinganniversary n Saturday but need eomeone o lookaller

lheir son rom B Lo 11 pm. Can ou do t? the'll ringyouaround pm hie evening.


Jan Harris

A wants Zoe o phone her back onight.

B has nvited oeIo go out on Saturday ight.

C would ikeZoe o take care of her child or he evening.

Dani,I've aken he ob washing p nDave'sCaf6. I mightbe ate orthe ilm onight. f l'mnot hereby pm, 'llmeet ou nside.Robi

Dani hould

A meet Robi n Dave's af6.

B go nto he cinema f Robi s delayed.

C wait nside he cinema nti l pm.

A You will have n opportunit y o hand n yourapplication n Friday.

B Everybody hould et here 15 minutes efore he nterview tarts.

C You must complete n application orm beforeFriday.


Vocabularyffarn, ave,make, pen{:land akeO O PET andidates ftenmake

mistakes with verb + nouncombinations. Use the verbsfrom the box to complete

questions l-5 correctly.ea1 have make spend lake

In which ob(s) mentioned nReading Part l:

I can you... . . . .L..lnv.e...un ?2 can you .. friends?3 must you ... . . our time

to do things carefully?4 do you . . most of your

time helping people?

5 canyou

wage?. . . a g o o d

@ work in small groups. Askand answer questions 1-5.Remember o explain why.

Speaking Part 4O Work in small groups. Discuss

these questions.

1 Do teenagerswork in your

country? Why (not)?2 Have you got a part-time ob?3 Do you think teenagers hould

work? Why (notJ?

A (1T} isten to Linh fromVietnam and Marcelo fromColombia alking aboutteenagers and part-timework. Make notes on howthey answer the questions nExercise 1.


OnssistantTrainerslnterviewsor Assistant rainers or the sports eamstart Fridayat 4,30pm. Arrive t least 15 minutesbefore fyou still need o ftll n a form.

Page 20: Complete Pet Student Book

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@) (ii) Listen to the recording again. Linh andMarcelo take turns to speak by asking each otherquestions. They also show they are listening toeach other. Complete the expressions in the table.(They are numbered in the order you will hearthem.)

W*at nbout iaa"iel'ytanl(1) What do you


I'w +tol so s{re.Maybe.[4) Yes and

(2) Don't you think. . . . . '. . . . ' .. . . ' ' . ?

[3) Do yo u. . . . . ' ' . . . . . ' ' .. . . . . . .?

(5) Have you got a. . . . . . ?

(7) What do your teachers


(61R ?(8)Good

Work in pairs. Try this Speaking Part 4 question.Remember o use some of the expressions romExercise 3.

Your photogrophs showed people ot work. NowI'd like you to tolk together about the workmembers of your fomily do ond the sorf ofwork you'd ike to do in the future.

Writing Fart 2O Read hese wo Writing Part 2 questions. he

important nformation has been underlined nthe first question. Now underline the importantinformation n the second question.

YourEnglish-speakingriend as helped ou studyforyourEnglish xam.Write nemailto sabel. nyour mail, oushould

. Ih!.K lsabel.

. Ig!!sabel bout he exam.

. j-nyjlesabel o your house.

Youcan't o o sports ractice fter chool.Write note o yourcoach. nyournote, ou should. apologise.. explain hy .. suggest nother ime ou could o hispractice.

O Work in pairs. Look at each Writing Part 2 questionagain and answer hese questions.

What do you need o write? [A note, card, email, etc.)Who are you writing to? Do you know their name?Why are you writing?What three points do you need o include?


these answers with the questions nExercise .

Hi sabel,Thanks ver omuch or helping ewithmyEnglish xam. heexam as quite asy ndthink 've onewell.Would ou ike o come omyhouse o have izza ttheweekend? 'llpay.Love,


Dear y'(r Trenton,

['n szrry t/tat 7 von'l be able to go to footballpractrce tlis alternoon because lave to goto tle lent/st. Vly lon't I tran vdl the othertean at lunc/ttrne? pronlse 1'// be at footballpra"cttlce on Tlars dag.

6est wsles,


@ Work in pairs. Read he answers again and underlinethe expressions which are used to thank, invite,slaggeEt, xplain and apologise.

@ Work in pairs. Use his Writing Part 2 question oanswer he questions n Exercise again.

Ypuagreed o meet ourEnglish-speakingriendtomorrow ut nowyou can't o.Write n email o Jason. n youremail, ou should. apologise.. explain hy youcan't meet.. suggestmeeting nother ay .Write 5-45 words.

@ Write your answer to the task in Exercise 5.



@ b

Student avs @

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Fun ime

Starting offQ vtatctr the verbs in the box with a-i to form

leisure activities. Which are shown in thepictures?

collecting diving flying going;keeping playing sai+tfig seeingsending surfing

a. . . . . . sar{izt*. . .. . . . boatb . . . . . . . . . . . .. : f r i endsc . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . danc ingd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i n a ba l loone . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . unusual bjectsf . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . ompu te r amesg the Interneth . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . t ex t messages r emailsi . . . . . . .. . . . . f i tj . . underwater

@ What's the best way to spend a day off? Put a-i inorder, starting with the activity you most like (orwould like) to do. Compare your answers with apartner.

... .,:a,


Listening Part 3$ trefore you hear the recording, read the

instructions in the box below and look atquestions 1-4 on page 27. What kind ofinformation , e.g. a place, must you listen for?

Match a-d withquestions 1-4.

a a reasonb a timec the speaker's Piniond frequency

O 6\Listen to the recording and answer thequestions.

. Youwillhear man alking n he radio boutfourways f spending daY ut .

. Foreach uestion, ut a tick ./) in he correct

box.@ ' n " t

Page 24: Complete Pet Student Book

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The train leaves Fort William at

A t2 .25 .

B 10.20.

c 14.10.

Co Wild adventure courses are notdangerous ecause

A you have o wear safety equipment.

B somebody s always holding you.

C only adults can go on the course.

Passengers n the boat trip in Walesnearly always see

A sharks.

B whales.

C dolphins.

4 What does he speaker ay about hehot-air balloon lights?

A The route never changes.

B They are a little too short.

C There are no flights in winter.

Complete questions 1-7 with expressionsrecording using these words.

.advice ahead fee hours l:journey paFt value

Aowo!.d wust you be lo laKeU

Wlnnt are llne opeui+w

Aowwucln is tlne ndwissio,vt ...

lor no'vr.q?

Exom advice. Before ou isten, ookat each uestion nd decide

what kindof nformationou need e.g.a date,result, n attitude o something, tc.J.

. When ou irsthear he recording, isten or detailsabout his kindof nformation nd choose he bestanswer.

. Listen arefully he second ime o check hat youare right. l$

VocabularyNegative refixes

0 Ott the recording, Spencer Watson mentions 'four

4:usaal ways to have a great day out'. Make theseadjectives negative by writing im-, in- or an- onthe left.

fit, fair, healthycorrect, dependent, ctivepossible, olite, probable





from the



t+ as if VoodS Ultrat tiwe is llr,"e

e DornT Vive ouVood atetry

work in pairs. Decide which oian" four activitiesfrom the recording you would most like to do.Then ask your partner about other nterestingways of spending a day out (e.g. sightseeing,uisiting a museum or ort gallery). Ask some ol the

questions rom Exercise 3.run time @

Page 25: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 25/236

@ nad im-, in- or un- to these words and completethe sentences.

dtreet formai kind patient trdy true

I The express rain is faster, but the iad.ireet:route hrough he hills is more beautiful.

2 I always put everything n its place, but mybrother 's oom s very . . . . . . . .111t.1dy

3 Teenagers f tenuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . : . . languagewhen they talk to their friends.

4 It 'sgood at sport.

5 It's completelykind of fish.

to sav hat somebodv lse sn't

that dolphins are a

6 When we arrived at the theme park, we wereto start going on the rides.

@ Complete these sentences with information that istrue for you.

I I think it 's unhealthy n ent n.Xpf s{ enXss.2 l t ' s unusual or me o. . . . . . . . . . .3 It 's mpossible or me o . . . . . .4 I t h ink t ' s ve ry un lucky o . . . . . . . . . .5 I think t ' s quite unfair o. . . . . . . . .6 I don't want to be unfit because

Reading $?art &Q Look at the pictures in the newspaper report and

answer these questions.

r Would you ike to be on the boat n the firstpicture?Why (not)?

r How old do you think the boy n th e second

picture s?r Do you think someone f that age s old enough obe out at sea on their own?

I Question 1 in Reading Part 4 is usually aboutt}irepurpose of the text. Quickly read the text andcomplete this statement. Use your own words.

TLta writer's whiti.P4^YPases lo .. .

@ fook at options A, B, C and D. Which is closest oyour answer in Exercise 2?

A To warn young people o take care at sea

B To describe a great achievement y a boyC To encourage eenagers o take up sailingD To explain how to become n expert sailor

Page 26: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 26/236

@ Read the text more carefully and think of answersto these questions. Which paragraph gives youthe answer to each?

I What did Michael ay when he arrived n Jamaica?2 Why did Michael decide o sail across he Atlantic

Ocean?3 How did Michael eel during he voyage?

@ wow look at the multiple-choice optionsfor questions l-3 above. For each question,decide which of A, B, C or D is closest o yourunderstanding of the text.

I A He preferred eing at seaB He enjoyed leeping n his boatC He wanted o have a good mealD He iked opening ins of food

2 A He had a conversation ith SebastianB His father suggested he dea o hrm

C He wanted o do the same as SebastianD He was alreadv n exnert sailor

3 ABcD

@ fook again at the parts of the text that gave youthe correct answers to questions 1-3. Are they inthe same order as the questions?

Exam aduicer

. Quickly ead he text o get he general dea of :,what t is about.

. Foreach question, ecide what he text says fabout t before ou ook at optionsA-D. i

. Choose he option closest o your understandingof the text.

n:!rtr4*4isF.f$i#r&n*+ii5!&s*lw*e+.OUels;,'+iq,e+r*e+g.+*-li#,'"*,+ utet#-+s

@ Discuss these questions with a partner. Givereasons for your answers. Begin your answerswith the words given.r What kind of record would you like to break?

r'd li(e . . .

r What difficultieswould there be ?Ahere waa!-d e .. .

. How much ime would you need or training?a'd ry,eed ""

. How would you feel f you succeeded?I'd hee!. ..

GrammarVerl .rs niinr,vt ' ( ily l{)o{ tJt(J"qt

Q*' page r21Gtammar eference: erbs r:.ll*weri0yri l 0r- ing

We can use -lng or the infinitive after verbssuch as begin, start, like, loue, nte, prefer andcontinue with little difference n meaning, e.g.It began o snow. It began snowing, but withother verbs only one orm is possible.

Q fook at the underlined verbs from the text.'Whichare followed by a verb ending in -ing, and

which are followed by an infinitive? Complete the

table.I I ' l len iov a t ins nv lh ins2 Mr Perham greed o teach him3 he'd never elt like giving up4 the trip seemed o go on forever5 I 'd practised andling emergencies

e4^101tv u effYe"e

Adapted from the Daily Mail

Fun ime @

Page 27: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 27/236

Page 28: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 28/236

Underline the phrasal verbs n sentences -6, then match them with Pcopie's obbiesmeanings a-f.

You can catch uo with everyoneelse f you run fast.My sister ook up singing; she'sgot a lovely voice.

I want to learn Chineseso I've put my name down at alanguage chool.

4 My friends were all playingcards so joined n, too.

5 Some children enjoystamp collecting, but gooff it when they get older.

6 We set off early and took the teno'clock erry.

took part with others

registered o dosomething

started doing a hobby

started a journey

get o the same evel asothers

stop iking





Work in pairs. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of phrasal verbsfrom Exercises 2 and 3.

hris: Hi, Ava. Are you and Megan going away on holiday soon?va: Yes, on Saturday. We want to (1) .... sef-.ett .... very early n

the morning.hris: Are you going o the coast?va: No, we (2) beach holidays ast summer. There

were oo rnany eople.We've ecided o (3) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : . . . . . . .skiing instead. We're off to the Alps.

hris: Do you know how to ski?va: Er, not really. That's why I'm going o (4) .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .y

name for essons.hris: I tried it once but I found t really difficult. After three days

(5) . and went home!va: Well, the lessons 6) until late n the evening,

every day, so I should mprove quickly. Megan's a good skier and.I 've got a lot to learn, but I 'm sure can (Z) ... . . . . . .er.I'm really (B) trying, anyway!

hris: Yes, 'm sure you'll have a great ime.

{?} Now listen to the dialogue to check your answers.

Fun ime @

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@ Complete he table about people's hobbies with these words.



camera campef collectroncyclist helmet instrument

painter photographer tent



Work in pairs. Which other words go with the hobbies above? Makea list (e.g. chess: indoor gome, black and white sqlu,ares, ueen,move).

Choose one of the hobbies from the table and describe it to yourpartner, but without saying what it is called. Your partner has toguess what it is. Then change roles.

Yoa^'re utdoors, o1^ /1"^veo li+td sow"ewltere nle n+tddry, you puluptol^r t"u'r,yYu iVtnt,a ve lo c00K10oariood r u"t X ftl!-" ',nsc11\er)T1u sleeP wLF sLeePt+rana .' .

Speaking Part 2

O {1?}Two teenagers, Olivia and Daniel, are talking about what theycould do in their free time. Look at this list of hobbies, listen to therecording and answer questions 1-3.

l"*o.irg" iitr,ing"*uiti-iiiiing''''*ouniuin-oiroingo;r<-Ciimuing

I Which hobby/hobbies oes Daniel suggest?2 Which does Olivia suggest?3 Which do they decide o take uP?

O {[Listen again, and fill in themissing words n sentences -8

I OK hen, . . . . . . . . . ., t9u1. . . . . .. . bogoing ishing?

2 Well, I rhink I'd. t o d o

something a bit more exciting.3 Perhaps e. . . . . . . . t r

a water sport?4 I th ink we . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o

something cheaper.5 A11r igh t ,. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . on

we go rock-climbing?

6 I think it 'd beto do something es sdangerous.

7 So. . . . . . we do hatthen?

8 Yes, .. . . . go or thaone.

O |Gt Listen again to sentences1, 3, 5 and 8 and answer thesequestions.


words have hestrongest tress?

o What kind of information dothese words give?

Now practise asking thequestions, stressing thesewords.

@ {C}Listen again to sentences 24 and 6. Practise saying these,using the same polite tone toreply to suggestions.

@ unnt

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@ Work in pairs. Continue Olivia's and Daniel'sdiscussion, suggesting more hobbies. Use some ofexpressions l-8 and give reasons why you wouldor wouldn't like to do them. Remember to bepolite!

@ no this Speaking Part 2 task with a partner. Talkfor at least two minutes.

You ond o friend hove holidoys oter this yeorbut you still don't hove ony firm plons for twoweeks of them. Tolk together obout the differentkinds of holidoy you could hove ond obout thethings you could do. Here ore some pictureswith some deos o help you.

@Stuay the first sentences in each Writing Part Iquestion l-6 below. Which word(s) do you have tochange? Underline them.

I I'm always happy when I go on holiday with myfamily.I always nioy ....6.av\f r !Iamlly.

holiday with my


Writing Fax'&Stuay this example of sentence ransformationand answer he questions.

I don't have enough money or a new camera.

I can' t . . . . . . . . .new camera.

I Which word(s) n the first sentence o you have ochange?

2 Why would the answer afford buying be wrong?3 What is the correct answer?

Correct the mistakes in the answers to l-5, andsay what is wrong in each case. Underline thewords you have to change from the first sentenceto the second.

I I want to have piano essons.to p!-nl

Answer: I want to learn PW,"t" .Ihe piano.

All the water n the lake s frozen now.Answer: All the water n the ake ...bn5..furuedice.Let's eave he house ery early n the morning.Answer: suggest .. . . . . . .5?t..q14t.. ..very early nthe morning.It 'd be a good dea o go horse iding.Answer: Why ......we.q.*\t. . . go horse iding?I can ' t wait o go sights^eeing,n,Rome.Answer: 'm looking fArwnrl'.tP ffq sightseeingin Rome.

2 Everybody ikes staying n bed ate n the morning.Nobody wantsmorning.

up early n the

3 Usually, my sister uggests oing o the beach.My sister sually ays, How.. . . . . . to the

beach?'4 This summer 'm going o start playing beachvolleyball.I 'm going o takesummer.

beach volleyball his

5 I also want to have sailing essons.I w a n t . . . s a i l . t o o .

5 Summer holidays always seem oo short!Summer oliday s ever eem o 90. . . . . . . . . . .enough!

@ for each question above, complete the secondsentence so that it means the same as the first, usingno more than three words.

@ Write a paragraph about what you do in your freetime. Try to use each of the following:o three verbs ollowed by -lng and/or the infinitiver three adjectives with negative prefixqs. three phrasal verbs rom this unit.

@ In small groups, compare what you have written.Ask other students to check for mistakes,particularly with the points suggested n Exercise 5.

Fun ime @

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Our world

lUufssuvenms go camping go sightseeinggo snorkelling go snowboarding

rgo rekking sunbathe take Photos1try,newports visltmu:eums

g O Abi went to Zanzibar, an island nearTanzania, Africa. Listen to Toby asking Abi about

her trip. Write down Abi's answers., r { { { f i l f i ! f , u f l r o l ^* I , i ' * & , i ' i & ' 4 ' 4 ' * , i , i , & ' $ ,

2 Are,tlcre a. g abttdies gouT stillftKe uA{ -

@ Work in small groups. Talk to each other about

your holiday activities.

Reading Xlax"&

Exam advice. Underlinehe mportantnformationn he

questions ndthe ext.. Write he question umber ext o the nformation

you have nderlinedn he ext.","-".. G

([) work in small groups. Look at the photos withthe text about an unusual holiday in Borneo andiscuss which of the activities from Starting offyou think you can do there.

@ Read+hese en sentences bout he holiday nBorneo.

I Borneo s larger han anv other slandin the world. L-l V

2 Temperatures arelv fall below 20o Con Borneo.

3 For he first part of this trip you willsleep n the citYcentre.

4 You'll be able o try water sports nthe South China Sea.

5 There s an airport n Sukau.

6 The animals n the SePilok nimalcentre are all sick or injured.

7 It's mpossible o get near an orang-utan.

8 Orang-utans nlYeat m\q!.

9 This Borneo holiday ncludes a freetrip to Mount Kinabalu.

l0 You will have an opportunity to buygifts after he sightseeing our.





O Work in pairs. Choose ome of the holidayactivities in the box to label the photos.

@ un"o

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@ Work in pairs. The mportant words have beenunderlined n the first two sentences f Exercise2. Decide ogether which words you wouldunderline n sentences -10, hen underline hem.

@ nead he text to find out whether sentences -10are correct or incorrect. f the sentence s correct,tick (/) box A. If it is not correct, ick (/) box B.Underline where you find the answer in the text.

@ Check your answers with your partner. If youhave a different answer, look at the text againtogether.

@ Work in small groups. Answer these questions.. Would you like to go on this holiday o Borneo?

Why (not)?o Take

urns to tell each other about a specialholiday you have had. Decide which of you hashad the best holiday.


-:': " l' n-r" : *1F++s+f,G



Borneo s one of lhe greot is lqnds

of the world. Not quite qs bio os i ls

!d@i,Borneo s s t i l l on omozing is lqnd. l ' s

fomous or i ts iungles ond wildl i fe ,

in port iculor the orong-ufon. Thereore two seosons expect heovy roin

befween October ond Mqrch qnd o

drier period for fhe resi of the yeor.

Temperofures re generolly between

24" C ond 30' C ol l yeor round.

Koto KinoboluFly to Koto Kinobolu, Borneo's mosf

importont city. We'll pick you up from

your comfortoble qccommodqtion n

the heort of th is city ond tok e you onseverql exciting doy trips over lhe next

few doys. See your first roinforest,go trekking n fhe nofionol pork ond

spend o doy on the shores of the South

Chino Seo where you cqn go swimming

or snorkel l ing n i ts cleor blue wqler.

SukouLeoving the city behind, we fly to the

oirport in the north of the i slond. From

there. he only woy to conlinue ou r

iourney to Sukou, where you'll spend

fhe nexf few doys, is by bus. During

this port of your trip, you will visitthe S epilok Centre, which looks ofteryoung orong-utqns whose porenfs hove

died. Some of these onimols orr ive in

very bod condition. The cenlre helps

them to recover buf fhis con toke lime.

Visitor proiectsThere s no oge l imil here . All vis i tors

ore expected to toke pbrt

in reseorch octivifies to

understqnd ond observelhe orong-ufons. Don'f

miss his extroordinory

opportunity to gef closelo these creotures. Onceyou hove spenf the

morning wotching wild

orong-utons, why not help

col lect he plonts hot oreport of.-their diel?---


Return fo Koto Kinobolu

Once bock in Kolo Kinobolu, enioy

some ree time. For o smoll ee, book

our doy trip lo Mounl Kinobolu. At

over 4,000 melres, it is the highest

mounlqin n Soufh-Eost s io . l f you

prefer to look oround the ciiy, comeon our morning our which ncludes o

visit to the Sqboh Stote Museum ond

the Tun Musiopho Tower. And when

the tour is over, it's o short ride fo

the modern shopping cenires, locol

siores or mqrkets for some lost-minule


our world @

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Vocabulary&are{ J's#ff ey a ld r,?p

O O PET candidates often make' mistakes with travel, ourneyand trip. Look at this extractfrom the Combridge earner'sDictionary.

Air travel as become uch healer.

ftre,v"ll uerb to make a journey

I spent a year traaelling around Asia.

He ellasleep uing he rain ouney

Didyouhave goodoumey?


a business ipa 3-day rip o Spain

O O Circle the correct option in

italics in sentences 1-5 writtenby PET candidates.

I My father went to Paris on abu$iness ourney AD

2 I've'won atrip /joffieyIoAmerica or two people stayingin a five-star hotel.

3 We tripped / travelled aroundmy country and bought somesouvenirs.I 've ust got back rom Greece.It was a wonderful ravel trip.I was really afraid of flying soI was very nervous about mytravel / journey.

GrammarCcrxparat iv*nd$uperlat ivcr i jcct ives:nat};?s . . . s " . .

*s ptg* 121Grammar eference." ontparative nrl supeilattve tllectives

O Work in pairs. Look at these sentences about the island of Borneoand say if they are true or false.

I Borneo s bigger han its neighbour New Guinea.

2 Sukau s the most important city in Borneo.3 Mount Kinabalu s the highest mountain n South-East sia.4 Rain s more common between October and March than the rest of

the year.

@ Sentences -4 above show ways of comparing things. Look at thesentences again and complete the rules with the correct sentence

*gl ant.l."ti"t - e'g' entences I and ) '

-! ;';";:;,v,* *p"l+o"uo"ntt'?:,'::::^:::,:: yir:i;f' We eenerally se suPEIrdr L "qJv-' -- -tiingfrn" he nosf of a qualtt!

*!l e.g. entences ) 1- and +)


I Hules-S

, *" *^"'ntuse g4mParative dectiyes e'g' igger han)ro ay har

,-s "or"rh,n., "iJ.iG*r'""-*"1 t': iii k ^qualttvsize'eieht'tc)

..G+.-t""",tn*+t=.+---.t'!##Yzft *{r€4?!+€&{'4w

@ O Work in small groups. PET candidates ften make mistakes withthe form and spelling of comparative and superlative adjectives.Complete his table correctly.

@ O Correct one mistake made by PET candidates with the form orspelling of the comparative or superlative adjective in sentences -6.

DvuesrI In the centre s the ftest market n Europe.2 This own is more quiet han the town I used o live n.3 That is the worse oke I have ever heard n all my life.4 I was so hungry hat I decided o go to the nearst estaurant.5 Big cities are much more better han the countryside.6 Tunisia s the hotest olace 've ever been o.

@ un,.

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@ Work in pairs. Talk about acts -12 below and complete ach usinga comparative or superlative adjective made rom one of the wordsin brackets. Make a guess f you don't know the answer.)


I Asia s o6er . . . . . . .han Africa. [big / small)2 Russia s . t.l"e.Irrfre.sJ. country in the world. (large)3 The mosquito s .I .. creature n the world. (dangerous)4 Orang-utans re .. than dogs. intelligent stupid)

5 An African elephant s .. . . . . . than a blue whale.(heavy / Iight)6 The howler monkey s ...... land animal. noisy)7 The sea horse s . ... . . fish n the world. (slow)8 The Great Dane s.... . . . . dog n the world. (talll9 Nagoya rain station n Japan s .. . . . . . station n the world.

tbis)Nemo 33 n Belgium s .. . . . pool n the world. (deeplAntarctica s .... ... .. . than the Arctic. (cold warm)The Amazon rainforest sBorneo. large / small)

O (G} Listen to Alyssa and Fergus discussing the facts and find outhow many of your answers are the same as theirs.

$$* ptg* 122Grammar eference brt.a lrttie,much, ar,a ot

@ How different are these places and animals? Use a bit, a little, much,far or a lot and, he word in brackets as a comparative adjective towrite one complete sentence or l-5.

I George s 2 metres all. Fred s 1.98metres all. (tallJ..................Qeqree.s.4..b.ittilIa:r tlo*r .fted.. .

2 Mount Everesl, n the Himalayas, s around 8,850metres igh. K2, also.- in the Himalayas, s around 8,611metres igh. [high)

Arica, Chile, gets 0.76 mm of rain per year. Death Valley n Arizona,

flSA, Bets ess han 50 mm per year. (dry)


84 million people ravel hrough Atlanta nternational irport, USAeach year. 67 million travel hrough London's Heathrow Airport.(busy)

5 The sperm whale's brain weighs about 78 kg. A human adult 's brainweighs about 13 kg. (heavy)

@ nead these sentences about Borneo andorang-utans and say if you think they are true or false.

I Borneo s not quite as big as ts neighbour New Guinea.2 Orang-utans an move more quickly n the trees, ut on the ground,

humans are as fast as orang-utans.3 A female orang-utan an grow to be as arge as a male orang-utan.

l0l lt2 than the rainforest n

@ fook at the sentences nExercise 8 again and answerthese questions.

I What expression o we use osay hings are he same?

2 What word do we add o saythings are different?

3 Does he form of the adjectivefor adverb) change?

ffi pug* 122Grammar eference;[Na t ] s . . a s . .

@ for each sentence aboutanimals l-5, use (not) as ...cs ... to complete the secondsentence so that it means thesame as the first. Use no morethan three word.s.

I Orang-utans re moreintelligent han dogs.Dogs are not as

ifie. Xift ut.. 4s. orang-utans.

African elephants ave argerears han Asian elephants.Asian elephants' ars are not4 s . . . . . . .African elephants' ars.

Goats elong o the samefamily as sheep ut their hair

is straighter.Sheep elong o the samefamily as goats ut their hair isn o t . . . . . . . .goats 'hair.

The mosquito s the mostdangerous reature n theworld.There s no other creature nthe worldthe mosquito.

I 'd expected ogs o be moreintelligent.Dogs aren'tI 'd expected.

our world @

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($ work in small groups. Use some of the wordsbelow to label the Pictures.

, ri girr;iv -niio# o"pi,tm.ntioie tttioivrfountain Internet af6 market monumenl l:policestation port river shopeffig-€entre I,staCium tourist lfice town hall Vouth lub

I take turns to ask and answer questions about

some of the Places n Exercise 1'

A: Is there a department store n your town?B: Yes, here's one n the shopping centre'A: How often do You go there?

B: I often go there on Saturday afternoons'

@ these adjectives can be used to describe places'

Write the opposite of each adjective' (Sometimes

more than one answer is Possible')8 interesting9 safe

l0 expensivel1 noisy12 deep13 far14 hilly

Grammar8,rg nclenoff?CIus gradable and non*gradable


# p.g" 122Grammar eference'" igandenormous

very/really big

s Bqlce-S , ^uraadectiv€ - u/g can say sometntng- g B i g i s a g r a d a D l . . . o r- = 5 i s ( l ) : 1 " @ ) ' ' ' - ' '

,-^r (3) :- il;;*I::"",:""!titis'wecan"* alsosaY ot"tf ine " ""?;mely bigwhichmeans hat f's

': rnu"h igger han usual'

--.1] Enornousis grn:eradallg 4iecttve ndmeans cry !c

-S *o "^n say 4) , or- - !

t ' L vq ' I

= (s). - * \ o ) . . ' ' . . . . . . . . . . , , ( 7 ) . ' . . :

Q Complete he rules about gradable andnon-gradable adjectives using qaite*, very'absolutelY r reallY.

*qr,rifehere means frile

*ffi pug* 126 orquitewithnan-gradable djectiveso meanc0mPletelY

@ Write the gradable adiectives for these non-

gradable adjectives. (More than one answer is

sometimes Possible.)

I enormou biq 5 terrible2 t iny

' 6 f i l t hY3 boiling 7 fascinating4 freezing 8 fantastic

\@OPET candidates often make mistakes with-

ftuauntu and non-gradable adiectives' Circle the

correct option in italics in sentences 1-5'

1 It 's auery 1(re?llfwonderful lace n my country'j t, *u, a'qu.F/ftally great movie' You should se e

it .3 I've got a dog which is very absolutely normous

4 The weather s absotutely quite hot here' but at

night it Sets cold.5 I ieally l]ke thls chicken dish - it's very obsolute


I crowded ewPty2 narrow3 high4 modern5 dirtY6 beautiful7 lively


@ u n t +

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(G} Listen to Selma talking about where she lives.Note down her replies to these questions.

I Where do you come rom?2 What do you ike about iving there?3 What would you change bout where you ive?

Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions in

Exercise 4, trying to use very, quite, absolutelyand really with gradable and non-gradableadjectives.

istening Xlar&N O R T H O L E

Work in small groups. Look at the pictures andanswer these questions about Oymyakon (alsoknowilas the Norfhern PoIe of Cotd).I Where s Oymyakon?2 Which wo records as his place held, do yo u

think?3 What do you think is the connection etween

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor and Oymyakon?4 What do you think life is like there or young


@ nead hese notes about Oymyakon. Decide whatinformation you think is missing rom each space(number, date, noun, verb, adjective, etc.).

; $ d

Temperatures ropped o -7L2" C in he year(1 )

Winters an be 2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .In ast 100 years, itt le hangedarrival f (3 )

Fiodor rnosow (4) ...OymyakonYoung eople ould ike:

. (5 )

. . months ongin Oymyakon xcept or

,;i',4 " ' i d'du ',f ,d.n d

. . person o live n

o Internet af6 o meet riendsr disco ithmusicEwanMcGregorravelledhere by (6 )

Examaduice ,. Before ou isten,ead he notes arefullynd ,

think about what kindof word s missing n :each space.

. The notes ollow he order of the recording.

. Don'tworry f you don't hear he answer he jfirst ime - you will listen o the recording ;twice. )

' .i4ii$*#&${d:ffi€h6idtsn#t$'iffird*trsSidf+rfl*+aB{kldtsF*nis**$ddffiHidi+i+L$f

O {6| You are now going to listen to a radioprogramme about Oymyakon. For each question,fill in the missing information in the numberedspace n the notes above.

@ Work in pairs. Before you listen again, compareyour answers and see f you can help each otherwith the missing words.

O {@ Listen to the recording again and then checkyour answers with your teacher.

@ Work in small groups. Imagine you live inOymyakon and discuss these questions.o Do you ike living in Oymyakon?Why (notJ?r What would you change bout your town?. How could you attract more ourists o your town?

; ,' s !P f


0ymyakon, astRussia

The Northern Pole of Cold is a place nthe northern hemisphere where he owestair temperature

as been ecorded

our world 6g)

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Speaking Part 3

t .Bw6KoK.Xotry..w.*rtret, *ailr

--- :


3 . . . . . . . . . .

O Work in small groups. Look at the map of theworld and the five photos. Match the place namesfrom the box below to the correct photo. Explainyour choice of place.

?lnofo nusl b" BntVKoK loati+V war{el,ahnilmdbecwuse T ca+ see Soals willn l&s of lood iu tlnispl,toto,

@IHikkaduwa each, riLanka Marrakech, orocco,TheGreatWall , h ina Machu icchu, eru

@ Discuss these questions in your groups.

. What do you know about hese places?r What can ourists do n each place, do you think?

O {6i) Listen to Laura describing the photo of theBangkok floating market. Put a tick (/) next tothe things she talks about.


J . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

@ {rlf Listen again. Complete Laura's expressionsl-8, then answer he question below.

In this photo . . . q&fr. ee... . . . . . lot of boats.234



I t . . . . . . . . . .The waterI . . . . . . . .

a traffic jam.really dirty.

it 's a market n the morning.







time of day





I t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .somewheren Asia.There ... ... a lot of fruit.On each oat , . . . . . . . . .Person.On one of the boats, heresomebody earing a colourful shirt.

8 L. . . . . . . . i t wil l rain.

. Why do we say ook ike in Question 2 b:ur ook(without ike) n Question ?

Exam odvice. You eed o alkon your wn orabout minute

about a colour hotograPh..

Talk bout verythingou

cansee, ncludinghe

place, eople, olours, lothes ndweather.. Don't orget o talkaboutwhat he people re t

do ing .. lmagine ou're alking o someone ho can ' t ee

the photo. i

@ Work in pairs. Using the expressions n Exercise4, take turns to describe one of the other photos.The listener should close their book and not lookat the photos.

@ u n n o

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Writing Part 3O Read his Writing Part 3 task and answer he

questions hat follow.

. This s part of a letter ou eceive roman English-speakingriend.

As part of a school roject have o writeabout n mportant ity nyour ountry.Which ityshould choose? an ou el lme about his city?

Now write a letter o your riend.Write your etter n about 100 words.

I What do you need o write?2 How many words do you need o write?3 What information should vou include?

@ Work in small groups. Choose an important cityin your country and decide which of the thingsin the box you could write about. Then think ofsome adiectives to describe each one.

buildings museums shops streetsItranspoil views weather

@ Xirsty lives n Durban, South Africa. Read heranswer o the Writing Part 3 task.

Dear Oscar,

As rlouknow, 've ived nDurban ll mtllife, owh,1don't 1ou writeaboutmt1cittq?t'sone of the argestcitiesn South Africa.ln factover hree millionpeople ive here. urbanis famous or itsport.

People a1 hat it's he busiest ort n Africa.Durban s ontheeast oast f South frica and, as he'Colden Mile'a group f beaches hich re never oocrowded nd hetlare fantastic or surfing. here re absolutehqfascinatingmt$eums, mod"ern hopping entres nd traditional markets,

too. The weather sgreat because he sun even hines nwinter. hope his s enough nformation.

Lotsof love,


@ Work in pairs. Look at the writing checklist. Canyou answer yes to all the questions? Why (not)?

Writing checklistI Does Kirsty answer all the parts of the question?2 Is her answer well organised?3 Does she open and close he letter n a suitable

way?4 Does she connect her ideas with words \1keand-

because and which?Does she use a variety of structures fenses,comp r ative adj ectiv s, etc. and vo cabulary?Does she write about 100 words?

@ Underline he expressions n Kirsty's writing thatyou could use n your own letter. Then checkif you have underlined the same expressions asyour partner.

Exam aduice. Read he question arefully nd underlinehe key

words.Answer ll he parts f he question.Make ure ou can say es o the questions n hewriting hecklistn Exercise .

@ Write a rough copy of your letter, using Kirsty'sletter as a model.

@ Work in small groups. Read each other's letters tofind out if you can answer yes to all the questionsin the writing checklist.

@ Write the final copy of your own letter.

In preparation or the PET exam, t is useful owrite rough copies of your Writing Parts 2 and 3answers. Your eacher and other students can thenhelp you to improve your work before you writeyour final copy. However, n the real exam youwon't have ime to write a rough copy - just write

quick notes before you write your final copy.

our world (+i

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Unit3 Voco"bulory nd grnmmnr reuiew


(f riU in the gaps by adding im-, in- or un- to theword in brackets.I It was .....j.,*pOssib{a possible) o see anything

in the og.2 You can't un 20 kilornetres n one dav f vou're

(fio.3 It 's .. . . . . . . .fair) o charge hildren he

same price as adults.4 Petrol s very expensive ow so big cars are

becoming (popular).5 It's (healthy) o eat oo

much and do no exercise.

6 You shou ldn ' t s e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . f o rma l )expressions hen you write a job application.

7 People ecame .. . . . . . pat ient)when they had to wait outside he stadium.

8 That old bicycle s (safe) andnobody should ide it.

9 Heavy snow s forecast, o drivers should avoidany ..... necessary) ourneys.

f0 In colder countries, many animals are(active) during the winter.

@ vtatctr the beginnings of sentences l-8 with their

correctendings a-h.


@ Complete he text with the-ing

orthe infinitive

form of the verb in brackets.

I'm planning 1) ta Ua (go)away onholiday extweek, but there are still so many hingsI deed (2) [do) before we leave!want (3) (get) some new clothesand I feel ike (a) (go) shopPingright now, though I can't afford (5)(buy) everything 'd like (6) ... . . . . .have).So 've decided nly (7) . .. . (look or )the things really must ake with me. 'm alsohoping (8) (see) my friends beforeI go, so I've suggested 9) ... . . . . (spend)

Sunday afternoon ogether. And I must remember(10) . (buy) some more ctedit for mymobile his afternoon. forgot 11) ... . . . . . .(do) that yesterday, nd I can't magine

{12) (be) away rom home or amonth and not sending single ext message!

@ Circle the correct option, a, b or c.

1 While I'm away, a neighbnur s b my cat.a looking for b@ c looi<ingat

2 My brother has a wonderful .. . . . of old coins.a collection b collecting c collector

3 I love going out to sea and deep under thewater.a surfing b sailing c diving

I I 'mgoing o put my naml a

2 We're ll really ooking I OI

3 Peoplewho like art often L ctake

4 You must work hard to dcatch

5 I'm sure hat you can deal e

In the next game, you canjoin

It's a long walk, so I need ose t

Getting second prize didn'tmake

up painting as ahobby.

with any problemslike that.

down forswimminglessons.

out very early nthe morning.

forward to surfingtomorrow.up for notwinning the race.

in and play in ourteam.

up with the rest ofthe class.

My brother s a very gocd.lovelymeals.a cook b cooker

He makes some

c cooking

5 I want to learn to play the piano, or anothermusicala object b equipment e instrument

The castle harges lower admission ..... . . . .orchildren.a fare b fee c value

I t ' smore un to take. . . . . . . .. . .n a game han ustwatch t.a team

@ rnnt

b part c practice

Page 40: Complete Pet Student Book

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Unit4 Voco"bulorynd grcrmmnT evi-ew

Vocabulary 5 The cyclist, Mark Beaumont, ook just under 195days o .. . . . . . . . round he world by bike.(travel

/ Irip /journey)

Q neva has written this letter about her home town,Helsinki. However, she has made eight mistakeswith adjectives she has uspd the opposites!Correct he letter by changing the underlinedadjectives o their opposites. More than oneanswer s sometimes ossible.)

HiJohn' bivvestlliveinHelsinkiwhich ethe capital and (! g#+eet

city inFinland. Helginki e (2) terrible - llove tllt'slocal e d near ah e b altic 5 ea s o th e w ealh er is not very

cold o such a n orth ern c o unary. Febr uary is by arth e (3) holL eet, mo nth. La et Feb u ary wae (4) b oiling.tem? eratur e s t ell o -1 5o C. As f or t he city it s elfH'ef inki s extremely lean.llove hopping ndthereare many placee o go n he city centre Tourist s lovethe (5) calm market square but I prefer Stockmanns,it 'e a (6)tiny deparlmenl slore.lourist s also visit iheMuseum of Finnish Art,butIthinki1"'s alittle( ' /) interestinq. Helsinki as 3OO elands, ome of themare completely (8) arowded.lnthe eummer,we oflent ake our b oat t o an sland an d sp end h e d ay h e e.

Whydon'tyou come andvisit.me?

Hope o hear rom you eoon.

Lots oflove,


@ Choose the correct option in brackets to completethese sentences about record breakers.

I At around 3,600 metres above he sea, La Paz,Bolivia, s the world's .. hiVhesl.......... apitalcity.t@@Z lowest widest)u

2 The EiffelTower s older .. . . . . . .heEmpire State Building but the Empire StateBuilding is taller. (then as / than)

3 One of Copenhagen's ost popular ouristattractions s the ... . . . . . . . . . small LittleMermaid statue. absolutely very / far)

4 Mauna Loa, Hawaii , s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . larger han

One of the world's argest . . . .. . . sin Dubai, United Arab Emirates. t has over 1,200shops. shopping entres department storesmarkets)

Grammar@ O PET candidates often make mistakes with

comparisons. Correct one mistake in each of thesesentences.

tn!.!-er1 He was taler than me and more handsome oo.2 This cinema s more better han the cinema n

Enfield.3 I don't ike the countryside even f it is more safe

than cities.4 I like living in the city much more hat the

countryside.5 The restaurant had bigger windows as my school

sports hall.6 The food here s much more expensive hen in my


@ nead these sentences about a holiday. Completethe second sentence so that it means the same asthe first, using no more than three uord.s.

I I thought the journey was going o be reallyterrible.The ourney wasn' t as . . . . . . . . .bnd.4s. . . . . . . . . .'dexpected.

2 This year's hotel was nearer o the beach han last' year's.Last year's hotel was .. . . . . . . .rom the

beach han thisyear's.

3 The restaurant n our hotel was more popular thanany other restaurant n town.The restaurant n our hotel was the ..

. . . . .. . estaurant n town.4 Of all the activities, liked going snorkelling best.

I liked going snorkelling...any of the other activities.

5 I have never visited a olace as hot as his.olace I have ever visited.his s

unita @

Page 41: Complete Pet Student Book

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Q wtrictr picture shows each of these emotions?

. ; n 9 e r i e ' a i t . ' p p ] n 9 ' . ' r y u + T * " 1 a d n e s s

€) Uo the quiz and match an emotion from the boxwith questions 1-5.

@ fook at the key on page 173. Do you agree withwhat it says about you? Why (not)?

Listening Xlart4

@ Vou are going to hear a teenager, Ben, talking tohis sister, Erica, about his best friend, Liam. Lookat the first part of their conversation, then answerthe questions below.

Erica: I've got a feeling you're upset aboutsomething. What is it?

Ben: Well, Liam moved away with his familylast year and don't hink things are as

good now.Erica: Oh, 'm a bit surprised. t seems o meyou spend half your time on the phone ohim, or writing him emails and texts andthings.

Ben: Yes, do. And we chat online, oo. But forme it's not the same as seeing each other.

I Which words do they use o give heir opinions?T've Vol 6leeli*V ...

2 Which other word5 do you know for givingooinions?

| . ... sndzre.ss..... .The ilm you rewatching as very ad nding.Whatdo youdo?a crya lot b younever ry c cry a litt le

2You re n a cafewhen omebody pills our rinl(,

and doesn't aysorry/.

What oyoudo?a say oth ingo hem b te l l hem t ' s0 l(c shout t hem

3Youhave roken tooth, oyouhave o 9o o thedentist. hat o youdo?a look bit nervous b say ow f aid ouarec say ou ike eeinghe dent i s t

qYour xam esults re much etter han ouexpected. hatdo youdo?a scream nd ump round h smi le l i t t lec cont inue orking

5Someone oudon't il<euddenly ins lotof money.What o youdo?a take no notice f hem b say hey're ery ucky

c say hey on't eserve t@ un,.

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O €rl Listen to the rest of the conversation. Decide f each sentence scorrect or incorrect. f it is correct, put a tick (/) in the box under Afor YES. f it is not correct, put a tick (/) in the box under B for NO.





@ n4atch the underlined expressions from the conversation l-6 withtheir meanings a-f.

I you're Uplgt about something 1 a wants very much2 Liam moved away ( b have a good relationship3 you and Liam actually t" unhappy or worried

eet osether4 I dontt hink he's keen on doing d make (someone) emember

that (something)

gO These sentences containmistakes with modals madeby PET candidates. Say whatthe errors are (e.g. wrong word.order, wrong tense, etc.) andcorrect them.

I We can to go to the cinemanext weekend. Modn!-s relo!.lowed b* lt'e id;lltil;vewifb^.out'ld.

2 I know it may seems trange.3 Sorry but tomorrow I'm not

can go.4 What we could do?5 Here we can doing a lot of

sports.6 You will might see hem in

December.7 It's could be quite boring for

you.8 We could met at 8 o'clock near

the cinema.

@ Read this email and completethe rules below with theunderlined words.

I'm orry ut don't hinkcan oout nThursday.may ebusy lleveningnFriday,oo, oSaturday ight ebetter.That ew ilmsonat he inema nd tcould e eally ood youravouritectorin t. could eet ou here tabout .30.Letme now hat ou hink.

Bye ornow,Lauren

We use

We use' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' r. . . . . . . or possibility,

with no real difference nmeaning.

I Erica hinks Ben should see Liam more often.

2 Ben enjoys ravelling by road o see Liam.

3 According o Ben, he train costs oo much.

4 He says hat Liam wants to visit him at weekends.

5 Ben says hat Liam and he are still good riends.

6 Erica s sure hat Liam knows how Ben eels.

5 we get on really well6 you need o remind him

e went to a different place o livef meet o spend ime with


@ Oo you think you can still be good friends with somebody whenyou live a long way from each other? Talk to a partner about it. Useopinion expressions and some of the expressions above.

GrammarCan,er:wfd, iEht and r,?ay abilityand possitrilityJ

# pug* 122Granmar eference. an, ould, might,may(a i rtyand possib ty)

Q Underline the verbs for ability and possibility (modal verbs) in theseextracts from the conversation between Erica and Ben, then answerthe questions below.

Whenever can, Erico-.

And Liam could get one, too.He might not realise hat

o Which of these modal verbs s negative?o Where does nof go?r What is the short orm?r What are the negatives f the other two modal verbs?


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Page 44: Complete Pet Student Book

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O @ Circle the correct option in italics for l-7below. Then listen to the recording to check youranswers.

-d't 4qrq{-fl+-

Internet ites ike MySpace, ebo and Facebook rea great way or young people o keegJ ttch withfriends, ut here are hings you (1)@lorJg / oughtdo to stay safe. On some sites you (2) don't have oI mustn't use your real name f you don't want to, soinvent name or yourself. n most sites t 's a rulethat you (3) ought to I have o give an email address,but this (4) doesn't have o / mustn't be your nprmalone - you can use any address. ou can write lots ofinteresting hings on your onlinepage, but somethingyou (5) must have o never do is put your houseaddress r phone number. n act, you (6) shouldn'tI dodt have o give any nformation hat could etstrangers now your dentity, ecause n the Internetyou never now who s ooking. Remember, oo ,that you (7\ don't have o / mustn't put your riends'personal etails n your page, r you could put hemin danger. o he message s: have un, but ake care.

@ rtrint about your everyday life. Tell your partnerabout something:

I you have o do at school or work.T I'r.aveo arrive o+t fiwe,

2 you mustn't do at school or work.3 you don't have o do at weekends.4 you must do this week.5 you shouldn't do but sometimes o.

6 you ought to do but probably won't do.

VocabularyAdjectives nd prepositionsO O In these orrect entences ritten by PET

candidates, gg!g[i11C the preposition whichcomes after the adiective.

I My father was very angry with me.2 I never get ired of watching his film.3 He was very sorry about what happened.

I Work in groups. Complete he table with theprepositions about, of and, with.

afraid, ashamed, ealous, proud, fond

bored, disappointed, mpatient, satisfied

sad, netvous, razy, sure, depressed

il l

(2 )

(3 )

@ Catt you think of any other adjectives that gowith these prepositions? Add them to the table.Remember that some adjectives can be followedby different prepositions (e.g. sure of, sure about).

@ Write the correct prepositions in l-6, then answerthe questions about yourself. Say why.

I Is there anything you feel sad .. rbo-ut ..... ?2 Is there anyone you sometimes et angry

. . . . . . . . . . . ?When you were a child, what were youafraid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .What do you sometimes etbored . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .Is there anything you sometimes eelnervous . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .What, n your life, are you mostproud . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

Adjectives ith -ed and -ing

*s pug* 123 Granmar eference. diectlvds lth-ed


(f quictty read the story Love in the air on page 48and answer these questions.. Why did the man ask he airline to help?r What happened n the end?

9look at this extract from the text. What -ingadjective does t useS How does the spellingchange from the word in brackets?

' a

For many people he flight to Australia s-long and boring ...$.

adjective does t use?

Many people eel bored on the long flight to Australia.

@ Answer these questions about both extracts.

I What is the flight to Australia often ike?2 How do people lying to Australia often feel?

@ fitt in gaps 1-12 in the text with the correct formof the adiective. Use -ing if it describes something,


if it tells us how someone eels about it .FeelinSs@

Page 45: Complete Pet Student Book

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@ fett a partner about the last time you. annoyed . surprised. tired . disappointed

Then ask your partner to describe situations that were:r exciting r frightening. embarrassing . amusing

Reading Part 5Q Read this paragraph. How

would you answer the questionat the end of the text? With apartner, think of some possiblereasons.

In countries around he world, thenumber of people who say heyenjoy ife is going down. Fromthe United States o China, moreand more adults, eenagers ndchildren say hey are depressed,with ten times more people n theUSA now experiencing epressionthan fifty years ago. At the sametime.people n most ountrieshave ar more money hantheir parents' or grandparents'generations ad. We're icherthan ever before, so why aren't wehappier?

@ Work with a partner. Look atthe pictures then answer thequestions below.

Which of these hings would makyou feel very happy?whv?What other things make you hapDo you think we can earn how t

feel happier?

@ Write three pairs of sentences using adjectives from the text.

Il's relnxiu% o Lisleu to wusic.L nlwnys te!- re!,aXedwl*e+tX prry

ryhavoarile so'vls.

O @ You will hear four people alking. Listen and match speakers1-4 with emotions a-d.Speaker 1 a boredSpeaker 2 b amazed

Speaker 3Speaker 4

c annoyedd disappointed


@ rnnu

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Page 47: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 47/236

@ Work in pairs. Tell your partner about awful,funny, fantastic and strange hings thatsometimes appen.

@ work with a partner.You could choose upevents below.

Exam advice

Do the exam task together.to five of the suggested ife

ffs renlly nwfu! wlne+tpeoele lalr aboul youl t | ' U

belni+d yo\tr bnctr.

Speaking Parts 3 anel 4Q Work with a partner. Choose a

B, and say what you can see nhow the person elt while they

picture each, A orit. Think aboutwere here.

Your photogrophs showed people n situotionsthot coused strong feelings. Now I'd like you totolk together obout importont events in yourIife, ond how you felt ot the time.

. moving ouse r changing chool

. making new riend

. taking n mportant xam

. receiving special resent. being rightened ysomething

. doing omething or he irst ime

. being ery urprised ysomething

. doing omething erywell

. being ery angry bout omething

. hearing r seeing omething unny

Writing Fant 3() nead this sentence from a letter that a friend sent


So ell ,,.e,what! yonr avo,rritc ,ayJ rclaxing,

and whydo you ike t? \


A €il To see f you were right about heir feelings,listen to the people n the pictures.

O {AfListen again and complete he questions.

Which of these points should you put in yourreply, do you think? What else should youinclude?

I Where you go to relax2 How your best riend relaxes3 What might be a good way to relax4 When you usually relax5 How you relax6 How you relaxed when you were a child

I How2 What3 How ong . . . . . .

to wait?4 What

to that?

Make he discussiononger y asking he othercandidate ow hey elt,what happened ext, tc.

@ ' n " u

Page 48: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 48/236

@ Read his reply from Olivia. Which of the points from Exercisedoes she nclude?

7i latlarc,

Tlta-nks.for our letter - /t. vas Sreat t0 /tear fron you,

Jlov lo 1 Lke to re/ar? Ve//, vlat I nost ltke to do rc go tnto ny

room and read aft tnteresilnq boo(, partt'cu/a-r/q t veden/s. Ireally tKe belng /tere becaase 's s0 vArm and cosy, and I canlrsten o ny favourde mus/'c, Vut a siSn outs/de le door sayircg'bo not llsturb', so nobo/y comes n. l don't even ansver ploneca/{s./

So tlat's vlat 7 /o to feel re/a-re/. lov a-bout ou? Vrrte soonan/ /et me ktlov.

A// ile best,


@ Wtrictr of these expressions would you use in a letter to a friend?Where would you put them? Tick (/) the suitable expressions andwrite 'B' for beginning or 'E' for end.

,/ELotsof ove, I have eceived our etterdated une 15. I look orward o hearingfrom ou. DearSir/Madam, Well, hat 's llfor now. HiLisaAll hebest, This s ust a quick etter o say .. Yours incerely,Itwas great o hear rom ou. DearSir/Madam, Givemy ove o everyone.Don't orget o write soon. Sorry 've aken o ong o write back. Dear George

@ fook at Olivia's letter. Which of these, or similar, expressions doesshe use?

@ When she gives reasons, Olivia uses the linking word, because.Which other word linking cause and effect can you find in herletter?

@ loin sentences 1-5 using the linking words in brackets. Start withthe words given.

I I can go to the sports centre quite often. t's near my house. as]I can

Vo to ltne sports cettre6ulre

otleu ns it's wenr wL1i-tol,tse.

There are so many good ilms. I never get ired of going o the cinema.(becauselI n e v e r. . .I often go out in the evenings. don't have much homework o do.(since)S ince . . .Water-skiing s really exciting. enjoy t a lot. (because)I enjoywater-skiing . .I'm on my PlayStation@ very day. 've got some eally good games.Iso)I ' v e . .

@ nead he instructions or theexam ask, and follow the stepsbelow.

This s part of a letter oureceive roman English-speaking riend.

Inyournext etter, leasetellme about omethingexciting ou ike o do.Why s t such ood un?

. Nowwritea lettetanswering our riend'squestions.

. Write our etter n aboutI00words.

Exam odvtceMake ourwritingmoreinteresting yusing djectives,especially trong nes ikeamazing r crazy about).1 Choose n exciting ctivity.2 Make notes bout where. hen

and what.3 Plan he order or yourpoints.

Add reasons.4 Write our etter, sing

expressionsike hose nExercise and cause-and-effectlinks rom Exercise .

5 Check ourwork or mistakes.

Feelings @

Page 49: Complete Pet Student Book

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Leisure nd ashion

Starting off.Q Work in pairs. Use some of the words n the box'to

label he television screens with the type ofprogramme.

advert eartoon chat show comedy eriesdocumentary/ quiz how reality howsports rogramme the news the weather

O @ Listen to Lucy and Ben talking about fourdifferent programmes. Put a tick (/) next to the

types of. programme hey talk about.@ Work in small groups and discuss hese


I How much TV do you watch?When do you watchTV?What's your favourite TV programme? Why?Do you prefer o watch TV or do something else?whv?

Reading Far& X

martial artsdemonstration


Q work in pairs. Look at the page frorn a HongKong entertainment guide and find one exampleof each of these things:



6 comedy club7 unusual circus8 night-club

O Sitvie and Kat would like to go out. Read aboutwhat they want to see and don't want to see andanswer the question below.

Best riends Silvieand Katwould like to see sonoctLh.in&completely different. They sawtheir favourite band ast weekso thev don't want to hearmore music. They havegf got

time to res_ervelrekeb. IWhy have some expressions een underlined, oyou h ink?

@ nead the entertainment guide on page 53 to findout what Silvie and Kat choose o see. Underlinewhere you find the information in the guide. Whydo they not choose he other seven options?

ri7tnt ?l-wuet 5 film

@ ,n,,

Page 50: Complete Pet Student Book

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quicldlyobookearly. pecialdiscounts or students.

Getln,Fri21, 10 pm & Sat 22, 11

pm. Shart walk rom station.

C Prince f Mandavia(English ith subtit les nCantonese)

Cartoon un! Max does notwant to be he next Prince fMandavia . e wants o havea normal i fe ike his r iends .monkey, lephant nd bear.When rouble omes o Mandavia ,can he r iends ave heir countryfrom its enemies? antasticmusicby everyone's avourite band,Keith's Door.

Silver HillCinema Mon-Sun 2 pm,4 pm,6 pm,8 pm, 10 pm & 12 pm.Free parking for every two odult


F Reggae NightsWell, you've all heard of BobMarley. Disc ockeys octor Jupiterand Master Moon play heirrecords or this reggae isco.Comeon down or a great evening.

Club 999 Sot 9 pm - lote.Admission ree. (Over-18s only.)Short walk from public tronsport.

A UniversitySpotlightWe have pu ttogether agreat show orHong Kong.Come nd seelocaluniversitys tudents tandu p a n d e l ljokes.Ticketsare sel l ing


IB KidsRockSet n he year 2306. Rock nd ol lis not a l lowed nd young peopleare old what o th ink and do. Aband of l ivemusicians laymorethan.20 pop songs. For he nextmonth, HongKong udiences i l lhave he chance o see his show.

Hoy:nesTheatre, Tue-Fri 8 pm, Sot

2 p m & 8 p m , S u n 1 p m & 7 p m .Limitedporking on site. Eosy occessby public transport.

D LialaNo arge ent or animals ere , us ta mix of gymnastics, ance, heatreand music . ia la el ls he s tory of ayoung woman's ourney. his howopened his week n a very specia lvenue and has already eceivedvery positive eviews. uitable orall ages.

The LIALATheotre. Tues-Sun 7 pmand 70 pm. 55-min ferry ride romHong Kong, hen shuttle bus.

E Found n HongKongMostlymusic and definitely oo dfun. Listen o the sounds f a veryunusual rchest ra . ressed p ass t range nimals , he musicianshave eplaced heir nstrumentswith everyday bjec ts ound nthe streets, uch as bottles, rinkcans and boxes. Not o be takenser iously be prepared o laugh!

Culturol Centre Sat 4 pm & 8pm. Cor park nearby. Tickets stillavailable. Easy occess by publictronsport. Gift Shop open duringintervol. Under-8s not admitted.

G rlgnt PlanetYou haven't seen anything ik ethis before. Expect ome amazingaction as Thai Kickboxers ome oHong Kong. Batile Fighter includg,'Matt 'Monkey' Barr and Paul'Tiger' Knowles. ntertainment oraudiences f al lages . ouvenirs i l lbe on sale after he show.

Star Hall. Porking or disobledcustomers only. No tickets oreorly performonce. Afew ticketsovailoble or 11 pm.

H BestFriendsSet n a city school, he Englishteacher has o teach a group ofdifficult students. Best Friendstakes ser ious ook at the roleof the modern eacher nd askswhether a teacher an make

fr iendswith heir s tudents .Nothing different about his storybut highly ecommended orparents nd heir eenage hi ldren!

The Academy. Shop open duringintervol. Tue-Fri 7.30 pm, Sat 2.30pm & 8 pm. No parking ovoilobleunti.l urther notice.

wLeisure and fashion (D

Page 51: Complete Pet Student Book

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@ nead the information about the people below and underline theimportant words.

Teenagers Martha and Artie are visitingthe Hong Kong Fufures Shou.r ith theirparents ecause hey all love sciencefiction. Martha and Artie love ive music,

especially eggae, ut their parents wantto see a musical. I I

Lily (19) and Ken (18)want to seesomething with their 5-year-old ousin,Mai, who is mad about animals. Lilywants to drive. but she doesn't want topay for parking.

Al and Ed are university studentwho want to have un in HongKong onight. They can't afford ospend very much money but they

like listening o good music. | |

@ nead the guide again carefully and decide whichevent A-H would be the most suitable for eachgroup of people 2-5. Underline where you findyour answer in the guide.

@ Work in pairs. We learn that Martha and Artielove reggae music. The word reggae s used inevent F - Reggae Nighfs. Why is this event nof thecorrect answer for them?

Lara (16)and her mum prefersomething unny to serious drama.Their flight home omorrow s at B amso they need o go to bed early. Larastill wants tpluy some presents efothey leave. |

@ rina four more examples where words in thedescriptions f people are repeated n the guidebut ilo not tell us the correct answer.

@ work in small groups. Choose one event fromthe entertainment guide that you would all liketo see. When you are ready, explain your groupchoice o the rest of the class.

@ un't

Page 52: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 53: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 53/236

ffi pugu 124Grammareference. ince ndfor

@O PET candidates ometimes make mistakeswith sizce and for. Look at this extract from theCambridge earner's Dictionary and complete hesentences hat follow so that they are true for you.

I have ived ere ince 1997.

I have ived ere or ive ears.

I have ived here since ... . . . . . . .I have been at my school orI have had my watch since

has been my English eacher or

5 I have played s rnce . . . . . . . . .

@ Work in pairs. Use hou longto ask each otherquestions about the sentences n Exercise 5.

How .0m6 h,nveyou lived l*ere?

Present erfeat r past imple?

# pug" 124Grammar eference. resent erfectar pastsimple?

Q nead the Grammar reference section: Presentperfect or past simple? on page 124, then put theverbs in brackets into the present perfect or pastsimple to complete sentences 1-7.

I It's the second ime I ...h.r.vet't..$pne not/do) myhomework.

2 . . . . you (read) hismonth's Surf magazine yet?

3 I 'm not going o the heatre. . . . . . . . . .that show hree months ago.

4 I 'm worried about Emily. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .hear) from her recently.

5 Our football eam are playing better now. We only[win) twice last year.

You ook i r ed . Wha t ime . . . . . . . . . . . . . you(go) o bed ast night?

7 How many exams you



@ Work in pairs. You're going to read about DJJupiter or the kickboxer, Lewis Young. Write atleast four questions about their lives. Use thepresent perfect or past simple and some of thequestion words in the box.

what why when where howhow ong howmanYimes l

@ Student A, turn to page 173 and read the textabout DJ Jupiter. Student B, turn to page 174 andread the text about the kickboxer.

@ Using he questions n Exercise , take turns toask each other questions about what you haveread. If you don't know the answer, make asensible uess.

Vocabularylseen/Eane" nee{ #er trs naw, knnrvand *nd eiuf

Q nead hese dictionary extracts.

I metNickonholiday.+Xnew+leXon+etiAayWe ot o knoweach ther nd became ood iends.

MHowonghave ouknownNick?


His arents lready new blut thepafty.

His arents ere ngry when hey aund utabout hepafty..- --*-t

Paulhas one o he cinema hisevening= he s still here\ 1Paulhas een o he cinema hisevening= he went nd has

omeback) \Have ouever een oNewYotk?= Have ouever isited ewYork?)

. . . . . . . . . . . . .s e e )

. . . . . . . .not

@ unnu

(take) since he beginning of this


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@ Work in pairs. Circle the correct option(s) in italics for questions1-6. Check your answers by looking at the extracts n Exerciseagain.

/z-'-,Have you ever @een) gone abroad? Where have you been gone2Have you ever made a friend cn holiday? How did you first meetknow each other?Have you got a best riend? How long have you known / met them?

Imagine all your friends have been gone on holiday and you are onyour own. What do you do?Do you enjoy knowing gettingto know new people? Why (not)?How often do you use he Internet o ftnd out / know nformation?Have you used t this week? What for?

@ Work n small groups. Take urns to ask and answer he questionsin Exercise .

Listening Xlax"f

4.- e qryl'-


3 What has John ost?

& & q b

@ Work in pairs. Read thequestions carefully andunderline the important words.Decide what each pictureshows and what the differenceis between each one.

I Which is Mark's sweater?

ffiffiffA I c J

2 What has Mary ost?

A T B I c I


A I4

c EWhich coat s Barbara alkingabout?

Work in small groups. Look at the picture of the lost property officeat a summer camp. Use he words n the box to talk about some ofthese tems.

button collar cottonold-fashioned patternedsleeveless striped tight

fashionable leatherplastic pocket

V-neck woollen

long/short leevesround eck

Tlnere's a \J-uecK swe^fer o+t th"e lab!-e.

O PET candidates often make mistakes when describing clothes.Correct one mistake in sentences -6.

coLour|u!.I Most of the time, I wear a eoMl shirt, tight black eans, and my

favourite boots.2 My best riend always wears beautifuls clothes.3 The bride wore a long and white wedding dress.4 Not long ago bought hree new fashion T-shirts.5 At weekends, f course, wear eans and T-shirt.6 Yesterday bought some brown shoes and a blue trouser.

&wwT B T c I@ {A-lo Listen o each

recording wice. Choose hecorrect picture and put a tick(/) in the box below t.

@ Vou are at the summer campand you have ost some hings.Describe wo items rom thelost property office picture toyour partner. Can your partnerfind your lost tems?

Leisure and fashion @

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Speaking Xlax"t

O nead he instructions or the speaking askbelow. What truo hings will you need to talkabout?

Your photogrophs showed people going out.Now, I'd like you to tolk together obout whotyou like to do ot home ond whot you like to dowhen you go out.

@ Work in pairs. Look at statements 1-7 and decidewhich you should or should not do in this part of

the speaking exam. Put a tick (/) or a cross (X)

in each box in the You column.You Jon &


I Listen carefullY o theexaminer 's nstructions.

2 Talk o your Partner boutYourlikes/dislikes, Pinions ndexperiences.

3 Change he toPic o somethingcompletely different.

4 Ask your partner about heirlikes/dislikes, Pinions nd

experiences.5 Look at your Partner and show

you're nterested n what theY'resaying.

6 Try to speak a lot more hanyour partner.

7 Worry if you can't think ofanything more o say.

t r aT TT t r

t r TT Tt r Tt r t r

@ fook at this extract from the recording anddecide if statements l-3 below are true or false'

Jon: So, van, what do you like to do at home?Do You ike watching TV?

Ivan: Yes, love watching TV. We normallyswitch on the TV after dinner and watcha film. a football match or a documentary'What about You? Do You ike watchingfilms?

I Both Ivan and Jon ask questions.2 Ivan's answer s too short.3 Ivan completely hanges he topic of the


@ fook at more of Ivan and Jon's questions below'Write down your full answers to these questions'

I Do you like watching ilms? Yes, ul T preter

wniclni'tqsports 'rolilns. T At'v'dsowe'tilws n

Iitt!-e bft bor'*7.2 Did you see he basketball match ast night?3 How often do You go to the cinema?4 Have you seen he new Batman ilm yet?5 Do you ike musicals?

@ {fa}Listen to Jon and Ivan again. Are theiranswers to questions 1-5 similar to yours?

@ nead this Speaking Part 4 task. What truo hingwill you need o talk about?

Your photogrophs showed people buyingclothes. Now I'd like you to tolk together oboutthe type of clothes you weor during the weekond the clothes you weor ot weekends-

O {fs}Listen to Jon and Ivan doing this task. Whichof l-7 do they do? Put a tick (/) or a cross (X) ineach box.

@ Work in pairs. Make a list of some hings youcould talk about and some questions you couldask your Partner.

@ un" t

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@ Change airs. Do the Speaking part 4 task nExercise 7.

Exam adviceYouwillnot have ime o prepare ouranswer.Use ullanswers o develop he oplc, ut don't

change t to something ompletely ifferent.Take urns o speak yasking our partnerquestions.

Q Work in pairs. Look at the photo and imagine hisis your aunt's cat. What happened o the vase?

@ nead this exam task and underline the importantwords.

You ooked after your aunt's cat while she was on holidavShe has sent you some money.Write an email to your Aunt Kath. In your email, youshouldr thank her. say what you are going to buyr describe what the cat did.Write 35-45 words. f


Dear AuntKath,Money s very nice thank you very much. willbuy a new game rom my computer. he cat s

much more bad han my smallbrother. e breaksomething. have a strong headache or a week!Yours,Katia

@ Work in pairs. Look at the Writing part2marking scheme on page 136 and answer thisquestion.

r What mark do you think the examiner gave eachanswerl Why?

@ Now try this Writing part 2 task.

It's your birthday. Your cousin has sent you some moneyto buy some clothes.Write an email to your cousin, Dorota. n your email, youshouldr thank your cousin. say what you are going to buy. suggest ou meet soon.Write 35-45 words.


Exam adviceRead he question arefully nd underlineheimportant oints.

. Make ure ou nclude ll hreepoints n youranswer.

. Writebetween 5 and 45 words. fyouwrite es s' than 25 words ou can onlyget a maximum f2 points. fyouwritemore han 45 words, our

answermight ot be so clear nd youcouldmakemoremistakes.. Open nd close ouranswer n a suitable ay, .g .

Dearand Yours. j

@ Work in small groups. Read each other's answersand decide if you have all followed the examadvice.

Writing Xlart2

@ neadthink



these two answers and decide which youis best.

DearAuntKath,Thank ouverymuch orsending e somemoney, s you know, love cience ictionilmsand so I think 'mgoing o buya new DVD.haven't een ll he'Star Wars'films et.Yours,Bettina

Leisure and fashion @

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Unit5 Vocobulory nd grnmmnr eview

Vocabulary @ Complete he crossword with words from Unit 5.

OCircle the correct prepositions 1-10 o completethe letter.

Li Fran,

7orry l 'veLaken eo long o reply.You aek abouL ou rf r iends ere , ohere 'e

.what , ' sluV"V,"n .gf r,you row, ao ioaVpoint,ed1) f on (with)herae lexam eeulf,e o she's working arder now, buI I bhinkohe 'o etNinqI i red, 2) about of / on oNudyinq l l thel ime. 1he uoual ly ikes o qo oul in Lhe eveninqo, oshe musl be gettinq very bored 3) with on / about

lifa.Mike e etillvery keen 4) of / on / wtthfoorballand is quil ,eproud (5) on / wtth of Nhe Nwoqoalohe scored ast, Saturd,ay, ut he can't , play nexf,week and he'e ead (6) about / of / with NhaN.Kay,you might remember, o crazy (7) on / with aboutmueic and, hae alwaye want ed to be a einqer. Well,b a n d h a e e k e d h e r t o o i n q w i l h l h e m N a c o n c e r lnext Friday. he'o reallynervouo b) on / about / withoinqin4 n f ronL of all hose people, ut I don'N hinkshe should be riqhtened (9) with of / on doing L.I 've ,old her hat eome people willbe quiNe ealous

(1O) f / on abouther lWell , thal ' s a l l lor now,

LoLeof love,

J a m i e

@ fnis text contains a number of adjectives endingin -ed and -ing. Find and correct five mistakes.

Across3 not generous4 frightened7 feeling9 terrible

1l should12 fortunate13 like a lot

DownI unhappy2 something you often do5 wanting what someone lseha6 feeling or showing hanks8 opposite of 'positive'

10 pleased with what you have do

Grammar@ Complete the mini-conversations with the correct

modal verb in italics.

Do you thin[Matt and Libby are at the caf6?They can @ be there, but I 'm not sure.

Do you like going o the swimmiqg pool?No, I can'l mightn'tswim.

I've got a bit of a headache.I think you musr should ake an aspirin.

Could Might you run for an hour withoutstopping?No, 'd be too tired after 30 minutes!

Are the buses o the city centre expensive?No, you mustn't don't have o pay f you'reunder 16.

The weather's not looking very good now.No, I think it can / mlghf rain later.

What do I need o go to the USA?You should have o take your passport.

VAen vas tt ytnS

sttrfrismS /urys,A

fron ny Pftnary sclool lays, t/tere va-s sonet/ttng

anaze/: ny /lary, fron v/'en I vas eiglt years o//. It

vas really tlntereste/ o rea/ ny t/toughs fron

my roor4 as{ Sun/ay, I foun/ sone

nong all thewerercise books




I A :B:

2 A :B:

3 A :B:

4 A :

5 A :B:

6 A :B:

7 A :B:

tlen, tlough at t/mes

lor era-nple, I vas

n tlose dags. va-s

1 lelt a bi enbarcassingt

silll very friglteniry of the

a/so a-nusing o rea-d ov ercded

I vas about betng nrne soon I tloug/tt I vould be

really grovn uf tAen.

@ rnnu

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ttiiit 6 Vocabulory nd grnmmur eviewVocabulary Grammar

Complete this text by writing a word from the boxin each space.

admission audiences €artecffi intervallive performances reviews

Circle the correct word, A, B or C, for each spacein these sentences.

I When I go out with my friends, likewearing ixshic*nb{g-. clothes.A fashion 16 -I@ c fashioned

2 In my country, ock stars wear .. . . .Jeans.A a tight B tights c tight

3 My best riend often wears bright shirts and. . . . skir ts .

A colourful B colourfull C colour

4 I first . .my best riend whenstarted rimarv school.A met B knew C got to know

5 We're going o Casablanca o get o... . . . he city.

A find out B know C meet

6 I've visited Paris but I haven'tEuroDisney.A gone o


PETcandidates often make mistakes withthe present perfect and the past simple and their

common adverbs. Correct the mistakes in sentences1.12.

'r+4.ebought some clothes ast week.My cousin has ived with us since hree years ago.I haven't seen him for ages because e's gone oDubai a few years ago.We've gone o the cinema hree times this month. .-''Let 's do something lse.Already 've been o a few shops o look for new

shoes.I still can't find my watch. looked or it everywherein my room.Paris s the best place 've never been o for clothes.I lost a beautiful pair of gloves which my mother hasgiven me for my birthday.With the money you sent me, I will buy the WorldCup T-shirt which just came nto the shops.

l0 We're planning to see a film tonight, but we didn'tdecide which film yet.

11 We also have a wonderful cinema n my town. It hasopened ix months ago.

12 Write soon and tell me what happened o yourecently.

@ Read these sentences about living in a big city.Complete he second sentence so that it means the _same as the first, using no more than three words.

I I started iving here about hree years ago.I 've ived here . . . . . . . . . . f r . . . . . . . . . . . .bout hree ears.

2 This s the first time I 've ived n such a big city.,I . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . n such a big ci ty before.

3 I joined he ocal gym n June.I 've been a member of the ocal gym

..... ......June.

4 I met my best riend Farrah when I joined the localgym.L.. . . . . . . . . . . . . my best r iend Farrah inceI joined he ocal gym.

5 We saw the new X-men ilm on Saturday and againon Thursday.We've already the new X-menfilm




twice (on Saturday nd again on Thursday).

unit @

B been o C known

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Out and about

Starting offQ Work in pairs. Describe the pictures using the

words fogl foggy, ice icy, wind/ windy,

cloads cloudy, sun shine sunny and, storm stotmy.

How do you think the people in each situationfeel?

@ Complete the weather forecast for pictures l-6with these expressions.

lblowing centigrade "oid degrees feggyfreezing frost gale get wet hot lightning,showers snowfall temperature thunderstorm

.. . . hat planes an't ake off. It 's

d . . . . . . . .:only 3'C.. s already igh. t 's going o beday with a maximum of 40

i;;;;;;;;'"u"nrv s"i"s obesoon. Some eople re going o . . . . . . . . .There s a . . . . . . . . . . . . . at sea, with strong winds

. . . . rom the west, causing igh waves.There ' s noisy.: . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. n the mountains,with ... . . . briefly urning night nto day.It 's . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . this morning, 5 'C, with

.. .. on the ground. A heavYis forecast or later.

I t ' sso . . . . . . .

also quiteT h e . . . .a very . . .

@ Wtrictr of the weather conditions above do yqtrthink are extreme? Which are mild?

Choose two different kinds of weather frompictures l-6. Tell your partner how each makesyou feel and why.

A dot'f LiKe tnuudersforr'"s becaq e tt*ey wnKewe

lee! *ervous,

Listening X3as"tO Wittt a partner, look at the exam instructions in

Exercise 2 on the next page and multiple-choicequestions 1-6, then answer questions -e.

What is the main sPeaker's ame?Who is the other person?What is the topic?What do the questions sk about he speaker?What kinds of weather are mentioned n theouestions?


. ; - lr l


@ un*

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O {f+)Foilow the exam instructions.

. You willhear a woman called Chloe alkingto an interviewer bout her hobby ofphotographing xtreme weather conditions.

. For each question put a tick (/) in the correctbox.

Exam sdviceBefore ou isten, uickly ead he nstructionsand he questions o get an dea of what you willhear.When he recording s played, isten or reasonswhyone option s correct and or reasons hythe other wo are wrong.

I What does Chloe sav about the weather n her

country?A f-l It's cold in the north.B f] It changes quite often.c f] It's always sunny.

She started aking photos of bad weather whenshe wasA I working.B f] a child.C I at university.

To photograph ightning, she uses

A Iad ig i t a l camera .B n an expensive amera.C I an old camera.

Where does she ake photos duringthunderstorms?A n standing on a hillB I from her apartmentC I sitting n her car

These days, which does she most ikephotographing n winter?A l-] frozen rivers and streamsB I scenes with lots of snowC I patterns ormed by frost

What does she often photograph when it's windy?A fl treesB f theseac I clouds

@ In pairs, study this extract from the recordingand answer hese questions.

Which of questions 1-6 does his extract answer?How do you know?Underline he parts of the text that tell you whyone option s correct, and why the others arewrong.

. Are these all close ogether n the extract?. Are they in the same order as options A, B and C?




... but I still love photographinglightning.That must be quite difficult. Howdo you get good pictures?Well, the first thing is the rightcamera. t doesn't have o beexpensive, r particularly modern- Ilve had mine for many yearsand I avoid using digital ones.

to study extreme weatherup? Tell your partner why or why


@ would you likeconditions closenot.

Vocabulary{xtr*:met'y,airt'y, uite, af,fte{ €aflyand yerj/

Q Stuay hese extracts rom the recording, hencomplete the rules about adverbs of degree(extremely, foirly, etc.) with the underlined words.

it can be quite different

it's really asc nat ng

tllat must be quite difftcult

is rather dangerous




t Adverbs f degree uch as very' xt'remely nd

.. 6ake an a{ective sfronger'

2The adverbsairlYand


3The adverb " usually akes t-

*".f"" butwithadectives ikesure' rue and

d t't'ee ntit can mean'completely''a=*ze++e:'geE4@

out and about @

Page 61: Complete Pet Student Book

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€) fam to your partner about your country'sweather n different seasons. Use adverbs ofdegree with words like uef, warm and windy.

nO:t^r*it's lnvl6 su'ytyrt) ut if's exl-rewe!,6

trooand enlagh

&3 pug* 126Grammar eference.fao ndenougn

Ofook at examples a-d with too and enongh, thencircle the correct underlined option to completerules l-5.

it's often too dark to pltotogroph hem when it'sstorrnyI had enough ime to buy an umbrella before hebus arrived.It was a lrct July day. There were oo many cars andthere was too much noise.It was autumn, but the weather wos mild enoughfor us to haue a picnic.

It was hot enough o spend he whole day n thewater.In the summer like wearing a T-shirt and a skirt,because t's too hot for wearing rousers.Spring has begun but it is not enough warm yet towalk in the hills.







t fn he examPles bove'foo eans s much s,@ou

need r want' t does not mean he same

as very.

zWe put ooafler before an a{ective' often ollowed-

tt -ll ,tft""ltl"t form of the verb'

3 \rvg s€ t'oonuchbefore ountableuncountabl€

-nJun=.na uo manybeforeountable uncount4q€


+ tn he examples bove'enough eans s muctl 9l-

morethan ou eed rwant'

s We usuallypurenoughatier before: 1?T


ii"for"^n "{e"we' olten ollowed y he ing to

infinitiveormofthe verb'

@@ Too and enough can be difficult for students.Tick (/) the sentences 1-8 written by PETcandidates which are right. Correct the sentenceswhich are wrong.

I That's he way I like it: not too hot and not toocold. /

2 We didn't have enough money or to buy newinstruments.

3 I like it too much because t's a nice place.4 I gave her enough money or get not only one, but

two ice-creams.5 I can't buy t because t's too much expensive.

GrammarThe uture: Will, aing o, preserrt ontinlious ndpre$ent imple

ffi pug* 125Grammareference. ays f expressingher U f u T C

O 6) Listen to this conversation between Mia andOwen and fill in the missing verbs. You can useshort forms like 's (is), 'll (urill) and 'm (am).

Mia: It's getting a bit late, Owen.\Owen: Yes, but look at the rain! I'm hoping t I

tt) . . . . . . . . . .1{{.st8r' . . . . . . . . .oon, hough don'y' .think there's much chance of that.

Mia: No, the weather orecast said t's abig /storm so t (2) ............ . for hours.What time do you have o be at thestation?

Owen: I (3) Jason and Markthere at 8.30, n the caf6 near he mainentrance. he rain (4) ... , . . . . . . . . . .t8 .45 .

Mia: It's quite a long walk to the station, sn'tit? And it's 8.15 already. Look,

. I (5) . . . .. . . . . . . . . you n the car.Owen: Thanks!

@ In pairs, match the verb forms in l-5 above withuses a-e.

a for timetables and future dates leavesb for decisions t the moment of speakingc for things that aren't certain, e.g. after tttinkd for future arrangements etween peoplee for predictions ased on evidence, nd plans

@ un*

Page 62: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 62/236

@ nut the words in the right order in questions l-7.Then answer the questions in complete sentences.

1 will / think / cloudy iI / do / tomorrow / yol /b e ?Doylu ttni+# it wi!"!"e cloudy )roworrow?

uo,"{ ftniu,l il'!"!-be su'yru:T.your'friends next week / you / when / seeingare ?this evening are where go / going yots Io ?your holidays begin do / this summer datewhat ?a job /think / get you / when do / wlll /yol?the Earth / get hotter scientists going say/ i s / I o d o ?a text message will / next send you / when ?

@ Complete the replies to l-7 using will, going to,the present simple or the present continuous.

I Which colour acket do you want to buy?I've already decided. 'w

Voi+w o buy a b!-rctr0+1e.

Have you arranged o go to the dentist's?Yes, 've got an appointment. . . . . . . . . .This suitcase s too heavy or me.Cive t to me.Can't you stay a few minutes onger?No, must go. t's half past en and he ast rain

at eleven.Would you like something o drink?Yes, lease.Would you like to come out this evening?I 'm sor ry, u t ' ve a l r eady o tp lans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Do you think it'll be dry later on ?No. ook at those lack clouds. t . . . . . . . . . . . . .

@ Wtrat would you say in each of these situations?Tell your partner.

I A friend invites you to a party but you alreadyhave a ticket for a concert. T'w s,orrt6 ut X'nVoitV lo a co+tcerl will* l'rie+ds. u

2 Your"friend s having trouble with their computerand you want to help.Someone sks you about he departure ime ofyour flight to New York.You're n a small boat and you notice he wind isgetting stronger.You see an accident and you're he only personthere with a mobile phone.Someone sks you what subject you want to studyat university.

Reading Xsar{Q fook quickly at 1-5 below. What kind of. ext is each?

UaneouverGollegeMAIN EruTRNruCTno parking

rond siq+t0 '


Regis ter i th us o receiveregular pdates g emai l nourspecia l ffers : l ights oNewYork, ong Kong ndSgdneg

Passenger erry

strong windstake care when boarding

@ Stuay exts 1-5 more carefully and match hem withpurposes a-e below. Underline he words n the textswhich tell you the purpose.

a to advertise omethingb to warn you of dangerc to say what you must dod to say what you must not doe to nform and advise ou

out and about @






Page 63: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 63/236

@ Look at the first question in Reading Part I belowand decide:

I what kind of text it is2 wha t t s pu rpose s .

,/Now dplthe same with each of questions 2-6.

@ follow these exam instructions.

. Look t he ext n each uestion.

. Whatdoes t say?

. Mark he etter ext o the correct xplanation- A , B o r C .

'Exom aduiceLook t he nformation round he ext. heremaybe(aJ icture[s) hichwillhelp ou o understand hythe extwas writtenand who t was written or.

Lift to zndfloor outoforder. Pleaseuse stairs nextto PassportControl.

You will need o walk upstairs o get to thesecond loor.You must go through Passport Control on thesecond loor.You can use he stairs or take the lift to thesecond loor.

Torry - Tickef e\ger\cyghoneA. Rock concevfatf exhibifioh ceqtveinsteatA o* sgovts harll.At satrr,re ir^,re, thihL_ bqf catll fherr tocheck.


The ime that the concert tarts has changed.The concert will take place somewhere lse.Joe will call the agency or details of theconcert.

The seller will deliver he bicycle o the buyer.The bicycle s suitable or teenagers r adults.The owner of the bicycle has never used t.

Do not ake hese ablets ormore han hree dayswithoutyour doctor's dvice.

You should ake the tablets every day until youfeel much better.You must not ta$e he tablets without speakingto the doctor irst.You must ask he doctor f vou want to take thetablets or a week.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on this path.All people using this path must go on foot.Riders are requested o go slowly on this path.


From: armen

Jus t o e t gou know hat ourbus eaves t 2 .50

tomorrowmorning, ot 2 .20. o howabout a l l ing orme here t 7 .30 ns tead f 2 .00?

Carmen wants toA meet Monica at a different place.B go on a later bus with Monica.C change he time they are meeting.

End ime: 4 mins

Item ocation:North-west

Description:Mountain ikefor sale. forage 13+. ridden nly wice. buyer must collect




@ un,.

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Vocabularyeompound ord$

Q n4atctr he words n A with the words n B to

Prepositions f rnovement

ffi prg" 125Grammareference; repositionsfmovement

O |Gt Read his telephone message bout travellingaround a city and fill in the missing prepositions(in, off, etc.). Then listen to check your answers.

Hi Leon; oby here. 'm eally leased ou'recoming o our new house ext week.The quickestway here s (f ..b.fr. rain o the city centre, hichtakes n hour and"is sually 2) . . . . t ime. henyou can get 3) . . . . . .. . he number 4 bus o EdgeHill,getting 4) by he stadium. rom hereit 'sabout ifteen minutes sl foot.Or, f yo udon' t eel ike walking, ou could ump 6) . . . . .. . .taxiand ask he driver o take you o the new latsin ValleyRoad.When ou get (7) (8 )the axi, ou'll ee he main entrance n ront of

you.See ou soon!

I Use words from the message bove o completethese ules.

form compound words. Then matph these withdefinitions 1-10.

A ffi cross

:Over fai l

guest guide hitch

sight sign suit

B 'b;;(.iie r-rir.. il;. night

lpl,"t posl road roads seeing

I book that gives nformation about a place2 bag with a handle or carrying clothes, etc.3 place where wo roads meet and cross each other4 get free rides by standing next to the road5 tracks hat trains travel on6 bag hat you carry on your back bncKpnc17 sign by the road hat gives nformation8 during the night and until the morning9 small, cheap hotel

l0 visiting nteresting laces

@ Complete the letter with compound words fromExercise l.









whenwe eave hem We us€

tft" =.tl pt"postttons or bicycles'motorbikes ndhorses.

2 tor cars and similarvehicles 't/fu5€

or nt'o,andwhenwe eave hem'

. . . . . . . . . . .r c l inb '

. . . . .. bus'train, Plane

or boat, or in ofher words' :'"''r"

road. ail,air, and or sea' butwe go somewhere.. ...... .. . ... . oot We lso aywe are on

board atrain, lane r ship' r af sea'

s tf youarrive either ate nor lltly'yousayyouare

(or. tre bus, rain, Plane' tc' s)



I or buses, rams, rains' planes r boatsw3use

:) ': . ..or ont'o henwe board hem'and

Next week I'm going on a fantastic ourney: acrossAustralial I'm flying to Darwin, in the north of thecountry, and I'm going o stay (1) qVprniVht......there. My (2) says t's quitd aninteresting city, so I think I'll spend he morningdoing some 3) . I love ravellingby train, so then I'm going o take the new(4) ... o Alice Springs, ight nthe middle of the country. 'll find a hotel or(5) for the night and the next dayI 'm going o (5J . . . . . . . . . . down he main road.I 'm taking all my things n a (7) ... . . . sothat don't have o carr y a heavy (8) ........in my hand. About 200 kilometres south of AliceI'll reach a (9J where here's at10) that says Uluru 247 km'. Uluru isalso known as Ayers Rock' - one of the most amazingsights n the world.

s With he prepositions n rules 13n/ 2 w€offen use

the verb ' butsometimes if us€

others ike

+ We raYel

Out and about (o)

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@O Tick (/) the sentences 1-8written by PET candidateswhich are right. Correct thesentences which are wrong.

I I jumped nto my car.2 | got n to he rain.3 Could you come at time,

please?4 She said Come with me'.

followed her and we got onthe car.

5 I'm going o start essons hi sMonday, but I can't go on bus.

6 We ust wanted o get off theplane.

7 Then we headed back homeby foot.

8 She inally got nto the plane.

Speaking Xlart3O ts} Listen to students Ingrid

and Mikel discussing the bestway to get across the city, andanswer the questions.

I Tick (/) the means oftransport hey talk about.

about ano-ther because keen like nol

1 why are you . . . . .Kee-r. . . . . . . . . . . .n . . . ?

2 w e l l , i t . . .

3 I th ink 'd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .go . .

4 why . . . . . ?

5 fo r . . . . . h ing , . .

6 for . . . .. . . . ,t .7 so what . . . . o ing . .?

8 what 'd most . . . . . . .o do s . . .

rather :

a asking or reasonsc asking about preferences



sail down the riverwe can ride o the harbourhalf an hour

bu staxi




2 Which two do they decide ouse?

@ fook at expressions -8 from the recording and complete hem withthese words.




O 1CI) isten again to check your answers, hen match expressions 1-8with a-d below by writing a letter n each box.

b giving reasonsd stating preferences

@ {@ Listen and repeat these extracts from the recording. What doyou notice about the pronunciation of the underlined words?

I why are you keen2 well, for one hing3 it's going o be really hot

@ 1am to your partner about the different ways of getting across yourtown, and decide on one or two means of transport to travel fromone side o the other. Use anguage rom Exercises and 2.

@ Oo this Speaking Part 2 exam question with a partner. Talk for atleast wo minutes.

You ond o friend hove decided o spend o month of thesummer holidoys seeing os much os possible of your country.Tolk together obout the different meons of tronsPort youcould use ond decide which you ore going to use.

Here s o picture with some deos o help you.

@ un't

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Writing Part XWhen you are writing, try to think of different ways of saying the samething. For nstance, nstead of sail down'the iver we can say go downthe riuer by boat. We call these parallel expressions.

O {5dlRead this discussion and rewrite the underlined expressions l-7

using the words in brackets. Then listen to check your answers.Pat: Do you think people n 2020 will still

(7) sp.. .:'ler.kwh.ere.0k.ear drive evervwhere eo) ?Kelly: No,ut on't.uFor ne Hing, h;tr"ffi;;itl b" ()j so awful that

it'll be mpossible ... . . . .too) or us togo anywhere.

Pat: Actually, we're (3) not very far from .........quite)that situation already.

Kelly: Yes, agree. And cars cause 4) extremely high levels of(so) pollution, especially n cities. think a

lot of countries 5) plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .the number of vehicles.

(going) o reduce

Pat: So do you think most of us will end up (6) walkingeverywhere .. . . foot)?

Kelly: Yes, think we probably will, and I wouldn't mind that at all.In fact, (7) 'd prefer o .. . . . . . . .rather) o that.

@ Stuay the first sentences in each Writing Part I question 1-6 on theright. Which word or phrase has a common parallel expression?Underline the word or phrase.

Exam advice

. Look or a word or words n he irst sentence itha parallelexpression.

. Then ook at he second entence o see f this parallel xpressionit sthe grammar.

. Youmaywant o write t in pencil irst o check hat he completedsentence eans he same s he irst sentence.

@ Now do this Writing Part texam ask.

. Here re some entencesabout he uture limate.

. Foreach uestion, ompletethe second entence o

that t means he same sthe first, using no more hanthree words.

It will be too warm to live insome parts of the world.I twon ' tbe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .live in some parts of the world.In some countries,temperatures will rise a lot.Temperatures ill be

. . . n somecountries.In those places, t will besunny nearly l l the ime.In those places, he sun

almost all the

in the mountains t willwarm that it won't snow.in the mountains t will

for snow.However. he weather will be

even wetter n Britain.However, teven more n Britain.Also, Antarctica will still bethe coldest place n the world.Also, Antarctica will still be

. . . . . . . . .han anyother place n the world.

Think about the future climatein your country. Which partsof it will most feel the effects

of climate change and in whatwavs? Write four sentences.

time.Evenbe soEvenb e .

out and about @

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@ nead sentences 1-10 about the text. Utrderline hemost mportant words n each sentenCe.I Sylvana as a verv good elat ionship

with her dauehter. r ina.

2 Life coaching was first used o helochildren decide n their futures.

3 Simone Waltz used o work in radio.Jem wants to do a degree before goingto Africa.

Jem's arents would ike him to do hi sdegree n another country.

One eenager sed singing o help he rstudy and she got nearly perfect marksin science.

7 Irina would be happy o go to anyuniversity.

8 Irina has always been keen on keepingfit.

9 Mo Ahmed has worked with childrenyounger han six.

t0 Some of Regina's riends n her newschool lay basketball.

@ Work in pairs. Look at the paragraph headingsin the text. In which paragraph do you think youwill find information about each sentence? Writethe correct letter (A-E) in each box.

@ nead the text to decide if each sentence s corrector incorrect. Underline where you find the answerin the text. When you are ready, compare youranswers with your partner.

In Unit 7 we looked aI parallel expressions.In hispart of the PET eading paper, he sentence ndthe text often use different words and expressionswhich have simi/ar meanings.

Work in pairs. Look at the words and expressionsyou have underlined in the sentences and the tExtand find four more parallel expressions.





A'l 've een huge ifferencen rina ince he tanted alkingtolife oach, 'ays ermother ylvana.l{et onverv el lwith r ina,but ou an' t lwaysalkto ourmother bout verything. alkinto someone ho istens ut s nota close amily ember s veryimportant . '

BWhat s a life coach?Anathletemproves ecause e rains i th coach. ife oach aalso uide ou 0 success. ife oach ncour"agesou o hink otonly bout hat ouwant, ut also bout ow ou regoing0 geti t .Unti l ow,ife oaches ave elped dults ,orexample usinesexecutivesho eed o make ecisionsnoanents howant omeadvice nbrin$inBp heir hi ld ren. owt 's he urn ofoun oungpe0pre.

G ife coach $imone ValtzSimone altz, ormen adio roducen,e tupher ife oachingcompanyive ears go.loffer eenagers place o alk, o decide

on hein uture lans nd o sor"t utpr"oblems, 'aysWaltz.em'sparents redeli$hted ithwhatWaltz as one" em as ot aplace tuniversi tyo study edicine uthe has ecided o akepart n a volunteer rojectn central frica inst.'Yes, eweresurprised, ut em s st i l l ery oung. his xperiencebr"oadil lhelp im row pbefore e oes o univensityere . '

D Lifecoach Tara {ewhouse /Tara ells he story f a 1S-year-oldhowas ai l in$ nscience,iunthey ound ut he eannt est hrough usic. nce he made psongs 0 earn y, he chieved 9pen ent n her ests . ana asalso elped ylvana'sau€hter,r ina, howas ot ure he wantedto go o universi ty.ow he opes o get nto op universrty.ninanow eelsmore onfdent bout verythin$.he as venaken pexenciseor he irst ime n vears.

E ife coach MoAhmedMoAhmed as oached hildren s oung s ive ears ld.l tcoulbesomethinf ssimple s earn ing ult ipl icat ionables askingthem ow hey ' re oingo do t , how ne hey oinBo make t un?Mohas lso elpedeenager egina howas aving roblemsmakinf riends hen he movedo a new chool. heyalkedtoSether bouthe hin$s e€ina eally njoyedoing. yoiningheschool asketballeamRegina asmade everal ew riends.

This s mel @


I btave,n Vood e!-nfio+t1t*ip+Vel

o.vtwellZ decide ) vtnKedectsto+ts

- - #

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VocabularyFhrasal erb$

Q Work in pairs. The eight phrasal verbs in the boxbelow appear in the text, sometimes in a differentform (e.g. bringing up). Underline them in thetext and try to decide what each verb means by

looking at the complete sentence.find out getoff-ffth grow upset up sort out taKeup

@ Work in pairs. Replace each expression initalics in sentences 1-8 with a phrasal verb fromthe box, so that the meaning stays the same.Remember to use the correct form of the verb.

ffi ptg* 121Grammareference. ttrasalerbs

1 I moved o Athens when I began my degree but

ftYewuPIMder in a small village near Thessalonikiwith my parents and two brothers.When I was very young, my aunt Looked fter meuntil I was old enough o look after myself.I would like to have a life coach o help me deolwith my problems.When I'm older, 'd like to start my own fashiondesign company.If I had to choose another sport, would sfartplaying basketball.I have a good relationship with my older sister. Weoften go out together.If I didn't know an answer n an exam, wouldnever nvenr an answer.

8 If I discovered hat my parents were reading myemails, wouldn't get angry.

@ Rewrite the sentences in Exercise 2, wherenecessary, so that they are true for you.

I a was bor+t +t Nnples but t frrew uP iu Rov*e,ltne cnpita! ci+y bt ttnly.


@ Work in small groups. Compare your sentences.Find at least three things that you have all got incommon.

bring pmaKe p

Grammarl*ro. firstend $econd cndltionals

# prg* 176Grammar eference. era, irst nd seaondcandltianals

Q Work in pairs. Kristian is fifteen. He would liketo go to drama school to train to be an actor buthis parents want him to stay at school. Whatadvice would you give to Kristian?

I @ Kristian is talking to his life coach, Mo. Listento the recording and answer these questions.

I Why has Kristian's ad contacted Mo?2 What two pieces f advice does Mo give?3 In your opinion,will Kristian become n actor?

O @l Listen to the recording again and completesentences -5 with the verb in brackets in thecorrect form. Use short forms (l'll, won't, etc.)where possible.

1 ... . . . '-!-..:vr.+*dL . . . . . . . . .r f I . . . . . . . . . .eighteen, t .. .I f you . . . . . . .

early age.I . . . . . . .

r f r . . . . .I . . . . . . . . . .everything.

(need) my parents' ermission f[wan| to go to drama school.

. .. (stay) at school until I'm(be) oo ate.

..... . . . want) o be an actor,Yo u(have) o start your training at an

(have) o give up football f I(go) to classes fter school.

.. (study) at drama school,. (have) enough ime for

@ Work in pairs. Look at this conversation betweenKristian and his friend Josh, then answer thequestions that follow.

Kristian: I'm thinking about oining the dramaclub.

Josh: What? (6) If you ioin the club. )zou'llhaveto give up football and you're our bestplayer.

Kristian: I know. (7) If the drama club met onWednesdavs. could do both.

Josh: But the club doesn't meet on Wednesdays.What are you going o do?

I Does osh want Kristian o ioin the drama club nsentence 6)?WhY [not)?

2 Does he drama club meet on Wednesdaysaccording o Kristian n sentence 7) ?

3 Do both Josh and Kristian alk about a realpossibility n (6) and (7)?

@ u n n t

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Listening ffax.&

(l Work in small groups and answer thesequestions.

I Where are the extras n the Photos?2 Have you or anyone you know ever been an extra?

3 Would you like to be an extra? Why [not)?

@ Vou will hear Vanessa from Extras Agency talkingabout being an extra. Before you listen, readthrough the information below. What informationdo you think is missing in each space (e.g.

number, dote, noan, verb, adjective, etc.)?

Exam odvice. Be careful with spelling, specially f you are given

the spelling f the word n the recording r if it is avery common word, e.g. MondaY.


O {?} Listen to the recording twice and for eachquestion, ill in the missing nformation n thenumbered space.

VocabularyDescrii:ing cople

O {A Film director, Darrilus Hassi, is looking foran actor for his latest film. His assistant Marti

telephones an agency and speaks to Harry. Lookat the pictures and listen to the recording. Put atick (/) next to the actor Marti chooses.

I Work in pairs to complete the mind map on page75 with these words.

attractive bald beard beautiful biafid@broad houlders curlY dark fairgood-looking grey long medium eightmoustache pale plain red scar shortslim straight wavy

,f ##,f d,ff#,f ,ffErlrats Agenc?

Extrars:. ^??e^v i\ c"ods

e btry lhirrgs \ (l) .

e sraggovt govfs events, efc.

Are $lrqs t,rarzte rt t^ry ,rvea?

Fiq/ oht by lookitg arf fhe @

Whslabeqk94No iprif. flsk gatvetfs €o" ge'u,rissio\ Q hder

oWhart awe z\irectorS lookW Qor arl the

t.tot.reht?, looL 16 yeavs ol),

e matxivaqu 1,7 lrl

o hotv€ i\fevesfi\g @)

What sad€x?€ct?Usraatlly16 hotrvs ar Aay,6 Aays e' weeL, Aayo€Qo\ 6t^Jheve catrr I get r4ove i*ovr'rrr+iorr?

Pho\e Vrr\essot (4)www.extvatsextvars.cowr

@ 'n't t

ov visif

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,- l






I A{ectives enerally obeforethe ounandwe dont

.J*afV uslemo'e han wo adectives efore

each oun: veYT wtce

a tn ny youfhclub' here are 'ouipirls:"*

b /vlybesfriend has hair ndyes black'

z When here are wo a{ectives ogether' we-generally-

p"iinl "ptniona4jecttve efore he fact adecfive:'c

Af fhe beginnlngt' he ln' ayoung andsome an s

sifflng n a caf6'

d He falkso a wonanwho s wearing whlt'e eaufiful

dress's When here are wo act adectives ogefher'rae

generally utthose hat dis"'ibe shape r size before

those describing colour:

e l've nade o new riendwifh black hort' hair'

U " ,,n"" ln a housewlth a green big garden'

@ Uarry from the agency describes ne of the actorsas honesf and reliable. Write the opposites ofthese character adjectives.I hard-working !.nVq2 smart

., u

3 noisy4 mean

@ aAa un-, im- or dis- toadiectives negative.

11L . friendly patient. . . . . . . . . .leasant . . . . . . . . honest

@ naa -fut or -less o these nouns to makeadjectives. Watch your spelling!

5 rude6 calm7 confident8 warm

make these character


child . . fool .

chee r . . . . . . . . . . . . .h o p e . . . . .

. Is hopeful he opposite of hopeless?

naa -ish to these nouns to make adjectives. Becareful with your spelling.

Nationali ty: Finn . . . . . . . .Turk. . . . . . . . . .. . Bri t . . . . . .. . .Swede Sco t . . . . . . . . .

Behaviour: selfbaby. . . . . .

O PET candidates often make mistakes withadjective order. Read the rules at the top of thepage and correct one mistake in each of theexamples a-f that follow.

wonder. . . .beauty .

Speaking XlartXQ Work in pairs. Add the other letters of the English

alphabet n the correct place n this pronunciationtable.

A {G}Listen to the recording and check youranswers.

O |fi) @ pnf candidates often make spellingmistakes. Listen to the first part of the recording.You will hear a single word followed by asentence ncluding this word. Think carefullyabout spelling and write down the single wordyou hear. For example:

Recording: For. 've bought a present or you.You write:

forRecording: Four. My dog s four years old.You write: for,rr

@ @I Listen to the second part of the recording andcheck your spelling of each word.

@ Work in pairs. Student A says the words on page173 to Student B who writes them down. ThenStudent B says the words on page 174 or StudentA to write down.

A oP) L) l-) r a

L n a R

This s mer @

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Exam advice

. T h e e X a m i n e r w i | l a s k y o u g e n e r a | q u e s t i o n s a b o u tyour ame, here ou ive, our aily outine,hingsyou ike nd dislike, tc. i. Try o givemore han a one-word nswer. ,

. Youwillbe asked o spell our urname, o makesure ou knowhow o do t. ;

trrtuJi&+i4.4{4 !i

@ {At Listen o three extracts rom a PET speakingtest and complete he table below. Be careful withthe spelling of the students' surnames.

3 Where do you live / come from?

fruofi I 3) (4)

4 Do you study English? Do you like it? Why (not)?

lLi(as i Prefers Useful or me andit 's a(6)language

5 What other questions does he examiner ask?D" y"" th-k-lwh"t did y"" d"*l wh"t d;y"r .;l"yi

: '- '""': . '- .- 'DC USCIUI IO T

lyou n the l11O utur" li

? do ing n your

{Gt tistett to the recording again and answerthese questions.

I Do you think the candidates nswer heir astquestions well? Why [not)?

2 What does Eduard say when he doesn'tunderstand he examiner's uestion?

3 Does he examiner epeat he same question oEduard?

Work in groups of three. Take turns to be theexaminer. The examiner asks each student thefirst four questions from the table and choosesone Question 5 for each student.

Grammariii; ri* l:n* /?uil;*:i&*i *i: .l

; ' l : page 127 Granmat"r*ference;$co andfior/neithern

O {e Listen to and read what Ken says and circlethe answer on the right which is true for you.Complete the phrase where necessary.

'My name's Ken.' 'Sois mine.' '{t@

'I'm 15 years old. ' 'Soam I. ' 'ReaIIy?I'm'I've got two brothers.' 'So houe .' 'Oh! I'ue g'I live in Taipei.' 'Sodo I.' 'Do you?'I don't like football.' 'Neitlrcr/Nordo I.' 'I really Li'I went to the cinema.' 'Sodid I. ' 'I went ...'

'I haven't been to Paris.' 'Neither/Norhove .' 'I haue. w

O {Al Zosia is from Krakow, Poland. Listen toZosia and answer appropriately using one of thephrases on the right from Exercise 1. Be careful!Zosia does not always use the same verb as Kenand her sentences do not follow the same order.'Vy llunoets ?osia"' 'My +tnn"e's Drrvid"''I'w, $raw KrnKrw.' 'I'w 'wot, 'w firow r4d.laVn,


@ Work in pairs. Take urns to say a sentence boutyou. Your partner should answer using a suitablephrase.

trnve!"Xi*1adweetiug iaap!-e

lEnglish ill I(8)lhp r r se f r r l o r le useful or ] i(9)Lyouinthe I i ? lQ\ Puture ? |: r -'- r ----_l -----



I What's your name?

12What's your surnameS

@ un't

Page 74: Complete Pet Student Book

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Writing Xlar&Q Work in small groups. Read the extract from the Cambrid-ge

Learner's Dictionary about punctuation and answer this question.o Which of the uses are the same n your language?

Remember: we also use a capital etter for the personal pronoun 1,e.g. love skiing (not ffi$.

@ Vnf candidates often make mistakes with punctuation. There isno punctuation in sentences 1-5. Rewrite them to be correct.

I i am keen on tshirts rousers nd ackets2 ill send a present o marina i hope she ikes it3 say hi to your sister ee ou soon gari4 i cant come o your english esson n monday5 my blanket s like a penguins skin its black and white

@ nead Pablo's nswer (he sMyra's cousin). Do you thinkhis teacher gave him fullmarks? Why (not)?

1{ /Qra'

1 an vQC!hapyg b,ecouse ot arz

Qoayry. n tallts/t v/t/t s/tort lnir b/xe..ey-qt a4 i alv4jq vQ4r ng /avorttblue ca-p. lat do you look ltle? Lets

neet outslde le resturant Vtill ls inthe statron

@ ttow read what Pablo's eacherwrote about his answer.

You nqte itcladed a!! lhreepoi+t5 ryd yo1,r,l*nve oqae-etedIt"ese poi+rti ogelher we!"!..However, cau'i qive qou FuL!-

; u uw6fKs becrlAse tolA htnuewade

severa!. uislnKei witt't spe!.Ii+Va'ttd pu+rctuatio+. -

o @ Underline the three points inPablo's answer and circle thewords Pablo uses to connectthese points. Correct Pablo'sfive spelling mistakes and hisfive mistakes with punctuation.

@ Write your own reply to theexam question in Exercise 3.

@ work in small groups. Readeach other's answers to see ifyou have included the threepoints and if you have madeany mistakes with spelling orpunctuation.

capital letter r the first letter of a sentence: ootball s very populor nBritain.

. for countries, ationalities, anguages, eligions, amesof people, laces, vents, rganisations, rademarks,days, months, itles: Portugal, Africa, Russla, tc.

r for titles of books, ilms, etc.: Motrix Reloaded. for abbreviations: OPEC. AIDS.WWFr the end of a sentence: 'm going for awalk.r sometimes fter an abbreviation: MartonRd. / Mrs.

White Dr. Evans

full stop Uperiod US

comma r between tems n a list: I need some eos, butter, sugarond eggs.

r to show a pause n a long sentence: lrcy didn't wont toeat before 'd arrived, but I wos an hour lpte.

. when you want to add extra nformation: The woman,who I'd met last week, waved as she went past.

. for missing etters: don't, 'll, it's (it is)

. for possessives: oul's bike,o Note: words ending n 's ' don't need another s' added:


. to oin two words ogether: lue-black

This s mer @

Page 75: Complete Pet Student Book

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Unit7 Voco"bulory nd grnmmclr eview

Grammar@ Complete sentences


too or enougll andthese adjectives.

big cold ffi expensive oldsleepy thick warm

It was nearly midnight and t was . . . . tpq dnrfto see anything.I'd like to wear those shoes but they aren't

Ior me. l'm size 44.Put the heating on, please. t's notin this room.You can't skate on the lake. The ce sn't

to be safe5 I must go o bed. 'm

awake any onger.to stay

6 You're nly 16 so you ' re ot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .to drive a car on the road.

7 Put a sweater n . t 's . . . . . . . . . . . . to gooutside n just a T-shirt and eans.

tItt"lt'lked hat omtt:1..|,'t"',t"'iff'

@ Circle'the eorrect option in itatics for eachconversation l-6

1 A: How's Andrea hese days?B: she 'U

/6AA@n have a baby.2 A: Have yoffiT-l-ny plans for tonight?

B: Yes, meet /'mmeeting Ryan at 9 o'clock.

3 A: You ook rather ired.B: Yes, think | 'm going 'll go to bed early.

4 A: What time do you have o go home?B: The timetable says he last bus leaves is

leoving at midnight.A: My computer has ust crashed!B: Don't worry. I 'm going o /

'll fix iI.A: The score's ow England 0, Brazil 5!B: BrazllwiII / are golngto win.


@uatctr the beginnings and endings of thesesentences.

I It's much healthier o80 on

We left the terminal andgot onto

The driver and passengergot into

In big cities, many peoplego by

5 You should et other people eget off

6 The police old the men to fget out of

the car and droveto the airport.

train instead ftaking the car.

the train beforeyou 8et on.

foot than to sit ina car or a bus.

the car and puttheir hands up.the plane, after asix-hour delay.

@ Complete he crossword with words from Unit 7.

Across6 go by boat7 underground ailway9 what winds do

11 opposite of wet13 very strong wind14 opposite of extreme16 boat for passengers

DownI like a bus, but on rails2 get onto a plane3 rainy4 when the sky is cgvere5 between cold an( warm8 trip in a plane \9 bicycle

10 between hot and cool12 go by bicycle or horse15 very cold, rozen solid

@ u n n t

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Unit Vocobulary nd grommnr review

Angelique, also (1) ........(n?w*.....as "Ihe African Queeri, s *rne cfthe greatest emale singers {2}

the wqrld. $hewas born in Cctono*, Benin, West{fr ica , and she 3)in Cotonou with €ight br*thersand sisters, Her uncles, a*nts

and grandparents c*nre frornOuidah, a ssrall village. She v/ast4l rn a v€ry openfamily. .4ngelique took(5)she was six years oid. Angeliquei s g o o d ( 6 ) . . . .languages and sings n Freneh,English and. wo African languages:Fon and Yornba.

By tlie 1980s Angelique real-ibed,' U n l c s sI { 7 ) . . .

Benin, tr'll have problerns,' ln i983she left for Paris, France, whereshe ritudied bcth Jaze and Law Shecouldn't decide between being aiawyer or a rnusician but thought,'! will rnake a bigger differenceto t he world {8) . . . .I becorne a rnusician'and so she

developed her music career. $hefirst {9} .. . . . . . .er futurehusband, who is musician andproducer |ean Hebrailo at I-e CIM, ajazz school in Faris" Now they bothlive in New York with their teenagedaughter, $he Lras lsn been aGoodwitl Ambassador for UNICEF(10) 2002, helpingto bring edueation to children allover the world, i* particular inAfrica.



this text and choose he correct word for each space.



@ Complete these conditionalsentences, using your own ideas.

I If I didn't have o go to school,T'd p!-ay toolbn!-!. n!.!. dny., U U

2 I'd be extremely ngry f ...3 I f I go o bed ate, . .4 lf l found a dog, . .5 I often get embarrassed f ...6 Unless t ra ins ,7 I ' l l have a party f . . .8 If I don't help at home, ..

@ Read these sentences aboutRebecca's cousin, Tobias.Complete the second sentenceso that it means the same as thefirst, using no more tlnn threewords.

I My cousin Tobias ived inInnsbruck. Austria until he was18years ld .My cousin Tobias. . . . . . . . . . . . fr. rcw.. . . . . . . . . . . .p n Innsbruck,

Austria.2 He's ather short and his hair iscurly and red.He's ather short and he

... . . . . . .urly red hair.He oves playing chess and I\do,too. \He oves playing chess and

. . . . . . o .He'll come and visit me thissummer f he doesn't have owork in his dad's caf6.He'll come and visit me thissummer .. . . . e hasto work in his dad's caf6.He doesn't have enough money,so he won't travel by plane.If he had more money, he

... by plane.

unita @

l A t o l d B c a l l e d C n a m e d D C I @2A of B in C on D a t3 A grew up B got on with C grew D born4 A set up B sorted out C brought up D grown up5A on B off C out D up6 A i n B a t C o n D o f7 A leave B don't eave C will leave D won't leave8A when B unless C if D so9 A knew B found out C made up D met

l0A for B in C since D ago

O PET candidates often make mistakes with punctuation andspelling. Correct one mistake_ teqch of the following sentences.

I I'm busy all week except riday. ..,'2 I only go shopping f I have o becouse most of the shops are

expensive.3 When I woke up, I did'nt have breakfast because t was ate.4 We had a party for my sisters birthday last Sunday.5 My favourite place o eat s a typical italian restaurant near here.6 I've just received our letter. You ask wich films I like best.7 When I'm at home, often were an old T-shirt and eans.8 I am so surprised by what he has done. cannot belive t.

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Fit and healthy

Q Answer questions 1-8 the quiz.

Some, ut don't nowhowmuch should o.At east 0 minutes day more f I have ime.As ittle s possible.

shopping withfriendswatching TVrollerblading, layingfootball, r doinganother sport


3-4 timesmost days

A Go or a rideonyourbike, rgo outfora walk.

B Chat on hecomputer ithyour

friends.C Text our riends o

suggest meeting up in a caf6.

walkup he stairsrun up he stairswait or he ift

I'mexhausted.l 'm itso feelfine.I am a bit out of breath.

fine,but l'd love o have a bit more energyfull of energy all he time

Starting off


You oin nand un hefurthest ndfastestyou don't ike o lose.Aftera minute r woyousiton he grassagain or awell-deserved est.

C You ay'No wayl'Youreally islike unningarouno.






slow and iredallthe ime

@ unit

Page 78: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 78/236

ok at your score on page 174.Do you think youhould make any changes o the way you live?

tening Fart 4f You are going to hear two young peoplelking about health. Read the first part of theirnversation, then listen and fill in the missing

ords which show agreement or disagreement.

Kelly: They keep saying on TV things like'today's teenagers re unfit andunhealthy', and I iust don't believe t.

ason: (1) .. . . There's ll this stuffabout us not getting enough exercisebecause we're watching TV or playingcomputer games all the time, when infact nowadays everyone s mad aboutsports.

Kelly: Well, (2) .. . . . . . . . , ut certainlya lot of young people are doing activethings. Perhaps more than oldergenerations id.

pairs or groups, think of other expressions hatow we agree or disagree with somebody. Whiche polite, and which show strong disagreement?

f Look at sentences l-6, then listen to the restKelly and Jason's conversation. Decide if eachntence s correct or incorrect. If it is correct, putick (/) in the box under A for YES. f it is notrrect, put a tick (/) in the box under B for NO.

Kelly hinks that people's iets noware ess healthy han n the past.Jason and Kelly share he sameopinion about people not sleepingenough.Kelly believes hat cycling o school s

becoming more popular.Kellysays hat air pollution in thecities s getting worse.

Jason says hat Kelly s often ll.In the end, Jason and Kelly agreeabout young people's ealth.

Vocabularyl i lnesses and accicients

O {6) Listen to this extract from Listening part 4and answer the questions.'ealghs and colds and sore hroats: perhaps a headacheor a stomach che'

o How do you say he underlined words?r What do they mean?

@ ln pairs or groups, put these words under thethree headings.

aspirin bandage bruise cut disease earache:flu fracture high emperature injection ifrJury,medicine operation pill plaster plaster ast l,sOrail _tablet wound X-ray


@ In pairs, write ten short sentences with wordsfrom the table, using the points below to help you.Remember that we normally use my, your, their,etc. with parts of the body.. We form verbs rom the 'accident' nouns (e.g. She

injuredher eg; 've cut my thumb).r We :use ave or have gof with the 'illnesses' (e.9.He's got flu; She got a high temperature).

r We rse hove, ake or put on with the 'treatments'(e.g. 've had an operation; oe ook a pill for hisheadache; nurse put a bandage n my arm).

@ feU your partner about any illnesses or injuriesyou have had (for instance when doing sports),then say what treatment you had, usingexpressions from Exercise 3 and the words in thetable.







/_, t ll t l



Fit and healthV@

Page 79: Complete Pet Student Book

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GrammarWhkh. that, wlt*, u/,&c"ss,.,v&ennclwher* clilu$os[c]efiningnd ncn-definingJ

*ffi pug. 127Grammar eference.Which,hat,who,whosewhen, where clauses deflning nd non-defintng)

O Wittr a partner, read this text about sports

injuries and circle the correct relative pronoun inttalics for options 1-8.

Most people 1)which d@a" regular portarehealthier, nd often eel happier, han hose 2) who/ whose do littleor no exercise. are must be taken,though, o avoid he injuries 3)when which sportcan sometimes ause. People 4) whose thattavouritesports re unning r umping, or instance, ayinjure heirankles r knees. raining 5)where thatinvolves oing he same xercise gain nd again an

do serious amage, articularlyo athletes n theirearly eens, 6)when which heir bodies are still

developing. t is mportant ot o do too much oo

soon. Everyone hould warm up' before hey beginif possible n the place 7) who where hey are going

to exercise. t is essential, oo, o follow any safetyadvice B\when thatthey receive.

A @ tisten to check your answers.

@ Complete he rules with the correct relativepronouns, hen answer the question below.

@ Q.ti"tty read this text and answer the questions.

I What is the problem?2 What solution does he speaker ecommend?

People l) ....vthp../...th^t.....workeryhard,andindividuals 2) lives are busY

in other ways,may suffer rom a kind of stress. can actually damage heir health.

One way (4) theY can reduce stress

levels s to find a time, every daY, 5)

they can relax. They should ind somethingthey enjoy doing, such as reading,

in a place (7) they feel comfortable

and unlikely to be disturbed.

@ Complete spaces -7 with relative pronouns.

@ {O Listen to check your answers.

O look at the text again and decide which ofrelative pronouns l-7 we could leave out.

@ Correct sentences -6 by adding a relativepronoun, if necessary.

wh'icln/llnr'tI The TV series^starts onight s about doctors'2 People wim h'lot are usually quite fit.3 Thai road s a place accidents re common.4 Lucy has recovered rom the illness she had.5 The boy tooth hurt went to the dentist.6 Winter is the time many people catch lu '

O work in pairs. Make as many sentenqes as you

can beginning with these words.

I Going o the dentist s something whichlriitnlens we. / I- dou''l LiKe.

2 My ioom s the Place where ..3 Watching port on TV is something hat .. .4 Sunday s the day when ...5 A good riend s someone ho ...6 A lucky person s somebody hose ..






DeftningPslative lauses

We us€ deftning elative lauses o giveessential

inforrnation bout omeone r something

We use:' O twnr. \5/

and )

and )

.. or ime


for geoPle

for things

O) forPossession'

We can eave ut a gl3fivePronoun excePt vhosd f

it is the objectof the clause:

the 4iurieswhch) pofc* "o:lyff

. Which other relative pronouns n the text are theobject of the clause and could be left out?

@ unit

Page 80: Complete Pet Student Book

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@ In pairs, look at this example of a non-definingrelative clause and answer questions l-6.

Cycling o school, whiclt is very healtlry, s more andmore common.I What is the relative pronoun?2 What is the relative clause?3 What do the commas do to the relative lause?4 Does he sentence make sense without the relative

clause?5 Can we leave out the relative pronoun?6 Can we use that to begin a non-defining elative

clause, do you think?

@ n4ate one sentence rom 1-6, using non-definingrelative clauses.

I My arm is better now. hurt it last week.My arm, which I kurt !-nst weey, s better uow.

2 My aunt works in the hospital. She's a doctor.My aunt, who is ...

3 The lake was very cold. I went there for a swim.The ake, where ..

4 Ricky s mybest riend. His sister s a nurse.Ricky,whose . .

5 In 2010 he sports centre opened. was 12 hen.In 2010, hen . . .

6 Surfing s popular n my country. really enjoy t.Surfing, which I ...

@ O Defining and non-defining relative clauses canbe difficult for students. Correct one mistake ineach of sentences 1-10 written by PET candidates.fSometimes the mistake is with;un"ctuation.)

I Her arm has a swimming pool hat we can swim.Or'ller ln o kas n swiwwiaqpoo!- lnnt we L^.14swiro" lt. '

2 I am visiting my mother who is ill.3 He has a son, hat s about my age.4 The ast book hat I read t was The Lord of the

Rings'.5 I 've met a guy, who's name s Daniel.6 I'm in Brazil, hat s a beautiful country.7 That is all what I can tell you.8 There are many places are very beautiful.9 I'll tell everyone whose know.

l0I have o

goto the airport which it is quite far fromthe city.

Vocabulary5p*rls(O tvtatctr omments -3 with pictures A-C, then

answer the question below.'Doing gymnastics an be hard work, but I want tobe the best.''I

really enjoy playing basketball it's so ast-moving.''l always ook forward to going paragliding n thesummer. '

Would you like to do, or watch, any of thesesports? Why [not)?

Fit and healthv @

Page 81: Complete Pet Student Book

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O rook at commentsgo or play - do wesports n the table.

1-3 again. Which verb - do,use with each sPort? Write the

@ tn pairs, look for patterns for which kinds ofsports often go with which verbs.

@ O PET candidates often find it difficult to put thright verb and the right sport together' Correctthe mistakes n sentences -6.


I erfuse horse iding twice a week.

You can make a lot of sports and activities'In winter you can make snowboarding.We have done able ennis.At first, we made aerobics.We played windsurfing.

@ Wittr a partner, note down as many sports as yocan that are played n these places.

^ ^ , , . + n i + ^ hu u u r L v y l r l ring stadium track


6@ aaa these sports o the table.

rathletics baseball boxing climbing cyclingfootball golf ice hockey jogging running

rskiing squash surfing swimming ennis volleyball

@t ook at the words in the box and decide if they ate clothes or equipment.

Then think about which sports they are used in and complete the mind map as for racket'

bat board boots gloves helmet net ra€ket trainers

@ Complete expressions -3 by matching the verbs

,beat draw lose scole *in l

t . . . . . . . .he^t. . . .. . . player r eam2 . . . . . a goal3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., " o I

from the box with the right nouns.tl

@ un't

a match or game

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Page 83: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 84: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 84/236

I Last trlonth went snowboardinq n Canada with rlvlrrend -uoy,who i9 a ohampion nowboarder / was +eeltnqnervous when we rcaohed the to> beoause t had starftldto snow heavilyand / oouldn't see muoh.

Luoy set o{.+"6t, but bv the ttme I Qollowed he haddigappeared. wert+ down laster and asfe( and / thouqhtI 3aw her go o4l to the riqht, so I turned (iqh+,+oo.Eut soon i oarAe o gome'oli++9 nd had o stop I wa'terri$ed. Had she gone over the edge?

/ waited and shouted, and suddenlv uoy wag there.t'd gone +he w@ng way bu't she'd heard me oalling ndeventually Ehe'd ound me. +elt sale at tagt.

@ fne story on this page has three paragraphs. Readit and decide which paragraph:

a describes he main eventsb sets he scene or the actionc states he writer's feelings afterwardsd tells us about he final evente explains what really happenedf introduces he story, saying who did what,

where and when

n ^ ^ r - ^ - r ^ ^ +

r d S [ u c t t c u t

D pug" 128Grammar e{erence' ast erlecr

@ W" use the past perfect when we are alreadytalking about the past and we want to saysornething happened earlier. In pairs, look at thisexample from the text. Then do questions 1-3.

I was feeling nervous when we reaclrcd lrc top becauseit had" started to snow heavily.

I Find five more examples of the past perfect n thetext.

2 What is the question orm of the past perfect?3 What is the short form of the past perfect?

f;tl - l


@W" often use the past perfect to form longersentences in stories. Join the sentences using thewords given and the past perfect.

I I sprained my ankle. I didn't go for fitness raining.I didn't go to fitness raining because 'd sprniuednU nuK!"e.

v2 I walked all the way home. felt tired.

I felt ired because ..3 The match started. arrived at the stadium.

By he ime . . .4 I left my trainers at home. couldn't run in the

race.A s . . .5 I decided o get fit. I took up squash.

AfterL. .

@ Wittr a partner, look at these instructionsfor Writing Part 3. Ask and answer the fourquestions in Exercise l.

Your English eacher has asked you to write a story.

Your story must begin with this sentence:

I felt nervous when the game began.

Exom adviceTry o use a range f past enses o tell yourstory,includinghe past imple,he past perfect nd hepast ontinuous.

@ Write your story in about 100 words. Use hreeor four paragraphs and include similar points tothose n a-f in Exercise .



Fit and healthl @

Page 85: Complete Pet Student Book

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A question of taste

Starting offQ Work in small groups. Talk about how the types of food and drink

have been organised. Then add three more types of food or drink toeach.

@ Discuss these questions.

What are your favourite ypes of food and drink?Are there any types of food you don't eat? Which? Why not?

Reading Xlax"{Q Work in pairs. Look at the title of the guide on page 89, the headings

and the pictures. What do you think you will have to do in thisReading Part 2 task?

@ fne following five groups of people would like to have a meal in arestaurant. Read the descriptions of the people and underline whatthe people would like and what they wouldn't like.




:, 3r: ..:ll:i

" , . , - t "

n ! r ! g r - -

: l t : : : I, . . ' -",r-+_,_q..-rE

Jasmine nd her class want o take heir eacher ut or ameal n the evening. heir eacher prefers o eat ish. They

would ike o eat somewhere ith interesting iews andthat isn't oo expensive. f- l

Jack's parents want o celebrate heir summer weddinganniversary ith the family next Tuesday. hey hate beingwith other groups f people. he amily ormally rderssteak, but Jack would ike o try something ifferent. f__l

Sara and her riends ate n Sp/der-Man's eblastweek.Theywould ike o try ano[her haracter estaurantthis Thursday. hey aren't keen on fish and can't affordanywhere xpensive.f- ]

Jon s staying i th an English-speaking riendand hisfamily. he amily would ike o take heir visitor o arestaurant ith special iews on Sunday. on would preferto eat meat ather han ish or vegetarian ood. I I

Emelie 's amily lways ave unch out on Sundays ndlove oreign ood. On his occasion hey'd prefer o booksomewhere hey can eat alone as a family, ecause Emelieleaves Sweden or a month on Monday. |

@ un'' o

Page 86: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 86/236


@ Before you read the text, thinkabout horu the details you haveunderlined in the descriptionsof the people might appear in

the text. To help you do this,answer questions l-5 below,without reading the text.

I Jasmine s looking or arestaurant hat lsn't fooexpensive nd Sara can't affordarrywhere xpensive. WhaIwords do you expect o read nthe description f their mostsuitable estaurant?

2 Jack's amily hate being with

other Broups f people n arestaurant nd Emelie's amilywant to eat alone as a family.Can you think of a solution orthem?

3 Sara and her friends wouldlike to Iry another characterrestaurant. Can you thinkof another wo possiblecharacters or a restaurant?

4 Jon's English-speaking amilyand Jasmine's lass re ooking

for a restaurant with views.Doyou think a restaurant n thebasement r inside a shoppingcentre will have special orirttgl_esting iews?

5 Emelie's amily love foreignfood. Where are hey from?

@ nead the text and decide whichrestaurant (A-H) would be themost suitable for each group ofpeople (l-5).

of ice: Enjoyour Swedish ishdisheswith a cup of hot soup.Open n winter only.Reserve ursmaller ooms or private arties.Dress armly!it:a,hiding Lace

forspies. ou't[need he password o get ntoour arge ining oom where ouwi[[share ong ables with otherspies. easonabte rices or arange f chicken, eat or ishdishes.

B IJtrJ.ts"" Restaurant

LocateJ 5-.rnJ". th" sea, l r"

LltrJers.. Restaurant is th" -orlJ's

only aquarium restaurant -h"r" yo.t

utJ on. other guests .n ,"" l i{".rnJ"t th" o""un {.o- yo.rr chuir.

Enjoy our sp"cial

range o{ {resL

{,r,rd{.o- th" r"al

C"l"t.ut" our {irst

anniversary wit l

great Jiscounts.

Not op.n {or

lrn"L on MotrJuy.

G lhe Ninja Castle

Discoverthe worldof the ninjawarrior in ourrestaurantwhich has

been designed as a ninja castle.It's conveniently located insidethe shopping centre with privaterooms for small groups. Notcheap but you can enjoy Japanesefish or meat dishes. Closed all dayTuesday.

D The lce Room

Situated n the basement of theWinter Palace, he lce Room isa very special estaurant. hetables , ha i rs nd wal ls are made


E Food fdiall,l.'

The dining room is arrangedaround an open kitchen so youcan chat o the many guests ndwatch our chefs as hr y Preparea variety ofvegetarian ishes.There's o list of prices, ust pay {''


what you can. And if you findyo\don't have enough money, you ' ''

can wash up. Closed Thursdays.

F Floor 10 0Enjoy amazing sunsets over the city

from the 100th floor at the top ofthe

Star Building as world-famous chef,

Marco Louis, prepares ood for all

tastes. We have wo private dining

rooms for small groups. At

Floor 100, expect top food for top

prices! Open Monday to Saturday.

G LighrsOff

At LighlsOff, you ond our otherguests it n o completely block /,dining room where you ore guidedond served by blind ndividuqlswho hqve been speciolly roine d

,to serve meols n the dork. Your

\three-course enu ncludesstorter, ish or vegelqriqn moincourse qnd q dessert. Price onge!mid-hi9h.

HThe Enorrnous Sieak

Youare he chet t, he En o r m o u e9t e ak in vlar hes W ldlife ? ark.Choose steak nd ookityourself nthehuge ndo r grill.Youdon't haveo worryab ul he weaLhero enjoyhis barb cueor o wa'f,chhe animalsrom ,he windows.Exp nsiv but, e omme d d.

A question oftaste@

Page 87: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 87/236

Grammareornrnarrds*ffi prgu 128Grammareference: ommands

O (z) In Reading Part2, you read about some unusualrestaurants. isten o three short recordings. n eachrecording, a waiter is giving instructions o someguests. Where s the waiter? Write 1,2 or 3 next tothe correct restaurant A-H.

A Top Secret tr E Food or allB Undersea estaurant | F Floor100


Vocabularyeourse, disfl, aad, rncsl and Piar€

OO PET candidates ften make mistakes withthe words course, dish, ood, meol and' late.Read hese extracts from the Combridge Leotner'sDictionary.

lk:ltslnoun [C]a part of a me al:a three-course inner


ld{l noun [C] foo<t that is preparecl in a particular way as part of a

meal: a cbicken/ueget(tian disbC The Ninja CastleD The Ice Room

c Lights OffH The Enormous Steak

@ (\Listen to the recordings again. Complete hewaiters' instructions 1-5 with a verb, then answerthe questions that follow.

t ....?1,tt...n thesegloves.

2 Children .. the walls Please!3 . . . . . . . . . . .. . your riendswith you next ime.4 But .Your enemies.5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . your steak o the barbecue.6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . t he g r i l l !

r What form of the verb do we use when we tellsomeonea what to dob what not to do?

. Does he form of the verb change when we talkto more han one Person?

@ Work in small groups. Imagine you are waitersat Lights Off. Remember that your guests eat in adark dining room and can't see anything. Write sixinstructions to guide them.

Lowe,iu n*^A,n,ltnis door.Dou'l worryt x'I!-Vuideaou ro TouY


@ Change groups. Take turns to give your instructionsto each other. Keep your eyes shut when you are theguests.

lfutd] noun [C, U] something that people and animals eat to

them alive: His fauourite food is pizza

lmr;\ noun [C] when you eat, or the food that you eat at thal

time: a three-course meal

keep/ '

/ t l-J*"--.gi

lpletllnoun[C] a flat, roun<t obiect which is used fbr putting food

on:aplateofbiscuits.* "."-. """ --*"'*'J

Q Aticia wrote a letter to her friend, Lee, about thefood in her country. Complete Alicia's letter usingcourses, dish, food, meals and' plate.

Deor Lee,

l'm rom Qulto, cuador. here

orc mony ifferenl ypee of(1) tBp.d-.. . . . . . . . . . .nEcuador for example: eaf,frsh, egetables, tc.We eal

three Q)o doy:breokfaei, unch nddinner.n he morning, Ymum

often eoves lfferent okeE

or breod no (3) ......... n he oble'Lunch nd

dlnnerreusuolly littleheovierhan breokfost. unchs hree

(4) ...............:sforfer, hichs oflen ou7, moin

course nd desserf. ly favourife 5)'Fonesco',whichs o leh soup, flenmode ithcod.


@ unn o

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Listening Part IQ Uow much do you remember about Listening Part

l? Circle the correct option initalics in sentences1-5 in the Exam round-up box.

hmm rourLd-up

InListening art :I There are ive @questions.2 Youmust ead achquestion arefully nd ook

atthe three four accompanying ictures.3 You isten o a short long recording or each

question nd put a tick /J in he boxunder hecorrect icture.

4 You will isten o each ecording nce twice.5 The irst imeyou hear he recordin , don't write

anything try to tick (,/) the correct box.Then,

as you isten or he second ime, heck ouranswer.

@ Work in pairs. Read his first questionfrom Listening Part I and look at the threeaccompanying ictures.

hat did Jamie

@ Wtrat do we know about Jamie's shopping rip?Complete hese sentences.r We know hat Jamie uys a (D ..ttbe p4.

....loo.th.p*ste....nd a (2 )(Pictures , B and C) .

. We don't know f Jamie uys a (3)(Picture ) or a (4) (PictureC) orq:1!.. of them Picture ).

@ {?) Listen to the first part of the recording andput a tick (/) next to the correct picture.

@ {?) Listen o the second part of the recording. syour answer still correct?

@ Work in pairs. Read he rest of the questions romListening Part 1. Underline he key words n thequestions, hen look at the accompanying icturesand think about what information vou will need

to listen for.

2 What will they take


3 What time

7 Where has the mother been?

{F}-{lr)Listen to each recording twice and choosethe correct picture by putting a tick (/) in thebox below t.


is the boy's ppoiI


l w


5 What is the free gift today?

- - - -- -: -EeE

- KWrWry MTtr

-J-- -

.@w,@ w L6 What is nearest o Rick's Diner?


to the party?

Aquest ionof tas te @

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VocabularyShops and servil:e$

Q Read his extract from the Cambrid"ge earner'sDictionory and answer the question below.

[heedrese] ounlCl 1 someone hose ob s ro wash. Icut, colour etc people's tair 2 hairdresser,s he place where you go i

.to haye your hair

washed, cut, coloured etc. J..*.--'-.-'.--..,-"-. *.^*d

r Can we use an apostrophe ['s)with both peopleand places fwork?

@ Work in small groups. Label each picture l-gwith the correct word from the box.

GrammarHare something *ne

butcher. -a




o'j'i\frf f i ;\ -^.'tr,


,t,i;:l:.,,. 'lirlr,-sali:L

@ Wnicfr of the words l-g in Exercise 2 can alsoadd 3 when used for the place?

@ In which place from Exercise 2 can you do thesethings? (More than one answer is sometimespossible.)

I make an appointment2 brty something3 borrow something4 book something5 have something epaired6 complain and ask or your money back

O {ii) Listen to three short conversations and writedown where the people have been.I . . . . 2 . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . .

O (1i}Listen to each conversation again. In smallgroups discuss what you think Layla, Lewis andCallum should do next.

,My cousin VinnieHe never has his hair cut.

He has his meals cookedfor him.He's cleaning is nailswith a fork.He had his flat cleanedlast year.He had his car washedthree years ago.

My neighbour GinnyShe has her hair cut every

three weeks.She always cooks her ownmeals.She's aving her nailsdone oday.She cleaned her flat beforelunch.She washed er scooterthis morning.

dentist drycleaner garagelibrary post office travel gent




: '#P''r:&


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&ug" 128 Grammar reference. Have somethrne oone

$ Work in pairs. Look at these extracts from therecording and the rules about have somethingdone.

Layla: I normally have my hair cut at Gabrielle's.Lewis: We're having the scooter epaired.Vicki: We had this dress cleaned ast week.


When e alkabout n action omebody oes or us,vr/e 6n use hqve onet'hing one. or example:

Layla oes ofcut' er ownhair, he has hfutcuf.

Qg1[sonefhingone e.g.She etkherhaircut)is alsopossible, utusuallyn nformal ituations nly.

@ Read this extract from the Cambrid"ge Leorner'sDictionory and the sentences about Vinnie andGinny, then answer this question.r Who is the slob?


[slnb]noun lCl nformal a azy or dirty person

@ unn o

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@ Use he sentences rom Exercise 2 to complete he table.

Here are some more situations where people have something done. Look at the illustrationsand write a sentence with the words given. Check you have used the correct form of theverb have by looking at the time adverb (now, two weeks ogo, etc.).


I Sophie trair / cut / at the momentSophie s h"avi+wner lnair cul nl ll,te wowettt

2 I / blke / repaif / two weeks ago3 John bedroom paint now

@ work in small groups. Ask andthings people do for you.

4 We / photo / take / once a year5 Our grandma hair / colour every hree weeks6 I can't send an email because e / our computer

mend / at the moment

answer questions about the

How often do you

When did you lasthave

your photo aken?your hair cut?your teeth checked?your computer mended?your bedroom painted?

BOYof 11 hasbeen old he can'tgo to school after

he had his hair cul Jack./Blenkharn's mirm, Carol,paid fl20 for Jack o have hishead decorated with the Nikelogo, eight stripes and a star.

The teachers at Sale High Schoolhave ordered Jack o go home. He willonly be allowed back at school when Jackhas his head shaved again. Mrs Blenkharnsaid: To send an 1l-year-old boy homebecause f his hair is crazy. Some of thegirls at the school have pink hair and someof the teachers have heir hair colouredregularly as well.'Dave Williams, hehairdresser, ays Styles like this are verypopular, especially as a lot of footballershave heir hair shaved ike this.'

Adapted from Munchester Euening News

llow o*let do you tnnveTaur lnair euf?I k*ve wy nair eul eveiy siX weaKs.

@ nead this short article about Jack Blenkharn and underline five

examples of have something done.@ Work in pairs. Read he extract from the Combridge eorner's

Dictionary and discuss his question.r Do you think Jack and his mum have good aste? Why (not)?

Itetstl noun [U] the ability to judge what is attractive or suitable. j

especially in things related to art, style, beautl', etc. j

A question of taste (sA

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Speaking XlartSO {A Listen to three short conversations. Ekaterina, Mateos and

Ruben are staying with English-speaking amilies. Circle heeveryday objects hey ask for.

O Work in pairs. Take turns to describe one of the objects n thepictures using expressions rom the table. Can your partner guesswhich object you are describing?

@ Answer the questions n the Exam round-up box.

Exom round-apHowmuch o you emember boutSpeaking art ? Are he ollowingsentences rue or alse? fyou hinka sentence s alse, rite what outhink s correct.1 The examiner illask you o talk on yourown about colour

photograph or about minute.2 lt'sa good dea o imagine ou are describinghe picture o someone

who can't ee t.3 Youshould escribe he places, eather, eople, veryday bjects, tc.4 You should lso alk about ow he people re eeling, hy hey are

doing he activities ndwhat hey might o afterwards.

\ 5 lfyou don't now he word or an object, ou should oint t t.d

@ {AlListen to Natalie describingone of these hree photos.Which photo is she describing?

@ rrut a tick (/) next to the

things Natalie describes.I the place2 the weather3 what the people are doing4 what he people re wearing5 everyday objects

@ Work in pairs. Take turnsto describe one of the otherphotos. Listen to your partnerand put a tick (/) next to thethings your partner describes.

What is it used for?hat is it made of?

It 's a kind of . . .It's something ike

It 's made of .. .(metal/plastic/wood/

It's used or ... ng

@ un,, o

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Writing Far&2Q trefore doing Writing Part 2, answer the questions

in the Exam round-up box.

Exom ound-upHowmuch o you emember boutWritin Part ?Complete entences l-7with he words nd phrasesfrom he box.between connect included ooen nd losespelling three uaderline

I Read he question arefullyand .important points.

2 Make sure you nclude he . . . . . . . . .your answer.

ande.:Iine.... the

points n

3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . your deas with words ike and,because, which, etc.

4 Watch your punctuation and5 Write . . . . . . . .35 nd 45 words.6 Make sure you .........our answer n a

suitable way (e.g.Hl, and Bestwishes,).7 Read our answer one more time and check hat you

@ Work in small groups. Look at the followingthree Writing Part 2 questions and underline theimportant information in each.I

You are going o have pizza ithyourclass ocelebrate he end of the year but you have orgottento ask Ryan o come oo .Write n emailtoRyan. nyour mail, oushould. apologise or he at e nvitation. inviteRyan. explain here ou are going o eat.

Write 5-45words.2

Yo{plan o go o a shopping entre n a nearby it yduring he school olidays.Write nemail o your riend aula. n your mail,youshould. invite er o go withyou. explain hy youwant o go here. suggest place o meet.Write 5-45words.

You tayed t yourcousin's ome ver he weekendand you've ust ealised ou eftsomething ehind.Write nemailto lex. nyour mail, oushould. thank im. describe hat you eftbehind.

suggest owyou


he object ack.Write 5-45 words.

@ Remember n Writing Part 2 you may have othank someonq explain, inuite, apologise rsuggest. or questions -5, complete he secondsentence o hat it means he same as he first. Becareful with verb forms.

invite you before.to inV{e you

I want to have my haircut. That's why I'd like to

\go to the shopping centre.I'd like to go to the shopping centre

. ....Iwant to have my hair cut.How about coming oo? We'll have a great ime.Would you ike .. . . . . . . .oo? We'll have agreat ime.

4 Why don't we meet outside he station?Let 's . . . . . . . . . . . . . . outside he stat ion.

5 It was very kind of you to invite me to stay. had a-lot of fun.Thank you very much or ... . . . . . . e tostay. had a lot of fun.

@ Underline the words in Exercise 3 which are usedto thonk someone, exploin, invite, apologise andsuggest.

@ Choose one ofthe Writing Part2 questions aridwrite your answer. When you have finished,make sure you can answer yes to these fivequestions.

'l Have you ncluded all three points?2 Have you connected our ideas with and, but, etc.?3 Have you checked or mistakes with spelling or

punctuation?4 Have you opened and closed he email?5 Have you written 35-45 words?

@ Work in small groups. Read each other's emails.Can you answer yes to the five questions above?

I I 'm very sorry hat I forgot of.m r*ry f" ..lo-rVsi1;oUbefore.

A question ftaste @

.... ll three points, written to the

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Unit Voco"bulory nd grnmmclr eview

Grammar{p naatctr hese beginnings (r-6) and endings

(a-f),then add relative pronouns from the box to formcomplete sentences.

that wheff when where who whose


@Circle the correct option in italics in each of thesesentences.

1 Skiers have to wear good@FE / boots trainersto keep heir hands warm.

2 Last week I was coughing and I had a really hurt /sore injured hroat.

3 In last night's ootball match, Brazllwon beatdrew Ihe United States -0.

4 I'd cut my arm quite badly, so the medtcinenurse patient at the hospital put a bandage on it.

5 Nowadays, many people ake have have got aninjection o stop hem catching lu. \

6 I was practising hitting the ball with a'baseballr acke t /ba t /boa rd .7 Lydia is good at ogging / gymnastics athletics,

particularly the long ump and 100 metres.8 If I have a headache, usually take a medicine

piII / treatmenf with a glass of water.9 After I fell off my bike, I had a big black bruise

flu / disease n my leg.l0 The two boxers walked nto the ring / pitctt /

courr, both hoping o become World Champion.



d took place were exciting.e husband s very l l .

f people catch lu.

home, ut ssoon s hearrived e 11)(stari)he match.quickly12)

that n he past(13)

stronger layershan im, nd (14)... . . .sure hat could in.

Suddenly,hough,(15). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .s l ip)on he wet rass nd 16) ... . . . . . . .fall),| (17) .... .. .. ..know)mmediatelyhat(18) (twist) yankle uite adly, o hatwas he nd f he ame, (19) .........go)ohospitaloran X-ray,nd ortunately(20) ... . . .. . . . . .(not roke)t. Butafter hat never 21)(wear) y'lucky'rainers gainl

(realise)(play) gainst



Su+tdnt is llt"e day wt*ett X reb* nt h,owe.U U

Sunday s the day -, a cut his hand.All the races \ b tennis s played.Winter is the time \ c I relax at home.James s the boyA court s a place

That's he woman

@ f,ut the words in the correct order, starting withthe word that has a capital letter. Add commas toform non-defining relative clauses.

I a swimming champion is / Zara only 14is / who Znra, wlno s oultX14, s R swtwnit7cw,.wpto+I. u

2 we play tennis / the weather good In summerwhen / is

3 won / the best player of.all / was / whoseStevie team

4 we live / a lot of pollution / is / where In the citycentre there

5 better now / who / My brother an accident isfeeling had

6 a team sport on a court / which / is /Volleyball is played

@ Complete the text using the past simple or thepast perfect of the verbs in brackets.

My irst tennis matchAt en 'clockast aturday orning,(1) ..wns...be )

readyo playmy irst eal match t he ennis lub,(2) (practise)ll heprevious eek ndI really3) .. .....feel) ood, speciallys(4) (bring) y uckyrainers.

When (5) (put)hem n, walked ntothe ourt. noticedhat he grass 6) (be)very et, s t (7) .. . . . . . . .rain) ot he nightbefore, ut hat 8) .. .......not eem)mportant.

Jack,he other layer,9) (be) ittlelate ecause e 10)... . . . . . . . . (leave)is acket t



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Unit10 Voco"bulory nd grnmmor review


restaurant. ou should to your

@ Complete these sentences using the correct formof hove something done.lJse the correct tense andan obiect, as in the example (lis car).

I My uncle didn't have ime to wash his car beforemy cousin's wedding, so he ha.d..la,is.a!:..4/nsl+e.d.at the garage.

2 My sister ried to cut her own hair but it lookedterrible. ow she . . . . . . . . . . .. . . t hehairdresser.

3 I wanted o have a nice photo for my passpqrtso . . . . . . . . .. . . .by a professionalphotographer.

4 We live on the ninth floor and we can't clean hewindows ourselves ecause t's dangerous. Once

VocabularyQ Complete entences -5 with a suitable verb, henanswer the question below.

I Youshould ....*uKe/b-aq.K.an appointment o seethe dentist f you have oothache.

2 If you are not happy with something n a

waiter.3 If you are organising a meal or a group of friends,

you should emember o. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a table nthe restaurant.

4 You don't need o buy books, you can

s v"" iri;;;;,"ll'"Tut;T"il,"l'l:Tl;"'."owo.broken hings yourself.

o Do you agree with this advice?

@ Wei s a student rom China. He has written aletter to his English-speaking riend, Freddy,about estaurants. Correct nine more mistakes nthe letter. Then write a suitable reply.

\nr treddv,YeCetve

Iwaspfeasedo reciwdvouretter,l aYaeallYinterestingn resturants. ou now'rnChineseand likeChineseood. hineseood revery irrd.My avouriteoodschickennd llkind f chickenfood.thirrk hickerrrequile 00dna Chineserestaurant hat swhatny think. hope ou doywithyour nealnexlaturday.lnsewritearrdellne allabouttYours,


a m o n t h , e . . . . . . . .window cleaner.

5 When the car broke down, my dad tried to repair tbut he couldn't. n the end heat the garage.

6 When I was a baby drew all over my bedroomwalls. My parents were both working andcouldn't paint the walls themselves. o hey. . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . / . . . . by a painter.

@ Here are some sentences aboutBella's party.

Complete the second sentence so that it means thesame as the first, asing no more tlwn tltee uords,

I The hairdresser ut my hair before went to theiparty.1....h^d-..W..hnj.r....ut before went to the party.

2 When t gJt to the party, Bella old me to put mycoat n her bedroom.When I got to the party, Bella said,

vour coat n mY bedroom!'

I stayed until the party finished.I . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .eave nti l the party inished.

I really enjoyed Bella's party.L . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . , . . . . . . . .r ea l ly ood ime a t Be l l a ' sparty.You should go to her next party.If I were you, .. . . . . . .. . . . go o her next party.

. . b y a

unit o @

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Gonserving ature

Listening Fax"&Q Wtrat do you know about

wildlife is it famous or?

@ In which continents, countries or parts of theworld do these creatures live naturally?

@ fnint of two more statements about animals andask your group if they are true or false.

Snakes re completely deaf. a

Starting offQ Work in small groups. Match the animals initolics with pictures A-H, then decide whetherstatements l-8 are true (T) or false (F).

I Tigers an swim very well. -f

2 Polarbears are eft-handed.3 Kangoroos an't walk backwards.4 Ostriches ury their heads n sand.S Lions sleep up to 20 hours a day.6 Eleplnnts are afraid of mice.7 Bats can't see anything.8 Bears an run as ast as horses.

\ \

India? What kinds of

@ Before doing Listening Part 2, answer hequestions n the Exam round-up box.

Exam round-upHowmuch o you emember bout istening art2? Completehe ollowingnformation ith hesewords nd phrases.

instruetiens key kind oneor wo ownsecond similar six three twice

Begin Listening art 2 by studying he(1) ...inst.ructiBns...to et an idea of the topic.There illbe 2J.. . . . . . speakers nd ouwillhear he ecording3) .. . . . . . . . . . Thereare 4).. . . . . . questions r unfinishedstatements ndyou must hoose ne of(5) possible nswers. efore herecording s played,ookat each uestion nd ldecide hat 6) . ...of nformations I

needed. lsounderlinehe 7) /words n he question r unfinished tatementgfdoptions , B and C.Then isten or expressions it htg) or oPPosite eanings o these.Try o think of your g) answer oreach uestion,hendecide hich ption s mostlike t.Check ouranswers he (10)timevou isten.


@ un', t


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@ Stuay questions -6 for Listening Part 2 below.For each question or unfinished statement,underline he key word(s). Then do the same oreac\of options A, B and C.

@ {AIFollow the exam instructions. Listen forexpressions ith similar or opposite meanings othe words you underlined to help you choose youranswers.

Youwill hear youngwoman alled ucytalking bout er rip o lndia o see wildlife.Foreach uestion ut a tick U) in he correctbox.

I Whatdoes Lucy ayabout he hotel?AE The bed was veryuncomfortable.BL__l Her oom had a wonderful iew.C I lt was a longway rom he park.

Theguide newwhere he iger was becauseAfl he had seen t from he car.

-BL__l another uidewas watching t.C L__l other nimals ad noticed t.

Lucy oton he elephant yclimbingAI upa ladder.BL__l a nearby ree.

C | onto he car.

4 When hey irstsaw he iger, t was

Conserving ature @

Al I resting fter a meal.sleeping n he ground.lookingor ood.

Lucy elt safe because he believedha tAE tigers n ndia ever ttack umans.B

L__lhe iger wouldnotattack he elephant.

C | this igerwas oo old o be dangerous.

6 The ourists ere allowed oAI get out of he car.BL_l feed he monkeys.C l photograph he iger.

Vocabulary$uffiNes: -izn, *&t18fi, ,"ientr

O t ook at these nouns in itolics from the recordingand answer the questions.

... as he advertisemen t aid ..

. . . after some reparations ..

. . . n o u r d i r e c t i o n . . .

I What is the verb form of each noun?2 Which suffix does each noun have? Which noun is

plural?3 Which noun drops he letter e' from the verb

form? Why?

@ Work in pairs. Write the noun forms of the verbsin the box and then put them into t\ee groupswith the endings -ment, -ttion or -iori. Be carefulwith any spelling changes.

adnfrire announce attract celebrate collectcomplete confirm connect create develop

rdisappoint discuss educate enjoy entertainlexamine excite improve inform invent: nvite move pollute prevent protect :r elax replace reserve translate


@ Underline the stressed syllable n all the nounsyou wrote in Exercise , then decide f you cansee any patterns.

ndwirilriou a,n+ol^+rceweqf

@ Complete he newspaper story on page 100 withthe noun form of these verbs.

, attract celebrate connect direct disappointinfurrft invent invite move translate

O det Listen to the recording to check your answersto Exercise 4.

@ tG) Listen to the answers and repeat hem withthe correct word stress.


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Scientists use rubber ducksin Arctic experimentNASA cientists re aiming o get useful(l) ....i#srwqtjp:n.... bout globalwarmin fromtheir atest 2) . : Arctic ubberducks. They have put 90 of the toys nto holes na Greenland lacier, huge mass f ice m-oving nthe ( : ) . . . . . . . . . . . o f the sea. hey hope haticebergs nd pieces f ice with the ducks nside willmelt and hen be found by localpeople. his willtell the scientists ot about the (+)of this glacier, hy this s faster n summer, nd ts(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . with globalwarming. ach uck hasthe words scienceexperiment' nd reward'on t, with .

a (6) into two other anguages. hereis also an email address nd an (z) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .owrite to NASA.So ar, o the (8) . .. . . . f the

scientists, obody has emailed.ut they believe he

(9) . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . o f a big reward i l l bring esults .So, fyou find a NASA ubber duck on a beach ear you,

it couldbe a cause or (10)

GrammarThe passlve: resent nd pa$t imple

# pug* 128Grammar eference The passive. resent ndpast mpte

O Wittr a partner, look at sentences A-D andanswer questions l-6.

A Tigers very rarely attack people.B People are very rarely attacked by tigers.C The guides allowed the tourists o take photos'D The tourists were allowed to take photos'

I Which two sentences re active and which two arepassive?

.2 Which two sentences escribe n event n thepast?

3 Whichtwo sentences se a form of be and the past

participle ol the verb-r4 What s the subject nd what s the object n A?

How is B different?5 What s the subject nd what s the object n C?

How is D different?6 What information s in sentence C, but not in

sentence ?

@ Now decide which of these rules describe activesentences and which describe passive sentences.Write 'A for active or 'P' for passive next to rulesl-5 on the right.







, W"off"n see his n formaltexts e'g'newspaper

rePorts, extbooks' tc P

2 We use his a ot whenwe are sPeaking' r writing

informaletfers' stories' etc

3 We use his wh€nwe are nore nterested n the acfion

fhanwho rwhat id t

+We use his whenwe saywhoor whatdid he acflon'

5 We can add y+noun f tis imPortantto aywno

"i-ntt r,, ,t uut " oiten eavehis out'

@ Complete sentences -6 using the words inbrackets and the correctnassive{orm of the

present simple or the PastsimPle.

I The mountain oad ts *qtf ysed . (not use) nwinter.

2 When was ..i..la.es!,nt+d tsaayelsl . (the sland /discover)

3 Sometimes. irdsas high as aeroplanes.

4 The young zebra . . . . . . . .hungry lion, but it escaped.

5 W h a t i m e . . . . . . .feed) oday?

6 The shark ... .


(not / notice)until it was very close o the boat.

@ O In the passive, we normally use the 'weak'

forms of the words are, was and were. Listen andpractise saying sentences 1-3.

/e/I These dre known.as he Spring Gardens'.

/wa/2 The flowers uere planted n March.

/wez/3 The grass uas cut in April and May.

(see) lying

(chase) y a

@ unn t

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@ Rewrite these sentences o make them passive. Donot use by in any of the sentences.

I They catch a lot of fish here.A !"ol ol {isk n t cnuTb't here.

2 People aw wo giraffeK ear he trees.3 Somebody wrote a poem about his waterfall.4 They grow rice n the east of the country.

5 One small cloud hid the moon.6 They don't allow cars n the National Park.7 Fire partly destroyed he forest.8 Nobody old us about he crocodiles n the river.

O {O Listen to the recording to check your answers.Then repeat the sentences, paying specialattention to the pronunciation of ore, was and.were.

Reading Fart 4Q Read his essay written by a Geography tudent

and match meanings a-h with underlinedexpressions -8.

fuel hat s used n carsvehicles used by everyone

things that are thrown awayusing ess electricity, as, etc.changes n the Earth's weatherbig container where empty bottlesare putpower from the sunusing materials again






Thewholeworld eels he effects of 0) clnatg-ch4lg9, so we all need o do whot we

aan +oprevenf hings getting Worse. The ise in fempgralures s partly caused by fheuse of coal and 2) pefrol,so (3) enerav onservafion s important. We cdn do fhis, orinsfance, y using 4) public ronsport nslead of thg gqq, eeping he healing 11rn9ddown,and making ure he lighfs are switched ff when we go ouf. (5) ReeypJkg, oo,is essenfial, o gloss confdiners hould e taken o +he 6) bottle bank, old newspapersand magazines ollecfed, nd differentkindsof (7) rubbish laced n separafe bags. Wecdn dlEohelpby using ess waler around he house, nd parftcularlyn sunny ounlries- ueing 8) solar enelw to heaf our wafer. losf of these are quile small hings, buf ifeveryone oes hen, they mightmokea dlfference!






Conserving nature @

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9 Q,ti"t ty read the text lnternationol ClimateChampions and answer Question 1 (on the right)only.

@ nead the second paragraph of the text again andthink of a possible answer to Question 2. Thenfind the underlined words that share ideas with

each optionA-D, and write A, B, C or D next to

each. Then answer these questions.

o Which option s correct?. why are the others wrong?

@ nead the third and fourth paragraphs andunderline the words that match each optionA-D in Questions 3 and 4. Then decide which iscorrect.

@ quictty read the whole text again and decideyour answer for Question 5. Why are the other

options wrong?

Exam ound-upWhatdo you knowabout Reading art ? Answerthese uestions.I Does Question always ocus on he writer's

purpose?2 Do Questions ,3 and 4 usually ocus n act,or on

opinion nd attitude?3 Does Question normallyocus n detail, r on he

general eaning?4 Should ou begin yreading uicklyhrough he

text,or he questions?5 ls t best o thinkof yourown answer o each

question efore ou ookat options -D?6 ForQuestions -4,is he nformationou need

foreach nswer suallyn one paragraph, r ndifferent arts of the ext?

What is the writer's main purpose n this text?

A to give details about how to become a ClimateChampion

B to explain why the Earth's climate s changingso quickly

c to say what some people are doing aboutclimate change

What does rene say about he sea?A The water near he island s now dirty.B Many types of fish have disappeared.C There s oil and gas under the water.D It can provide power for the island.

What does Ding believe about climate change?

A It is certain o get much worse. ---,-----\B Air pollution does not cause t.C It is wrong to blame China for it.D It is caused only by rich countries.

Sophia hinks that young people should

A publish their own newspapers.B change older people's abits.C follow the example of their parents.D avoid alking about politics.

What would one of these Climate Championsrdyto a friend? 7..---...-A It's great being a Champion! 'm the or/y

one rom our country, but we all waDt'to dosomething about climate change.

B I've made speeches bout climate change nd-met Champions rom the 12 other countries.I've even been o a meeting n Japan!

C We are the Champions! There are already hreeof us from every country in the world, and wehave a lot to say about climate change.

D I work with other Champions, elling the worldabout he dangers of climate change. Some ofus are teenagers, ut people eally isten to us!

@ Work in small groups and answer these

questions.o Would you like to be a Climate Champion?

Why (not)?r Do you agree with Sophia hat teenagers an

change older people's attitudes? f you agree inwhat ways can they be changed?

@ un" 't

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lnternational ClimateChampionsThe International limate Champions lCC)project began n 2007.lt gives oung people ofschool ge a chance o speak ublicly n climatechange nd o encourage ction o reduce tseffects. Each ountry nvolved elects hreeteenagers o be Climate Champions, ho takepart n local and nternational ctivities.

ClimateChampion rene Sanna ives n the ltalianisland f Sardinia. rene s nterested n solarenergy, nd also believes hat Sardinia hould(l) . . . . . . . . . se he waves round ts coast ooroduce lectricitv. hat would educe 2) .the need o imDortoil and sas or lishtins. eatinpand cooking. Energy conservation s our future.We must make plans o save 3) our coast.which stillhas no pollution.We must protect he

(4) ... . animals. irds and ish n daneer romglobalwarming.And we must recycle.'

Chinese tudent DingYinghan s he BeijingClimate Champion. ing eels t is unfair o saythat ust one country his own - is causing limatechange. e says he air pollution hat eads oglobalwarming comes rom many parts of theworld, ncluding oorer countries hat are no wgrowing more quickly.He believes he only way oprevent he situation getting even worse s for richand poor countries o work together.

Arrowhead,California, s a US Champion. he'sagainst oung people's eneral ack of interestin politics nd eels hey need o discuss heproblems hat reallymatter o their generation.She has written about he need or action onworld poverty and her articles have been publishedin her ocal newspaper. ophia trongly elievesthat climate hange s an mportant ssue or hergeneration. or her, changes n the way eenagersbehave re an mportant way of influencing hoicesthat are made by parents.

In 2008, he Climate Champions ttendedthe lnternational onference f EnvironmentMinisters n the Japanese ity of Kobe.At present,l3 countries re nvolved n the lCC, and morecountries re expected o join soon.

Sophia ngelis, unior student n Lake

GrammarComparative nd$uperlative

*ffi pug"129Grammareference.adverbs

To compare how things are done at different times, orhow they are done by someone r something else, weuse a comperative or superlative adverb.

O Wittr a partner, study examples a-d, then answerquestions -5.

f f t f r " I f { ' f t I t f*&& & a && & i ,& && a & l '&a cohhlries 4re how gvowirtg u,rore quic\<ly

b fhese bhses qse et\eygy r,,ro"e eP$ciertly fhart the

ol)t o\es )\\),

c lhe ortly wary fo pyeve* fhe sithatio\ gelfirrg even

wovse fhatr,r i}. iS atlreatly

d o€ arll fhe lighf bqlbs, fhis orre shiqes r,rost bvghfly

aelverbsCompa ative n d su e lative Underline hree examples of comparative dverbs

and one example of a superlative dverb.How do we usually form comparative dverbs?Which comparative dverb n a-d doesn't ollowthis rule?

.4 When we compare wo actions, which wordnormally follows he adverb?

5 How do we usually form superlative dverbs?

@ In small groups, complete the table.


were0l ietb6. t we) .ws t .. e-Y:+14,Lk

0/ , . i 'lThel w1s{ e^stf1t (J




Conserving nature @

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@ Complete sentences 1-6 using the comparative orsuperlative adverb form of the words in brackets.

I To save petrol, people should drive..naYe...ste$ilry....(slow)

2 Young eople re working he. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .to stop global warming. (hard)

3 You can buy ood.. . . . . . . in smallshops han in supermarkets. cheap)

4 Of all the fuels we use. coal pollutes he air th e. (bad)

5 Wind power makes electricitythan oil or gas. clean)

6 Because f climate change, t now rains

/-than it used o. (heavy)

@ worMn pairs. Do you agree with statements 1-6in Exercise 3? Discuss your opinions with yourpartner.

Speaking X?ar&

@' '*Q Wittr a partner, look at the people in pictures A

and B and discuss these questions.

r In what ways are they wasting water?r How could they reduce his waste, do you think?

O ft"t Listen to Jake and Lily talking about thistopic. What three suggestions do they make forsaving water?

O fAl Listen again and write the exact words Jakeand Lily use to give examples. Write one or twowords in each space.

I In the garden, ..{.or..itsttnpe..., t's best2 if you water hem at two o'clock,3 a bucket f water and a sponge, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 All those hings ... . . . dishwashers nd

washing machines5 if you don't have much o wash, .. . . . . . . . . .

a few plates

@ Wtrat other ways can you save water in the home?Tell your partner about them. Use expressionsfrom Exercise to introduce your examples.

Exam rouftd-apWhatdo you emember boutSpeaking art ? Circle

the correct ption 1-8 n talics.Part of he Speaking est usuallyasts bouttD @@t fiveminutes nd he opic s (2) connectedwith different rom he subject f the photos n Part3. When ou speak, ou should 3) keep o this opic/ change o another opicand alk about ourownexperiences, swellas hings ou ikeand don'tlike.Try o use @)only he present ense a range offenses. t is mportant hen ou are alking o yourpartner o (5) nterrupt ot take urns, nd whenthey're peaking, ou should how ou are

(6) istening o / not nterested nwhat hey're saying.Help hem o keep alkingby (7) asking or moredetails and their opinions commenting n theirgrammar ndpronunciation, ndwhen t's your urn(8) repeat everything ou say give reasons ndexamples o support what you say and eel.

@ Work with a different partner. Do this exam task,talking for about three minutes and giving plentyof examples. The advice sheet or young peoplebelow may help you.

Yourphotographs howed eople oing hings ha taffect he environment. ow 'd ike ou o talk ogetherabout owyoucan use ess lectricity t home.

Dontt leave hings n stand-by: urn them

Use solar-powered hargers oryour phone and MP3player.

Use a laptop nstead f a PC.

Dontt leave he fridgedoor open.

Try not to use he air-conditioning.

Instead of turning up he heating,

PUta Sweater n.

7 Use energy-effic ient ightbulbs.

8 Trrrn off the lights when yougo out!

@ unit r

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Writing Fart 3Q I,ook at this Writing Part 3 task, read the letter

below it, then answer these questions.

I Which paragraph deals with each part of the task?2 Ana has written a good etter, but she has made

one mistake n each paragraph. Can you find andcorrect each mistake?

@ Read the advice in the Exam round-up box anddecide if statements 1-8 are true or false.

Exam round-upInWriting art youcan choose o writea story r aletter. owmuch o Vou emember boutPET etter-

writing?'f You must write an address t the op. Fnlse2 You hould se a wide ange f structures nd

vocabulary.You hould se mostly ormal anguage.You hould se inking ords ike o and becauseto make more omplicated entences.Youonlyneed o writeabout ne part of hequestion.You hould ry o give easons nd examples

where ossible.You an writea lot ess han 100words nd stillget good marks.You hould eave ime o check our ompletedletter or mistakes.

@ foilow the instructions for the exam taskbelow. Try to include some passive orms and acomparative or superlative adverb n your letter.

This s part of a letter ou receive romyourEnglish-speakingriend, ustin.

Inyournexiattoc \ease ellmeabout ha Kindsof pot hat arepopularnlourcountry lhl doWoplohavehem?Which o1ou hinr s hebest st ohav?

. Nowwritea letter o Justin, nswering isquestions.

. Write our etter n about 100words.

@ Work in pairs and give your letter to yourpartner. Read and check your partner's letter.Where you think there are mistakes, write G, V,WO or Sp in pencil. Then discuss your correctionstogether.

Conserving ature @

. This s part of a letter ou eceive rom anEnglish-speakingriend.

tt Wu, +re(l letler, p!-ense e!.!. we nboultl,he

wi!.dlilei* t6our cou'v*ry.

tft"ict" is your {avourife nuiwal? Are therei*-v otYnen?

. Nowwritea letter, nswering our penfriend'squestions.

. Write our etter n about 00words.


fiank for gour letter, Ve ave somefa.ntastlca-nrqa/s tere, suc/t as /eer, forcs and volves.Soneltnes bears seen n tle mourcta/r?.s,n/ u-p ntAe sKg /tere a-re eagles a-nd storks.'Ihe aruna/ I lrke better of a1/, /tou3/t, s tlev///cat. Il's a bea.ut(ul creature. In some ays tl'sltke a-n zrdula-ry cat, but btgger and vdh a busltgtatl tlat's black at tle en/.

1 remember eetnq ne v/ten.I vas a clt//. I va-sso erctte/.l In t/tise days you coul/ fn/ t/tennore easyly, but nov tle counlryst:de ltere l/teguse/ to lrve is covered n /tollda-g omes, roa-/s a-ndsilPernarKets. t/,i* t/tat's verg sa/.

OO Sentences and phrases l-6 each contain onemistake made by PET candidates. Decide whatkind of error each is, and write G for grammar,Vfor vocabulary, WO for word order, or Sp forspelling. Then rewrite the sentences so they arecorrect.

I It was a day very cold.W0 It was ^ vert coLd da6.

2 I really enjoy o be here.3 ... a new film about animals which called The life

of animals ' . .4 . . . a film with plenty of exitement ..5 I don't know what is the name of the mountain.6 I hope haven't got a lot of mistakes.





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What did you say?

e dD. D e58

rtians romthe planet Mars

I Seth's always using hi s He's such a computer

2 Miko's such a good skater. He's a real

3 My uncle often drops ood on himself,and he can't use his mobile. He's a ... . .

walks into walls


Starting offQ Work in pairs. These pictures show different

ways of communicating a message. Talk togetherabout what you can see n each one.

@ Work in small groups. Discuss these questions.

I How often do you text your friends? Or do youprefer o phone hem?

2 What do you think of graffiti?3 Do you believe n life on other planets?

Reading Xlas'*&Q Work in pairs. Read hese extracts about types of

people, hen complete sentences -3 with dork,dade or geek.


Wd 0 h

@ nead this definition, then think of some examples oslang that you use n your own language.

Lsla l noun [U] informal language, often language that is only

used by people who belong to a particular gfoup

@ nead the text title and look at the pictures. What doyou think the text is about?

@ neaO he ten sentences bout Mortian, the languagefrom Mars. Underline the most important words in

each sentence.I Most older eenagers- n China write*jn-A4attian n th

Internct.Young people irst started using Martian in Taiwan.In the hlm Shaolin Soccer, hao Wei comes romMars.Teenagers ho use he Internet n South-East sia arecalled Martians.Software companies re now seliing programs o helpeople write in Martian.Ms Li has never ried to read messages ncomputer.


ldctkl noun lCl nainly US inforffial L stnpid or silly person

fdutd\nounfClmainly US oery infornal LmLn

lgilkl noun lCl infornal t man who is boring and not


@ unit z

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7 When Mei starts writing things n Martian, sh euses other people's ork.

8 Wang Haiyong allows his students o write theirhomework n Martian.

9 Teenager ei Bei Song onsiders erself o be up todate.

f0 Bei Bei Song approves f Martian.

@ fne sentence which is underlined in the text Cazyoa speak Martian? tells us if one of the sentencesin Exercise 4 is correct or incorrect. Which one?

Do you need to understand the word spreodtoknow if the sentence s correct or incorrect?

@ nead the whole text and decide if the tensentences are correct or incorrect. Underlinewhere you find your answers in the text.

@ Write one word to complete the sentences about

Reading Part 3 in the Exam round-up box onpage 108.

Do you knowwhat '3O' , = = 'or 'Orz ' means?Perhaps ou don' t!

This s Martian.People ay hat800/o f teenagersaged etween 5and 19 n China seth i s anguage henthey end messages

or chatwitheach ther nl ine. his razy anguage idn ' tstart n China,hough.ll_bceamc_Bopularn Taturanjn2004 and hree ears aterit spreqdlo_matnland hirc=

Butwhere id he nameMortian ome rom? Well, n hecomedy ilmShoolin occe4 hich was made n HongKong, n actor, tephen how, ays o actress haoWei,'Goback o your lanet ars! ' tephen ays hisbecauseZhaois rather trange erson. he sn' t eal ly visi torf romMars, u tStephenhinks he s so strange nddifferenthat he calls hao Mortion. teohen's ords'Goback o . . . Mars! 'are ow o well nown n South-EastAsia hat anyone ho acts trangelyhere s known s aMortion. imilarly,he anguage hich eenagersn Chinaenjoy reating s also nown s Mortion ecauset is so

stra ge.

Why oso many eenagersn China se Martian? heanswer s quite asy, eally. eenagersan hat n heInternetor hours i thout eing nderstood y heirteachers r parents.n act his ery trange anguagehas ecome opopularhat people re uying pecialsoftwareo ranslate etween hinese ndMartran.

MsLi,mother f eenager, ei , as worried henshe witched n Mei 'saptop ecause he ould otunderstandhe emailsromMei 'sr iends. ei xplained,'Thosemessages re n Martian ecause hey ' reor me

and not mymum.'Mei ontinued,Martian 's

notan easylanguage. t i rst , ust copywords rom exts whichmyfriends ave lready ri t tenn Martian. hen, begin ocreate ome words ymyself. take ieces romChinesecharacters,dd ome nglish, apanese r Korean ordsand hat makes he new anouaoe. '

Wang aiyong, eacher, arned hat al thoughhisnewlanguage anhelp evelophe magination,his nternetslang as ot suitableor use n other i tuations,uch sschool xams r homework.l refuse o markmystudents '

workwhen hey se his anguage. hey now heyshouldn' t se t . '

BeiBeiSonos 15 ears ld. She oesn' t se Mortionbutshe oesn' t hink he 'sold-fashioned.he xplainsthatal though he pendshours n he nternetchatt ingo her r iends , heth inksha t h i s anguageis eally i l ly.We'renotcomputer eeks honeedto mix hree ifferentlanguages ithcrazypicturesust o be dudes.Martians or dorks. '


ffi*w-. tW T

w g l

, W I_##*r& l

* ' ' r w ,*.{*.xdXx*r


)!urs, *


Tt*. **s_r*ew')r.''

I'.€, ."t...

. "rlt

What did vou savl @

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Vocabulary6pea& al&sa.y, b#-aqg!es*urQ nead these extracts from t}lie Cambridge Leorner's


Exam ound-upYou willo r [ 1 ) . . .

need o decide f ten sentences re correct

Read he sentences irstand underlineheimportant 2)

. Remember hat hese entences ollowhe order f

Youdo not need o understandi4)


She peaks rench. hetulleFreneh.

She aid hewasunhappy.

Note:o We also use say with greetings, e.g. hello,

goodbye, oodnight, e|c.

. We also use fell with the following nouns: hetruth, alie, a oke, a story.

gO PET candidates ften make mistakes withthese verbs. Read sentences -6 and circle thecorrect option in italics.I olga knows how to @@t talk English well.2 He soid / told me to come o 6th Avenue.3 My new friend can alk / speak several anguages.

4 My new English eacher asked me to say tellsomething about my life.

5 It was Pelr who said / told me about his club.6 I'Il ask / o.sk or more nformation about he new


@ Write speok, talk, soy, ell, osk or ask /or in thecorrect space in the mind map above. Add at leas

one more expression to each verb.

@ Work in pairs. Write five questions using some othe verb * noun combinations. Change pairs. Askand answer your questions.

Doyou n&wa1se!.!. ne truftn?

GrammarReported peech nd re$lorted omrnanc.ls

(O Work in small groups. Sandford School has ioineSchools for AIIwhich helps build new schools inEast Africa. List things the students could do toraise money (e.9. sell oIiI clothes).

O A\Listen to some students talking about howthey can raise money for this proiect. Whatevents do Scott, William and Gina suggest?

the truth


about dreams


Simonoldmeabout is ew ob.

He old s ostay ere. esaiAa++ay+ere

I asked he eacher or heanswers 0 the homeworkmissed.

uerb to collect money from other people" Tbey're

raising money for cbarity.

@ unn '

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Rewrite Scott's, William'sand Gina's words in reportedspeech.

I SCOTT: ast year weorganised disco ocollect money.

Scott said hat they. he vear


You can eave out thaf and say:Scott soid they had organised adisco o collect money the yearbefore. he meaning stays hesame.

2 SCOTT:We can organisesimilar event again.

Scott said hev

WILLIAM: We've houghtabout organisingfootball match.

Wi l l i am a id hey

WILLIAM:In my sister'sschool, hestudents re goingto play against heteachers.

William said n his sister'sschool, he students

WILLIAM:I, do.r"';;u;; ;be ust teachers.

Wi l l i ama l so a id

GINA: Today we're all wearingschool uniform.

Gina said we. . . . .. . . hat day.

GINA: We'll pay to wear whatwe want.

Cina said we . . . . .what

we wanted.

page 129 Grammar eference:Reported peech

lnsl weeK X w*ired to p!"*ycould-n'f p!-m6becnuse ...

@ {!i}Listen to Tania telling Nina about the meeting and check youranswers o Exercise 3.

@ Use your answers o Exercise 3 to help you complete his table.

@ Use he words in bold in Exercise 3 to help you complete his table.

ffi pug" 130Grammar eference; eported peech; ther changes

@ Work in pairs. What do you say in situations 1-4? Complete thesentences.

I Ana says: I can't play ennis; 've hurt my arm.' Later you see herplaying basketball.'You

said you cou!"d+'tpIry leuuis beca.^se6ou

nad nurl your arw.2 Thalia says: Someone left their MP3 player n the kitchen after he

party.' Later your cousin ells you that she has ost her MP3 player.'Thalia said . . '

3 Your brother s studying abroad. He phones you and says: l'm havinga great ime here.' Later his teacher asks you if you've spoken o yourbrother.'My brother aid . . ' ,

4 Lukas says: l want to sell my bike so I can buy a new one.' Later your

sister ells you she wants to buy a cheap bicycle.' L u k a ss a i d . . . '

@ Choose two situations from Exercise 7 and write the complete story inreported speech. You will need to add some extra information to thestory.

teuqis witra" A,vtnbut s,,,,"eo!_dne sl,te


sent contrnuous

st simole

will + infinitive

is/are going to

(I) ttra'+

page 130 Grarnmar et'erence: eported ommands

What did vou savl @

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@ Itr the meeting about the Schools or AIIproiect,Ruby told the other students o do four things.Complete he reported commands.

Listening XSar&O Work in pairs and answer the questions n the

Exam round-up box.

Exam ound-upHowmuch o you emember bout istening art ?Are he ollowing tatements rue or alse?

I Read he notes nd ocus n he missing ords.2 You need o understand veryword n the

recording o be able o complete he ask.3 Thegaps ollow he order f he recording.4 Youwill usually eed o writeone word, o don't

waste imewriting lotmore.5 lfyoucomplete ll he gaps when ou isten or he

first ime. on't isten second ime.

6 lfyou don'thear he answer, eave gap.

I Work in small groups. Your headteacher asasked Gerry Tremain to talk to you about febChallenge a website design competition.ltVhatwould you like to know about the compdtition?Write at least five questions.

@ nead Rahid's notes below quickly. Does he wantto find out the same hings as you?

@ @\Listen to the recording twice and completethe gaps.

Ruby old them....t ..b-e..ttit...

Ruby old PaulCloseth edoor, aul! '

'Thinkabout hesuggestions! '

Ruby old them

Ruby toldno t . . . . . . . . . . .


@ Rewrite each nstruction 1-4 as a reportedcommand.

3 Charlie's mum told - - !

told her brother P..tl,trn

12 The dentist old the boy

Web ChallengeThewebsite:inEnglish

The eams: each eamt one adult'known sthe (1) . . .andS-6members WEBCHALLEMembers: must be atschool

Age lim|t; betw een 9 and (2)

Websile conlenv e.g. afavourite (3)

orfree-l,ime aclivity

?rizes dlgiial equipment andmoneyfor schools

Entries will be display ed on the'W eb Challenge',

First prize or eams a week n (5) ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dates competition egistration cloges SOth(6)

1+ Chloe's amily told her

@ un,. ,


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Grammarrep0rted uestions

Work in small groups. Write at least three morequestions you would like to ask Gerry about theWeb Challenge ompetition.How i!!. K4/1owt t wiu?

@l Listen to the recording. Does Gerry answer allyour questions?

{AIListen to the recording again. Write thecorrect student's name: Jalian, Halqt, Nodia,Hamod. r Jade next to their question l-5.

@ Nadia's team wins the competition. Here are somesentences about Nadia's trip to Australia. For eachquestion 1-5, complete the second sentence so thatit means the same as the first, usfng no more thanthree words.

1 A reporter asked Nadia f she was nervous aboutflying to Australia.

A reporter sked Nadia, ' Are6a.1^... . . . . . .ervousabout lying to Australia?'2 Nadia asked Shaila, Where are you from?'

Nadia asked Shaila where ... . . . . . .rom.3 Nadia asked Shaila f she wanted o share a room in

the hotel.Nadia asked Shaila, . . .. . . . . .room in the hotel?'

. . . . . . . .o share

4 Nadia asked he tour guide, What are we going odo after breakfast?'Nadia asked he tour guide what

to do after breakfast.5 The tour guide asked he group, Have you enjoyed

your trip?'The tour guide asked he groupenjoyed heir trip.

....f,)nd.ic.....skedon her own.......C".t*..I-...e.te r. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .skedschool.

if she could enter the competition

llne cowoefifio+ ot n* own?' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' | I t

if their coach had to w6rk in their

asked how they registered or thecompetition.

asked what thev did if thev hadtechnical oroblems.

@ Write the students'actual words in the spacesabove. If necgssary, listen to the recording again

to check yotir answers.,o page 130Grammar eference; eported uestions

@ t ook at the reported questions -5 above, hencircle the correct option in CAPITALS or a-ebelow, o complete hese rules about reportedquestions.

and complete the iournalist's questions below.

- Tlwazwandorinq:t I c-ould *.&SK-#oJ4, --.-eome--.-*- -..-., queatuone-bo-uIourtrrry-*------ - -- --\-

,2!:d lko r o k:p-wuhai:ou-

-OJ earltr amanb rwhera.4 Co,uldyou-trel ewhere -..*-.*? ,

_5fpl1,eawh L*.--_.... .... ..,.-._.inAae taI a-_ _._


asked what they would see n Australia. ffi pug" 131Grammareference:ndirect uestions

O {A when NadiaAustralia, alocal newspaperjournalistinterviewed her.Listen to thebeginning of theinterview. Whatdoes Nadia sayabout Sydneyharbour?

O (\ Listen to thereiording again

returned from her trip to


tn rePorted uestions:

a he normaluestion rderSTAYSTHE AME

,@, tf," t"r,"" etOVgTHESAME USUALLY-


c we ALWAYSNEVER se o'does r didas an


/ \ ,e us€ when here 13 l3N'Ta questionword

lwh t'/whe whe e' elc)

e we USE DONTUSE a questiel'1 ark atthe end of

the sentence'

what did vou sall @

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Page 110: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 110/236

@ fat<e urns to describe one of the photos on page112. Does your partner follow the advice n theExam round-up box?

Writing XSax'&

@ now read his story, hen answer he questionsthat follow. Don't correct the student's mistakesfor the moment.

() work in small groups. Look atsentences. What do you think

these pictures andhappened next?

a was. -1a lnss whet wt6wobil-e ho+te wt, T -coa!.ddt believed f. tl rnd torVot lo swildn neplno+eoll. t did+'t krow whaf- o do becauselhe pho'rte was stil/ ri+Vi+X. Slnou!-d ^.nswertlne pl',.0+&'(he eactter slopped nIXi+V nadst*e oo(ed dir;c+brt ^+ '*e.'Slna asxid nL!- nesl+tde+t wt, ,at t"t zroisa was n+d we ausweredttz"^t it w^s ^ wobile ptnote. Suddealy she Loo\edenbarrnssed. Sh;e old as lhnt slne nd to lelt-lhe classroon lor a wt+ute. Slne pic1odap-her'baq aa.d !."4't tn" roorn As soo+t s l.lne leacbrer

Uclosed lne door, lne rirwiuV +qise stQped.


I realised hat hadn' tlocked he door.

The message egan,'CongratulationsI You'vewon first prizet'

I was n class when As I got on the train, Imy mobile phone ang. saw an empty seat nexl

to my favourite actor.

@ Read these two Writing Part 3 questions and

answer questions 1-5 below.I

r,You have o write a story for your English eacher.

,/ Your story must begin with this sentence:I was in class when rny mobile plwne rang.

r Write vour storv n about 100 words.

r You have o write a story for your English eacher.

r Your story must have his title:Winning ftrst prize

r Write vour storv in about 100 words.

1 What do you have o write in each question?2 Who do you have o write it for?3 How many words do you have o write?4 What's he difference between he two questions?5 Do yolu mve o write a story n Writing Part 3?

I Which question does t answer?

2 Why did the phone stop ringing when the teacherclosed he door?

@ Work in pairs. Discuss whether the followingsentences are correct (/) or incorrect (X).

I The student has written about 100 words.2 The answer s well organised.3 There s a clear ending o the story.4 The deas are connected using nd,

because, lc.5 The student has used different enses.6 The student as used eported peech

and reported uestions.

7 | can understand he answer althoughthere are some mistakes.

@ nead the answer again and correct the five ,mistakes. This student has made two differenttypes of mistake. What are they?

@ Write a story using one of the situations in

Exercise I as the firstline. Write

about100 words.

Remember to make sure the sentences n Exercise4 are correct for your answer.

@ Work in small groups. Read each other's answers.If all the sentences in Exercise 4 are correct forthe answer you are reading, it is probably a goodanswer.

What did vou savl @

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Page 112: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 112/236

Unit12 Voco"bulory nd grommar review


O O PET candidates often makemistakes when

they describe where something is. Correct onemistake in each of these sentences.

oppositeI In my living room the back wall

there s my TV and my hi-fi.2 My bed s infront of the right window, opposite he

door.3 At the right there are two armchairs and a sofa.4 I often meet my friends n the Saman caf6 next the

cinema.5 There s a club and a park in the street where

,llve.-,-6 tn the park, there's a big tree behind of a small

lake.7 I like going o the Odeon cinema because t i s

inside of the shopping centre.8 Isfahan, as you know, has a lot of historic bridges

on the river.

@ Rewrite the sentences above so that they are truefor you/your town.

Iu wtg ivi&% rlow) lne w is i+t *ro+f of ttnu soln.U U

@ Complete these sentences with the verbs fromthe box in the correct form. You will need to usesome verbs more than once.

ask askfor say se€ak tell

Some of my friends can...languages eally well.In your etter yo uplans o visit my country.I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .went to bed.I 'm going o. . . . . . . . .

my birthday.My friend started aughing and ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .me why I wa s only wearing one earring.There's a boy in my class who likes

. . . . . . . . .okes ll the ime.I became very nervous and decided o

... . . . he teacher he truth.


@OFrederique has written to her English-

speaking friend to tell her what people haveasked her this week. Correct the mistake in eachsentence.

I When I arrived at training, the coach came up tome and asked me what warmy-ftafire. vL1frft, weWAS

2 My friend asked me what was the team called.3 The next day, he phone ang at 7.30 n the

morning. It was Paula. She asked me why didn't Igo o the exam

4 My mum asked me why was I crYing.

5 Paula asked me what was I going o do.6 Paula also asked me where should she go n the

summer.7 Anyway I imagine you are wondering when 3m I

going o visit you.

@ Kate's talking about how she spends her freetime. Rewrite her statements in reported speech.

I 'I love going o the cinema on Sunday afternoons.'She said she..Xp.u.e.d..neitq.tohe cinema on Sundayafternoons.

u u

2 'l'm not very keen on thrillers but ...'

She said on thrillers but .. .' . . . I love comedies.'She said'I didn't go o the cinema ast week because ..'She said ... . . . . o the cinema ast weekb e c a u s e . . .

5 '. . . we've ust finished our exams.'She aid

6 'l ' ll go o the cinema oday f I can. '

. She a id . . . . . . . . . . .

@ lmagine you are interviewing Kate.questions for her statements.

sPe^K several

. . . . . . . . . .e about our

'goodnight' to everyone and

some new trainers or

. . . . heir exams.

Write the

Ntnnt do t6oa life doi+w o+t Su+rdny nller+rooas?

@ Rewrite your direct questions rom Exercise 6 asreported questions.


t6ou wtnnt6oulifed doi'nV t Sutdny


unit z @

Page 113: Complete Pet Student Book

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Grommor eferenceCorxteNx&s

&.$n&t Prepositions f time Il7Frequency dverbsPresent impleand present'continuousState erbs






t"lnit &


Countable and uncountable nounsA few, a little, marLy,mucl4 a lot of,lots ofPrepositions f place

?ast simple and past continuous 119Wlrcn, while and asUsed o

Verbs ollowed by to ot -ing \2IPhrasal verbs

Comparative nd superlative l.2IadjectivesA bit, a little, much, far, a lot(Not) s . . as . .Blg and eftormous gradable nd non-gradable adjectives)

Can, could, migltt, may 722(ability and possibility)Should, sltouldn't, ought to, must,mustn't, haue o, don't ltave to(obligation and prohibition) .-'*'EzAdjectives with -ed and -lng \

&,|mit Zero, irst and secondconditionalsWlrcn, if, unless + present,futureSo do 1 and nor/neither do I

&.lnitS Wlticlt, that, wlto, wltose,when. where clauses(defining and non-defining)Past perfect (

&init1$ Commands

Haue sometlling doneUmit !X The passive: resent nd

past simpleComparative nd superlativeadverbs

&Jmit 2 Reported peech, ommandsand questionsIndirect questions

!rnegrelar erhs





Umit6 Present erfectJust, already and yetSince and forPresent erfect or past simple?

&Jmi* Ways of expressing he future I25Prepositions f movementToo and enoughExtremely, airly, quite, ratlrer,really, very


fi comptete ET

Page 114: Complete Pet Student Book

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&3sx$€Pnepositions f timeThe prepositions at, on and in tellus when something happens.s We use alfor times of the day: at

ten o'clock, at 8.15, t lunchtime, eIc

and with expressions uch as af fheweekend, t night, at New Yeat etc.x We use on or days nd dates: n

Monday, on Saturday morning, onFebruary th, on ,the ast day of themonth, elc.

** We use n for years, easons,months, ong periods, nd parts ofthe day: n 2010, n winter, n July, nthe holidays, n the afternoon, tc.

Freequenclr dwerbs

We use frequency adverbs to sayhow often something happens.** We can use a word, e.g. sometimes,

always r a phrase ikemosfafternoons r every night.We usually utone-word requencyadverbs and hardlyever)beforethe main verb: We sometimes atcha film in the evening. don't usuallygo out until 8 o'clock. t hardly everrains n July.

With am, are, is,was or were, eIc.they come after the verb: Theyare always ate! Nowadays mygrandmother s often ll.Theyalso come after auxiliary ndmodal verbs: t has often happened.I can never understand im.lfwe want o, we can put usually,often, sometimes nd occasionallya t hb beginning r end of asentence: Occasionally, e eat nthe garden. feeltired sometimes.

We cannot puI always r never Ithe beginning r end:AWtffi. ffite+ennis never.We put phrases t he beginningor end: have piano essons nce aweek. Most evenings stay at home.We can orm questions sing:How often do you, Do you ever, Doyou always, lc.: How often do youswim? Do you ever drink ea? Doyou always walk o school?

Fresemt irmpXemd presemt armtimuelusFresent sirmp!e

workI/you/we/they IHe/she/it



i l/you/we/Ihey I don'tI He/she/it i doesn't


l w o r kon Sundays ?)

this afternoon ?]

Do I/vou/we/thevDo". __ freZsrrg_111. worK

Fresent eomtinuous




'm nolI You/we/they


Am ] II you/we/they


The present simple s used o describe:e a permanent tate or situation: live n the town where was born.a* a fact or something which s always rue: The earth goes around he sun.w an activity hich happens egularly r occasionally: e gets up at six o'clock

every day.The present continuous s used o describe:{$ a temporary situation: 'm livingwith my uncle while hey are painting our

house.* an activity appening t he present moment: 'm sorry ou can't alk o her at

the moment. She's aving a shower.w an activity n progress ut not exactly t he present moment: 'm studying

three oreign anguages, o I'm quite busy nowadays.* a situation hich s changing r developing:ofs of people re coming o livq

here, so the town s growing quickly.e* things he speaker indsstrange r annoying, ith always. This s a way

of complaining): ou're lways sing he telephone. ur phone billwill beenormous!

x something which happens requently, ilh atways:Mygirlfriends alwayscooking me special meals!

aren't / 're notisn't / 's not

Grammar eference @

Page 115: Complete Pet Student Book

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$tate \{erh$Verbs which describe states, not actions, are notusually used n the continuous. These verbs describe:thoughts: believe know remember forget think(meaning elieve) eel[meaning elieve) guess meaningbelieve) suppose understand, lc.feelings: ike hate want need prefer, etc.

senses: mell taste hear seepossession: ave belong own contain include, eIc.existence: xist remain consLst seem mean mattet etc.the verb be -;,.

Some state verbs can be used in the continuous whentheydescribe actions:I'm thinking bout what ou said. l'm considering t.JShe'sfeeling nhappy. Howshe s at the moment.J he hopassrslantr.s eighing he ruit orus. [He's measuring henumber f kilos.) Other erbs ike his nclude ee, aste,smelland e.

&marm{ah*e$*€$"rrw}eexmteN6 -&s*rmsNouns can be either countable C] oruncountable U] .Some nouns can be both countable C] anduncountable U], but with a difference n meaning:They ay it's healthy o drink ea. Ul (tea n general) Wouldyou like a tea? C] (a cup of tea) Living n a large house s alot of work.lUl Thatpicture s a work of art.lClThe grammar or countable nouns s different rom thegrammar or uncountable nouns.

"&fua,nr, f,rfd.fe, ??#r;",f,f??cr#f?, #gf CI4 fmfs mf,We often use different quantifiers a few, many, elc.)with countable nd uncountable ouns.

Forsmallquantities f countable ouns, e use a few: afew students.Forsmall uantities f uncountable ouns, e use a ittla little information.

For arge quantities f countable ouns, e use many:Many houses were damaged y the storm. Are there manyrooms n the hotel? don't have many CDs.For arge uanti t ies f uncountable ouns n negativesentences nd questions, e use much: There sn'tmuchinformation.Do you have much homework?We can use a /ol of, or lots f for arge quantities fcountable nd uncountable ouns:We had a ot of fun.have ots of friends. Does she have ots of money?lf there s no noun after he quantifier, e use a /ofwithout of: I like him a lot.

We can use otherwords o refer o a quantity f anuncountable oun, .g. a bitof food, n amount fmoneya drop of water.

fnepositiCIr?$ f pX&&eThe prepositions t, on and n ell us where someone rsomething s.

We use atfor a point, .g.at the bus fop, nd nexpressions ikeat the op, at the back, at the station, tthe seaside, t school and at a party.

We use on or surfaces, .g. on the table, n the wallfandlines,e.g. on the coast, n the border.We use nwhen omeone r something s n a space, .g.in a building, n a field, n the water, n South America.

, Countable nouns:. use a or an in the singular, e.g. a ob,

: an animalI . can be made plural, e.g. cars, books, . use some nd any n the plural, e.g.

Uncountable nouns:r do not use a or an. cannot be made plural, e.g. work, music. use verbs n the singular, e.g. he news s good, music rclpsme reLax. use some and ony n the singular, e.g. some ood, any aduice

Some common uircountable nouns n Englishr accommodation advicei experienceknowledgenoise

l shampootime







it18) Gomplete PE T

Page 116: Complete Pet Student Book

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"$mX&ast simple and past continuousast simplee

IA"/rh.iit wasn'tyou/we/they

The past simple s used o describe:* actions r events n the past: visited

Egypt ast ear.* actions r events hich happened ne

after another'. saw the Pyramids, hen

I went o the Cairo Museum and aterwent to a traditional estaurant.

The past continuous s used odescribe:

activities hat were already appeningat a moment n the oast: We weredoing a maths exam in class whenmYmobile rang. (: We were n themiddle of the exam when the phonerang.) While was walking to school,I met a friend. (: On my way to school Imet a friend.)

activities hen we are not nterestedin when he activity tarted nd we donot know f this activity inished r not:The sun was shining and I was feelinghappy.F We know hat he sun wasshining at the same moment as I wasfeeling happy, but we don't know whenthese activities tarted or when heyfinished.)

We often use the past simple and thepast continuous together to showthat an action happened n the middleof an activity= I was watching elevisionwhen the telephone ang. (- We startedwatching elevision and n the middle ofthisactivity, he telephone ang.) We don'tknow f I stopped atching V after hetelephone ang.J

I was watching elevision

+ .the elephone ang

Remember: tate erbs re not normallyused n he oast continuousq , page 117Present rmple nd present




was (n't)were (n't)

I you/we/they


at home vesterdav





weren't l.---__'__l

ost other verbs


/you/he/she/it/q,e/they I aian't

Tr\ /

yesterday ?)


st continuous/he/she/it



was (n't)yere (1't)I/he/she/ityou/we/they


egular erbs n the past simpleend n -ed: watched, rrived, layed, elc.

r' prg" 132 rregular erbs






TVyesterdayat 5 pm (?)


Grammar reference @

Page 117: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 117/236

When, while and a$* We can use when,while r asto ntroduce n activity n

the oast continuous:WhenlWhilelAs I was watching TV the telephone ang.

Spelfing of regular past simple and -ing forms

most regular ] watch watched add -e d

* We generally se when o introduce n action n he pasts imple :I was watching TV when the telephone ang.

rst regular ] watch r watched I add ed I I watching add ingi;

verbs .

verbsending I i ' IDsenornS I I i Ii n : l i l i l

i -, ----r. .

I arrive I arrived add -d i ] arriving arrived i add -d i ] arriving i usually removeI I -e' add -ing

, s tud ied- * ' '

, . t ung"s to i , s tudy in ! ; ;h ; "g . , " aatudiedconsonan t+y s t u d y i s t u d i e d I l r c h a n g e s t o l , I l s tudy ing inochange , add i1 I | _ j a d d - e d _ j i _ _ 1 , i " s _ _ _ _ _ lf ;*.t- I * l;ru*

__I"".rrcrua -

ini;-u 1""h;"s",dd -l-O We f + y

l P t a Y i p r a y e u l I r U s l r d r l 6 e , d u u l P l d y r r r b i I U L r r d u 6 , E , o u \

-]- |i"o ---if,-

--i+t--one-syllable, I plan I planned I double he last I ] planning I double he last'double he ast ; l

Icorsonant, add

-, -o

v o w e r - I i 1 - " d i l l r n s ic o n s o n a n t l l l i l l

-"*,h"""*-ffi"-,--G.r*;;d -ld"rbrJhffil

ffi;"I"'i--lsyllable,as I I consonant I i i consonant,add !

l ; ; ; ; . ; , ; ; , ,oni 1 I i i 1 -rnsifi""H',;iiiiil""li I I I i*-;i;;;;-];;;;--- f o*;

--;;;.i,ung.,;;; I [*;"-s



I syllable, s ] I | 'rd i 'ing I

consonant- ] I consonant, dd consonant, dd

above, tressI

not on finalsyllabletravelled*

* In Brit ish nglish The inal is not doubled n US English.J

Used tat/yoVhe/ ishe/itlwe/they

I/you/he/ I didn't

used o llsed to is used to describe things that happenedqegularly n the past but don't happen now: I used owear a school uniformbut now I don't. We didn't use d gethomework when we were younger but now we do.

Note:Used o s only used n he past. o alk about hings hathappen egularlyn he present , se he present imple ithan adverb ike usually, veryday, etc.: usually drinkwaterwith my lunch. He catches he same train every day.

|I/you/he/ I didn't i use o L1in"'titt*et i Inlavwithdolls ?)r h o ' I I

i l i

i nta-- Hr"r/h./-]"* t" ]i 1 L . v i _ _ - - l - l jio"-- [7y",vh;/"1"*" I ]I lshe/ i I /we/ Ii they


usually emove-e, add -ing

€0 Comnlete PET

Page 118: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 118/236

&iNx$€Venhs otfowed by to or -ing ,


Some verbs are followed by the -ing torm of anotherverb= Everyone enjoys istening to music. 've finished eadingmy book. Other erbs ike his nclude:admit,ivoid, distike, ancy, eel like, magine, mention, mind,

miss, ractise, ut off,suggest.-:

Some verbs are followed by the to infinitive of anotherverb= We expected o win the game. can't afford o buy abike.Other erbs ike his nclude: gree, ppear, ttempt,begin, decide, demand, ail, hope, ntend, earn, manage, fferplan, pretend, romise, efuse, seem, want, would ike.

Some verbs are followed by the -ing torm orthe toinfinitiveof another verb with similar meanings: /oreplaying ennis. love o play tennis. t continued aining allday. t continued o rain all day. OIher erbs ike his nclude:begin,.aontinue, ate, ike, ove, prefer, start.

Some verbs are followed by the -ing form ortheinfinitiveof another verb, but with a different meaning:


Fhrasal verbsA phrasal verb consists of two or three parts. Thereare three main kinds of phrasal verb:* verb + adverb, with object, e.g. He picked up hiscoat.**lverb + adverb, without object,e.g. The lane ook off.* verb + adverb preposition, ith object, .g. got on

my work.* a

t$lrt f*

Gomparative and $uperlative adjectivesWe use a comparative djectiveo compare wo people rthings nd o say one hing has more or essJ f a quali ty[size, eight,etc.) han he other: A blue whale s heavierthan an elephant. Mount Everest s higher han K2.

We use a superlative djective o compare ne person rthingwith all hose n he same roupand o say his hing--has he most or eastJ f a quality:There re manyhighmountains n the world but Mount Everest s the highest.

Did you rememberto bring yourrunning shoes? anaction you have odo)

Don't forget o bringyour tennis racket(an action you have

to do)

I regret o tell youtlrc roce has beencancelled regret +


f rom omhor foelin o

very tired at the endof the race a memoryol something n th epastJ

I'll never orgetwinning my ftrsttennis championship

[a memory ofsomething n thepastJ

I regret not trainingharder before he race[I'm sorry didn't dothisl

We add er o one-syllable djectives, .g.d o o n h i o h t n l l T h e

Paciftc Ocean s deeperthan the Atlantic.We add er o two-syllable adjectivesending n -y or -Ly,e.g.noisy, riendly.Mybrotlrcr s friendlierthan me.We use more o formthe comparativeof most other wo-syllable djectives.Gold s more expensiuethan siluer.'After the adjective weusually put than.

The adjectives ood,bad and far formirregular comparisons.We can sometimes seless nstead of more:A mobilephone snormally ess xpensive+ h n - n l n r + n nLT L U t L W L W P L U y .

. We add -esf o one-syllable djectives:The giraffe is the tallestanimal in tlrc world.

r We add -esf o two-syllable djectivesending n'y or -ly.

The blue whale s tlrcheaviest onimo.l n tlrcworld.

. We use most o forrrrthe superlative f two-syllable djectives: hemosquito s the mostdangerous reature.

. Before he adjective weusually put fhe.

. The adjectives ood,bad and ar formirregular superlatives.

o We can sometimes seleasf nstead of most:This mobile plrcne s theIeast experusive.

doy because 'mtrying o get ftt (myaim s to get it)

During tlrc race, hestopped o drinksome water (inorder o drink somewater)

If you want o getftt, why don't youtry swimming?(swimming s a wayto achieve what youwant)

When he realisedlrc couldn't win, hestopped unning (hedidn't continue)

Grammar eference@i

Page 119: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 119/236

Spelling of comparative and superlative adjectives






bestworstfarthest/furthest: - - - - - - -

X &rf,a frff,{e,rn{r$fr, far, a do{'We can't use verywithcomparatives ut we can use much,far or a lot: Cheetahs re muchlfarla lot faster hanelephants. Not

We can use a bitor a ittle o describe small ifference:

Canada s a bit / a little bigger than the USA.(Not] as .. . as . .We use as + adjective + as to say two things are thesame in some way: Tara s as tall as Hannah. : Tara s hesame eight s Hannah.)We use not as + adjective + as to say that one thing isless than another: Hannah s not as tallas her brother. =Hannah s shorter han her brother.)We can use so in negative sentences o replace thefirst as: Hannah s nof so tall as her brother.Remember: he form of the adjective does not change:

@Wler-as (not) as tallas.

&fg nmd ?rr&r"rm&&dsgradahle emd nom-SraelebXe djectives)x Big (good, happy, urprised, tc.Jare gradable adjectives.

We can say someone r something s quite, eryor reallybig (good, happy, urprised, tc.J o talk about how big(good, happy, urprised, tc.l hey are. We can also saysomething s extremely tgwhichmeans t's much biggerthan usual .

* Enormous fantastic, elighted, stonished, tc.Jarenon-gradable djectives, eaning ery big (good, happy,surprised, tc.). We can say reallyor absolutely normousbut not normally uite*, eryor extremely normous.

*quitehere means tittte page 126 quitewithnon-gradable djectiveso mean ompletely

&$xx$€Gam, ocrfd, migfrt, tay {ability amdpossibility)To say someone has (or hasn't) an ability, we use can,can't, could and couldn't=Francesca an speak ive anguages, ut she can't speakRussr'an. s a child, she could play the piano but she couldn'tplay the violin.* The question orms are can you and could ou: C9n ou

swim? Could you run 20 kilometres when you-w6re veryyoung?

,ar We use can and could with see, hear, smell, eel andtaste: From he top of the mountain ou could see ormore than 50 km. I can hear a strange noise coming romupstairs.

To express possibility about the present or future,we use may, might or could= I may come and visityounext summer. We might go to the cinema his evening f wefinishall our work n time. We should go out for a walk nowbecause t could ain ater.We use may not and might not for the negative (not

can't or couldn't, which express certainty): Frankie slooking verypale: he may not be very well.Don't cook anydinner or me because might not be back n time.

S$?ocdd, sftoufdm'& sergr,frf ou nrcrsfu fftltstn't,hawe a, dan't fuave o {ohligation andprohibitiom)To give somebody advice we use should or,less often,ought to= Youshould get a new pair of shoes. Youought tohave a rest now* Particularlyn he negative, houldn'ts more ommon

than oughtn't: Youshouldn't work so hard. The questionform is should /she, etc'. Should we go now?

** We often use should and occasionally ught oJ o talkabout he right hing o do, but which s different romwhat really happens: should do the housework nsteadof watching elevision n the middle of the afternoon. Heshould write hisown answers nstead of copying hemfrom the nternet.

i deeper ' deepest

goodba dfar


nOrSY i nolsler' li

h i o h i o o e r", b

ry!eMostadjectives dd-er or -est

Adjectivesending in :

,_-e add l1l:ll_-y change o -1 ,

add -er or -est

one vowel +' one consonan t

double he astconsonant, dd-er or -est





safe safer safestnoisiest


{rzz}Gomplete ET

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To express obligation, we use musf and have to=Youmust be quiet. have o go now.

We use mustwhen he obligation s something eagree with.Teacher o students: Youmust hand n yourhomework on Monday.We use have o when he obligation omes romsomeone else: My teacher has given me a lot of

homework which I have to do for Monday.We use mustfor strong advice: Youmust be careful f youstay out late at night.

* The question orms are must /you, etc. and do /you, etc.have o: Must we stop writing now? Do they have to wearuniformsat that school?

To express prohibition, we use mustn't= Youmustn't oin there - ft says No entry!'. You mustn't speak during theexarn it's forbidden. '

* Do not use don't have o to express rohibition:Youmustn't use our mobile hone n class it's not allowed).

Compare his with: You don't have o use your mobilephone to speak o Fayed. ook! He's over here i.e. t'snot necessary).

* Never se mustn'tabout he past. Forprohibitionn hei, past, we can use not allowed o, e.g. We weren't allowed'

to speak. Forsomething hat wasn't necessary, e oftenuse didn't have o: Jo gave me a ticket for the concert, soI didn't have to pay.

Tosay hat here s no obligation, r t 's not necessary, euse don't have o, don't need o or needn't: This s a reallygood exercise on phrasal verbs or anyone who's nterested,but it's not for homework, oyou don't have o do it if you

don't want o. You needn't earn all the vocabulary n thispage - only the words you think are useful.

Adjectives with -ed and -ingThere are many adjectives which can be formed with-ed or -ing.

o Adjectives ith -ed express ow he person eels aboutsomething: She was errified as Dracula approached er.

* Adjectives ith -rngare used o describe he person orthing which produces he feeling:There's surprisingarticle n today's newspaper l felt surprised when I readi0.

o Common djectives ike his nclude:amused/amusing annoyed/annoying disappointed/disappointing bored/boring relaxed/relaxingsurprised/surprising tired/tiring depressed/depressing embarrassed/embarrassing interested/interesting amazed/amazing excited/excitingdisgusted/disgusting satisfied/satisfying

UxxX&Present perfect

Regular verbs have the same form for the past simpleand the past participle= arrived,watched, layed, etc.Some irregular verbs have the same form for the pastsimple and the past participlez cut, felt,bought, etc.

Other irregular verbs have a different form for the pastsimple and past participle: done, given, written,etc.

# pug" 132 rregular erbsWe use the present perfect to connect the past withthe present. lt is used to describe something whichstarted in the past and:* has a connection with the present: 've inished ll my

exams so 'm very happy now).

* continues nto he present: 've ived here or five ears[and still ivehere now).

lust, already and yetWe often use the adverbsTlust, already oryef withthe present perfect to talk about things that havehappened before now but have a connection with thepresent.o We useTustto alk about hing s hat happened short

tjme ago: 've ust eaten 3 | ate a short ime dgqo ndfm not hungry now). Magda's ust gone out (: She eft ashort ime ago so you can't speak o her now).

* We use alreadyto ay something as happened, ftensoonerthan expected.'Do age 23 for homework!"We'vealready one hat page.'[: That page s finished now sowe don't need o do t again.)

ii:, 'When are you going to tidyyour bedroom?' l'vealready'tidiedit. '(: The oom s idy now so I don't need o do tagain.)

Note: hese wo adverbs ormally o n he middle f hesentence, etween have and he past participle: 'reTustbought some new trainers.She's already ead hat book.


has not /


Grammar reference {@

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o We often use ef n questions nd negative entences hen we expect omething o happen. t means ntil now: Haveyou seen he new Kate Winslet ilmyet?' 'No,I haven't een t yet.' : No, haven't een he film at a time before now butI expect ' ll go.)

Note: Yef normally oes at the end of the question r senten e'. Haveyou finished et?' 'No,I haven't inished et.'

Since and f,or'We often use srnce and forwith the present perfect to talk about a time that started in the past and continues

into the present.

o We use srnce o talk about he beginning f a period ft ime :

a We use or to alkabout he whole eriod f ime:

Michael Keen has writtenthree novels

He's played ennis threetlmes


Present perfect or past simple?Present perfect

We normally use he present perfect when:. we are hinking about he past and the present: 'ue

broken my arm so can't do the maths exam. Molly hasbougltt a ticket or the concert onight. (: Molly has aticket and plans o go to the concert onight.)

. we are not intereste . n whenthis action happened,but we are nterested n the result nou,:I've lost ny keys and now I can't open my front doorj.'I've

ftnished all my lrcmeworkso

don't have o do itnowl.

We can also use he present perfect o:. talk about experiences ver a time that started n the

past and continues until now, but we don't say when'.JK Rowling has written seven Harry Potter books. :She may write more.)I've never been o Japan (until now, but I may go in thefutureJ.

o to glve news:Rafa Nadal has won again. I've had my hair cut.Remember f we ask questions about a time that

started n the past and continues nto the present, weuse he present perfect:'How long have you liued here.z''I'ue lived here or three ears.' : I'm interested n atime period hat started n the past and continues ntilnow.J'How many matches have you played thisinterested n a time period hat started ncontinues until now.l

s We oftenuse How ong o ask questions bout hisperiod of time: Howlonghave ou had hose rainers?''Since last ear.'

Past simple

We normally use he past simple when:. we are thinking about he past but not the present:

I broke my arm when I was riding nry bike. Sethbougtrt wo tickets or last week's concert and he wentwith his friend Jim. (: Seth went to the concert withJim last week.)

. we are nterested nwlrcn this action happened:I lost my keys yesterday and couldn't open hefront door). did my homework ast nigltt.

We use he past simple:. when hese experiences appened ver a time n th e

DASt :JRRTolkienwrote he Lord of the Rings.(: Tolkien's ead so he won't write more.)Wlrcn I was in Asia, didn't go to Japan.(: I'm not n Asia now).

. to add more details o this news:He beat Roger ederer. not frxs bt:fteft)I went to tltot new hoirdresser's.

We use he past simple to ask questions about a timein the past:'Wlrcn did you move here?''May 2009.' : I'm interestedthe past .)

a particular date

week? ' ( : 'mthe past an d

I've been on the basketballteam

(iz+}Complete PE T\_-/

'Wllat time did the match start?'

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&$rx$XWays of expressing he futureHere are some ways of talking about the future.

fx,rtxxre *mrgilcl with things which are not certain,especially with 1 hink, I trcpe, expect,probably and maybe


i zII

preJi.ttons or the utrr.

3 wiLlcan also be used o:. make requests. make promises. make offers

present vidence

2 future plans an d


arranged between people or the future

p,reseclt Imrp** events ixed on al


In some cases, more than one verb form is possible:

a In practice, n agreed rrangement present ontinuous)may be almost exactly he same as a plan (going o): 'mseeing oey onight. l'm going to see Joey onight.

* When t is not clearwhether predictions based n act(going oJ or opinion wilD,we can use either of theseforms:Amy s going o pass er exam. l'm he teacherand 've seen ome of her exam marks.J Amywillpassher exam. l knowAmyand think she's ery clever.J

Prepositions CIf novementTo say how we travel, we normally use by= We went oParis by train.

ar Expressions ike his nclude by car by plane, by ship, byboat, by ferry.* We also say by road, by sea, by air by rail, by metro, by

underground.* Butwe say on foot,notffi: Therewere no buses o

we went on foot.* We can't use bywilh a, he, her etc. n expressions ikea

taxi, he plane, her bike. nstead, we say n a taxi,on theplane, on her bike.

She'llprobably plnne later. think it'll bewarmer next week.

Sea evels will rise by seueral entimetres.Tlrc climate will change.

WiIl you help me with rny homework?I won't forget o give you o present.

) 'll buy you a sandwiclt f you're hungryThat's he hone inging I 'll get it !

Your work is so good thot I reckon you're goingto get a Crade A.Look at the clouds! think it's going o snow.

I'm seeing he dentist tomorrow - I phoned herassistant vesterdav.

)fhe fLight o Paris akes off at six.lOur train eaves t 5.15.

To tafk about cars and taxis, we use rn: They rrived t

the cinema nLiam's

car. decided not togo

in my car. Therewere five of us in the taxi.* Withget, and sometimes ith other erbs uch as ump

and climb, we use n/into and out of: Get n the car! Twopeople got into the taxi. got out of the car and closedthe door behind me. Sofia umped into her car and set offquickly.

To alk about public ransport, motorbikes, bicyclesand horses, we use on: She eft on the 7.45 lane. usuallygo to,school on my bike, but today 'm going on the bus. Thebest way o cross he hills s on a horse.o We use on/onto or off with get: Youget on the bus at the

station, and get off at the shopping centre. Marlon eft thecaf1 and got on hismotorbike.

!: 'i\

I'm going to study biology at university.He says he's going to plnne you tomorrow.

Grammar eference b

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Tao and enough7oo means more than is needed or wanted: She's ooold to oin the police.Enough means as much as is necessary or needed:Have we got enough eggs to make a cake?

ffirCmely, fairty, quite, rather, rfrty, r"ry

We can use the adverbs very, extremelyandreally

before adjectives to make the adjectives stronger: /twas a vety ong ourney. We were extremely ired yesterday[very i-red). had a really ood sleep ast ighf verygood).

To make an adjective weaker, we can use ratherorfairty=, ri'i1' ir' ',

i7'r"'It's athbr old oday cold,but not reezing).

Theirppartment s fairlybig (big, but not hugeJ.

We ooan se quite o make gradable (e.9. good, ired, etc.)adjectives eaker, ut with non-gradable adjectives e.9.sure, rue, different, etc.), quite can mean completely:

The own live n is quite smal/ small, but not tiny).l'm quite sure t's the right answer l'm l00o/o ureJ.

too + adjective + forsomebody) +infinitive):

o He's oo young to driue.o That suitcase s too

lrcavy or me to lift.too + adverb (+ for

somebody) +

infinitive):You're working tooslowly. Please hurry up.It was snowing tooheovily or me to see heroad ahead.

too much/too mony +noun (+ for somebody)[+ infinitive):

. The! brought oo muchfood for as to eat.

t I've received oo many

emails to ansu)er.

WmitZera, irst and second conditionalsWe use conditional sentences to talk about a possiblesituation or action tlt ...) and the possible results ofthis situation or action:lf it rains, l'llget wet.

[possible ituation) (possible esult)We can also talk about the result before we describethe situation:

l'llget wet if it rains.(possibleresult) possiblesituation)

Note: f the situation omes irst,a comma s used. f theresult omes irst,no comma s used.Gonditionals are often divided into types:

Type Oor zero conditional

/f + present tense, present tense: If our team winsa

match, our coach s happy. : He's happy every ime \ €win.) \The zero onditional s used o talk about hingswhich ar ealways r generally rue.

Type 1 or first conditionallf + present tense, future: lf our team wins his match,we'llwin he competitior. : I think he team could win.J

The irst conditional s used o talk about a real possibilitynthe uture.

Type 2 or second conditional

lf + past tense, would + infinitive: lf our teamwon all the

matches, we'dbe the championsl : I don't hink he teamwillwin all he matches.)The second onditionals used when he speaker simagining situation hat willprobably ot happen.

When deciding whether to use the first or secondconditional, you need to think about whether eachsituation is a real possibility or not for you:

lf it rains t the weekend, 'llgo to the cinema. l think itcould ain.Jlf it rained n the desert, lants wouldgrow. (l'm sure t won'train.)

When, f, unless + present, futureWe can use when, f or unless o talk about thepossibility of things happening n the future:o We use when or hings we are sure willhappen:

When get home, 'll watch TV. l'msure 'llget hometoday.JWe use f or hings hat may happen:lf Iget home before 8 pm, I'llwatch he film. (l'm not sureif l ' llget home before pm but t is possible.)

' l ' t "

adjective/adverb +enough (+ forsomebody) +infinitive):

. This coffee s not wdrmenouglt Please eat itup again.

t Fronz didn't answer he

questions well enough oget tlle ob.

o That Intel is not smartenough or her.

enoagh + noun (+for somebody) +infinitive):

o Have you got enoughmoney to get to London?

o There sn't enotL'gh akefor me to give some oeveryone. a

@ to,not"te PET

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* Unless an generally eplace f .. . not and means xceptif: l'll watch he film unless get home too ate. : l'llwatch he ilm f don'tget home oo ate. | plan owatch he film except f I get home oo late.J

So do f and nmrfneither da fWe can use so do I and nor/neither do I when we replyto someone but we don't want to repeat the samewords. We use these expressions o say that the sameis true for me or someone else:

We use:e so n positive entences: l live n Japan.' So do .'e nor or neither n negative entences: Jamescan't swim

well.' 'Nor/Neither can Matt.'* the same auxiliary erb n the reply: l've studied or the

exam.' 'So have l.' 'Callum isn't here.' Nor/NeitherisHamish.'

x do or did f lhere s no auxiliary erb: Hegoes to KingWilliam'sSchool.' So does Kate.' l didn't watch TV astnight.' Nor/Neitherdid l.'

r* the same word order as questions: l saw a great ilmatthe weekend."So did l'. [Not ffi.]

Someone says:I 'mbored.I 'vegot ots of cousins.Mayaplays he guitar.

We don't ike ock music.You can sing well.Theybought hat new CD .Josh hasn't one his homework.

You agree:So am .So have .So does ou .Neither/Nor o hey.So can you.

So did 1. ,Neither/\ have .

&.$mx&eWhick, that, wtto, &yfrose, wkew, wkere 6lau$e$ definimg and non-definlmg]A clause s part of a sentence. The relative clause n this sentence s underlined:Theman who phoned ou is my doctor.Refative cfauses start with these relative pronouns: which, hat, who,whose, where,when and why.

Sefining nelative lauses

* Relative lauses hich ellyou which person r hing he speaker s alking bout are called efining relative clauses.*w Defining elative lauses iveessential information: hedoctor who gave me the medicine s my cousin. he relative

clause underl ined)ells s whichdoctor e are alking bout.

Nom*defining elative c!auses* Relative lauses hich give ou extra nformation re called on-defining elative clauses.* Non-defining elative lauses ive nformation hat s not essential:My doctor,who belongs o the same ennis lubas

you, gave me the medicine esterday. We already know which doctor [it's my doctor)i who belongs o the same ennisclubas you does not ell us which doctorwe are alking bout; t ust adds extra nformation.

There are differences n grammar between defining and non-defining elative clauses:

Defining relative clauseso Don't have commas.. Use he following relative pronouns:

who, whiclt, whose, where, wlrcn, why.o That can be used nstead of.wlto or whicl't.. Who, which or that can be omitted when they are

the object of the clause: The medicine wlticlt/th"at)the doctor gave me slrculd be taken twice a day (thedoctor s the subjecl and whiclt/tltot he object of the

Non-defining relative clausesr Use commas or pauses n spoken English).r Use he following relative pronouns:

wlto, wltich, whose, where, when, why.r Don't use haf.. The relative pronoun cannot be omitted.


Grammar eferenceffi

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Past penfect ii, ' , ' ; f - - - : - -



hud ,dl t l w e / t n e y , i

l / y o u / h e / s h e / h a d n o t / i : L . , L , : L' s ( n o t ) h a v i n g t h e c o m p u t e r


- : .- '

I ar r ived home (?) | He/she/ i t , , - - , . , '1!/we/thev _!f$}_- i-

- ' t ,' . . . " r - - - - - - - . - - - l

I /vo' t /he/she/ ,Am lI IH: d

I /yovne / sne / ,AI r l l l IHad, _ - - _ _ t t l 1 y - 9 4 ! 9 r _ - _ L _ _ t i 3 ' 9 * I o y l _ y 9 / t n e y _ _ _ ;

The main uses of the past perfect are: I Is she/he/it _ i _ lto show hat we are alking about omething hichhappened efore omething hat s described n he pastsimpfe: When he got to the station, his rain had already/eff.Compare his with: When e got to the station, istrain efl.This shows hat he train eft at the same imehe arrived.it is often used with ime expressions ikewhen, s soonas, after, before: She started drivingbefore he'd astenedhisseatbelt. When he terrible storm had ended, people

started o come out of their houses.it is often used with the adverbs lready,ust, never: Thethieves ad already escaped when he police arrived.He'dnever eaten a really good pizza until he we\t to ltaly.


We use have omething one when we ask someone lseto do something or us: We're having he car repaired. :The mechanic s repairing he car or us.) had my hair

cut last week. : A hairdresser ut my hair or me.)We can also use get something one: She gets her haircut (but usually nly n informal ituationsJ.

* We can use have or get) something one n any ormor tense: 'm thinking of having my hair cut. My watch sbroken | must have t repaired.

&$xx*eXThe passive: present and past simp,eThe passive s formed by the verb be + done / eaten /cleaned, etc.= Lunch s served n the hotel restaurant romI pm.

L.Nrx&t&Commanelsn'Commands are also known as mperatives.'Standupl ' 'Don ' ttouch he walls , hi ldren. ''Be quiet, verybody.' 'Don'tworryso much.''Havea good weekend.' Don'tforget o phone me.'

We use:o the infinitivewithout o: 'Begood!', Don'ttalk!'(Not

mtalthe same ormwhen we talk o one or more han oneperson: Enjoyyour holiday, verybody!'

this structure o command, ellor ask someone odo somethin , to give nstructions r advice, makesuggestio s,encou age, warn, etc.

ihe/she/it has

li '.r-- '- ---T----

i l /vou/we/Dn

i l l i

, i , , - - ^ . . , - . . ^ , l r e P a i r e d

i Itr'"Y Ihavei




AIIthe foodvery quickly.

The car has

was eaten

been sold.


We've sold tlrc car.

It's nice wlrcn people nuiteme to dinner.

On a clear day you can see

Ibizo from the mainland.

It's nice when I'm invitedto dinner.

On a clear day biza

can be seen rom themainland.

The passive s used when:w the speaker oesn't now who or what does/did

something: My bike was stolen ast night.

the speaker oesn't eed o say who or what does/didsomething ecause t's obvious rom he situation rcontext: Themurderer was arrested obviously y hepolice).

what happens s more mportant han who does t: Iheposf /s delivered t 8.30.

the car

i I/vou/weDo | ' - '

They ate all the ood uery

@ comntete Er

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* when writing n a formal slyle:Your ocuments eresigned esterday nd they can now be collected rom ouroffice.

More about the passive:x lf t is mportan t o say who or what did something, e

add by + noun: This icture was painted by my aunt.* We sometimes eave ut a relative ronoun nd he orm

of the verb be: The ilm, whichwas) made n the 1990s,is stillverypopular.

Comparative and superlative adverbsWe qse a comparative adverb to compare two waysthings are done: Computers un more quickly han n thepast. Lacy always alks more oudly han Stacey.We use a superlative adverb o compare one thing orperson with all those in the same group= There erelot of good dancers n the competition, ut Sam and Rickvdanced he most brilliantlv.

$"$xx$eXReported speechWe often use say and tell to report what people say:e we use ell f we mention ho we are alking o: He old

me he was from Casablanca. Nottffid-he vtas-frem-ehsabtanea.)

* if not,we use say: She said she wouldhelp me. Not S#e.W.)

Remember: ou can eave ut that: 'He aid hat he wastired and'He saidhe was ired have he same meaning.

Tense changes

present imple'I live n Berlin.'

past simple

present ontinuous past continuous'I'm watching TV.' He said he wos watchins TV.

r We use mor<lo formthe comparativt-oftwo-syllable adverbs,including adverbsending n -ly:Morioread the text morequickly han Susanna.She ulsl/s me more oftenthon slrc used o. Afterthe adverb we usuallypu.t han.

. We add -er to one-syllable dverbs, .g.hard, fast, stroight:My mum works hardertllan my dad. (Not rnoraffib)

r The adverbs well andbadly form rregularcomparisons: ellbetter; badly ) uorse:Dolpltinscan swim

better han people. Yourteam always plays worsethan mine.

r We use mosf o formthe superlative ftwo-syllable adverbs,including adverbsending n -Iy: Thismachine works mostpff i r ienf lv n f n l l

r We add -esfto one-syllable dverbs:Maxwon the race because eran

fastestat the end.

r The adverbs well andbodly form irregularsuperlatives: ellhp<t ' hnd l t t - - ) n r n r c / '

They are aLl excellentstudents, but Mel speo-ksFrench best. We estedtltree cars, and this oneperforms worst.

. The superlative

sometimes akes he ,especially n moreformal situations: nthe current economicsituation, sales ofour luxury model aregrowing the most slowly.

present erfect'I'ue seen he ftlmalready.'n : q t q i m n l e

'I missed he concert.

past perfectShe said she had seen hef i lm n l rendt r

past perfect*He told me he had missed ithe concert. ____l

We can also use he past imple:He old me he missed heconcert

i wiII Tr";n---:

'I'LIplt"oneyou soon.; ^ ,She ard he wouldphonei

me soon.t t t n c / r t t o r o o 6 i n o l n

i Slrcsoid slrc was going oi play tennis.

t 'I can runi f - ^ + 'i / u J r .

but I can't r un , He said he could un but he

_*::g!!!n'!1, l!'t

am/are/is going to'I'm going to ploy

t tennis.'



. We can sometimes se/ess nstead of.more'.After a while, tlrc windbegan o bLow essstrongly.

Grammar eference @

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 127/236

Other changesWe usually make he following changes:

I/you'I spoke o you earlier.'


my'I can't tnd my keys.'

your'I'ILcome o your lnuselater.'our'We've tidied oar

\bedroom.'today this week month

/ yearrcmorrow next monthyearyesterday last weekmonth year

'I'm playing tennis


here'I've lived here all rny life.'

he/she/theyHe said he lnd spoken oher earlier.

theyThey said they had

ftnished.his/herSlrcsaid she couldn't tndher keys.my/his/her/their --\

He said that he wouldcome o her lrcuse ater.theirThey said they had tidiedtheir bedroom.that day / week month

/ yearthe next day / the

following month / yearthe day before tlrcprevious day the previousweek month / year; theweek month / year beforeShe aid she was playing

tennis the next day.tlrcreHe said he had lived tlrcreaII ttis life.

'Where do you ive?''What are you doingafter class?''Have you finished yourhomework?'

He asked me where lived.She wondered what he wasdoing after class.He wanted o know if shehad finished her homework.

'Where can I buy adictionary?'He asked me where couldbuy a dictionary.(not.. . wW+l+uy...)

'Wherehave you heen?'She asked me where had

been.'Do you like strawberries?'He asked me if I likedstrawberries.( n o t . . . M

'Stand The teacher old them to

quiet! 'stand up .He told the childquiet.

touch anything.'


We generally use ask and not fel to report more politerequests:'Openthe window.' He old her o open he

window.He asked er o open hewindow.

'Canyou open he window?'

Reported question$We can, use as& wonder, ant o know, elc. o introducereported uestions:

To report a question, we make the following changes:

c change he word order n he question o the same s anormal entence:direct uestion:

reported uestion:

s make he same ense hanges s or reported peech:

* do not use do, does r didas an auxiliary erb:

*) pug* 129Reported Peechdirect uest ion:reported uestion:

direct uestion:reported uestion:

Reported ommands

@ Comnlete PET

Page 128: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 128/236

e Lrse fullstop, not a questionmarkat he end of th esentence:

'What time do you startschool?'Theyasked us what ime westarted school.

n reported uestions, e use he same uestion ords

what,when, where, tc.)but if there s no question word.weuse for whether.Direetquestion Reported uestionWhy are you laughing?' The eacher asked us why we

were aughing.Are you OoinOy holiday?' He asked me if I was going on


ndirect questitlnsWhen we ask {qr information, we sometimes usendirect questionbto sound more polite. Expressionssed o introduce ndirect questions nclude: / was

wondering .., I'd ike o know . , can't emember .., Couldou ellme. . . , etc.

Direct uestionWhere do you live?'

Whatare you doing ater?' Could ou tell me what you aredoing ater?

Haveyou finished our l'd like to know f you haveomework?' fin shed you homework.

As for reported questions (see above), when a directuestion becomes part

of a longer, ndirect question,we make he following changes:change he word order n he ndirect uestion o thesame s a normal entence:direct question: 'Howlonghave you lived here?'indirectquestion: I'd ike o know how ong you,ve

lived here.( n o t . . . @here-)

do not use do, does r didas an auxiliary erb:direct question: 'Do you play tennis very ay?'indirectquestion: Could ou tellme f you play

tennis very ay?[not ... fyeaae-etay+ennis ..)

Also, as for reported speech, we use the samequestion words (what, when, where, etc.) but if thereis no question word, we use if or whether=Direct question Indirect question'Where didyou go?' I can't emember where you went.'Didyou stay n a hotel?' l'd like to know f you stayed n a


However, nlike n reported uestions, n indirect uestions:x the ense tays he same:

directquestion: 'Willhe eave oon?'indirectquestion: I was wondering f he'll eave oon.

(not... fMdieave...)* we use a questionmarkwhen he ntroductory

expression s a question: Could you tell me where hebank s?

* we use a full stop when he ntroductory xpression snot a question: 'd like to know where he bank s.

direct uestion:

reported uestion:

Indirect uestion

I was wondering where youlived.

Grammar eference sJ

Page 129: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 130: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 130/236

Page 131: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 131/236

Exercise 3ln the example n page 133, ever efore hanges o theexpression t was he (first ime)+ past perfect simple.Foreach question -5, ook at he difference etween he irstand he second entence. hat does each question est?

Part 2You have tudied nd practised ritingPart 2 in Units2, 6,8 and 10.fn Part 2,you:

are asked o write a short message f between 35 and45 words n he orm o(an email, ote, postcard, tc .

are old who you are writing o and wh y

must nclude-thtee ontent points which may ask you othank, nvite, suggest, explain, apologise, etc.

should pen and close he etter n a suitable ay (e.9.Hi, best wshes)

. can get a maximum f 5 marks or his part.Do not spend oo ong on his part or you may not haveenough ime o answer he onger Part3 writing ask whereyou can get a maximum f 15marks.

Part 2 tests your ability o:o read and understand tasko writea clear message ithin a word imit

o organise nd connect our deas well.

You must:include ll hree content oints ryou won'tbe givenmore han 3 marks, ven f it is a very good answermake ure yourmessage s clear

be careful withyourgrammar, unctuation nd spelling

remember hat short orms ike don't count as wo words

r write your answer n pencil on the answer heet.

You mustn't:write a lot more han 45 words or your answer might notbe as clear as a shorter answer

write ess han 35 words. A short answer s unlikely oincludeall hree content points. f you write 25 words or

less, ou won't be given more han 2 marks.

How to do Part 2' l Read he ask verycarefully. nderline he ollowing:

why you are writingwhat you are writingwho you are writing othe hree content oints.

You have ust stayed at your English-speaking riend's ouse or a week.

(a) why

[b) whatWritean emailto youf-fttcn-dclamInyour mail ou hould:

. thank hi m(d) hreecontentpoints

. tell him what you enjoyed most

. invitehim o stay at your house

Write35-45 words on vour answersheet.

[c) who






2 Thinkof some ways o communicate ach content ointand note hem down, e.g. Thank ou ever so much or ..

3 Thinkabout how you can connect our deas withwordslike but, and or because.

4 Decide ow you are going o open and close ou rmessage. hinkabout whether he message s ormal rinformal.

5 Write ourcomplete ext, ncluding ll hre e contentpoints. ookback at he question, f necessary.

6 Don'twaste ime writinga rough opy.Remember ouwill need o leave nough ime o do WritingPart3.

7 Read he question nd youranswer gain.Makesureyou have:o included ll hree content oints

o writtena clear message nd connected our deaswith and, but, etc.

c checked ou haven't made mistakes ith grammar,spelling r punctuation

* opened nd closed he message n an appropriate' way

o written 35-45 words.

@ comntete PET

Page 132: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 132/236

Messagesxercise 1ead he Part 2 writing ask belowand answer heseuestions.

Who are you writing o? Why?Willyourmessage eed o be ormal r nformal?Whatare you writing?What are he hree content oints?

You want o borrow our riend's amera.Write an email to Eva. n your email, you should

explain why you want to borrow the camerasuggest when you can collect the camerasay when you will give it back.

the PETWritingPart 2 exam ou may have o thankmeone, xplain, nvite,apologise, uggest, ask ormething, etc.ays of thanking someonehank ou / Thanks ever so much) for (givingme) such ace present.

was verykind of you to give me such a nice present.FORMAL)ays of explainingan't come to your party because have o study or myams.

have o study or my exams. That's why can't come to yourrty.

ays of invitingm going to the new Turkish estaurant. Wouldyou like toome?m going to the new Turkish estaurant. 'd likeyou to come.ays of apologising

m so sorry or breaking our camera.m so sorry hat broke your camera.ays of sqggesting

Whydon't we go to the cinema?ow/What about (going o) the cinema?hallwe go to the cinema?

Ways of askingCan borrow your camera, lease?

Could ou lend me your camera, lease?

Would t be possible o borrow your camera, lease?

Exercise 2Writewhat you wouldsay n h e ollowing ituations.

I You can't meet our riendat he weekend. pologise.Ttw soyry thxf t ca+r'f weel ,Xou at llne weeKead.

2 You*u,i,,o borrow our riend's""ur"ru. xplain hy.3 You spent wo wonderful eeks t yourEnglish-speaking

friend's ouse. hank him/her.4 Your English-speakingriendhas never een o your

country. nvite im/her.5 You've rranged o meet an English-speakingriend.

Suggest place o meet.6 You orgot our riend's irthday. pologise.7 You're oing o Hugh's arty. sk him or directions o

his house.

Exercise 3Lookat he ollowing xpressions e use o open and closemessages nd answer he wo questions hat ollow.Expressions used to open messagesDear .. Hello, . Hi ...Expressions used to close messagesBest wishes All the best Yours Love Lots of love See

you soon

1 Which expressions an we use n both a formal nd aninformalmessage?

2 Whichexpressions an we only use n an nformalmessage?

Exercise 4

@ Read he hree answers o the ask n Exercisewritten y PET andidates n he nextpage. nswerthe qqestions yputting tick /) or a cross /0 in hecorrect olumn.

I included all three content points?

2 written a clear message?

3 connected heir ideas with and, but.etc.?

4 opened nd closed he messagewith an aDDroDriate xpression?

Writing reference 6s)

Page 133: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 133/236

Dear Era,l'/ /i/<eo borrow your camera ext Fri/ay. l'l/ nee/ t for the weekendsince 'w qo,nq i ta/<e art in a cowpetiion and mycarnera as ustbrolrer. llriirru rt n'extMonday. et's eep n tolch.Love.

Dear Eva,

Howare you? hope you're ine. 'mgoing o visitmy riend this weekend ut Ihavg fig problem.3omebody tolemynewcamera. ouldyou end me yourcamera? can visityouon Friday.'ll eturn t next Monday, rite o me soon.


qfsrei!'ffi+ffi *p=:l***u.:_**:wtp-*f


You oldmeyou can\ond 0 our L^mvra.r^rillive tbacY txtFrida'{.

lee pu,

Exercise 5Lookat he PETWritingPart2 marking cheme adapted rom he Cambridge SOL ebsite, ith kindpermissionJ. hatmarkwould ou giveeach of the hree answers n Exercise ?

Exercise 6Read he ollowing art2 writing askand under l ine :1 why you are writing

2 what you are writing

3 who you are writing o

4 the hree content oints.

You are going o miss an English-speaking riend's birthday artytomorrow.

Write a note to your friend lan. Inyour note, you should

* apologise or missing hi sparty

c explain why you can't be there

& suggest meeting another daY.

Write 35-45 words on youranswer sheet.

Exercise 7Read hree tudents ' nswers nddecide hichone was given he maximum marks.

becouse havemy isters wedding ndshe ive n heU3A. Imust bring he train 1'ep Lyon nd afferwardsplan rom




WrXtXxxgmr& xmar$qXxxgc$xem&

Candidate as ncluded all 3 content points appropriately.The message s very clear.

CunOiaut. tr t in.f"a.a , f f : ."nt"nr ooit t t tThe message s generally clear.

Candidate as ried to include all 3 content oints.The message s not clear n places.OR Candidate as onlv ncluded content oints but these areclear.

Candidate asn't ncluded 2 content oints or these 2 points ar enot clearly ommunicated.The message s not completely ommunicated.OR The answer s a little short (20-25 wordsJ

Content oints hardly ncluded and/or message ifficult ounderstand.

OR The answer s short 10-19words)

Content points not includedOR message mpossible o understandOR oo short (under 10 words)

@ ao'no,"te PET

Page 134: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 134/236

Doar an, wouldifo o apologiseor miosinglourbirthdal ari1. r^rill ave o go o tho doctor 'rithm1younger rothor ecawe won't o ab\e o gowith im.'ulh1 on't amoat n1oua gi{i?9esl v.lirhvs,

HL qvL, 'rn sarryfor wt going to your partyyesterday; vnyswteravr. ccvded. I v,levtt o the hospttal ayLd LLedactor told her tLtat sLLe qd a braker+ eg, sa Icauldwt be there,, I wtll see yau tavworrav,t. fawrs,

-ercisewrite he other wo answers o hat hey could also be

ven he maximum marks.

mn'&Part3, you must choose rom one of wo writing asks.The asks ou choose rom are an nformal etter nd astory.You are given omewritten nformation, ut you mustanswer he ask withyourown deas.Youmustwrite about 100words.Your etter r story s marked ut of a possible 5, o hisis he most mportant art of he Writing ection.

rt3 tests ourability o:complete he ask you have hosenorganise our extwelluse a variety fgrammatical tructures nd vocabularylink our entences ogetherwrite n a suitable tyle, .g. r iendly nd nformal n aletter o a friendus€ orrect pell ing nd punctuationavoidmakingmanymistakesavoid rrors hat make t difficult o understand our

writ ing.hispart ou might eed o show ou can:describe place, omething ou own,or a person ouKNOW

give omebody racticalnformationdescribe ow something appenedS€r! ow you eelabout omething, r about omethingthat has happenedexpf€ss ouropinions r say what makes ou happyso! what you hope or or what you regret.

How to do Part 31 Read he questions ndchoose he ask ou hink ou

can do better. hen ou are deciding,hinkaboutwhatyou are good at and what you are not so good at. Ar eyou more confident riting etters o friends, r ellingstory?

2 Read he as k hat you choose ery arefully. nderl inethe ollowing:

o who will ead our ext , .g. n English-speakingriend,yourEnglisheacher

s the key words in the instructions, .g. story, egin,holidays

* the mainpoints ou mustwriteabout, or example:

There's really ig shopping entre uitenear myapartment. go here everySaturday.

What do you ikebuyingmost? answer

What re he shops ikenear here ou ive?--{,#,'fr["#J:,

3 Think bout he opic and howyouwillwriteabout t . .Quickly otedown as many deas s you can.

4 Choose ourbest deas nd writea briefplan, uttingthese deas nder eparate eadings.

5 Think f some seful ords nd ohrases or eachparagraph nd note hem down, ut don' twritea full ,rough opy. ou won'thave ime o write t all wice.

6 Decidewhat style ou need o write n: ormal rinformal.

, f AttT;nt";itr@

Clearmessageconnected ithbecause nd so

2 content oints re no tcorrect. he party s

tomorrow nd he writerdoesn't uggest another ay

Writing reference {s}

Page 135: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 135/236

Write our ext, ollowing our planand keeping o thetopic.Try o make ourhandwriting s clear and easy o readas possible.

9 Use as many ifferent inds of grammatical tructuresand as much ocabulary syou can.

l0 Form onger ente nces y using inking xpressions ike

so and because.'11At the end, check ou havewrittenabout he rightnumber fwords. f you havewritten ewer han 80words, ou will osemarks. fyou write manymore ha n100, ou mightmake more mistakes.

12 Make sure ou eave nough ime o check ourcompleted ext or mistakes3nd orrect hem.Makinga

, lotof corrections oesn'tmatter f thev are easv o read.

lnformal etterYou have practised ritingan nformaletter or Part 3 inUni t s , 5 and 11 .When ou writeyour etter, ou should:

imagine he short ext you read s written o you

organise our ext properly, sing hort paragraphsput he opening, .g.DearAmy, he closing, .g. Love,and yourname n separate inesuse riendly, nformalanguage

. give easons nd examples, sing inkingwords.Expressions used at the beginning of an informal letter

D e a r. . . H e l l o . . . H i . .Thanks very much) for your letter. lt was great to hear fromyou.

Sorry 've taken so ong to writeback, but ... Sorry haven'twritten or so ong, but ... l've got so much to tell you. l'mwriting o say .. This s ust a quick note to say ...Expressions used at the end of an informal letterWell, hat's all for now. I d better finish now because ..Say'hello'to your family rom me. Give my ove o everyone.Don't forget o write soon. Looking orward o hearing romyou.

Love, Lots of love, Best wishes, All the best, BVe ornow

Exercise 1Read he Part3 writing ask on he rightand answer hesequestions.'I What are he keywords n he nstructions?2 Who must ou write o?3 Whatdoes ourEnglish-speakingriend ellyou?4 What questions oes ourEnglish-speakingriend sk?

Fxercise 2Study his model etter nd he comments ext o it. Answerthese questions.

I Howdoes Stefan eply o Sam's uestions?

2 Findas many nformal ords n he etteras you can.

3 What else hows hat he style of the etter s nformal?4 Find n example nd wo reasons n he ast wo

paragraphs.hat inking ords oes e use?

Model lettera


Doar am,

ThanKeor our alon your ourtasnth

had oieof cool rrMine sn't ill Tut1,ercilvd.l lwals emum nd dad, atcardt some f thThorv\a caYo,oo.candles n |.

LalYron,m1maiersomawheropecial,alwalsun.9uI Ihedo what lira all d;anything ecause'

An1wa1,hats all rto go out. lrita or

All tha bss.t.he be$,

ur lattar and congralulationsasnth irthdall hope 1ou

,olPre59nt5.Tul1, ut 'm alraadl attingrytge| ico rasentsromm1f,as wellatloade f birthdalof hem re quite unn1.

r, oo. his oar t'll havo 4

naIv6IaYo o out,ecial,iYe concerl. haI'srt tho bast hing s haI canallda1 ndno ono an alruse t'om1birthdal!

all or now ocawe 'vegoIte soon. --


Thank heother oerson or

their etter and saysomething boutwhat hey wrote

Answer heirquestions

Say why yourletter s quite

short , nd ask ora reply

* This s part of a letter ou receive rom an English-speaking riend.

]| 'vejusrhadrnyfourteen|hbir|hday1|hadagrealtirne. with ll nyfarnily.leasetell ne bouf our irfhdays. hat ;I happgls? lrat oyou o?

Nowwritea letter, nswering our riend's uestions.

Write our etter in about 100words on your answersheet.



@ Complete PET


Page 136: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 136/236

ExerciseRead he Part 3 writing ask belowand answer hese questions.1 What are he key words n he nstructions?2 Who are you writing o?3 What nformation oes our riendgive?4 What does our riendwant o know?

This s part of a letter ou receive rom an English-spea king riend.

Nowwritea letter o this riend.itdyour etter in about 100words on your answer sheet.

Exercise@ Read he etterwrittenby a PET andidate nd answer uestions -8.

1 Zoe has made one grammarmistake n each paragraph 1-4].Can you correct he mistakes?2 Has he made any spellingmistakes?3 Has he organised er etter well?4 ls her etter about he right ength?5 ls her writing ormal r nformal? ive ome examples.6 Does he answer ll Jamie's uestions? n which paragraphs?7 Which our common xpressions oes he use at he beginning nd end of her etter?8 Which inking words does he use o give easons?

PET andidatens etter


1 g Thawk: far your letter - thott's such a lood nnws! I cawt belleve yaww are goLn9 to vtslt rny conntry!

2 & I thLvtk Lt's best to speni your tirne u+ a clty becotwe here qre ynore\'## iltwgs fuyyll thavL LvLhe cawwtrystde. Qennratty, vt, he cttLes you cqrw

watchftlrns, go sLtappLng vtd eat ivt,gaad estqurqds.

The nQhtlLft tn rny caLLwry s wonderfwl!TLtere re awtow dkcoshere and ltvely cafds. Ovt,Suwdayshere are cultnrql attracttow forpeople Luch re visLtLvt4he citLes.

4 *gI recovnynewd on ta vlstt tlte capttal, 06 Lti huge awd tLtere are lovely*d sawdy beaches aa. Alsa because ILvehere!

?leo$e wrLte 49aLn, aov't.

Eest wuLtes,


3 pEE$lFilf

Writing reference @

Page 137: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 137/236

- a


StoryYou have practised ritinga story or Part 3 in Units g and12.When ou write a story, ou should always:r check whether he words ou are given n he

instructions re he itleor he irst ine. write about he opic suggested y he itle use he irst

sentence ou have een given

o get ideas by asking ourselfwho?, what?, where?, when?and how?decide efore ou stArtwritingwhat willhappen t hebeginning,n he middle nd at he end.Will he endingbe happy, ad or a mystery?make ureeach part of your ext develops he storyuse ime expressions, .g.before, fteq during,when,while,until, first, hen, next, mmediately, s soon as,suddenly, inally, n the end

use a variety f tenses, .g. he past imple or events,the past ontinuous o describe he background, hepast perfect or hings hat happened efore omethingelse when you are already alking bout he past.

You should ry to:set he scene t he beginning yusing escriptioninclude ome nterest ing etai lsuse some unusual ocabulary o make he story morelivelyinclude omedirect peech, .g.'What as hat strangenoise?'

e say how you,or he main character, elt at different imesin he story

e create nterest uring ourstory, ossibly ith a surprisea t he end.

ExerciseRead his Part 3 task and answer he ouestions hat olloru.

o Your English eacher as asked ou o write a story.c Your torymust have his itle:

The lost wallet

o Write ourstory in about 100words on your answersheet.

1 What are he keywords n he nstructions?2 Do he nstructions ive he itle or he irst ine?3 How manywords hould he answer e?

Exercise 2Study his model toryand he comments ext o it. Answerthese ouestions.1 ls he ext written n he irstperson 0, or he hird

person he/she/it)?

2 What adjectives nd adverbs re used o describe hescene nd he people?

3 What ind of ending oes t have?4 Match each of comments -f with words n he ext.




Msdel scCIryr

a Good sv olIenses o sellno 5L0nv

I The ostwalletb Describes

how o olt

c Direcl peech rin

tha aiorltolifa

f ?artl1orplains ha thappened

Rafawassfanding n he oowded platform f a busy ndergroundstation when iswalletwas folen.Upsetand angry, e ealisedthat wifh t he had ost his dentrty ardand allhiscash.

He neverexpected o see tf again, ut months ater here was a

knock tfhedoor.'l elievehis s yours,'said nervous traffer',whohanded im hiswallet nd hen hurried ff into he night Rafalooked nxiousl/nside t

He couldn'tbelieve is uck,because is money as here and sowas his Dcard. omefhing, hough,waswrong. hat was hiscard,butwith omeone lses phofo n f.Then eunderstood:heyhad

@ "o'no,"te PET

I wantedo steal his dentrty.

Page 138: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 138/236

Exercise 3Read he Part 3 writing ask belowand answer hesequestions.

1 What are he key words n he nstructions?2 Who willread ourstory?3 Which words do you have o use? Where?4 Whatare he key words n he sentence ou are given?5 Do you have o write n he irst person /), or he hird

person he/she/it)Z

Exercise4Quickly ead he story writtenby a strong PET andidate

and answer hisouestion.o The story as hree aragraphs -3.Which aragraph

mainly bout he ime:a before he phone angb after he phone an gc when he phone as inging?

PK-f amdidateu$ tory

slhen ha phone ang, Knew mmedia'tel1howas alling.9elore answring, ihoughi acVo urhen was aKing art nIhedancv omDetition.

lhad parsedhrough ho iret,second,hird and ourth ounds.Aftor had completad 1danca n he ifth round, hajudgasaaid ha winner ould arform roundha rorld.lwas nformodhat ha osults ill bo announcedn r,'ro,.reeKs.and ow t was ima.

Nervousll,iooK'ths all.'\ou'vr,aronhs National anceLompoIilion,'voicv aid. was mal-ed.couldn't oleive'h twas dream ome rue. Af'tar ll, r,-rasjuaiv lvarsoldand ailhalago nlono ould t,Ihehappivtl orson ftha world.

D prg" 119Grammar eference: astsimple nd pastcontinuous

D prg. l2BGrammar eference: ast erfect

Exercise 5Read he story more carefully nd answer uestions -9 .I Does he story keep o the opicof the irst sentence?2 ls t about he ight ength?3 Findone ncorrect erb orm, a spellingmistake nd a

preposition rror.

4 What verb enses oes he use? Give n example feach, .g.past imple: ang.5 Which ime expressions, .g.when, oes he use?6 ls her writ ingmainlyormal r nformal? ive ome

examotes.7 Where nd how does he create nterest?8 Where oes he use direct peech?9 Whichwords and phrases escribe ow she elt?


o YourEnglish eacher as asked ou o write a story.e Your torymust beginwith his sentence:

When the phone rang, I knew immediatety whowas calling.

* Write ourstory in about l00words on youranswer sheet.

Writing reference @

Page 139: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 139/236

Exercise 1Study he Part 2 instructions nd pictures elow, ndanswer hese questions.

1 What do you have o imagine?2 What wo things o you have o do with yourpartner?

-3 Howmanyobjects re n he picture?What s each onecalled?

Examiner: 'm going o describe situation o you.Aschool riendof yours s going o live n another ountry.Talk ogether bout he different hings he class ouldbuy himor her as a leaving resent nddecide hich onewouldbe best. Here s a picturewith some deas o helpyou.All right? alk ogether.

Exercise 2{3; Listen o Stella nd Lee doingSpeaking art2 andanswer uestions -6.



Do hey ask he examiner o repeat nything? N0

Do hey ake urns properly?

Do hey isten nd eply o what each other ays?Do hey discuss ll he pictures?

Do hey agree o choose ne of the objects? f so,wh ich?

6 Which andidate o you hinkgot a better mark?Why?

Exercise 3{fi; Listen gain nd ookat he expressions elow. ick /)the ones hat Stella nd Lee use theymay not use exactlythe same wordsJ.

Making suggestionsHow bou t . . ?

What oyou thinkof ...?Whydon'twe ...?Perhaps e should ..?

So shallwe ... , then?

Agreeing with suggestions

Right.Yes, hat's rue.I think so, oo.Yes, (completely) agree with you.

That's (very)good dea.

Disagreeing politelywith suggestions

I think t might be better o .. .

I think 'd rather ..lh not so keen on .. .l'm not really sure about that.

Youmay be right,but ...

Giving easons

. . . because . .Forone hing ..Foranother ..The hing s ...I think he problem s that ..

Fart SYou have ractised ar t in Units ,5, 10and 12. t lastsminutes.In Part :o the examiner ntroduces he opic e.9. eople t work)

and asks oth andidates o alk n urn about colourphotograph orabout ne minute

o each candidate as a different hotograph o talk about

* the photograph hows veryday ituations, .g.people twork,at home, n holiday, tc.

* the examiner toos andidates f ter minute

* candidates re not asked o comment n heir partner'sphotograph.

@ "o'notute PET

Page 140: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 140/236

art3 tests ourability o:describe veryday ituations sing a range f vocabularyand structuresorganise our anguage n a long urn .

ow to do Part 3Listen arefully o the examiner's nstructions s heexaminer ill ellyou he opic of both photos, .g.people at work or teenagers t home.l t i s a good dea o imagine ouare describinghephotograph o someone ho can't ee t.

Talkabout everything ou can see n he photographthe people, ha t heyare doing, hat heyare wearing,theirage, tc. Also alk about any otherobjects ou cansee, ncluding heir olour, ize, tc .Try o use a range f vocabulary nd structures.lf you don't know he word or an object, se one of thedescribing xpressions, .g. f's a thing or...

Avoidpointingat objects use next o, behind, etc.instead.Speak or a mi nute the examiner ill say Thankyouwhen t's ime o stoo.When t's he other andidate's urn o talk about heirphotograph,isten ut don' t ay anything.


xefcise 1ead he example peaking art 3 task belowand ook at he photographs. nswer he question hat ollows.

ow, 'd ike each of you o talk on yourown about omething. 'mgoing o giveeach of you ahotograph f people njoying heir free time.

ease ell us what you can see in your photograph.

ook t he wo photographs. hich f hese hings ould ou alkabout or Photo and Photo ? Putick [/J in he You olumns.


he placehe weather

he time of day (morning, afternoon, etc.)he colours

he food

he transport

he clothes





he activities

Speaking eference @

Page 141: Complete Pet Student Book

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Exercise/is) Listen o Sofia nd Tania oing he Speaking art 3 task.Tick /) the hings hey alk about n he correct olumn nthe able n page 145.

Exercise 3{is}Listen o Sofia nd Tania gain nd decide f thefollowing entences re correct r ncorrect or each one.Tick U) the box f you think the sentence is correct.

Sofia Tania

r T

Fart &You have practised art4 in Units 2, 5, 6 and 11. t lastsminutes.ln Part :

the examiner sks ou o talk ogether ith your partnerabout omething onnected o the photographs n Part 3the examiner ill ntroduce he opic or discussion. ouwillusually eed o consider wo parts, .g. ldaes ouwould ike to visit and activities you would do there oractivities you like to do on your own and activities you liketo do with other people

. you have conversation ithyour partner, ot heexamlner

* you need o take urns o speak y asking nd answeringeach other's uestions

6 you keep alking ogether ntil he examiner ells ou ostop.

Part4 tests ourability o:r talk about ourown experiences, pinions, ikesan d

dislikes, tc. with another erson n a topico take urns with he other person y asking hem about

theirexperiences, pinions, ikes nd dislikes, tc.


She describes hings he can see n hephotograph.

She uses a wide ange f vocabularyand structures.She uses expressions ike t 's made of ...She describes he ocation f objects.She speaks or about a minute.She probably ot a good mark nthis part.



I Fc


t r TT t rn t rT T

trWays of talking about the photographsln thisphoto /we can see ..It looks ike + noun lt looks + adjectiveI think t ... I don't think t ...It could/might be ...There eems/appears o be ...

Ways of talking about an object you donnt know theword forIt's kind of .. .It's omething ikea ...It'smade of metal/plastic/wood, tc.It'sused or ...-ing

Ways of describing location


oin between3reMinside

on he eft0ight)

@ "oto,"te PET

next o behind in front of

Page 142: Complete Pet Student Book

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How to do Part 41 The examiner ill askyou o have

a general onversation ithyourpartner bouta topic which sconnected o the photographs ouboth described n Part 3.

2 In his general onversation,ouwillneed o talk about ourownlikes nddisl ikes, xperiences nd

- opinions nd ask yourpartner bouttheirs.

3 Listen arefullyo the examiner'sinstructions. ou can ask heexaminer o repeat hem again fyou do not understand, .g.Sorry,can you say hat again, lease?

4 You will usually eed o considertwo parts n yourdiscussion, .g .l'd likeyou to talk together about

the types of television rogrammesyou like to watch and when you liketo watch hem or the activities oulike to do withyour family and theactivities you like to do withyourfriends.Turn ourchair o face your partner.

Begin he conversation y alkingabout one part of the question utremember o invite our partner ojoin n, e.g. Whatdo you think?Listen arefully o what your partnersays nd reply n a suitable ay, e.g.l'm not so sure. ...

8 lf you can't hinkof anythingmoreto say, he examiner ill ask you afurther uestion.

9 After hree minutes. he examinerwill stopyou by saying: hankyou.That's he end of the test.

ExerciseRead he Part 4 instructions elowan d

underline he wo parts ou will needto consider n yourdiscussion.

Examiner: Your photos howedpeople njoyingheir ree ime.NowI'd ikeyou o talk ogether bout hethings ou enjoy oing n your re etimeand he hings ou would ike otry in the future.

Exercise 2Makea list of some of the hings ou could alk about n he yourow belowFree-time activities

Exercise 316) Listen o Agnes and Marcos oing Part4. Make some notes n what h eytalk about n he able above.

Exercise 41S) Listen gain nd decide fthe ollowing entences re correct r ncorrect.TickU) the box f you think the sentence s correct.

1 They alked about heir experiences, pinions,likes nd dislikes, tc.

2 They asked ach other questions nd gaveeach other plenty f time o speak.

3 They howed hey were nterested n whattheirpartner aid. u

4 They alked about both parts of the ask. I5 They didn't hange he opic completely. I6 They got a good mark n his part of the est I

Questions or taking turnsWhatabout ..2What do you think?Don'tyou think so?Do you hink...?Do you ike ..?Have ou got...?

Showing you are listening andinterestedl'm not so sure.Maybe.Yesand no.Really!Good point!

I agree/disagree.

X'd iKe o tryuo!.!.qbn!.!"/srihVDeCnUSe ...

Speaking eference@

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Aa$foenfrc ast pETpsper rom CmnebrcdgeSOtPAPER : READINGPart1

ReadingPart 1

Questions -5

Look t he ext n each uestion.Whatdoes t say?Mark he correct etterA, B or G on youranswer heet.Example:








King tleys ooks thedictionaryouordere.dsno onger ublished.heyrecounendednother nellSalral -

they ouldsta copyor onorrow.




A Do not eave our bicycle ouching he window.

B Broken lassmaydamage ourbicycleyres.

C Yourbicyclemaynot be safe here.

Supermarket ustomers re not charged or parkingbut need o collect special icket.

Supermarket ustomers hould how heir eceipt tthe exit o the car park.

Supermarket ustomers ave o pay or he car parkinsidehe supermarket.

Graham as o wait an extra day or the dictionary eordered rom Otleys.

lf Grahamwants a dictionary rom Otleys, t'll costmore han he expected.

The dictionary Graham eeds s unavailable t Otleys,so they recommend rying another hop.

A B Co

@ "o,no,"te PET

Page 144: Complete Pet Student Book

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Thanks or ending e hatsurfingDVD I'mgladyou got t back OK.Youcan borrowmy baseball neand eturn t on Sunday fyouwant.


Please eport lostproperty mmediately

to any member of staff


A Li s offering o lend Chung a DVD.

B Liwants o return ne of Chung's VDso him.

G Li s asking Chung o give back a DVDhe hasborrowed.

The college fficewillgive you a card when yo ucollect our parcels.

Whenposting parcel, ake ourcollege ardwithyou o the office.

G The officewillonlygive ou yourparcel fyou provewhoyouare.

Aska member f staff o show ou he ost propertylist.

B Tell he staff what you have ost without delay.

G Thestaffwill ill na lostproperty eport mmediately.


GENERALOFFICEParcels cannot be collected

here without a colleseidentity card

PETmodel un"r @

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Page 146: Complete Pet Student Book

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The wonders f science ome alive orchildren n thisdelightful ook. As wellas enjoying he lovely ictures, heywillalso earn bouthow plants row,see how differentbirdscare or theiryoungand discover ome nterestinginformation bout nsects.

Basic Technology

A love of knowledge begins earlywith this colourful reference book.Find out interesting facts and learnabout important inventions in thelast century. If you know a childwho asks questions like 'Whatmakes a car go?', then this is thebook for you.

TheHunterIn hisexcitingtory, onderfullyllustratedya famous ildlifertist,aminainds babyelephant hose other as illed yhunters.Lookingorhelp, he ravels ack hroughheAfrican ush nd s able oenjoyhe natureallaround er,Her ourneyeaches er heimportancefdoing llwecan osave ndprotect urworld.

Journey o the PastLying ill inbed, Lucienknows he s not

like other boys. In this maginative toryhe inds out ust how differenthe s. Hediscovers hat he has he power o transporthis mind hrough pace nd ime. Thisamazingnovel ill appeal o those whoread o escape rom the real world.

'Joanna's SearchJoanna as brought p by her aunt nduncle nd has never nown er parents.At 14,she decides o try and ind heanswers o the questions hat she hasalways sked erself 'Whoam ?','Wheredo I come rom?'The ovel ellsthe moving et unny toryof Joanna'ssearch or her dentity.

Painting HistoryThis is a beautiful book showingfamous paintings through history.Each painting is described n detail,including simple facts about thepeople shown n them and their lives.Children are invited to look moreclosely at the pictures and to try someof the techniques hemselves.

Forest TalesThis book s a collection f seven

well-known nimalstories romdifferent ultures round heworld. They are particularlysuitable or reading loudandwould make good bedtime tories.Each story s about six pages ongwith bright and colourful ictureson every page.

Time Travellers

This very interesting set of stories showswhat life was really like for people atcertain points in history - the buildingof the Eiffel Tower, rhe sinking of theTitanic, the first moon landing. \Writtenas diaries, these stories are historicallyaccufate.

PET model p"p"t @

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Page 148: Complete Pet Student Book

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AntarcticaJournalist Sara Wheeler writes about her meeting with the artist philip Hughes and the

discussion they had about their experiences n Antarctica.

Antarctica has had a powerful effect on both explorers nd scientists.. Arrarcuca nas nao a powerrul ertect on both explorers nd scienti]ffi. In 1994I discovered why, when spent seven months herecollecting material or a travel book. I have often housht travel book. I have often thousht the



%%'amazingemptiness f this region would attractthe nterest

ofmany landscape ainters and yet, hroughout history,only a small number have actually been here.

In2O03, one of them, he 67-year-oldpainter hilipHughes, pened a one-man show n London calledsimply Antarctica'. tJntll 197 , Hughes's aintingswere mostly of the South Downs n England, but at

this point, Hughes decided he wanted o paint moredistant ands. First, he travelled o South America.

Then n 2001, he spent ive weeks n Antarctica, dividinghis time between Rothera, a British research entre on

Adelaide Island, and a science camp up on the WestAntarctic ice sheet.

The temperatures can be extreme. At my camp they reached -115'C and at times I felt terrible. But baek inEngland, looking at Hughes's painting Leonie Island at Midnight,I remembered what Antarctica was likewhen a storm ended. It was as if the world was new. Then I wondered why I came back. Hughes was therein summer, and the temperatures were around zero. He could draw in these conditions but if it got colder, heneeded o wear gloves. The picture Christmas Day at Rothera was drawn on paper while Hughes sat on the

lil_*j*^,ll1l"ltl""it until ater when e.wentinside, common echnique ithHughes. Although

:|1:: :i:-:,1t9"t: n Antarctica, ost f the ontinents whiie. 'Thetechnic"fiirn""iiyl*?r'r";;ffi;io vvurrv. I rrE LELllllluar urllrL;ulty rnvolvgo rn palntrngthere,,' explained Hughes, 'was working in white. When I used even a little blue and gr""n, I had to work vererycarefully.'



S" "?"

"o. ^a - 4 - |

' d ^ t - l? KOSS

Se a




Antarctica simply sn't like anywhere else on this planet and or me this was he best hing about my visit. Itis one-and-a-half imes bigger han the United States ut it is very peaceful. t also never"gets ark. When

went o Hughes's how,we ooked at his paintings ogether. He explained,I

was ust amaied by the beauty ofAntarctica. It didn't matter hat our nearest eighbours were 800 iilometres away.'

I asked Hughes why he went to Antarctica. 'Today, people are controlled by things like mobile phones andemail' I had to get away from this' You only become aware of the absence, uy, of plun"s overhead, when therearen't any. When it's only you and the natural world, you completely understana it, po1y"r.,

PEr model ulur {rB

Page 149: Complete Pet Student Book

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Part 4

Questions 21-25

Read he ext and questions elow.Foreach question,mark he correct etterA, B, G or D on youranswer heet.

Indian filmsActor Amitabh Bachchan talks about his experiences

I have spent over 30 years in the Indian film industry and haveworked with almost three generations of directors and actors. Therewas a time when life in the movies was very different. It was slowerand everything seemed simpler. Now, there are so many things tobe dealt with: the light needs to be right, the equipment needs to

be returned, the actors have to be somewhere else. There also usedto be a sense of magic about the movie industry and the stars werespecial. Now they are just one of a crowd.However, in my experience, the new generation of film-makers take their work seriouslyand they are all very confident. Sometimes, when a young director is talking to me abouta scene, I can see technical difficulties. For example, in the film Aks we needed wild dogsfor a particular scene and I asked Rakesh Mehra how we would do that. He said it wasnot a problem. He found an address on the internet and we shot the scene in Romania.More often, Rakesh is anxious about getting the actors' dates right or sorting out thefinancial side.

Most of today's young directors have trained in the United States. They have learnt how toplan their productions in great detail and they are extremely well prepared. Before filmingstarts, they have already made decisions about the costumes, make-up, camera anglesand so on. For afi actor it means there's someone taking care of everything. It makes thefilming go smoothly. I have little doubt thart he future of our film industry is in very goodhands.

What s Amitabh Bachchan rying o do n his ext?A suggest ow ndian ctors ould mprove heir echniqueB compare ndian ilmswith hose made n he USA

C encourage eople o watch more ndian ilmsD describe hanges n he ndian ilm ndustry

What does AmitabhBachchan ayabout he Indian ilm ndustry oday?

A Every tage of filming akes a long ime.B The ilm stars are amous round he world,

C The people nvolvedn filminghave lot o do.D lt is difficult or youngactors o start heir careers.


@ cotRl"t" eer

Page 150: Complete Pet Student Book

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Whqthappened henAmitabh achchan nd Rakesh ehra worked ogether n Aks?A They isliked orking ithone another.B They rgued bout he best ctor o use.C They isagreed bout cceptableevels f cost.D Theyworried bout ifferenthings n making he ilm.

What s Amitabh achchan's pinion f young irectors?A They ave professional ttitude owards heirwork.B They re careful ot o annoy nyof he actors.C They ike o discuss heirdecisions ithothers.D Theymake ure hat everyone s welltrained.

HowwouldAmitabhBachchan escribe he ndian ilm ndustrv?A

The films we made whenI was younger were somuch better - moremoney s available odaybut the acting s worse.

Indian film-makers knowwhat hey are doing - theindustry s growing nstrength and think itwill continue o do so.

c Our new generation ffilm-makers depends oomuch on technologythey don't realise whatmakes a really good ilm.

There are some greatyoung actors odaythey have o film scenesunprepared nd hismakes hem very special.

PET model pup"t @

Page 151: Complete Pet Student Book

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Part 5

Questions 26-35

Read he ext below nd choose he correct ord or each pace.Foreach uestion, ark he correct etterA, B, G or D on youranswer heet.Example:0 A c a n B s h o u l d G need

O i A B c D: :

D would



Not (29) ... . . good dea eads o immediate 30) ... . . , however.

(3t1 the 15th century, eonardo a Vinci wrote down his dea or chains

(32) were able o drive machines but the technology o (33)

these hains did not (3+1 then. This shows hat a great nvention may be

unworkable 35) a future development makes t possible.

@ comptete PET

Page 152: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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A far

A reach

A t o

A every

A prize

A Between

A what

A produce

A last

A i f

B absent

B travel

B with

B any

B success

B A t

B who

B se t

B exist

B whi le

C other

G transport

C fo r

C a l l

G win

C During

C which

C record

G happen

G until

D distant

D arrive

D o f

D each

D victory

D Since

D where

D put

D continue

D when

PETmodel ul". @

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Page 154: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 154/236

Page 155: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 155/236



Questions -7

There re seven uestions n his part.Foreach uestion here re hree pictures nd aChoose he correct icture nd put a tick U) inExample: Where s he girl's at ?

Part 1

short ecording.the boxbelow t.


Which and wi l l t heg i r lwa tch?

€ { . f r^ffi" *d- .#&

%ff$A T

Where does he boy eel pain

B I c I

A T B T c I

@ "oto,"te PET

Page 156: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 156/236


7 3 Where s he computer ow?


Howdoes he woman ecommend ravellinground he sland?

A T B J c E

What do bot h girlsdecide o wear o the disco?

A T B J c I

PET model up.. €t )

Page 157: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 158: Complete Pet Student Book

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Questions 8-13

Youwill hear he pilotKateGingford alkingabout he ast ew days of her light around he world n asmallaeroplane.Foreach question, ut a tick U) in he correct box.

I In Norway, ate's riends elped er A plan he route on he map.

B cook a meal efore er light.

G put on he clothes he would ly n.

I During he light o Denmark, at e A feltvery ired.

B spoke o her son.

C enjoyed iews of the sea.

10 on Monday, atewas worried ecause A she had o land unexpectedly.

B the planewas difficult o fly.

G a wheel was notworking roperly.

1I While taying t her riends' arm,Kate A enjoyed earing he birds ing.

B got annoyed bout osing lying ime.

G made ure he got some xtra leep.

12 Kate ad o arrive t he lying lub n England A during he afternoon.

B while he weather as good.

G before t got dark.

13 Howdid Kate eelwhen he arrived n London? A pleased he had done he rip

B keen o make nother ong rip

G nervous bout eeing er amily gain




PETmodel pup"r @

Page 159: Complete Pet Student Book

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lo Part 3

Questions 4-19

Youwillhear recorded essage bout tourist ttraction alled he Grand alace.For ach uestion,ill n he missingnformationn he numbered pace.

The Grand ?alace

ThY?alacos now pen gain.


Page 160: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

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(af Part 4

Questions 20-25

Look t he sixsentences or hispart.Youwill hear conversation etween boy, om, nd a girl, emma, ho are studying n different artsof he country.Decide feach entence s correct r ncorrect.lf it iscorrect, ut a tick ,/) in he box under for YES. f it is not correct, ut a tick () in he boxunder for NO.



20 Tom and Jemma ad arranged o meet ach ther.

21 The ilms at Kingsford inema are usually ather out of date.

22 Tom s surprised hat lemma pends o much n entertainment.

23 Jemma id a free course o get a qualification.

24 Tom hinks emma will indworking t a swimming oolboring.

25 Tom s sure emma willget a ob at he holiday amp.

pETmodelpup"r @

Page 161: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 161/236



AIB Goodmorning afternoon evening.Can have ourmark heets, lease?(Hand over he mark sheets o the Assessor.)

AIB I 'm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and h is s . . . . . . . . .. . .He She s ust going o listen o us.

A Now,what's ourname?Thank ou .

B And what's ourname?Thank ou .

Back-up prompts


Candidate ,what's our urname?Howdo youspell t?Thank ou .And,Candidate , what's our urname?Howdo youspell t?

Thank ou .

(Ask the following questions. Usecandidates' ames hroughout. AskCandidate first)Where o you ive come rom?Adult studentsDoyouworkor are youa student n ..?What do you do study?

School-age studentsDo you study English t school?Do you ike t?Thank ou .(Repeat or Candidate B.)

Howdo youwriteyour amily secondname?

Howdo you writeyour amily secondname?

\ \

Doyou ive n . . .?

Have ou got a ob?What ob do you do? What subject[s)do you study?

Do you have English essons?

@ complete rr

Page 162: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 162/236

Page 163: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 163/236


| 2-3 minutes I

InterlocutorSay o both candidates:

I'mgoing o describe situation o you.

A citywants o givebetter nformation o tourists who want o come and visit.Talktogether bout he different ays he citycan give nformation nd saywhichwouldbebest for ourists.Here s a picture ithsome deas o help ou .

Place Part 2 booklet, open at Task l, in front of candidates.


l'llsay hat again.A citywants o givebetter nformation o tourists who want o come and visit.Talktogether bout he different ays he citycan give nformation nd saywhichwouldbebest for ourists.

All right?Talk ogether.

Allow the candidates enough time to complete the task without ntervention.

Prompt only f necessdry._

Thank ou. Can have he booklet lease?]

Retrieve Part 2 booklet.

S About2-3 minutes includingime o assimilate he nformation)

@ "o-ot"te PET

Page 164: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 164/236





#H#ss$ffif f i H S S S # m





@W5flESX*SgtE{sgs4ffIFHS+ft+pd4$$s$ffi+fFpsESnsqi l4*3*E4lifrSFEiit+*t!i+{Fglni4f&ffilt&ffi; i l teEqq:tr!filtxl+Er!tt*4tsEneSEtvesEd4Eif+FseIF*ssf i$q*9cafr*s5B+4SSEEtB{nFe&


{: le t{ t

; t 3 's * 5 {I t r 9t ! * t ;e 5 p !g $ ! i : * as * l t : ?t i l * * 9! , ! q p i It t t { i 1: i f 1 r 1 i

ti ! ! t 1ll : a t : i l

i l aRHff i ; i -ffi: ' ,f f i r '

mll*EEl I,1 " " . r r ,

5+ ? "w * ! l

I D D Dtrt_l w

PETmodelpup"t 6$

Page 165: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 165/236


Special occasionsPart 33 minutes

InterlocutorSay o both candidates:

Now, 'd ikeeach of you o talk on yourown about something. 'm going o giveeach ofyou a photograph f a special occasion-Candidate , here s your photograph. Place Part 3 booklet, open at Task A, in frontof Candidate J Please how t to Candidate , but U like you o talk about t. CandidateB,you ust isten. 'llgive ou yourphotograph n a moment.Candidate , please ellus what ou can see n yourphotograph.

(Candidate A)Approximately ne minutelf there s a need o intervene, rompts ather han direct questions hould be used.

Thank ou. Can have he booklet lease?)

RetrievePart 3 booklet rom Candidate .Interlocutor

Now,Candidate , here s yourphotograph. t also shows special occasion. Place

Part 3 hooklet, open at Task B, in front of Candidate J Please how t to Candidateand ell us what you can see n he photograph.

(Candidate B)Approximately ne m nute

Thank ou. Can have he booklet lease?)

Retrieve Part 3 booklet from Candidate B.

@ comntete ET

Page 166: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 166/236


rr,,,.,,.,::::t. ,: .:: i:




PETmodelup". ffi

Page 167: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 167/236


Part 43 minutes

InterlocutorSay o both candidates:

Yourphotographs howed pecial ccasions. ow, d like you o talk ogether boutspecial ccasions ou have njoyed nd saywhat you did o celebrate hem.

Allow he candidates nough ime o complete he task without ntervention. rompt only fnecessary.

Thank ou.That's he end of the est.

ffi Parts & 4 should ake about 6 minutes ogether. Back-up prompts

1. Talk about pecial ccasionsyou've enjoyed.

2. Talk about what you do onspecial ccasions.

3. Talk bout weddingbirthday party you've been o.

4. Talk about he clothes youwear food / music onspecial ccasions.

@ Complete PET

Page 168: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 168/236

ExtromnteriolStudent A activities

Unit6GrammarExencisePage 56

Student A

The Disc Jockey (DJ)

DJ Jupiter played the guitar in a local band while atsecondary chool. He was often asked o choose hemusic at his friends'parties because e had a largecollection of music. He began studying computing atuni but he became more and more nterested n usingsoftware o mix music. n 2001, he began o work inlocal night-clubs and he has been a successful iscjockey since then. Last year, DJ Today named him .DJ

of the year'.


3 Where's len, mogen's ousin?

Unit5Starting offPage 44

Key to quiz: How emotional are you?1 a 2 b 0 c 1 2 a I b 0 c 2 3 a I b 2 c 04 a 2 b I c 0 5 a 0 b 1 c 2

8 or over: You have strong emotions and peoplealways know how you're feeling. That can often be agood hing, but sometimes here's a danger of hurtingothers. A little more self-control might be good for you- and those around youl

4-7: You're not an extreme person. You're quite well-balanced: sometimes ou show your feelings, but at

other times you control them very well. It's important,though, to know when to show your emotions - andwhen not to l

3 or under: You're probably not a cold person, butperhaps you're controlling your emotions a little toomuch. Everybody needs o relax and express heirfeelings sometimes: t makes us feel better - and itmay also do us good!

Unit12VocabularyExercisePage 112

Student A

Draw these objects on the plan on page 112.


Speaking Part 1

f,xa;cisePage 75

Student A

1 received2 centre IUS center)3 and4 beautiful

5 colour6 comfortable7 then

Unit12Vocabulary[xercise l

Page 112

I Where are Todd's keys?

sl,hffit6lu))) -qju:

2 Where's he sports hop?

Extra materiul @

Page 169: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 169/236

UnitStarting offPage 70

Key to quiz: All in the family!

I A Cinderella 2 A Maradona 3 C Rafa Nadal4 A Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 5 B Bart Simpson'sgrandfather

Unit9Starting offPage B0

Key to quiz: How fit and active are you?

I A 1 B 2 C O 2 A T B O C 2 3 A O B 1 C 24 4 2 8 1 . C O 5 A 2 B O C 1 6 A 1 B 2 C OT A O 8 2 C I 8 A O B 1 C 2

0-5 You're not keen on exercise, are you? By notgetting a minimum 30 minutes of activity a dayyou're missing the chance of having a better bodyand a great way to feel less stressed, sleep betterand get more energy. As it's all new to you, srartwith a little at first. Remember you can do parts ofyour half hour at different times, so why not walkto work, clean the house, go for a swim - anythingthat stops you sitting on the sofa, really. you don'thave to run 40 kilometres to improve your fitness.

6-ll You could be fitter. You're quite relaxed and,while taking it easy can be a good idea, t shouldn'ttake too much extra effort to do the recommended30 minutes a day, five times a week. you enjoyspending time with your friends, so why not takeup an activity together? t can be anything - froma street dance class o basketball. Or if you don,tfancy organised classes, get together n the parkfor a game of football, or go out dancing instead ofsitting around doing nothing.

12 or more Well done! You're fit and active. Half anhour of activity a day is a minimum for you. Whilekeeping active now means you look and feel great,you can also look forward to a healthy future. youshouldn't have to womy if you stay active. As youenjoy being fit, make sure you do all the activitiesyou can: from hill walks and dancing to rockclimbing and swimming. That way you'll never getbored with keeping active.

Student B activitiesUnit6Grammar[xencise

Page 56Student B

The kickboxer

Both Lewis Young's parents were professional boxers.He began boxing when he was five. When he waseight he became nterested n martial arts and whenhe was fourteen, he got his black belt. He began tofight professionally when he was eighteen. From thebeginning he has been called a colourful fighter. Hehas won several mportant world competitions. He has

just begun to write his first book on kickboxing.

Unit8Speaking Fart IFxercisePage 75

Student B

1 nteresting 4 recommend2 together 5 believe3 restaurant


Page 12

Student B

Draw hese bjects n the plan on page 112.

6 favourite7 thought

@ "o,no,ute ET

Page 170: Complete Pet Student Book

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AnswerkeyNote: You can use short forms to answer thequestions, e.g. I am working' *'I'm working',has done' -+ she's done', etc.

Homes and habitst

Starting off8 s

Recording script cDt rack2

@ 2 " 3 a

Hi.My name's ulia Davies nd his s my oom.I spend mostof myevenings here and part ofthe weekend, hough 'mout quitea lot hen.

It'snota particularly ig oom, ut 'vegot allmy avourite hings here. here's mycomputer,which use mainlyor emailing, nline hat andlooking round n he nternet, nd mymobile- | lovel.erting eople! do my homeworkthere oo, as you can see rom he pileof textbooks. hey hould eally e on he bookshelf,but here ust sn'tanyspace here. read a lot,actually that's why here are so many booksand magazines. lso play he guitar bit,andthough 'm notverygood yet mymum ays 'mstarting o get betterlThen here's


p1ryil. don't often use hat, but when havesomeone ound,we sometimes atch a filmortwo.

4 f . 5 d 6 b

Listening Xlax"t@ Suggested nswers:

I doesn't shut late, lots of places stay open late2 cost a lot of money, charge low prices3 sometimes doesn't feel safe, s always very safe4 get out of bed before, stay in bed longer5 a sensible thing to do, not very clever

Recording sctipt cDl rrack3

When ou're ravelling broad, oe, do you indthat people do things at different imes of theday?


'she Zoe:













Well, guess he irst hing you notice s howearly eople ave inner ere n he UK,maybe t 6 o'clock. nd often n he USA and

Canada, oo. But n Spain rSouthAmerica,for nstance, hey don't usually ave heir mainmeal ntil ate n he evening, nd hey oftengo out after hat. By hen, n a town ike his,everything's losing,sn't t?

Well, don't hinkthat's lwaystrue. omeplaces tayopen very ate hese days,particularlyn he town centre.

Buthowdo you get home ere? he busesand rains ll stop unning round leven-thirty.

There re usuallyaxisaround fter hat. There

always eem o be people etting nto hem,orwaiting or hem.

Well,even f you can get one, hey cost ar oomuch, n my opinion nyway.

You're ight about hat. That's why I never akethem. But suppose ou couldwalkhome.

All the way rom he town centre? You mustbe oking!And hat's nother hing.At nightin places ike talyor Greece r he MiddleEast, here are always ots of people arouM.Families,mean. o youdon'tworryaboutanything ad happening here, ut when 'mhere n your own here are imes when feel.well.not as safe. know t seems illy, but t'strue.

Youmaybe right hat olderpeople o o bedearlymost nights. Butdoesn't hat make tmore un when you'reout? Everyone ou see syoung!

That's rue!

So do people n he south of Europe et up

later he next morning?Well, chool starts ust as early as n he porthof Europe o I don't hink hey stay n bed anylateLAnd he school ay s normally bout hesame s here.

Andwhen here's o school?

Theyhave unch ater, erhaps t wo or hree.A propermeal, hat s - not ust a sandwich.After hat people ometimes ave a quicksleep.


Answer key @

Page 171: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 172: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 172/236

Page 173: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 173/236

Q some possible guesses:

Wayne sets off for school after breakfast; he catchesthe school bus near his house; when he gets oschool, he teacher akes the register; he has lunchin the school canteen at 12.10.

@ ffre general dea of the text is that Wayne's school

day n China s long and hard.@ Suggested words to underline:

2by car 3 punished, ater han 07.20 4 somesports facilities 5 midday, none, home, lunch6 leaves, aI 17.20 7 homework until, dinner8 never sleeps, more than six hours

@ Suggested words to underline:I fry myself an egg for breakfast, My sister buys

something rom the market stalls2 I sometimes go to school by bus. However,

normally go to school by bicycle3 in school at least 20 minutes before essons egin.

It's a school rule. If you don't arrive on time, youcan expect punishment (the clock in the nextparagraph shows hat lessons egin at 07.40).

4 didn't use to have a football pitch, basketballcourts or a running track but now it does

5 All of us eat n the school canteen6 We finish school but we can't go home; we have

an exam after class7 It takes me 30 minutes to eat and then I have to

do my homework8 I always wake up less han six hours later

2 8 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 8 7 8 8 A

VocabularyTake, sit,pass, &l{ lose, mr.ss, earn, teach and srudy

@zsi t t ing 3taking 4miss ing 5s tudy6 learn 7 teach

@ Suggested nswers:

I How many marks do you need o pass exams atyour school?2 What happens f you ail an exam?3 How often do you miss school?4 Do you study every weekend?5 Would you ike to learn something ew? What?

GrammarPast simple

@ Z shopping centre 3 (large) cinema(s) (withchoice of films) 4 Spanish 5 (being with) newfamily and friends

Recording script cDr rack

Interviewer:Today e haveNadine ith us o talk about hesixmonths he pent n Chile. ello, adine.

Nadine: Hi!

lnterviewer:You'renormal 6-year-oldchool tudent.Wheredidyou go astYear?

Nadine: Last ear livedn Chile or sixmonths s anexchange tudent. lived itha Chilean amily.I wentto school very ay and had o w0ara uniform.n Canada don't ave o wearuniform.t 'sso uncooll

lnterviewer:Where idyoustay?

Nadine: I stayed n San Pedro e Atacama high nthe Atacama esert. Unlike oronto,here's odisco, oshopping entre. o arge inemaswithchoice f ilms.

Interviewer:How idyou eelwhen you irstarrived?

Nadine: To ellyou he ruth, was scared. an Pedro sso different rommyhome own.

Interviewer: idyouspeak Spanish efore ou went?

Nadine: Yes, did. studied oanish t school nCanada nd hought was goodat t. Bu twhen got o Chile couldn't ayanything.twas awfull

Interviewer:What bout chool?Whatsubjects idyou

slucy?Nadine: ldid maths, hemistry, iology, hysics, istory,

Spanish nd art.

Interviewer:Wast a good experience?

Nadine: Yes, twas. 'm eally lad went here. MySpanish mproved nd even began o dream

in Spanish. also topped issing xpensiveactivitiesike oing o he cinema r h-e iscoand began o realise hat un n San Pedrowasbeing ithmynew amily nd riends.

fnterviewer: hank ou,Nadine and fyoud like oknowmoreabout being nexchange tudent,contact ur hotline umber n 0800 444 ..

@ z where did you stay? 3 How did you feel whenyou first arrived? 4 Did you speak Spanish beforeyou went? 5 What subjects did you study? 6 Wasit a good experience?

@ co,npt"tePET

Page 174: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 174/236

@ b stayed c was d studied e did f was ... went

@ Regular: a lived b stayed d studieo;Irregular: c was e did f was, went

@ z p+aiea + played (vowel before y)3 p+afted planned (consonant + vowel +consonant) 4 travelred -+travelled (British English

always doubles he l, although this answer wouldbe correct n US English)5 openned * opened (final syllable s notstressed) e happend -- happened (add -ed toinfinitive without to) Z sttdyed -+ studied(consonant before y, the y changes o l)

O Z UnVeA - bought 3 eheesed + chose4 fult --+fell 5 weared--+ wore 6 writed --+wrote

Past ir"nplend past ontinuous

Q Suggested"nswer:The sun was shining and Nadine was walking toschool. Suddenly he saw a group of dogs. She wa svery frightened.

oRecording script cDl Track

Nadine: lt was n mysecond eek. he unwas shiningand was eeling ood. was walkingo schoolwhen saw a group fdogs" was rightenedbut didn't now what o do.

oReeording script cDt rack

Nadine: Suddenly woman ppeared romnowhereand she tarted creaming t he dogs. hedogs an off . said 'Graciasl 'and ent toschool.

@ t Underline: appeared, tarted, an off

No, the actions happened one after the other. Thedogs an off last.

2 Circle: was shining, was feeling

We don't know when the sun started shining orif it stopped shining (but we do know that thisactivity was happening around the time of Nadine'sjourney).

3 Circle: was walking; underline: saw

No, Nadine began walking to school and in th emiddle of this activity, she saw the dogs.

@ 2 past continuous 3 past simple 4 pastcontinuous 5 past continuous 6 past simple

@ Z looked 3 was raining 4 had 5 got6 drove 7 changed 8 was putting 9 started10 were

oRecording script cDl rrack

Tommy: Thismorning wokeup early o visitRyukokuHighSchool. ooked utof he window. t wasraining.hada quick reakfast ndwe go tready o go.We drove o school. t the schoolwe changed urshoes orslippers. s I wasputting n myslippers, y apanese riendstarted ooking t my eet. he lippers eretoo small!

Listening Part IQ Suggested words to underline:

2 do today, 11 am 3 What, buy 4 weather,tomorrow

Q Suggested- nswers:

I A time: one fifty or ten to two B time: one forty-five or (a) quarter to two C time: two fifteen or(a) quarter past wo

2Aasports class B a(school)

play/performanceC a maths class

3 A table tennis balls B table tennis batsC trainers

4 A sunny weather B cloudy and rainy'weatherC cloudy weather

@ Suggested- nswers:

2 A lI tomorrow B after break. inish 11.15'c 11 . 1 5

3 A cheap B lend brother's C got some

4 A too much sun B today C Internet dry butcloudy

Recording script cDt rack o

One.What ime does ohn ave o eave chooltoday?

Mrs Drew: Woodland ighSchool. rs Drew peaking.Mother: Yes. his s John Fuller's other. e's ot

another octor's ppointment oday t aquarter ast wo.Lastweek picked imup atten o two but we got here ate. Can get him

Answer ey @

Page 175: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 175/236

fiveminutes arlieroday at a quarter o two?Two.Whatare he students oing o do odayat 1 l am?

Teacher: There'll e some hanges o your imetabletoday. fterbreakwe're oing o see a playpedgmed by some Year 0 students.That hould inish y 15. rVe'llo mathsthen. know we normally o sport t I bu twe'llhave o do hat omoffow nstead.Three.Whatdoes Nathan ave o buy?

Nathan: l 've ust oined he able ennis eam ut 'mnotsure 've otenoughmoney o buy heequtpment.

Jacob: Don'tworrylTheballs re eally heap ndI can end ou my brother's at.He neveruses t. You'll ave o get some ood rainersthough.

Nathan: I've lready otsome.Four.Whatwill he weather e ike omorrow?

Father: Areyou eady or yourschool rip omorrow,Beth? ou're oing o those new outdoorswimming ools, ren't ou? ucky oudidn'tgo oday. t hasn't topped aining.

Beth: That's hat 'm worried bout.Our eacherlooked t up on he nternet nd t says t'll bedry.but cloudy. et'shope t's ight.

Father: Yeah, hat's etter han oo much un, hink.

@ r e z B 3 A 4 c

GrammarUsed ta

Q used o

@ Suggested nswers:

I No (we can say /you/|rc, etc. used o go)2 There s no d at the end of use we didn't use o

take exams)

3 The nfinitive without fo@ Suggested uestions:

I Did you use o get a lot of homework?2 Did you use o play n a team?3 How often did you use o meet your riends?4 Did you use o choose our own clothes?5 What did you use o do n your free ime?

Reading Fart 1O r s 2 c 3 c 4 B 5 A

VocabularyEarn, ave,make, pendand ra,ke

QZmake 3 take 4 spend 5ea rn

Speaking Xlart4

Recording script cDi rrack l

Linh: Do eenagers ork n Colombia?Marcelo: Yes. hey do.Teenagers n my countrywork

to earn extra pendingmoney.Whatabout nVietnam?

Linh: Well. don'tworkand actually ery ewteenagers n Vietnam ork. n my country,mostparents on'tallow heirchildreno havea part-timeob.We have o go o school nd'study ard. n myopinion.t 'snota good deafor eenagers o workand studyat he same

time.What o you hink?Marcelo: I 'm notso sure. agree hat eenagers ee d

enough ime o studyand do heirhomework.lf heywork oo many ours, heirmarks il lgo down.However. orking art-time an be agoodexperience.. don't ou hink o?

Linh: Maybe. or ome eenagers, orking ouldbe a way o learn bout money nd society.However, e have o thinkabout he uture.I think hat studying s he most moortantthing.Do youagree?

Q Suggested. nswer:

Linh. Vietnam Marcelo. Colombia1 No / Very few work

Parents don't allowtltem

Tlrcy mue o studyhard

YesEarn extra spendingmoney

2 No Yes, n father's fftceNo,but could be agood thing for someteenagers Iearn aboutmoney and society)Studying ts the mostimportant thing

Yes, but with more ru\eslimit on number of hoursworkedWorking can be goodexperience can workmore n school h.olidays

@ Comntete ET

Page 176: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 176/236

Page 177: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 177/236

@ Z was shining, were singing 3 was having,rang 4 chose, was 5 saw, was buying6 escaped, was cleaning 7 thought, was8 read, wrote 9 enjoyed l0laughed, appeared

@ Suggested nswers:2 used to go home for lunch3 didn't use to live near our school4 didn't use to be a good student5 used to give us a lot6 used to be very late for school

3 Fun ime

Starting offQ b seeing c going d

f playing g surfing

j diving Pictures: i

flying e collectingh sending i keeping

3 f 4 e 5 c 6 j

@ z hours7 ahead

off- completely n yourown To ake part youhave o be it, overnine ears ldand at eastI metre 0 all. Opening ours re usually .30to 3.30.

lf he adventure ourse sn't eally our hing,butyou ike eeing eally igwildlife,oucan't o much etter handolphin ndwhale

watching n Wales. Voyages f Discoveryorganises egularripsout o sea, assingsmall slands ith heir normous ea-birdpopulations nd hen on o even eeperwaters. nd here, ery occasionally,ouwillsee whales, hile n almost ll he riosdolphins ill appear. oumay lso ee hugesharks, lthoughheyare quite are hesedays. he voyage sn't heap, ut most peoplewho've one t agree hat t's wellworth hemoney.

lf nstead ou'd ike o be up n he sky, ry aballoonlight, rom any of he hundreds f sitesacross he country.t usually egins arly nthe morning hen ou meet he pilot, rewandother assengers, nd he huge alloon lowlyfillswithhotair. t rises ently, nd hen ou gowhichever ay he wind s blowing. he actualflyingime s about n hour, nd althoughthink t could ast bit onger t 's ertainlywonderful xperience.t 'salso ossibleobooka flight ust or wo, or any ime of he

year.3 fee 4 value 5 journey 6 advice

Vocabularyhlegative refixes

O n.r- fit f air he althy, n- corre ctldep endent/active,im- possible/polite/probable

@a informal 4 unkind 5 untrue 6 impatient

@ Suggested nswers:

2 stay n all the time. 3 get up early to gosomewhere. 4 fly in balloon number 13.5 charge such high admission fees. 6 I sometimeshave to run for the bus.

Listening Part 2O a 2 b 1 c 4 d 3

@ r n z A 3 c 4 B

Recording script cDr rack 2

Spencer: Hi, 'mSpencer atson nd 'mhere o ell ouaboutfour nusual ays o have great dayout.First, ow about oing ack n ime witha steam rain ourneyhrough he beautifulScottish ountryside? his s on he railwaylinemade amous y he Harry Polferfilms.Starting t FortWilliam,earBritain'sighestmountain,he rain eparts ach morning ttwentypast en, getting nto he ovely ishingvillage fMallaig |12.25. he eturn ourneyto FortWilliamtarts t 14.10 nd akes nhourand ifty minutes. he ares re goodvalue or money nd t's a great experience orsteam rain ans of any age. t'sverypopular nsummer, o t's best o book ahead.Fora really xciting ay out, Go Wildadventurecourses ffer hours ffun n seventeendifferentocations. or fairly mall dmissionfee, ou can climb all rees, o rom ree-topto tree-top n a high wire,cross waterfallsar

. below, o hrough unnels and ots more.Before ou start, hough, heygive ou ullsafety dvice. o prevent ccidents hey put abelt ound ourwaist nd he ops ofyour egs,and attach t to wires. And hen vou're

@ ao'no,tte PET

Page 178: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 178/236

Page 179: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 179/236





boord, piecestent, backpackcollection

cooker, ovenbike, helmetinstrumentbrush, paintcamera

Pedple's obbies


@ Suggested nswers:

camping: sleeping bag, put up, fire, campsite

collecting: album, coins, stamps, objects, art,valuable

cooking: recipe, saucepans, rying pan, boil, roast,bake

cycling: wheels, seat, pedals, chain, ock, ride

music: practise, performance, solo, notes, keys,melody

painting: portrait, Iandscape, rame, picture, oils

photography: lash, focus, digital, zoom, close-up

Speaking Fart 2Q r fisning 2 canoeing, water-skiing, rock-climbing,

mountain-biking 3 mountain-biking

Recording script cDlrrack 4

Olivia: There's ever nythingo do n his own, sthere? et's hoose hobby, noutdoor ne,for he weekends nd holidaYs.

Daniel: 0K then, owabout oing ishing? e couldgo o the river n he valley ver here, r evendown o the akes.

Olivia: Well, hink 'dprefer o do something bi tmore xcitin$. nd anyway 'd eel sorry or hepoor ish!Perhaps e could ry a water port?Somethingike anoeing, rwater-skiing,mavoe.









Hmm. think t'd be better o do somethingless angerous.

OK, et me see .. er, know whataboutmountain-biking?t'soutdoor, uite afe, airlycheaD . .

... Yes. we could ire couple f bikes ndsee f we ike t.So shallwe do hat, hen?

I hink t would e great.We could ide hroughthe hills nd nto he orest. So, es, et'sgo orthat ne.

Q2prefer 3could 4should 5why 6better7 shall 8 let's

@ rne strongest tress s on:

1 fishing 3 water sport 5 rock-climbing 8 thatThey give new nformation.

Recording script cD1Track5

Daniel: OK hen, ow bout oingishing?Perhaps e could ry a water sport?

Allright,whydon'twe go rock-climbing?

Yes, et'sgo or hat one.

Recording script cDl rack 6

Well, think 'd prefer o do something bitmore xciting.

I hinkwe should o something heaper.I think t'd be better o do something essdangerous.





Yes" ut we can't afford o hire a boat. thinkwe should o something heaper. rbetterstill,ree!All ight, hydon'twe go rock-climbing?That's ree, and t can be exciting,oo.

Writing Part IQ t have enough money or 2/3 afford s followed

by the to infinitive, so t must be afford to btty

@ 2 turned nto / to: should be phrasal verb, s frozennow 3 setting out: should be -lng not infinitive


Let's eave he.bsuse 4 don'twe: auxiliaryand pronoun hould e nverted nquestion orm, t'd be a good dea o 5 forward ogoing: should be -ing not nfinitive after looking

forward o', can't wait to go

@ Z staying n bed 3 suggests oing.44artplaying 5 have .. essons

@Z to get 3 about going 46 on ong

6 too6hort

up 5 to learn o

@ to'no'"te PET

Page 180: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 180/236

&. Our world

Starting offO Z go snowboarding 3 sunbathe 4 take photos

5 go trekking 6 go sightseeing 7 go snorkelling

@l snorkelling 2 snowboarding

Recording script cDl rrack 7

Toby: Where id yougo on holiday, bi?

Abi: Well, astyearwewentto anzibar.lt 'sanisland ut t belongs o Tanzania, n EastAfrica.

Toby: Youalways o exciting hings, on't ou?Whichactivities idyou do n Zanzibar?

Abi: Um,we stayed n Stone own or a few daysand went ightseeing.

Toby: Ah What didyou see hefe?Abi: There ere oalaces nd markets ndwe

Toby:Abi:Toby:Abi :

Toby:Abi :

visitedhe museums.

Do you ike isiting useums?

Um... t 's 0K, but prefer oing hopping.Didyoubuyanything?

OhyeslYou now ove uying ouvenirs.I bought ome lothes nd ewellery.

Whichactivity idyou enjoy oingmost?Um. in he second week we stayed n he

northcoast nd went snorkellingor he irsttime. t was antastic.

Toby: Are here anyactivities ou'dstill ike o try?Abi: Um...well 've ever een nowboarding.'d

love o try hat. Allmy riends ay t's he mostexciting inter port. Have ou ried t?

Reading Xlart 3f) Suggested nswers:

trekking, snorkelling, ightseeing, uyingsouvenirs@ Suggested ords o anderline:

3 first part, sleep, ity centre4 water sports, outh China Sea5 airport, Sukau6 animals, Sepilok, ll sick or injured7 impossible, et near, orang-utan8 Orang-utans, nly, meat9 includes, ree rip, Mount Kinabalu

10 buy gifts,after, ightseeing our

@t@ Answers and suggestions o und"erline (importantwords n bold]:

I B Not quite as big as its neighbour, the island ofNew Guinea

2 A Temperatures are generally between 24o C and30' C all year round

3 A your comfortable accommodation in the heartof this city

4 A on the shores of the South China Sea whereyou can go swimming or snorkelling in its clearblue water

5 B the only way to continue our journey to Sukau. . . s by bus

6 B young orang-utans whose parents have died.Some of these animals arrive in verv badcondition

7 B this extraordinary opportunity to get close tothese creatures

8 B collect the plants that are part of their diet

9 B For a small fee, book our day trip to MountKinabalu

10 A And when the tour is over, it's a short rideto the modern shopping centres, ocal stores ormarkets for some ast-minute souvenirs

VocabularyTravel,rsurney nd fflp

@Ztrip 3travel led t r ip 5journey

GrammarComparative ncl uperlative djectives;nofJ s "..

Q t false (New Guinea s bigger) 2 False (KotaKinabalu is the most important city) 3 True

4 True

@ z + 4 J

@ t (ttre) oisiest 2 (the)biggest 3 (the)mostbeautiful 4 (the) best 5 (the) worst 6 (the)farthest or furthest 7 add -r or -st to adjectivesthat finish in e 8 double the final consonant f theadjective inishes n vowel-consonant 9 :usemoreor most with adjectives with two or more syllables

Answer ey @

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@ Z more-glriet -+ quieter 3 worse -+ worst 4 nears+-+ nearest 5 morebetter - better 6 hotes+ -+hottest

@ Suggested. nswers (other answers may be possibte):

3 the most dangerous 4 more ntelligent5 lighter 6 the noisiest 7 the slowest8 the tallest 9 the biggest 10 he deepestll colder 12 arger

@Recording script cDl rack BFergus: Andhere re he answers o hisweek's

general nowledge uiz.Didyouknow hatAsia s bigger hanAfrica?Yes, nd more eople ive n Asia hananyother ontinent. ell,Russia s he argestcountry n he world.

And now or he animalacts. he mostdangerous nimal n he planet s not he ionor he shark ut he inymosquito ecause tcarries iseases. n he istof he op en mostintelligentnimalshere re dolphins, rang-utans, ome ypes f elephant ndwhales- butdefinitelyo dogs. he African lephantis he argest nd heaviestand nimal, utthe bluewhale s he heaviestiving reature.0n average, t can weigh round l50tonnes- that's 50,000 ilos. wouldn'tike o sharemyhomewith

a howlermonkey. hey re henoisiest nimalsn he world. he lowest-movinqish s he sea horse. twould ake hi sfishabout nhour o move 5 metres. hetallest og n he world s he Great ane ndthe smallests he Chihuahua. ou've otsomeanswers bout laces, aven't ou,Alyssa?Yes, have. idyouknow hat Nagoyarainstation nJapan s he biggest n he worldan dShiniuku tationn he same ountry s hebusiest? fyou ike iving,hen ou should oto Belgium. emo 3 s he deeoest ool n heworld.And he ast wo answers. ntarctica s hecoldest, riest nd windiest ontinent. ndwhilewe're alking bout arge laces,heAmazon ainforests arger hananyotherforest n he world.

@ Z tvlountEverest s a bit / a little higher han K2.3 Arica s much f.ar a lot drier (or dryer) han

Death Valley.





4 Atlanta International Airport is much / far / alolbusier han Heathrow Airport.

5 The sperm whale's brain is much / far / a lo theavier than a human adult's brain.

@ t true 2 True 3 False (the male is normallytwice the size of the female)

@fas + ad jec t ive as 2no t 3no

@ 2 large as 3 as straight as 4 as dangerous s /more dangerous han 5 as ntelligent as

VocabularyBui ld ings nd places

([) 2 department tore 3 youth club 4 market5 port 6 fountain 7 bridge 8 town hall

@ Z wiae 3 low 4 old (also ancient or old-fashioned) 5 clean

6ugly 7 dull/calm8 boring 9 dangerous 10 cheap 1l quiet12 shallow 13 near 14 lat

Grammar619and nCIrmausgradable nci on-gradableadjectivesl

O t, Z and 3 (inany order) uite, ery, eally4 and 5 (in any order) absolutely, eally 6 and 7(in any order) quite, very

Q Suggested nswers:

2 small 3 hot 4 cold 5 bad 6 dirty7 interesting 8 good

@2rea l ly 3abso lu te ly 4qu i t e 5ve ry

@ Suggested nswers:

I one hour from Stockholm, Sweden 2 not to ocrowded, nteresting sights, safe 3 more nightlife

' (youth clubs / night-clubs)

Recording script cDr rack e

Selma: Um .. I come rpg Sweden. ive n atownabout n hour way rom he capital.Stockholm. here re only bout ,000 eople- it's eally iny. t's a very niceplace o live nbecause t never ets oo crowded. here re

@, inc lud ingacas t l e .Because t'sa small own, t's extremely afe.Somettmes, ind iving ere uite oring.I 'd ike o ive omewhe re itha more ivelynightlife.here reno youth lubs r night-clubs ndwe often ave o spend he eveningoutdoors, venwhen t's absolutelyreezing.

@ to,not"te PET

Page 182: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 182/236

Listening Part 3f) Suggested answers:

\ I Oymyakon is a village in East Russia (siberia).

2lowest temperature -71.2" C); oldest man (109)

3 Ewan McGregor visited Oymyakon in 2004 on his

motorbike.4Life for young people there is probably quiet.

Q Suggested answers:

I date 2 number 3 noun 4 adiective 5 noun6 noun

@t@t@ | 1926 2 9/nine 3 television 4 oldest5 mobile(s) [phone)(s) 6 motorbike

Recording script cDl rrack o

Presenter: Oymyakon,n East Russia, s extremely oldand people ive here! he owest emperature.of minus 1.2 egrees. as ecorded n l926,

beating ll ecords. ave Gunhillreports.

Dave: Extremely ow emperatures re requent nOymyakon, ith emperatures oingbelowminus 5 degrees elsius egularly. intersare ong and coldand often ast at east inemonths. he ummers remuchwarmerthan he winters. emperatures an ise o 35degrees elsius ut hen here s he problemofmosquitoes. .

About ,300 eople ive n Oymyakon. ife sverymuch he same s l00years go apartfrom elevision. orexample,here re noindoor athrooms ndpeople se ce nsteadof water rom he ap. Thevalley sed o befamous ecause ome f he oldest eoplein he country ived here. iodor rnosow.Oymyakon'sldest-evernhabitant.ied n19_02. ewas 109.

There re about 00 childrenn he ocalschool. p until ecently,here idn't se obe anyheating n he school. he hildrendid heir lasses n heir oats. hese oungpeople ream f havingnobilephones, nInternet af6 and a disdo witha CD player hatworKs.

A localbusinessman--Alexanderrylov, antsto bring ourists o he area. e has lso uiltthe own's irst hotel o attract hese ourists.Each f he en rooms as hot and coldwater.

The most amous isitor ntil now s heHollywood ctorEwanMcGregor. ho visitedthisplace in summer f course on he backof a motorbike.

Speaking Fart 3Q 2 Marrakech, Morocco 3 Machu Picchu, Peru

4 The Great Wall, China 5 Hikkaduwa Beach,Sri Lanka

@ Suggested nsli)ers:

1 buy souvenirs, visit museums 2 btty souvenits,go sightseeing 3 go trekking, go camping4 go trekking, take photos 5 sunbathe, gosnorkelling

@ Sfre describes all eight things

Recording script cD1 rack rLaura: In his photo can see a lotof boats n water.

It ooks ike a traffic am.Thewater ooks eallydirty. hink t's a market n he morning itcould e somewherenAsia. here eems obe a ot of ruitand vegetables n he boats.There rp some reen egetables ut don'tknowwhattheyare. neach oat, can seea person . . no . . I can eemen ndwomen.Some eople rewearing ats. hink hey'resellinghings ut here ren't ny people

buying . . er . . . on one fthe boats, hereappears o be somebody earing colourfulshirt.Next o this boat, here's nother manbut can't ee him erywell. hink t's hemorninq. heweather s hotand sunny. don'tthink t will ain.Er ..

@ 2 looks ike 3 looks 4 think, could be 5 seemsto be 6 can see 7 appears o be 8 don't think

, We use look like with a noun (it looks ike a trafftciam) and look (withorl like) with an adjective (the

water looks really dirfl.

Writing Fant 3Q t a letter

2 about 100 words3 the name of a city in your country and more

information about his city

@ Ves (this is a model answer and would get fullmarks in the PET exam)

Answer ey @

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Girl :

Fr iend:




Whathappened n he CnepEveryone lapped. was delighted henheard hat!Picture .Iwas eally xcited bout hatconcert, justhad o see t,but housands fother eoplewanted ickets oo.That'swhy he queue

wasso enormous.

How ongdidyou have o wait?Sixhours. was so boredt ut ust before gotto the icketoffice, t closedl hey,d oidall hetickets.

Whatwas your eaction o that?I was angry. lotofpeople ad bought en ortwenty ickets ach, o hey ould ell he mlater nd makemoney.


It 's great because n a horse you can get tobeautiful places hat are impossible o reach by car,or even by bike. Sometimes we,re so high up thatin winter and spring everything is covered n snowand the views are fantastic!

The paths along he mountain sides are verynarrow, so it can be a bit frightening if you lookdown, but you're completely safe because hehorses know the way - they've been there hundredsof times!

In your next letter tell me about the exciting thingsyou do!

Bye for now,


Leisure and fashion



Writing Pant 3O l, 4,5; you should also nclude easons whv vo u

like to relax in that way.

@ loints she ncludes: I (Where) her own room4 [When) weekends, especially 5 (How) read aninteresting book

Reasons why): warm & cosy, she can listen to herfavourite music, nobody comes n, no phone calls

@ tots of love (E), All the best [E), Don't forget owrite soon [E), Dear George B), Well, that,s all fornow (EJ, Thanks for your letter [B), This is just aquick letter to say (B), It was great to hear from you(B), HlLisa (B), Give my love to everyone E), Sorry\.I've taken so long to write back (B)

@ ii N"tfrun, Thanks for your letter, t was great tohear from you, Write soon and let me know, All thebest

@ so fnobody comes n)

@ Z t never get tired of going o the cinema becausethere are so many good films. 3 Since don,thave much homework to do, I often go out in theevenings. 4 I enjoy water-skiing a lot because t' sreally exciting. 5 I've got some really good games

1oI'm on my PlayStationo every day.

Q sample ansuer

Dear Libby,

It's nice to hear from you. you ask about somethingexciting do and the answer s easy: horse iding inthe mountains!

Starting off(f Z documentary 3 quiz show 4 the news

5 comedy eries 6 chat show

@ fney talk about: documentary, omedy eries, hatshow, he news.

Recording script cDr rack 6Lucy:




Ben, ou'rewatching Vagain What's n?=.---

It'sa programme bout armers n Kenya hoare rying o save lephants. idyou knowthat he elephant opulation as allen y800/othere?

Yes, ut how muchTVdo youwatcha day?l'mnot eally ure. t depends nwhetherhave ot of homework r not. alwavs atchAlphabetRoad.Oh? haven't eard f Alphabet oad.What's tabout?

0h, t's he story fsome eighbours n acrazy treet. t'son Thursdays nd t alwaysmakesme augh.What's our avouriteprogramme?

Idon'twatch muchTVbut love The ukeRobinson hor,u e nterviews llkinds fpeople. ncludingamous eople. idyouse ehis nterview ithTomCruise?You'reoking | can't tand hose inds fprogrammes.prefer laying omputer amesto watching hat.


Answer key @

Page 187: Complete Pet Student Book

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Really? ook, t's 9 pm.Whydon'twe switchover ndwatch he headlines? ike o knowwhat's appeningn he world.

Good dea!Here's he emote ontrol.

Reading Fart 2$ Z t<idsnock 3 Found n Hong Kong 4 Best

Friends 5 Prince of Mandavia 6 University

Spotlight 7 Liala 8 Reggae Nights

@ suggested nswer:

The irnportant information has been underlined(what they want to do; what they don't want to do;

extra information)

@ C (plgfrt Planet) saggested words to underline: Yorthaven't seen anything like this before (as hey

would- ike to see omething completely different)Reasons why tlrcy do not choose lrc other options:

University Spotlight - it says book early

Kids Rock, Prince of Mandavia, Liala, Found nHong Kong and Reggae Nights all contain musicand Silvie and Kat don't want to hear more music

Best Friends - there is nothing different about this


@ Suggestedwords o underline:

2 Teenagers isiting ... with their parents, all lovescience iction, Martha and Artie love live music'especially eggae, heir parents want to see amusical

\ 3 university students, want to have fun, can'tafford ... much money, ike listening .. music

4Llly (19) . . Ken (18) . . S-year-old ousin, Mai . . .mad about animals . . , wants o drive . . . doesn' twant to pay for Parking

5 Lara ... mum prefer something unny to serious

dtama, go to bed early, buy some presents beforethey leave

@ z s 3 F 4 c 5 ESuggested words to underline:2 Set n the year 2306, ive musicians play, his

show3 play their records .. disco, Admission ree4 monkey, elephant and bear, Free parking for

every two adult tickets5 definitely good fun, Not to be taken seriously, Gift

Shop open duringinterval

@ Suggested nswer:

Martha and Artie are teenagers and are going outwith their parents. Their parents want to see amusical. Reggae Nlghrs s a disco fnot a musical)and is for over-18s only. It is likely that Martha andArtie are under 18. Also, there s no connection

with scienceiction, which they all like.

@ Suggested nswers:

1 Silvie and Kat are Lrest riends (Best Friends sthe title of H); they saw their favouritebandlaslweek [in C, 'Keith's Door' is everyone's avouriteband)

3 Al and Ed are uniuersity students (A mentionsstudents several imes, e'g' Special discounts orstudents)

4 Mai rs mad about animals (D mentions no .. .

animals me; Ihe musicians n E are dressed asstrange animals)

5 Lara and her mtm prefer .. funny to serious

[H mentions a serious ook)

VocabularyGoing ut

@2 admission 3 audience 4 live 5 review

6 subtitles 7 interval 8 venue

@ right Planet

Recording script cDlTrack 7

Liam: Yes. t was brilliantl y unclemanaged o getme a ticket or he early erformance. henMonkey ame n stage, he audience en twild. he only hing didn't ikewas he venueItwas oo crowded.



Q ffrey decide o watch the film at home and havepizza there.

Recording script cDlTrack 8

Would ou ike o see a show onight?

Yeah Whynot?We haven't een out ogetnerfor hree months. hat's n?

Well, here's hat musical idsRock Have ouseen tyet?




@ Comnlete PET

Page 188: Complete Pet Student Book

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'Fraidso. saw t lastweek. haven't een hecircus how LialayCI.

I'vealready een Liala.My cousin ook me onSaturday.

Howabout Best Friends?

Fantasticdea. ve ust inished eading he play.

0h nol t's not a play, s t? don't ancy hat!Let's tay n and watcha filmon TV hen.

We can't do hat. My dad's ust aken he TV obe epaired. e couldn't o o yourhouse ndwatch he ilm. ouldwe?

0f course!Whydon'twe get a pizza n heway o my house nd we can watch he ilmand have oizza?

Evan: What great dea!

@ I seen t yet 2 seen .. yet 3 already seen 4 just

finishedThe present perfect s used in all four extracts.

@ Z already 3 yet a/5 Gn any order) already,just 6 yet

@ z wly dad hasn't found a new job yet.3 But he's/has started a course n computing.4 My mum's/has just won a prize in a photography

competition.5 Have you seen he new Kung Fu film yet?6 I've/have already seen t three times. t 's great!

7 What about you? Have you finished your examsyet?

@ Suggested nswers:1 1998. tc.

\ 2 three years, etc.I 3 last year, my birthday, etc.

4 (Name of teacher) four months, etc.5 fName of sport / the + instrument) / 2005, ast

year, etc.

@ Z How long have you been at your school?

3 How long have you had your watch?4 How long has (name) been your English teacher?5 How long have you played (sport) / tlrc.,,- instrument)?

Fnesent erfect r pa$t imple?

Q Z Have .. . read 3 saw 4 haven't heard 5 wo n6 did . . . go 7 have . . taken

Q Suggested nswers:I Why d id he dec ide o become . . . . . . . . . . ?2 When did he begin his career?3 Where did he first work?4 How did he feel when he first began working, do

you think?5 How ong has he been a . . . . . . . . . .6 How many times has he won a competition?

Vocabularyheenlgane, mee{,get to knaw, narw nd fnd ouf

@ I been, been 2 meet 3 known 4 gone5 getting to know 6 find out

Listening Part XQ lttake sure you can ftnd these tems:

backpack, belt, blouse, boots, coat, dress, earring,glasses, love, handbag, eans, purse, pyjamas,sandals, horts, skirt, socks, suit, sweater,sweatshirt, swimming costume, T-shirt, ie, tights,towel, tracksuit, trainers, trousers, umbrella, wallet

@Z beautl+uh -+ beautiful 3 a long and white + along white 4 fushien * fashionable 5 T-sh*--+ aT-shirt 6 a-bh*e+reuser - blue trousers / a pair ofblue trousers

@ suggested answers:

Words to underline: 1 Mark's sweater 2 Mary lost3 John ost 4 coat

Differences etween each: 1 There are three cottonsweaters A is plain with a V-neck, B is patternedwith a V-neck, C is plain with a round neck; 2A is a towel, B a pair of earrings, C a purse; 3 Atrainers, B socks, C sandals; 4 There are threelong coats A has 6 buttons and 2 pockets, B has2 buttons and no pockets, C has 6 buttons and nopockets

@ r c z B 3 a . 4 c

Answer ey @

Page 189: Complete Pet Student Book

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Recording script cDt rack2e


One.Which s Mark's weater?

Excuse e. 've ost mysweater. left t by hepool. t'sa plain ne there's o pattern ranything n t. Has nyone anded t n?

Letme see .. . We've nly ot hree weatershere, hink. s t his one? t 's gota V-neck.Sorry, o! Mine's ot a round eck. OhlThereit s! t 's hat one here! he cotton ne! t wasveryexpensive.

Well, e more areful ith t next imel Hereyouare!

CDl Track 30

Two.Whathas Mary ost?

Hi! was emptying y backpack n he sportscentre af6 because needed o pay or

something nd couldn't indmypurse.Howmuchmoney as n t?

0h ... it's 0K, I ound hat, but_Lhaebpu 'Learringsnside ybag oo .. na ittle ind fpocket and think hey ell outwhen pulledmytowel ut. Has nyone roughtthem ere?

Sorry, o . .


Three.Whathas ohn ost?

We've ome o pickup John nd he's layingtennis n his sandals.Really?

Yes!He's lways osinghings.We houghthe'd ost his ocks ut we've ound hose.Have ou got his rainers?

What o hev ook ike?

Gi r l :





Girl :


Girl :

Girl :

CDI Track32

Four.Which oat s Barbara alking bout?

Barbara: I was wearing ysister's oatand now can'tfind t.She's oing o be so angry ith me .

Girl: We've ot several oats.Whatdoes t ook ike?

Barbara: lt'squite ongwith iveor six buttons own hefront.

Speaking Part 4Q fnings you ike to do at home and hings you ike

to do when you go out

@ See nswers elow or Exercise

@ llon and lvan do a model task, so these re also

correct nswers or them):2 , / 3 X 4 , / 5 , / 6 X 7 X

Recording script cDl rack 3

Examiner: our hotographshowed eople oing ut .

Jon :

Now 'd ike ou o alk ogether boutwhatyou ike o do at home nd whatyou ike o dowhen ougo out.

So, van, hat do you ike o do at home? oyou ikewatching V?

Yes, love watching V. We normally witchonthe TVafterdinner nd watch a film,a footballmatch r a documentary. hat bout ou?Doyou ikewatchingilms?

Yes, ut preferwatching ports odocumentaries. inddocumentaries ittle itboring.Didyousee he basketball atch as tnight?

No, didn't.When 'm at home also njoyplaying ards r other games ith my wobrothers. n Sunday fternoons, e often stay

in and play ogether. oyou


ards thome?

No,not eally. hen go outwithmy riendswe usually eet n he ocal hopping entre.It 'snotmuch un. ove oing o he cinema,but t's veryexpensive. t how oftendo you goto he cinema?

I agree ith you. he inema s very xpensivebut go withmyparents nce month ndthey pay.Have ou seen he new Batmanfilmyet?

No,notyet. likegoing o see showswith myfamily.don't eally ikeserious lays ut lovemusicals ikeCats,We WillRock You!andtheLionKing.Do you ikemusicals?Er .. I ike ome musicals ut hink preferthe cinema. y sister eallyoves he ballet,[ 've een ncebut hought t was oo ongand slow. think t was Svvan ake.Do vou ikeclassical usic?

lvan:Girl :

Jon :




Jon :

Gi r l :


Anythingn he pocketsr

It hasn't ot anypockets.

@ comptete PET


Page 190: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 190/236

Jon: 0h no! Mybrother . . ef . . . plays he violin ndwe went o a classical usic oncert ithhimlast ear. t was awful! wanted o wait outsidebut mymum aid had o sit here. twas wohours nd herewas no nterval.

lvan: Twohours ong? oor ou

@ t t r u e 2 F a l s e 3 F a l s e@1@gnese are Jon and.Ivan's answers ut any futt

onswer which doesn't clunge the topic completely sftne):2 No, I didn't. When I'm at home I also enjoy

playing cards or other games with my twobrothers. On Sunday afternoons, we often stay inand play together.

3 The cinema is very expensive but I go with myparents once a month and they pay.

4 No, not yet. I like going to see shows with myfamily. I don't really like serious plays but I lovemusicals ike Cafs, We Will Rock you! and theLion King.

5 I like some musicals but I think I prefer thecinerya. My sister really loves the ballet. I've beenoncebut I thought it was too long and slow.I think it was Swan Lake.

ffre clothes you wear during the week and theclothes you wear at weekends

Suggested answers:

Writing Xlart2Q Suggested, nswer:

The cat broke he vase. t knocked he vase off thefurniture. Water spilled on the floor.

@ Suggested word-s o und.erline:

aunt ' s cat , She . . sent . . money, an email o . . .Aunt Kath, hank, what. . .buy, describe . . cat did,35-45 words

@7@Attnough I (Bettina's answer) s very wellwritten (with no spelling mistakes and a very gooduse of grammar), well organised and the message sclear, she has not included the three content points(she does not describe what the cat didJ. She canonly be given a maximum of 3 marks.

2 fKatia's answer) is less accurate but it is wellorganised and the message s clear. She hasincluded all three content points and so her teachercould give her 5 marks.

@ sampte answer:

Dear Dorota.

Thanks so much for the money you sent me for mybirthday. You know how much I love new clothes.I 'm going o buy those ight black eans saw astweek. Why don't you come with me next week tobuy them?Yours


like choosing my ownlothes.

Vocabulary nd grammarreview Unit 5VoqabularyQ Z o t 3wi th 4on 5of 6abou t Tabou t

8 about 9 of l0 of@ amazing, nteresting, mbarrassed, rightened,


dofft like wearing skirtsery much.

When we have sport Iwear a tracksuit.

often change my clotheswhen I get home romchool.

On Sundays, often haveo wear smart clothes.

What do you wear forsport?Do you change ourclothes?Why (not)?What about you?

Do you like wearing smartclothes?

Can you choose whichclothes you buy?If not, who chooses ourclothes?What clothes do you notlike wearing?

Answer ey @

Page 191: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 191/236


D J BG E M o T I o NR A T E

9 w F U L10




t zIL U C K Y


L o \/ E

0 7 Out and about

Starting off@ Z temperature, hot, degrees, centigrade 3 showers,

get wet 4 gale, blowing 5 thunderstorm,

lightning 6 freezing, frost, snowfall

Listening Part 2O a Chloe b an interviewer c taking photos of

extreme weather conditions d the weather inher country, when she began taking photos of badweather, what she uses o photograph ightning,where she takes photos during thunderstorms,what she most likes photographing n winter, whatshe photographs when it's windy e the weather

in the speaker's country, bad weather, ightning,thunderstorms, wintet weather (ice/snow/frost),windy weather.

Q t s 2 8 3 c 4 c s A 6 8

Recording script cDr rack 4

Interviewer:Tell e,Chloe, ave ou always eeninterested n he weather?

Chloe: Oh yes. t's eallyascinatingn his countrybecause t can be quitedifferentn he north,in he west and n he south, or nstance, ndit doesn't sually tay he same or ong. t canbe warm nd sunny ne moment: et and coldthe next. n act you can sometimes ave llfourseasons n one dayl

Interviewer:So hen didyou irstphotograph torms ndthings ike hat? Was hat while ou were atuniversity? r n your irst ob?

Chloe: No no, was much ounger han hat. was,. iusta kid, eally.We were coming ome rom

holiday nd we got caught n a thunderstorm.Itooksome ictures nd uckily hey came utreallywell.Since hen 've done ots of other

, kindsof photography, speciatly hen was astudent, ut still ove photographingightning.

lnterviewer:That ust be quitedifficult. owdo yougetgood pictures?

Chloe: Well, he irst hing s he rightcamera. udoesn't ave o be expensive, r particularlymodern I've had mine or many ears andavoid sing igital nes. ut he main hing swhere ou gb o take yourpictures.

Grammar@ 2 can't 3 should 4 Could 5 don't have to

6 might7 have


Vocabulary nd grammarreview Unit6

VocabularyQ2 Audiences 3 live 4 reviews 5 performances

6 admission 7 interval

@ z c 3 A 4 A s B 6 8

Grammar@z @ --+for three years since

2007 3 he-rggfte - he went / he's gone o Dubaifwith no time adverb) 4 gone - been 5 ++readyI+e - I've already 6l-]eeked--+ I've looked7 never --+ever 8 has_given --) gave 9 ftsfeame- has just come f0 4id#fdeeide + haven'tdecided 1l has-opened - opened 12 whal

lJrappened -+ what has happened

@ 2've/have never ived /'velhave not lived /

haven't lived 3 since 4 'velhave known 5 seen

@ to,no,ute PET

Page 192: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 192/236

Interviewer:Whichre he best olaces?Chloe: Well, ome eople akephotos rom heir

bedroom indows, ut ive na latwnerethere's o ealview f he night kyand so haveto go out.Standingn ields ndon hills uringthunderstorms ather angerous, o drive ntothe countryside.ark, pen he window ndstarttakingpictures. ou'remuch aferwithall hatmetalaroundou, ike na plane.

lnterviewer: owhatabout photography uring he day?Chloe: I really njoyakingwinter hotos, hen t' s


Interviewer:Whichreyour avourite? nowy cenes?Chloe: I used o ike oing hose, ust after

snowstorms, nd sometimes hose beautiful, shapes ike lowers hat yousee on glasswhen

it's rosty.Butnowadays prefermountain

scenes ith otsof ce. Especially hen youhavewater lowing ownvallelzsnd overwaterfalls. nd t gets so cold hat t freezessolid.

Interviewer:Mm. nd during he rest of he year?Chloe: Um .. storms, hink. ou an get some reat

pictures hen he wind s eally lowing,particularlyn he coast. Whenever here'sgale. go down o the beach nd ake oadsof photos fthe waves. hey an be amazing.Mm.And I'd ike o take pictures f clouds,

though t's often oo darkto photograph hemwhen t's stormy. lso orests, itheverythingbending n he wind. 'vealways anted o trythat. oo .

@ fne extract answers question 3; the expressions'photographing lightning' and 'How do you getgood pictures?' show the information hat you needto complete To photograph ightning, she uses .. 'will soon follow; A: I avoid using digital ones, B: Itdoesn't have to be expensive, C: I've had mine formany years; Yes, hese are all close ogether; No ,

the order Chloe talks about them is not the same

fa..ur he options , B and C.

Vocabulary€xtremely, fair{y,quite, {ather, really and vsry

Q I really 2 rather 3 quite

Too and enluqh

Q Z before, o nfinitive 3 uncountable, ountable

4 as much as 5 before, fter, o nfinitive

I Z money+e*o-Uuy ) money to buy 3 teemueh--+very much 4 fur€e+ + to get 5 teemueFe<pensive --+too expensive 6 correctZ ferwearmg -+to wear S eno6gh-vrarm -+ warmenough

GrammarThe uture: Wif{,oinE CI, resent ontinuou$ ndpres0nt imple

OZ't going o rain 3 'm meeting 4leaves 5 'll


@ I 'tt take c it'll stop d 'm meeting e 's going orain

Recording script cDl rack 5Mia: It'sgetting bit ate,Owen.

Owen: Yes, ut ookat he rain I'm hoping t'llstopsoon, hough don't hink here'smuch hanceof hat.

No, he weather orecast aid t'sa big stormso t's going o rain or hours.What ime do youhave o be at he station?I'mmeeting ason nd Mark here t 8.30,in he caf6near he main ntrance. he rainleaves t 8.45.It'squitea iong walk o the station, sn't t?Andit 's8.15 lready. ook, 'lltake ou n he car.Thanks

Mia :




@ Suggested nswers:

2 When are you seeing your friends next week? 'mseeing hem on Friday. 3 Where are you going togo this evening? 'm going to go to the cinema.4 What date do your holidays begin this summer?They begin on JuIy 5th. 5 When do you think youwill get a job? 'll get a job in about eight years.6 Do scientists say the Earth is going to get hotter?

Yes, hey say t's going to get a lot hotter. 7 Whenwill you next send a text message? 'll send oneright now!

@ Suggested. nswers:

2 'm going on Monday /'m going to go on Monday.

3'11carry/lake t for you. 4leaves 5 'll have aglass of orange uice. 6 'm meeting riends.7 's going o rain.

Answer U"t @

Page 193: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 193/236

@ Saggested nswers:

2 I'll help you / fix it (if you like). 3 It leaves takesoff at 9.30 n the evening. 4 There's going o be astorm. The waves are going o get a lot bigger.5 I'll call an ambulance. 6I'm going o studymedicine. / I don't know what I'm going to study.

Reading Part 1Q2email 3notice 4announcement/ information

5 road sign

@A Z ('strong winds', 'take care') c 5 ('wait 'imperative) d 1 ( 'noparking') e4 ( 'closes30minutes before .. ')

€) t t notice (near ift door, probably at an airportbecause f the reference o Passport Control)2 Its purpose s to inform and advise (shown by thecommon phrase out of order' and 'Please use')

2 message; o inform and suggest om ething3 Internet item description; to advertise somethingfor sale 4label; to give a warning 5 notice;to say what is fand is not) allowed 6 email; toinform and to suggest omething

@ q g 3 8 4 c s A 6 c

VocabularyCompournci ordsQ crossroads, uesthouse, uidebook, hitchhike,

overnight, ailroad, sightseeing, ignpost, uitcase

1 guidebook 2 suitcase 3 crossroads4 hitchhike 5 railroad 6 backpack7 signpost 8 overnight 9 guesthouse10 sightseeing

@2guidebook 3 sightseein g 4railroad5 guesthouse 6 hitchhike 7 backpack8 suitcase 9 crossroads l0 signpost

Prepositron$f movement' Q Z o n

3 o n 4 o f f . 5 o n 6 i n T o u t 8 o f

Recording script cDl rack 6

Toby: Hi Leon;Toby ere. 'm eally leased ou'recomingo ouf newhouse ext week. hequickest ay here s by rain o the city centre,which akes n hour nd s usually n ime.Then ou can get on he number 4 bus oEdgeHill, etting ffby he stadium. ro m

there t's about ifteen minutes n oot.0r, fyoudon't eel ike walking, ou could ump n ataxiand ask he driver o take you o the newflats nValley oad.When ou get out of hetaxi, ou'll ee he main ntranceln rontofyou.See ousoonl

@ I on, off 2 in, out of 3 get, ump 4 by, by, on5 o n

@ Z in+e r on/onto 3 at --+on 4 oR --+in/into5 on - by 6 ,/ 7 by - on 8 inte - on,/onto

Speaking Xlart2Q t Students hould ick: bus, boat, metro, bike,

tram 2 They decide o use bike and boat.

Recording script cDrTrack 7

lngrid: So whyare you keen on goingby ram? t'llbeverycrowded n he rush hour.

Mikel: Well, ecause t always eeps moving. venwhen here's eavy raffic.So at east we'llgetthere uite uickly.

Ingrid: I hink 'd ather o on he metro, eally.

Mikel: I don't ancv hat.









Why oL?Well, orone hing, t 's ummer, o t 's goingto be really ot down here. And or another, tgets oo crowded.

So whatabout oing n he bus, hen? knowit'sslow, ut t'scheap.

Actually, hat 'd most ike o do s sail ownthe river.

That's good dea.We can ide o he harbouron ourbikes, ut hem n he boat nd be nthe other nd of own n half n hour.

Right,hat 's orted hen.

@2because 3ra ther 4not 5one 6another7 about 8 like

@ z u 3 d 4 a 5 b 6 b z c 8 d

@ rn" underlined words are all weak orms.

Recording script cDl rack 8

0ne.whyare you keen


well, orone hing

@ co,npl"te PET

Page 194: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 194/236

Page 195: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 195/236

@ Suggested nswers:j used ys __+former4 do a degree -+got o ploce ot university (before and

Ttrsfhave opposite meanings)5 do his degree + stud! medicine / goes o

university; in another country --, abroad (here hasthe opposite meaning)

6 used singing - made W songs; nearly perfectmarks + 99 per cent7 would be lmppy - hopes fop has the opposite

meaning of" ny)8 keeping fit --+exercise for the ftrst time in years

has the opposite meaning of always)9 younger than six + as young as ftve

l0 some several

VocabularyPhrasal erbs

Q bringing up, set up, sort out, grow up, found out,made up, has ... taken up

Suggested nswers for meanings:

bring up (a child) - to look after a child andteach hem until they are old enough to look afterthemselves

find out fsomething) - to get information aboutsomething, or to learn a fact for the first time

get on with - if two or more people get on, theylike each other and are friendly to each other

./ gro* up - to become older or an adult

make up - to invent

set up fsomething) - to start a company ororganisation

sort out (something) to successfully eal withsomething, such as a problem or difficult situation

take up (something) to start doing a particularjob or activity

@ Z brought me up 3 sort out 4 set up 5 take up6 get on (well) with 7 make up 8 found out

GrammarZero, irst and second conditionals

@ t fristian's dad says hat Kristian sn't sure abouthis future. 2 get raining by going o actingclasses fterschool; et experience y being a filmextra




RecOrding script cDl Track0



HiKristian. ow are ou ?

E r . . . 0 K .

Yourdad's ot n contactwithme because esays ou're otverysure about our uture.

Let'shave little hat about t.Whatare yor,rrfavourite ubjects?

No, hat 's ot he problem . I 'm ery ur eabout my uture. 'd really ike o go o dramaschool. ou see, everyone ays 'mquitegoodat acting.

Howoldare ou,Kristian?

That's he problem.'monly ifteen"'llneed myparents' ermission f I want o go o dramaschool. hey ay have o stay at school ntilI 'meighteen. ut f stay t school ntil 'meighteen, t'llbe oo ate.

Too ate or what?

lfyouwant o be an actor, ou have o startyour raining t an early ge.

Maybewe should ookat other waysof gettingtraining. ave ou hought lbout oing oacting lasses fter school?'

Yes, ut 'd have o giveup ootball f I went oclasses fter school. hat's why think dramaschool ould e a good olution.f Istudied

at drama chool,'d have nough ime oreverything.

Have ourparents een ou performing nstage?







Kristian: No, not or a ong ime. wasn't n his ear'sEnglish lay ecause one f my riends erein t.

Mo: I see. Let's hink aboutways ou can get some. more cting xperience. ave ou hought

about being fllm extra?

Kristian: What's hat?

@ I want 2 stay, ll be 3 want, have 4 'd have,went 5 studied, 'd have

@ f Uo. Josh doesn't want Kristian to join the dramaclub because he football eam will lose ts bestplayer.

2 N o

3 (6) is a real possibility but (7) is not

@ to-o,"te PET

Page 196: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 196/236

@t fyp . l : 2 , 6c Type 2 : 4 ,S , 7

@ Students should" underline:

b snows, ll make; c snowed, would go

Forms of the verb: Type O: f + present, present;Type 1: f + present, uture; Type2: lf + pastsimple, would + infinitive without to

O W" use a comma f the conditional sentence eginswith the l/ clause. We don't use a comma if thesentence egins with the result.

@ f fne first conditional has been used because heweather forecast says t will rain, so this is a realpossibility.

2 We would use the second conditional whenrain is not likely (e.g. n the middle of a very drysummer - If it rained, the plants would get somewater.).

@ Suggested nswers:2 If I saw a friend cheating n an exam, I wouldn,t

tell the teacher. If I see a friend cheating n anexam, I'll tell the teacher.

3 If I get good marks at school, 'll be very happy.4 If I found a lot of money in a rubbish bin, I'd take

it to the police station.5 If I got lost in a foreign country, I'd ask someone

for directions. / If I get lost in a foreign country,I 'll ask someone or directions.

6 If I get a lot of homework, I won't go out tonightwith my friends.

Suggested uestions:I What would you do if you lost your mobile

phone? / If.you,lost your mobile phone, whatwould you do ?

2 What would you do if you saw a friend cheatingin an exam? If you saw your friend cheating nan exam, what would you do?

3 What will you do if you get good marks at school?/ If you get good marks at school, what will youdo?

4 What would you do if you found a lot of money ina rubbish bin? / If you found a lot of money in arubbish bin, what would you do?

5 What would you do if you got lost in a foreigncountry? / What will you do if you get lost ina foreign country? / Ifyou, got lost in a foreigncountry, what would you do?

6 What will you do if you get a lot of homeworkfrom your teacher? If you get a lot of homeworkfrom your teacher, what will you do?

When, f unless present, uture

Q e: this teenager will definitely call her parents(when she gets here); B: this teenager may not callhis parents (if he gets there too lateJ;C: this teenager may not call her parents (only ifshe needs something)

@ t w h e n 2 i f 3 u n l e s s

@Zi t 3un les s 4un les s 5un les s 6un les s

Listening Fart 3Q ffrey are in the crowd scenes/background.

@ l n o u n 2 n o u n 3 n u m b e r 4 n o u n 5 d a y6 name

@ t tu) market(s) 2 website 3 l8/eighteen (years

old) 4face(s) 5 Sundayfs] 6 KavanaghRecording script cDl rrack .1

Vanessa: What's n extra? n extra's n ordinary erson- just ike ou or me who's nterested nTVor movies ndwould ike o be on TVor na movie. xtras ren'tmovie tarsbut heyare people ho appear n he backgroundas members f a crowd, rshoppers n amarket r ans n a sports tadium.maginethe satisfaction fpointingo the screen ndsaying'That's

et ' .Manypeople elievehat ilms re onlymadein major ities ikeLosAngeles r Newyork.But hat's where most people rewrong.Yes, movies re ilmed n LosAngeles ndNewYorkCity, ut movie ompanies eryoften ravel ound he world o find suitablelocations. heck ur website egularlyo see fsomething's eing ilmed ear ousoon.

' Findingmovie xtra obs s easy ecause tdoesn'tmatterwhat you ook ikeor how old

youare, lthough ourparents illneed ogive heirwrittenpermissionfyouaren't eteighteen ears ld.Directors re ooking or allkindsof people. t the moment ur directorsare ookingoryoung eople ho ook boutsixteen ears ld,who are no more han 1.7metres alland of course who have nterestinofaces.

Working sa movie xtra sn'talways xciting.Be eady o get up at 6 am or earlier ndworkvery ong days anything p o sixteen ours

Answer ey @

Page 197: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 197/236

- but very arely even ays a week. Filmingmaybegin n Monday, ftenwitha break nSunday. hiswilldepend n he director.Remember o wear comfortable lothes ndshoes s you mayhave o stand or ong hours.

All movies eed movie xtras. ll you have odo s et hese irectors now youare willing

and availableo work.Give ur agency ringand ask or Vanessa avanagh, hat'sK-A-V-A-N-A-G-Hrvisitourwebsite: ww.extrasexlras.com.

VocabularyDescribing eople

O n

Recording script cDr rack42Marti: Harry, s hat you?

Harry: MartilHow's hings?

Marti: GreatlGreat! ook,Darriluss ooking orateenager o playDeanDarrick's on n hislatestmovie.Have ou got anyone?

Harry: DeanDarrick, h? What hould his eenagerlook ike?

nnart\ He should e medium eight, ook round\ sixteen ith ong, traight air although e

could hange hat fwe had o. He shouldprobably e rather ood-looking,oo.

Harry: Um .. we've ot hisnew oung ctor, ut he'sgot ather arge car n hischin. ny good?

Marti: Mm.Not eally. e needs o look qung nel-fresh, referably ith no beard r moustache.

Harry: I 've ot hisone here.He's otpale yes; e'sveryattractive nd everyone ays e's honestand eliable.

Marti: Let's et n ouch withhim hen.

@ Suggested nswers:

hair: curly, straight, wavy, long, short, bald, grey,blond(e), ed, dark, fairbuild: slim, broad shoulders, medium heightskin: pale, darkother: scar, beard, attractive, good-looking,moustache, beautiful, plain

@ Suggested nswers:

2 stupid 3 quiet 4 generous 5 polite/pleasant6 nervous 7 shy, nervous 8 cold

@ lmpatient unpleasant dlshonest unreliable

@wonderful beautiful hopeful/hopeless cheerful(also possible: heerless)

No - hopeful feeling positive about a futureevent or situation (e.9. 'm hopeful about my future)brt hopeless very bad (e.g. 'm hopeless t sport)

@ Finnlsh Turklsh Britlsh Swedlsh Scottlshselfrsh childlsh foollsh babylsh

O f nair-an+eyerb+aek black hair and eyesc youry+andseffie --' handsome oung d wHte-beautilul - beautiful white e blaeleshert shortblack f gfeen-bi8 ' big green

Speaking Fart 1

Recording script cD1 rack 3

Man: /et/ - A, H,J, K

Woman: /i:/ - B, C, D,E,G, P, , V

Man: /e/ - F,L,M, N,S, X,Z

Woman: /a t / - l ,Y

Man: /eu/ OWoman: /u:/ - Q,U,W

M a n : / a : / - R

@r@I becaiH there 3 which 4 two 5 where6 to 7 wear 8 their 9 too l0 different .

Recording script cDt rack44'

Writedown he correct pelling f he wordsyouhear.One.

Woman: because l'mgoing o bed because 'm ired., Two.

Man: there There sn't nymilk n he ridge.


Woman: which | did a maths est yesterday hichwasreally asy.


Man: two I've ived ere or wo years.



A, H,J , K

B, C, D, E,G , R T , V

R L , M , N ,S , X , Z

I , Y o Q , U , W R

@ "o,not"te PET

Page 198: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 198/236

Woman: where She can't open he door. She doesn'tknowwhere her keys re.Six.

Man: fo* Could ougive his o your randma, lease?Seven.

Woman: wear Older eople ftenwear hats at

weddings n my country.Eight.

Man: their Rob nd Simon idn't o heirhomework.

Nine.Woman: loo I didn't et a part n he ilm. hey aid

was oo young.


Man: different Do you hinkworking n TV sdifferentromworking n radio?

RecOrding script cDt rack45


Woman: because B-E-C-A-U-S-E


Man: there T-H-E-R-E


Woman: which W-H-|-C-HFour.

Man: two - T-W-o


Woman: where W-H-E-R-E


Man: to - T-0


Woman: wear W-E-A-R


Man: their T-H-E-|-R


Woman: too T-O-0

Ten.Man: different D-|-F-F-E-R-E-N-T

@ Student As words: I received 2 centre (US center)3 and 4 beautiful 5 colour 6 comfortable7 then

Student B's words: 1 interesting 2 together3 restaurant 4 recommend 5 believe6 favourite 7 thought

@ I Brunner 2 Murakami 3 Switzerland4 Japan 5 French 6 beautiful 7 future8 yesterday evening 9 free time

Recording script cDi rrack 6


Examiner: What's ourname?

Angela: My name's ngela.Examiner: Thank ou.What's our urname?Angela: lt 's 'Tedesco'.

Examiner: Howdo youspell t?Angela: T-E-D-E-S-C-O

Examiner: Thank ou.Where oyou ive?

Angela: I ive n taly.

Examiner: Do youstudyEnglish?

Angela: Yes, do. study t at school.

Examiner: Do you ike t?Angela: Yes, love English ecause like ravellingnd

meetlng eople'from ther ountries.

Examiner: Thankyou. ngela, oyou hinkEnglish illbeuseful or you n he uture?

Angela: l'm notsure, ut when 'molder 'd ike o bean architect nd think 'll need o read a lot ofbooks n Enolish.


Examiner: Now,what's ourname?

Eduard: My name's duard.Examiner: Thank ou.What's our urname?Eduard: My surname'sBrunner'. :Examiner: Howdo youspell t?

Eduard: B-R-U-N-N-E-R

Examiner: Thank ou.Where o you come rom?Eduard: I come romSwitzerland.

' Examiner: Do youstudyEnglish?Eduard: Yes, go o an English chooltwice week.

Examiner: Do you ike t?Eduard: Yes, like English, ut preferFrench ecause

it'seasy or me.Examiner:




Ah.Thank ou.Eduard, hat didyoudoyesterday vening?

Sorry, an ousay hat again?Yes"Didyou do anything esterday vening?Oh yes. went o the cinema ith mybrotherand cousins ndwe saw a film. t was ervnice.

Answer key @

Page 199: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 199/236

Three.Examiner: What's ourname?Yuji: Yuji.Examiner: Thank ou.What's oursurname?Yuji: Murakami.Examiner: Howdo youspell t?

Yuji: M-U-R-A-K-A-M-|Examiner: Thank ou.Where oyoucome rom?Yuji: I 'm rom apan.Examiner: DoyoustudyEnglish?Yuji:_ Yes, have nglishessons tschool nd also

do extra English t H & P English chool.Examiner: Do you ike t?Yuji: Yes.Examiner: Why?

Yuji: lthinkEnglishs usefulfor eand t'sabeautifulanguage.Examiner: Thank ou,Yuji.Whatdo you enjoy oing n

your ree ime?Yuji: Um .. I really njoy laying ports. r, fter

school, play ing pongwitha eam nd alsolikebaseball. also ike eading ooks ndwatching V.

@ Suggested nswers:

I Yes, hey answer well because hey use full

answers with examples (Yuji: After scltoolplay ...), reasons Angela: 'Llneed o read .. inEnglislt)and opinions (Eduard: we saw a fttm. Itwas very nice).

2 Sorry, can you say that again?

3 No, he answers with a fslightly) differentquestion: id you do anything. . .?

GrammarSo do I and nar/neither ds f

oRecording script cDtrrack4T

Ken: My name's en.I 'm15 ears ld .I'vegot wo brothers.I ive n Taipei.I don't ike ootball.Iwent o the cinema esterday

I haven't een o Paris.

oRecofding script cDl rack 8

Zosia: Myname's osia.I'm rom Krakow.t'sa very beautiful ity nPoland.

I'vegot one sister.Iget on very wellwithmysister"

I love oing o he cinema ithmy riends.I went o the cinema esterday ith mybestfriend.

I don't ikestaying t home.I haven't ravelled erymuch ..... but 've been o Warsaw, he capital ityofPoland.

Writing Pant 2@ t I am keen on T-shirts falso t-shlrf or tee sltirts),

trousers and jackets.2 I'll send a present o Marina. I hope she ikes it .3'Say Hi' to your sister. See you soon, Gari4I can't come o your English esson on Monday.5 My

blanket is like a penguin's skin. It's black andwhite.

@ Suggested words to und"erline:

meet your cousin Myra, station, never met ...before, an email to Myra, describe yourself, askMyra ... describe herself, suggest .. place o meet.. . station, 35-45 words

@ three points: I Im tallish ... cap 2 what do yo ulook like? 3 Lets meet outside he resturant wichis in the station

to,not"te PET

Page 200: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 200/236

Words to connect points (with correct spelling):because, with, and, which

Corrected etter:

Hi Myra,


Vocabulary nd grammar

spelling istakes:becouse because an., feview Unit Iand 3 faverit --+favourite (UK) / favorite [US)4 restrffant--+ estaurant 5 wich - which

VOCabUlafyPunc tua t ionmis t akes : Im+I 'm 2t > | 3wha+- - + w h a t 4 l ' e + s - - + L e t ' s s t a t i o n + s t a t i o n .

o z s3 A 4 c 5 D 6 8 7 A

8 c 9 D 1 0 c

Vocabulary nd grammar

@ Z beee*se + because 3 didht --+didn't 4 s+s+ers+ sister's 5 ita+ian --+Italian 6 w,i€h --+which7 were --+wear 8 b€+ive believe

4 . . . l 'd keep t .5 ... I say something tupid.

6 ... I'll havemy party n the garden.7 . . . I pass ll my exams.8 ... my parents et angry.

@ Z fras has got 's got 3 so 4 unless5 'dlwould travel

I am very happy because ou are coming. 'mtallish with short hair, blue eyes and ahvays wear Gfammafmy favourite for favorite) blue cap. what do

{9u. . o suggested_ nswers:look ike? Let's meet outside he restaurant which s -i .]lro_eone broke my new skateboard.in the station' 3 ... I can,t wake up n the morning.

review Unit 7GrammarO-zuig nough warm nough hick nough I Fit and healthy

Listening Fant 45 too sleepy 6 old enough 7 too cold 8 tooexpensive

@ z ' ^ m e e t i n g3 ' l l go 4 leaves 5 ' l l 6a rego ing

Or lag reewi thyou 2I 'mno t su reabou t tha t

Vocabulary@ z t 3 a 4 b 5 c 6 e


Recording script cDl rrack e

Kelly: They eep aying n TV hings ike today's

teenagers re unfitand unhealthy', nd justdon't believe t.

Jason: Iagree withyou.There's ll hisstuffabout usnot getting nough xercise ecause e'rewatching Vor playing omputer ames ll he' time,when n act, nowadays veryones madabout ports.

Kelly: Well, 'mnot sure about hat, but certainly lo tof youngpeople re doing ctive hings.Perhaps ore han oldergenerations id .

@ Suggested answers:


I totally agree; agree completely; (you're) right;absolutely; hat's rue; yes, think so [too) because...; yes, do too; so do I; neither do I

T BR w o CA E


C S A I LM E T R o R o

o D UF B L o


w DL I A

l t

Dt 2


l 3

G A L El4

M Il5




Answer key @

Page 201: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 201/236

Page 202: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 202/236

Page 203: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 203/236



basketballice hockeyvolleyballfootball


@ Suggested nswer:Patterns: go is usually used with outdoor sports,which are often over long distances; play often goeswith sports that end -ball and ball sports generally.We often use do with sports that do not take goor play. (Note: n informal speech, do can be used

with most activities [e.g.she

does cycling n herfree ime'1.)

@ Z make ' do 3 make --+go 4 done - played5 mad€ -+ did 6 p+ayed + went

@ Suggesred nswers:court: tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, etc.gym: gymnastics, aerobics, martial arts, etc.pitch: football, rugby, hockey, baseball, etc.ring: boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, etc.stadium: football, rugby, baseball, etc.track: athletics, running, cycling, etc.

@ clothes: boots (football, rugby, skiing, etc.); gloves(boxing, football goalkeeper, ce hockey, skiing,etc.); helmet (horse riding, motorcycling, baseball,etc.); trainers (running, jogging, tennis, etc.)

equipment: bat (baseball, cricket, table tennis,etc.); board (surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding,etc.); racket ftable tennis, squash, badminton, etc.);

,_,, net (tennis, table tennis, volleyball, etc.)

@2 score 3 draw/lose/win

Reading Part 5{fl f ice hockey: team, competitive; 2 squash:

individual, competitive 3 aerobics: ndividual,non-competitive 4 scuba diving: individual, non-competitive

@ r a 2 D 3 8 4 8 s A 6 D z D 8 c9 B l O C

Speaking Pax'tQ 2 s u r e 3 t o t a l l y 4 s o 5 w a y 6 a l l T t r u e

8 too

Recording script cDl rrack 4

t You may be right, but isn't here another possibility?

2 I'm not really sure about hat.3 Yes, totally agree with you.

4 | don't hink so because hat might not work very well.

5 That's not he way I see t.

6 | don't agree t all.

7 That's rue.

8 | think so too.

@ a agree: 3,7, B b disagree trongly: 5, 6c disagree oli tely:1 ,2 ,4

@ 2 really sure 3 totally agree 4 think 5 I6 a t a l l T t r u e 8 I

@z then 3 agreed7 thing 8 glad


4 what 5 both 6 So

Recording sctipt cDr rack s





Yes, hat's good idea. Let'sdo hat, then.

Right, e'reagreed. Thafs what we'ltdo.

OK,we both like he dea. So shallwe dothat?Yes, hat's he best thing \ do. 'mglad weagree.

@ Stressed words are: good idea, that, agreed, That's,both, that, best thing, glad

Writing Xlart3

Qt story 2 title 3 first person 4 story, itle,frightening, experience, y (which answers )

O n r c 3 d 3 e 3 f 1

Fast penfect

@ r she had disappeared; ad she gone; 'd gone;she'd heard; she'd ound

2 had + subject + past participle Had she gone...?)3 'd + past participle I'dgone she'd eardshe'd ound)

@ Comnlete tr

Page 204: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 204/236

@ Z t had/'d walked all the way home 3 arrived atthe stadium, he match had started 4 had/'d leftmy trainers at home, couldn't run in the race5 had/'d decided o get fit, I took up squash

@ t story 2 the first line 3 first person 4 I (theanswer o 3), nervous, game, began.

@ sample answer:

I felt nervous when the game began. Fifty thousandpeople were watching me in the stadium, as wellas a television audience of millions. I had always

. dreamt of playing for my favourite team, and at lastI had my chance.

For the first hour everything went fine. We wereplaying well and I had started to feel less nervous.Then, suddenly, t all went horribly wrong: I madea terrible mistake and the other team scored. feltawful. \Then I thought back to what the coach had said tome, about never giving up, and I knew that I simplyhad to win the match for my team. So, n the lastfew minutes, scored he two most mportant goalsof my life.

'XmA question of taste

Starting off([} fne types of food and drink have been organisedaccording o colour. Suggested nswers: white:yoghurt, onion, cream; ed: meat, pepper, steak;yellow: mustard, coln, oil, lemon; orange: peach,pumpkin, marmalade

$eading Pax'tQ Suggested, nswers:

The short texts probably describe unusualrestaurants; match groups of people with suitablerestaurants

@ Suggested nswers to und.erline:

I teacher prefers .. fish; interesting views; sn't tooexpensive

2 summer wedding anniversary; next Tuesday; hatebeing with other groups; normally orders steak;Jack .. something different

3 try another character estaurant; his Thursday;aren't keen on fish; can't afford anvwhereexpensive

4 special views; on Sunday; on ... prefer .. meatrather than fish or vegetarian

5 on Sundays; ove foreign food; eat alone; eavesSweden

@ Suggested, nswers:

I cheap/inexpensive/reasonable/not xpensive2 They could hire the whole restaurant or book a

private room.3 Chef Mickey Mouse/Cowboy Caf6, etc.4 No, restaurants n these places are unlikely to

have windows with a view5 Sweden (so they won't want to go to a Swedish


@ r s 2 F 3 4 4 H s c


( l r r z A 3 H

Recordingscript cD2rrack2

0ne.Waitress : Hi.Howare ou? ustbefore ake ou o your

table, ut on hese loves ndsnow oots.Children,on't ouch he walls lease! K,followme.Here's our able. 'llbring ou somehotsoupwhile ou ook t he menu.Two.

Waiter: Here's he bill. hope ouenjoyed ourmeal,sir.And emember bring our riends it hyounext ime but,don't ell ourenemieswherewe are it's a secret!Three.

Waitress : Goover o he butcher'sable. hoose steak.Thebutcher illweigh t oryou. ake ou r

steakto he barbecue nd ell he chefhowyou'd ike ourmeat. on't ouch he grill ryou'll urn ourselfl

@ Z don't touch 3 bring 4 don't tell 5 Take6 Don't touch

Form of verb we use: a infinitive without to:b don't+ infinitive without fo

Form of the verb does NOT change when we talk tomore than one person

Answer ey @

Page 205: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 205/236

@ Suggested nswers:I Take off your coat and give it to me '2 Mind your head.3 Sit down here.4 Here's your food. Don't touch the plate, t 's hot.5 Pick up your knife and fork.6 Enjoy your meal .

VocabularyCourse, isl-r'"ood, ctea{and late

@Zmea l s 3p la t e 4cour se s d i sh

Listening Part 1O Z three 3 short 4 twice 5 try to tick (/) the

correct ox

@ Z oaf of bread 3 packet f biscuits 4 tin ofpineapple

@ sRecording script cD2 rack

What idJamie uY? \

Jamie: I 'mback,Mum | got most f he shopping'I got a tube of oothpaste nd a loafof bread,,but don't hink heyhad any ins of pineapple"icf!.couldn't ee hem anYWaY.

@ No, the correct answer is now A

Recording script cD2 rack

Mum: Don'tworry.Whatabout he biscuits?

Jamie: I couldn'tind hem t irstbecause hey'vechanged he packet. s one packet nough?

Mum: Plenty. hanks, amie. eep he change!

/ @ suggested answers:

2 What will theY take to the ParjY?

You need to listen to find out if they take cake, ce-cream or soft drink and type (e.g' chocolate, ola,lemonade, etc.).

3 What time is the boy's appointment?

You need o listen for the times: 4.10 pm, 4.45 pm

and 6.30 pm, and decide which one s the correcttime for the boY's aPPointment'

4 What did the girl buy online?

We know that the girl buys one or two objects. Youneed o listen o find out f she buys a T-shirt and apair of shoes, T-shirt and a pair of pyjamas, r apair of pyjamas onlY.

5 What s the free gift todaY?

You need o listen o find out f the free gift is alaptop, software ot a mouse mat.

6 What s nearest o Rick's Diner?

You need o listen o find out which place: hebridge, station or roundabout, s the nearest oRick'sDiner.

7 Where has he mother been?

You need o listen o find out f she has been o thepost office, ishmonger r hairdresser.

O z s 3 , l . 4 c 5 c 6 A 7 8Recording script cD2 rack


Two.Whatwill hey ake o the party?

Shallwe ake a chocolate ake o John's arty?

Good dea, ut 'mnotgoing o make ne andl'msure hey'fe xpensiveo buy.Whataboutsome ans of soft drink?

You're iohtabout he cake. ohnsaid he wasgoing o buysome emonade ndsQme range

lu1cq. avewe got enough o buysome ce-

cream?Not eally, ut mymum's ot some n he

freezer. et's ake hat.

Now isten gain.


Three.What ime s he boy's ppointment?

l'd ike o make n appointmentor myson oget hishair ut one afternoonhisweek.Couldyoumanage haton Thursday?can bring imhere afterschool.um,Thursday'soinq o be busy. . . m .. butwe coulddo hat fyou come at say ..halfpastqtx?Would hat be okay? f not, 'vegot reeappointments nTuesday t en past ouror aquarter o five.

Et hanks. he earlier ne hai daywould ebest or us.


Now rsten gain.






Girl :

@ Comnlete PET

Page 206: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 206/236


Four.What id he girlbuyonline?

Girl: Shopping nline? veryone ays hoes recheap.erfyoubuy hem online ut youcan'ttry hem on, can you? ordered ome pyjamasfor mymumand hey were ine. You'd lsothink t would be safe o buya T-shirt rom heweb but mymum ought ne a month go an ditwas ust oo ight.


Five.What s he ree gift oday?Announcer:Good fternoon, hoppers. ocelebrate he

fifthyearof our verysuccessful lectronicdepartment, e are offering reatdiscountsoff allsoftware ought oday. Computerexpert,Gene Reedy, ill alsobe n he storetoday o give ou ree advice n how o

improve our aptop's erformance. nd ortodayonly, ou won'thave o payanything orone of our anniversary ouse mats just pickone up rom one of our shop assistants.

Now isten gain.


Six.What s nearest o Rick'sDiner?

Message: This s Rick's Diner.We're pen Monday o ./'\ Saturday rom 12.30 o late and youwon't ind

--better Moroccan ood anywhere lseoutsideMorocco! fyou haven't isited s before,turn eft at LinksRoundaboutntoTrentStreetand we're 100metres n he ight. ust beforeWest Bridge. nd f you're oming ypublic



transport, t's a five-minute alk rom hestation. ee ou soonl

Now isten gain.

CD2Track 0

Seven. here a s he mother een?

Hi,Mum, id youcollectmy parcel?

Therewas a terrible raffrcam and you knowthe post office loses tsix. had o get ishfordinner. ope ou don'tmind. wanted obuysome ausages, utby he ime managedto park he cat they were closed oo! 'mhavino y hair ut omorrow | think 'llgo byunderground

Boy: Could ou get my parcelthen?

Now isten gain.

Vocabulary$hops and service$

O W. use 's only with the place. (However, t ispossible o describe he place with or without 's -

hairdr esser h airdr esser's.)

@2dentist 3 dry cleaner 4 library 5 garage

6 butcher 7 post office 8 travel agent

@ f grairaresser's), 2 fdentist's) possible ut no tusual), 3 (dry cleaner's), 6 (butcher's),8 (travel agent's) [possible but not usualJ

@ Suggested answers:

I dentist[ 's), garage, airdresser('s) 2 butcher['s),post office 3 library 4 travel agent('s)5 dentist ( 's), dry cleaner('s), arage6 butcher('s), ry cleaner('s), arage,

hairdresser['sJ, ravel agent('s)@ t hairdresser('s) 2 garage 3 dry cleaner('s)

Recording script cD2 rack


Madison: What have ou done o yourhait Layla?

Layla: Oh don'tl normally avemy hair ut atGabrielle's ut wanted omething ifferent, oI went o that new place n he High Street.

Madison: Oh no!Was t very expensive?

Two.Andrew: Areyoucoming o the party onight, ewis?

Lewis: I can't. 'm not allowed o go out.

Andrew: Why's hat?

Lewis: I had a littleaccident n myscooter.My dadsays t was my ault.

Andrew: What about ourscooter? ou onlygot t lastweek or yourbirthday.

'Lewis: That's why my dad s so angry.We're aving

the scooter epaired nd 'm going o have o

look or a ob o pay or t.Three.

Vicki: Oh nolCallumlThat'sola zuvespill ownmydress.

Callum: Sorry, icki. t was an accident.

Vicki: My mum's oing o go mad.We had his dresscleaned astweek or his partyand t wasn'tcheap . .

Answer ey @

Page 207: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 207/236

@ Suggested nswers:

I Layla should complain and get her money back andthen go to a better hairdresser. 2 Lewis should inda part-time ob by looking n the newspaper, skingfriends or family or asking in shops and caf6s. (Heshould also ake better care of his scooter!)3 Callum should offer to pay for the dry cleaning.

GrammarHave sCIrnefhinE done

@ Vinnie is the slob.

@ f nas his meals cooked or him 2 's having hernails done today 3 had his flat cleaned ast year

@ z I had my bike repaired two weeks ago.3 John s having his bedroom painted now.

4 We have ourphoto

taken once ayear.

5 Our grandma has her hair coloured every hreeweeks.

6 I can't send an email because we are having ourcomputer mended at the moment.

@ words and phrases o underline:

he had his hair cut; have his head decorated; ack hashis head shaved: some of the teachers have their haircoloured regularly; footballers have their hair shaved

Speaking Fan't(The objects llustrated are A hammer B hairdryerC iron D plug (electrical) E fork F frying panG ladder H tin-opener I knife J key)

Q ffrey ask for: B, I and G.

Recording script cD2 rack 2


Ekaterina: 'msorry ut 'vewashedmy hair nd want a. . . um .. t ' s omethingordrying air.

@ t true 2 True 3 True 4 False (you don't haveto talk about hings 'outside' the photograph, .g.feelings, previous activities, etc.) 5 False (youshould use some of the expressions rom the tablein Exercise in this sectionl

@ a

Recording script cD2 rack 3Examiner: And now 'd ike ach f you o alkon your

ownabout omething. 'mgoing o give achofyoua photograph fpeople hopping. o,Natalie, ere s yourphotograph. lease howit o Lidia, ut 'd ike ou o alkabout t. Lidia,you ust isten nd 'llgive ou yourphotographin a moment. o, Natalie, lease ellus whatyoucan see nyourphotograph.

N at al ie : Uh -h uh . n his picture can see a otof peoplein a shopping entre. he hopping entre sverybigand quite rowded. t looks erynew,the loor s black ndwhite. can see manyshops forexample: ome lothes hops,bag shop nd a shoe hop.On he groundfloor here re many eople alkingogetherand ooking t he shops. can see a womanwho s wearing blue hirt. he's lso ot abag.On herhead he ' s earing m . . er . .I can't emember he word. t 's omething ik ea hat. here's man behind er.He'swearinga white hirt, la ck rousers nd um a .it'smade f cotton, think. People ften wearthem or work.On he eft can see another/manwho s carrying bag. He has got hismobile hone n his hand nd he s alking osomeone. n he second loor, can see morepeople. hey re standing nd ooking t hepeople n he ground loor.

@ r , 3 , 4 ,

Gir l : Oh.You mean haird.yer. oucan borrowmine.Two.

Mateos: I want o eat his orange. an have .. . a... er ... it's made f metal nd t 's used orcutting.

Man: Do you mean knife?


Ruben: Hi. Have ougota .. a . . . t 's omething ik estairs.

Woman: A laddefl Whatdo you need one of hose or?

Writing Fart 2QZ three 3 Connect 4 spelling 5 between

6 open and close 7 included

@ Suggested words to underline:

t have pizzawilh your class; celebrate... nd... year; orgotten o ask Ryan; email to Ryan;apologise; nvite; explain where ... eat; 35-45words

2 shopping centre; nearby city; school holidays;email to ... Paula; nvite; explain why you wantto go ; sugges t . . . l ace . . . mee t ; 35 -45 words

@ comnlete ET

Page 208: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 208/236

3 stayed at your cousin's; eft something behind;email to Alex; thank him; describe what you left;suggest ow .. get . . object back; 35-45 words

@ 2 because 3 to come 4 meet 5 inviting

@ Suggested- xpressions o und"erline:

thank someone: t was very kind of you ro .. .;

Thank you very much for .. .explain: That ' s why .. . ; . . . because . .

invite: How about . . ; Would you ike . . .

apologise: 'm very sorry hat . . . ; I 'm so sorry or . . .

suggest: Why don ' t we . . . ; Let 's . .

@ moaet onswers:Hi Ryan,

I'm very sorry that I forgot o invite you before. We'regoing out on Friday night. Would you like to come oo?We'll have a great ime. We've decided o go to the newpizza restaurant. Let me know if you can come.


Dear Paula.

I'm going to the shopping centre omorrow. Whydon't you come oo? want to go there becauseI want to have my hair cut at Dani Bridell's newhairdresser's. Why don't we meet outside he station?

See you soon,i " " " " '

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for inviting me to stay for theweekend. had a lot of fun.I think I left my pencil case at your house. t 's madeof blue plastic. Can I come o your house omorrowto get it?

Lots of love.

Q Z ln summer, when the weather is good, we playtennis.

3 Stevie, whose team won, was the best player ofall.

4 In the city centre, where we live, there is a lot ofpollution.

5 My brother, who had an accident, s feeling better

now.6 Volleyball, which is a team sport, is played on a

court. / Volleyball, which is played on a court, isa team sport.

@ Z fraa practised 3 felt 4had./'dbrought5 had/'d put 6 was 7 had/'d rained 8 didn'tseem 9 was l0 had left 11 started 12 realised13 had/'d played 14 was 15 slipped 16 fell17 knew 18 had/'d twisted 19 went 20 ha dnot/hadn't broken 21 wore

Vocabulary@ 2 s o r e 3 b e a t 4 n u r s e 5 h a v e 6 b a t

7 athletics 8 pill 9 bruise l0 ring

ocabulary and grammarrevtew Unit9GrammarO Z a t n a t 3 f w h e n 4 a w h o 5 b w h e r e

6 e whose

Vocabulary nd grammarreview Unit 10

VocabularyQ Suggested nswers:

2 complain 3 book 4 borrow 5 repair

@ @tner answers re also possibLe)

Z interes+ng nterested 3 resturants estaurants4 Chinese ood are s 5 ki+d nice 6 all kindkinds 7 chicken oed dishes 8 I think chicken' are s 9 my I think l0 enpy-with enjoy yourmeal

Grammar@ f lalso possible: ad it washed) 2 is having/has

her hair/it cut 3 had itlone/a photo taken4 have our windows/them cleaned 5 had the carlit repaired 6 had the walls/them painted

@ z r u t 3 d i d n ' t 4 h a d 5 I w o u l d / ' d

AnswerU"t @

Page 209: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 209/236

11 Conserving ature

Starting off0 r : c z D B E 1 F 4 c 6 H 2

2 T 3 T 4 F 5 T 6 F 7 F 8 T

@ t tigers Asia 2 polar bears the Arctic3 kangaroos - Australia 4 ostriches Africa5 lions - Africa/Asia 5 elephants Asia/Africa7 bats - all continents except Antarctica 8 bears -

South America/North America/Europe/Asia

Listening rlart3Q Suggested nswers:

India: located n southern Asia - the world's biggestdemocracy and country with the second-largestpopulation - independence n 7947 ed by Gandhiand Nehru - religions include Hinduism, Buddhismand Sikhism - many languages re spoken butHindi is the official language and English quitewidely used - nowadays has a rapidly growingeconomy and is an emerging superpower

Biggest cities: Mumbai; Delhi (both over 10 millionpeople)

Famous or: River Ganges; Taj Mahal; Bollywoodfilms

Wildlife: tigers; elephants; monkeys; snakes andmany other tropical rainforest plants and animals

Q z one or two g tirice 4 six 5 three 6 kind7 key 8 similar 9 own 10 second

@ Suggested nswers:

2 guide, knew, tiger A he, seen B another,watching C animals, noticed

3 got on, elephant A ladder B tree C car

4 saw, tiger A resting, meal B sleepingC looking, food

5 safe, believed A never attack, humans B notattack, elephant C too old

6 allowed A get out B feed C photograph

@ r e 2 c i c 4 A 5 8 6 c

Recording seript cD2 rack 4

Interviewer: o ellus, Lucy,what happened hen yougot othe National ark?

Lucy: To be honest,I'd ad a bad nighttravelling.The rainwasn't ery omfortable nd hadn'tsleptmuch. o was happy o get o myhotel

room nd elax n he bigsoftbed here. henI opened he curtains nd here n he iver,only50 metres way, ere several lephantshaving bathl t was he most mazing hingI'veever een rom he windowofa hotel. sthe advertisementaid,twas actuallynside hepark.

Thenextmorningset offbycarwitha guideand wo other ourists, eff and Mel.Twohourslater, ur guide ada radiomessage o say herewere eports f a tiger n he north, o we drove

up hatway.Theguide hat eported t said hehad heard he monkeys arning ach otherofdanget ndalthough e hadn't ctually een hetiger, heir riesmeant herewas probably nerca&v.We reached he area nd here saw ourtransport nto he orest: n elephantl jay, herider,oldus o climb n, but twa,cn'tmmediatelyclearhow.Therewas no wooden adder, ndalthoughherewereplenty f rees round, heirbranches ere oo highup. n he endwe gotup

on he oof of he vehicle,hen umped n,andaftersome reparations, e set off

Itwas great un,and ound hat an elephant ango ustabout nywhere. uddenly jaypointed.'There,'he said, nd ess han 0 metres waywasa magnificent 00-kilo ale iger.Quite

small,' e said though t ooked uge o meJ. twas ying nder he rees ndat irst hought twasasleep.

But hen t raised ts head lightly nd ooked,in a rather oredway, n our direction.t had

obviously aten ecently. was ather lad twasn't eeling ungry, ut Ajay old us hat nIndia eople revery arely aten y igers.Thatwas good o know!

He also xplainedhat igers on'tmind eingapproached yelephants. owe were n nodang€i. s we went slowly ound he beautifulblack, range nd white nimal, realisedhatwas rue. 'd ead hat most ttacks n numansare by old or njured igers, ut his creaturewas young nd it.

@ comnlete ET

Page 210: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 210/236

Page 211: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 211/236


Man :




Man :











GrammarThe passive: resent nd past siniple

O t aand C are active; andD arepassive 2 C andD describe n event n the past 3 B and D4 A: subject tigers; bject people. : subject- people; gent tigers using y) 5 C: subjectguides; bject tourists.D: subject tourists; oobject6 information not in sentence : who allowed hetourists o take photos the guides)

@ z n 3 P 4 A s P

@ 3 are seen 4 was chased 5 are he crocodiles ed6 was not noticed

@Recordidg script cD2rracklT


Man: These re known s he SpringGardens'.


Woman: The lowers ere plantedn March.


Man: Thegrass as cut n Apriland May.

@ Z fwo giraffes were seen near he trees. 3 Apoem was written about this waterfall. 4 Rice s

grown in the east of the country. 5 The moon washidden by one small cloud. 6 Cars aren't/are no tallowed in the National Park. 7 The forest was

' partly destroyed by fire. 8 We weren't/were nottold about he crocodiles n the river.

@Recording script cD2 rack 8


Woman: A lotof ishare caught ere., Two.

Man :





Twogiraffes ere seen near he rees"


A poemwas writtenabout his waterfall.


Rice s grown n he east of he country.


The moonwas hidden yone small loud


Cars ren't llowedn he National ark.


Woman: The orest was partly estroyed y ire.


Man: We weren't oldabout he crocodilesn heflver.

Reading Part 4

O n + c T d 3 e 1 f 6 g B h 5

Q t c€) t O (correct answer) 2 C (the word import tells us

that the oil and gas come from abroad, not fromunder the sea) 3 A (the text says he opposite:there is still no pollution) 4 B (text says heyare ln danger - not that they have alreadydisappeared)

@t@ 3 A 'the only way to prevent the situationgetting even worse' (it is not certain it will getworse - there is one way to prevent t)

B 'the air pollution that leads o global warming'( 'leads o' means cause')

C fcorrect answer) Chinese student Ding Yinghan';'it is unfair to say hat just one country - his own

. - is causing climate change'; the air pollutionthat leads o global warming comes rom manyparts of the world'

D 'the air pollution that leads o global warmingcomes rom many parts of the world, includingpoorer countries' poor countries also cause t)

4 A 'her articles have been published n her localnewspaper' passive somebody else publishesthem)

B (correct answer) changes in the way teenagersbehave are an important way of influencingchoices hat are made by parents'

@ .o-o[[ rrr

Page 212: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 212/236

C 'For her, changes n the way teenagers behave arean important way' (she wants young people to dothings differently rather than follow their parents'example)

D 'She's against young people's general ack ofinterest n politics' (she hinks they shouldbecome nterested n politics)

5 B Sagges/ed nswers:

A: 'I'm the only one from our country' (Everycountry has three champions: Each countryinvolved selects hree teenagers'.) '

. C: 'already three of us from every country in theworld' (Not 'every country in the world', only13: At present, 13 countries are involved'; 'more

countries are expected o join soon'.)

D: 'Some of us are teenagers' All of them areteenagers: young people of school age'; three


[xam round-up

I yes 2 opinion and attitude 3 general meaning4 the text 5 yes 6 usually in one paragraph

Grammareornparative nd $uperlative dverbs

Q t Students should underline - comparative adverbs:

more quicfly, more efficiently, worse; superlativeadverb: rnost brightly 2 by adding more n front ofthe adverb 3 worse 4 than 5 by adding mosf nfront of the advero


@ Z hardest 3 more cheaply 4 worst5 more cleanly 6 more heavily

Speaking Fart 4Q) Suggested. nswers:

They are wasting water by watering the lawn witha sprinkler instead of leaving the grass o go yellow/ waiting for it to rain. They are watering the potswith a hose pipe / with an irrigation system nstead

of using a watering-can or using collected rainwaterfrom the garden. They are consuming unnecessarywater by having a water fountain and a swimmingpool. They are using a lot of water to wash the carwith a hose pipe and instead could wash the car byhand.

They are wasting water by using a washingmachine and dishwasher nstead of washingdishes and clothes by hand. They have left the taprunning, instead of putting a glass of water in thefridge to cool down.

@ I water plants later in the day 2 use a bucket anda sponge o wash the car 3 wash small quantitiesof plates or clothes by hand

@ Z say 3 for example 4 like 5 such as

Recording script cD2 rack e

Jake: Well, here's otsyoucan do o savewater athome" n he garden, or nstance. t'sbest owater he plants ater n he day.Because fyouwater hem at wo o'clock, ay,when t's hot,

the sun ust dries verything ut again.Right. nd fyou eally nusfwash he car,'there are betterwaysof doing t than hat. Witha bucket f waterand a sponge, or example.You'dwaste much ess water, nd get a bit ofexercrse,oo.


Jake: lt 's he same n he kitchen,sn't t? All hosethings ike ishwashers ndwashing achinesthat do everything or you.Theyuse a hugeamount f water.

Lily: I suppose heysave eople lotof hardworkwhen hey're ull.But fyoudon't havemuch o

. wash, uchas a few plates r some ocks, oucan do hem muchmore uickly yhand. ndavoidwasting ll hat water.

@ Suggested nswers:'If you want a cold drink, it'sbetter to keep a jug of water in the fridge than runa tap until it gets cold'; Don't run the tap whileyou're brushing your teeth - use a glass of water';'Don't wash fruit, vegetables or salad under thetap - use a bowl'; 'Water used or cooking can be

re-used, when it 's cool, o water plants' .








more quietly

more carefully

more slowly

more easilyfaster




[the) most quietly

(the) most carefully

(the) most slowly

(the)most easily

(the) fastest

[the) worst

(the) hardest

(the) best

Answer ey @

Page 213: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 213/236

Exarn ound-up

2 connected ith 3 keep o this topic 4 a rangeof tenses 5 take urns 6 listening o 7 askingfor more details and heir opinions 8 give easonsand examples

Writing Xlar&Q t paragraph A: the wildlife in your country;

paragraph B: favourite animal; paragraph C: Arethere many of them?

2 seen are seen (present simple passive), H+erbest (superlative adverb), easyly easily [spelling ofcomparative adverb)

Q z C,I really enjoy being here. 3 G, ... a new filmabout animals which is called'The life of animals'

4 Sp, .. a film with plenty of excitement ..5 WO, I don't know what the name of the mountainis. 6 V I hope haven't made a lot of mistakes.

@Zt rue 3Fa l se 4True 5Fa l se 6True TFa l se8 True

@ sampte ansl1)er:

Hi Justin,

It was great to hear from you. We love pets hereand almost everyone has a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or

other animal.People keep pets for different reasons. Manypeople, particularly those who- ive on their own,like to have a pet for company. Others need ananimal at home, for instance a huge dog to protectthe house, or a cat to catch mice!

Hamsters are my favourite pet. They're friendly,cute and - because hey're so tiny - they don't takeup much space! Sometimes ur hamster Frankie sallowed out of his cage so that he can run roundmore freely. He really enjoys hat!

Well, that's all for now. I hope you can write againsoon.

Best wishes.

An a

XX What did you say?

Reading Part 3Q r g e e k 2 d u d e 3 d o r k

@ Suggested nswer:

The text is about Martian. This language has beencreated by Chinese eenagers o talk with theirfriends online.

@ Suggested words to underline:2 Young people . . f irst . . . Martian . . . Taiwan3 film Shaolin Soccer, hao Wei comes ... Mars4 Teenagers .. use the Internet .. called Martians5 Software companies .. selling programs .. help

. . . write . . . Martian6 Ms Li . . . never. . . read messages . . Mei 's

computer7 When Mei starts writing ... Martian ... uses otherpeople's work

8 Wang Haiyong allows ... students .. homeworkin Martian

9 Bei Bei Song considers erself .. up to date10 Bei Bei ... approves f Martian

@ Sentence ; No, you don't need to understandspread o know if the sentence s correct orincorrect.

@ I Correct 80% of teenagers ged between 15 and19 n China use this language when they sendmessages r chat with each other online

2 Correct It became popular n Taiwan n 2004and three years ater, t spread o mainland China

3 Incorrect - She sn't really a visitor from Mars4 Incorrect - anyone who acts strangely here

is known as a Martian ... the language whichteenagers n China enjoy creating s also knownas Martian'

5 Correct - people are buying special software totranslate between Chinese and Martian

6 Incorrect she could not understand he emailsfrom Mei's friends

7 Correct - At first, I just copy words from textswhich my friends have already written inMartian

8 Incorrect - I refuse to mark my students' workwhen they use this language

9 Correct - but she doesn't hink she's old-fashioned

10 Incorrect - she thinks that this language s reallysilly

@ "o,no,tte PET

Page 214: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 214/236

@ Suggested. nswers:

I incorrect false 2 words informationdetails 3 text 4 word / phrase / sentence

Vocabularyqpeak, tafk, say, elland ask or

QZton 3 speak 4 say 5 told 6 ask or

@ f tan 2 speak 3 say 4 tell 5 ask 6 ask orSuggested nswers:I (together) bout a topic, online2Io someone about)3 something o somebody, heese when you take

someone's hoto)4 the time, he difference between)5 someone o do something, omeone bout

something6 more ood, someone's pinion

@ Suggested uestions:I How many anguages an you speak well?2 Do you always ay hello' to everyone hen you

walk into the classroom?3 Are you good at telling okes?4 If you don't understand, o you ask questions?

' 5 Do you talk to your friends about your futureplans?

Grammar.-- eported peech nd reported ommands

9Scott: disco; William: football match; Gina: non-uniform day (students pay to wear the clothes heywant to school)

Recording script cD2 rack o

Ruby: Shh! Be quiet!Close he door Paul!Paul: OKlRuby: Thanks. r, ania, an you ake notes oday?

\Tania: Oh, s t my urn o be secretary? K.

\Ruby: Rlght. s you know,we have o decidewhateventwe'regoing o organise or he Schoolsfor Allproject. t any deas? es,Scott?

Scott: OK.Last earwe organised disco o collectmoney. e can organise similar vent gain.

Ruby: Hmm. hinkYear 0 are going o organiseparty hisyear.Hasanyone lse got anyotherideas? illiam?

William: Yeah, e've houoht bout rganisingfootballmatch.

Ruby: Another ootballmatch? here re matcheshere everySaturday.

William: ln mysister's chool.he students regoing oplay gainsthe eachers.

Ruby: But he eachers ere wouldn'twant o playfootball.

William: lt doesn't ave o be ust eachers. llie'sadcouldplay.He used o play ootball or United.

Ruby: But how are we going o raise money?William: Theadults ill have o pay o pla!.

Ruby: Sounds ood.Hmm. r, nyone lse? Gina?

Gina: Yes. oday e'reallwearing chool niformand we all ook he same. Who hates wearinoschooluniform?

All: Well . . real lyon ' t

ike . .

Gina: So our dea s o have daywhenwe don'twear school niform.We can wearwhatwewant o school.

Ruby: And he money?Gina: We'll ay o wear whatwe want.Ruby: Oh Thanks. ight. hink bout he

suggestions. nd don't orget he meetingtomorrow. e'lltake vote hen.

@t@ I had organised a disco to collect money2 could organise a similar event again3'd/had thought about organising a football match4 were going to play against the teachers5 (tha| it didn't have to be just teachers6 were all wearing school uniform7 would pay to wear

Recording script cD2 Track t

Nina: HiTania. orry didn't et o he meetingyesterday. hatdidyoudecide?

Tania: 0h, hi Nina. here's oing o be anothermeeting odayat 1 pm o take a vote. We haveto hink bout he hree uggestions.

Nina: What hree uggestions? idanyone akenotes?

Tania: Yeah! was he secretary. 'vegot hem writtenhere. et me see. Oh yes,Scott aid hat heyhad organised disco o collectmoney heyear efore nd hey ould rganise similarevent gain.

Nina: But sn't ear 0 going o organise party?

Answer ey @

Page 215: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 215/236

Tania: Er yes, hat'swhat Ruby aid. henWilliamsaid hey had hought boutorganisingfootballmatch.

Nina: Not another ootballmatch.Tania: Well, ot exactly .. he said n hissister's

school, he students ere going o playagainstthe eachers. ealso aid hat t didn'thave

to be ust eachers. t couldbe any adult likeEllie's ad who used o be a football layer.William aid he adultswouldhave o pay opav.

Nina: You said here were hree suggestions, idn't' you?

Tania: Yes, he hird came rom Gina. he emindedus hat we were allwearing chool niformthat dayand hat she hatedwearing chooluniform. he suggested day when wewouldn't ave o wear school niform. he saidwe wouldpay o wear whatwe wanted.

Nina: Oh.. .Good dea!

@ 2 past continuous 3 past perfect 4 past perfect /past simple 5 would + infinitive 6 was/weregoing to 7 could

@ Z tfre year before 3 his/her 4 they/we

O Z (tfrat) someone had left/left their/his/her MP3player n the kitchen after the party

3 (that) he was having a great time therea (that) he wanted to sell his bike so he could buy

a new one

@ Z to close he door 3 to think about thesuggestions 4 to forget the meeting

r@2 not to worry 3 not to touch anything 4 not toforget o phone

Listening Fart 3Q t true 2 False [there s extra information which

you don't need to understand to complete henci\s) 3 True 4 True 5 False (you should usethe $econd istening to check your answers)6 False (you should make a guess you will notlose marks for a wrong answer)

Q Suggested questions:I How old do I have to be to enter the competition?2 Can I enter with a friend?3 Can I choose he topic of my website?4 What language should I write the website n?

5 When do I have to send vou mv website?

@ t coach 219 3 (school) subject 4 (online)library 5Australia 6 November

Recording script cD2rrack22

Head: Quiet!!'d ike o ntroduce erry remain romWeb Challenge. e's oing o tellyou about anexciting ebsite ompetition.

Gerry: Thank ou.Hieveryone!'mgoing o alkabout he Web Challenge hich s an excitingcompetitionor youngpeople llover he worldwho are nterested n designing ebsites.Although he website hould e written nEnglish, e do encourage ou o provide inksto translations ntoseveral ther anguages,including ourown.Firstly,ou'llneed o getyour eam ogether. ll eams eed a coach.The coach hould e a teacher, ibrarian rassistant orking n a school. n each eam,

there should e hree o six members ho areschool tudents, n addition o the coach.

The competitions open o students ho arein ull-time ducation ho are no younger hannineand no older han nineteen. here rethree ge groups: 9and Undet 15and Underand 12and Under.

once you've ot your eam ogether, ou'llhave o choose topic hat nterests ou.Thinkabout a favourite chool ubject, r hings oulike o do n your ree ime. You're ow eady

to build ourwebsite. on't orget hat yourwebsitewillneed o be uploaded o our server.Prizes or competition inners nclude aptopcomputerc, igital ameras nd money or yourschool o spend n newtechnology. veryteam hat enters willhave heir site publishedon our online ibrary. irst-prize inners neach age groupwillwina seven-day rip oAustralia here ou'll ake part nworkshops,events nd excursions.

And inally word about ates. ll nterestedteams eed o register or he competition athe end of November. our inalwebsite houldbe on our server yApril 4th.Nowwinnerswillbe announced nJuly1st. ou an ge tfurther nformation ycontacting ur hotlineon 098764444 r by ooking tourwebsite:www.webchallenge.com.

@ colno,ute ET

Page 216: Complete Pet Student Book

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GrammarReported qi..iestio!-]s

Q Suggested questions:

What software can we use o design he website?

Does he topic have o be very original?

How big should the website be?

8 t@ 2Jade 3Ju l i an 4Hamad 5Haley

Recording script cD2 rack 3

Head: Thank ou,Gerry. 'msure ome fyouhave' got questions. es,Nadia?

Nadia: Can enter he competitionn mv own?Gerry: Interestinguestion. o . the aimof he

competitions o encourage oung eople oshare deas nd work ogether.

Head: Who's ext? es, ade?Jade: Does urcoach ave o work n ourschool?Gerry: No,not nyourschool, ut his person oes

need o be working n a school, orexampletcould e he French ssistantnWoodsHiohSchool.Yes, ulian?

Sounds rilliant. owdo we register or hecompetition?

It'seasy. og on o ourwebsite nd ill n he

applicationormonline.I hink ou're ext,Hamad?Whatdo we do f we have echnical roblems?Verygood question. fyou ead he rules nourwebsite, ou'll ee hat fyouare unable oupload ourwebsite ecause fproblems it hourservetwe'lldo everything e can o helpyou.

@ 2 she was 3 Do you want 4 they were going5 if they ha d

Indinec{ uesti0ns

t) Suggested- nswer:

Nadia says hey took a boat trip around Sydney

harbour and that their hotel had views over theharbour.

Recordingscript cD2rrack24

Journalist: Hello, adia. ongratulationsnwinningheprizel was wondering fI couldaskyou omequestions bout our rip. t must have eenamaztng!

Nadia: Thanks. es, t ryas n amazing rip.We saw somany hings.

Journalist: I'msure.So, our light anded n Sydney, idn't

it?Firstlyl'dike o know whatyou hought fSydney.

Nadia: Well, efore we won he prize, thoughtSydney as he capital f Australia, ut t isn't.Canberra s he capital. nyway, ydneysenormous ut he hing noticed irstwas allthe water.On he irstdaywe ook a boat riparound ydney arbour.

Journalist: I can't emember here ou stayed n Sydney.Could ou ellme where ourhotelwas?

Nadia: Yes,we stayed n a hotel withviews ver heharbour.

Journalist: Tellme whatyouvisited n Australia. part romSydney.

Nadia: Well, e went o ...

@Z thought 3 you stayed 4 your hotel was 5 youvisited

@ Z you think of Sydney 3 you stay in Sydney'4your hotel 5 you visit in Australia apart from


@ Z stays he same 3 never 4 isn't 5 sometimes

@In reported questions Ihe tense changes and wenever rse a question mark. In indirect questionsthe fense doesn't change and we someflmes use aquestion mark.


, ' J u l i a n :





Anyone lse? es,Haley?lfwe win,whatwillwe see nAustralia?

Once gain, ulldetails f he prizes reon ourwebsite ut can ell you hat t willbe a np

, you'llnever orget!

@ Z Ooes our coach have o work in our school?3 How do we register or the competition?4 What do we do if we have technical problems?5 What will we see n Australia?

@ b usually changes ike in reported speechc never d isn't e don't use




Answer key @

Page 217: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 217/236

VocabularyPrepositions f place

oReeording script cD2 rack b






One.Where re Todd's evs?

HiTodd.HiAdam. was wonderingfyoucould o me afavour?

Deoends. hat?

Look, 've eft my keysat home. Can ou bringthem o school?

Sure.Where re hey?

Right. o nto mybedroom. n my desk. extto the amp s a box. The keys hould e nsidethe box.

OK. n a box on yourdesk. 'll ing ouback f Ican't ind hem.

Two.Where's he sports hop?

Dayton ports. aryn peaking.

Hi. 'd ike o know f you've ot any ootballgloves, ize .

I ' l l just ave ook or you . . hmm . . yes, edo.

Nick: Oh yes.Whydidn't e ake hem off orthe photo?

lmogen: I don't now. My cousin len s standingbehindmyuncle. he's tarting t our highschool n Seotember.

Nick: She ooks un. can't wait o meet er.

@ Suggested nswers:

Picture 1: Label the box on the desk, he lamp nextto the box, the keys in / inside the box

Picture 2: Write over above he bridge, label thesports shop between booksltop and hoirdresser, alsolabel sports shop opposlte et shop

Picture 3: Label five little cousins n front of aunt,uncle with sunglasses n the right, Elen behinduncle

Speaking Part 3@ f on your own / one minute

2 describe what you can see3 use one of the expressions rom Unit 104 use a suitable reposition

Writing Part 3@ t A story

2 Your English eacher3 About 100 words4 In the first question, ou are given he firsf

sentence f the story and n the second uestion,you are given he frtle.

5 No, you can choose etween story and a letter

@ t t 2 The ringing phone belonged o the teacher

@ nU the sentences re correct o he story s a goodanswer.

@ fyp.t of mistake: ast enses nd plural orms

f beHeved believe 2 fur€€+ -)forgotten

3 stt+dent -+students 4left -+ leave 5 steped -+stopped

@ twodetanslDers:

1 I realised hat I hadn't ocked he door.

I was at the bus stop. telephoned y sister o askher f she could go home but she didn't answer herphone. Then decided o telephone my mum to tellher the truth. My mum told me to go home. As I gotto my street saw a fire engine outside my house.'Oh no!' I thought. saw a neighbour nd asked




Kylie: Great. ould ou ellme where our hop s?

Karyn: Yes. Do you knowwhere he central ibrarys?

Kylie: Er yes.

Karyn: Go past he ibrary. ver he bridge. We'rebetween bookshop nd a hairdresser's,opposite he pet shop.

Kylie: Ah! think knowwhere ouare.

Three.Where's len, mogen's ousin?

Nick: I've evermet our ousin len.What oes helook ike?

lmogen: I think 've got a photoof her.Yes, ere t is.

Nick: Wow! s hat your amily?

Inlogen: Yes. Can ousee myauntholding baby? n

\ front of her are my ive ittle ousins.

Nicki AhlThey ook ovely. as ouraunt eally otsixchildren?

lmogen: Nol Three f hem re mydad's rother'schildren.

Nick: 0hl So where's len?

lmogen: Well, n he right s myuncle. e's wearinosunolasses.

@ "o,no,"te PET

Page 218: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 218/236

' ' : : : - ,{ ' :drhad happened. e said hat a cat was n a- :.--j :, ' :-,j:r ' t get dorvn. rvas so happy. Finally

I got to my house and locked he door.

2 The message began, 'Congratulations! You'vewon first prizet'

I couldn't believe t! I was the winner. TWo monthsbefore, had entered a drawing competition in ashop. telephoned my best friend who told me tophone he shop. She also asked me what the prizewas but I said didn't know. I decided o walk to:he shop. was so excited. went into the shop and::und a shop assistant. told her my name andsaid hat I had received a message. he said, Oh ,

you're the winner. Congratulations! You've won aweekend n Paris.' was delighted.

3 I was in class when my mobile phone rang. Modelanswer with ftve mistakes on page 113 corrections

listed above)4 As I got on the train, I saw an empty seat nextto my favourite actor.

Davey Shaw was on the train. I couldn't believe t! Iasked him if I could sit next to him. I told him thathe was my favourite actor and I'd seen all his films.Davey asked me where I was going. I told him Iwas going to meet my friends to go to the cinema.The journey went really quickly and we were soonin the city centre. When I found my friends, I toldthem that I had sat next to Davey Shaw on the trainbut they thought I was telling lies again.

Vocabulary nd grammarreview Unit 1l

Grammar(p 2 was built 3 seems 4 rises 5 is washed

6 reaches 7 was completely looded, 8 disappeared 9 is done 10 know ll were)saved 12 was put up

@ Z more quickly 3 (the) best 4 more requently5 harder 6 [the) worst 7 more strongly 8 morecarefully

Vocabulary@ luore than one answer s sometimes ossible)

2 greal much excitement 3 a reservation4 a quick examination 5 celebrations ften6 no information


Vocabulary nd grammarreview Unit 12


Q Z i*+ont-e{ --+in front of a +++he-nght -+ On ther ight 4next +next to Sin-on 6ff i +behind 7insidee{-inside 8oR +over

@ z tot0 3 said 4 ask or 5 asked 6 to tell/telling 7 tell

Grammar@ Z M - + w h a t t h e t e a m w a s

calleda whyd;d+t+go --+why I didn't go / why I hadn't

gone+ vrhnwas+erying + whY I was crying5 @ - w h a t l w a s g o i n g t o d o6 where*hou+d*he-gg - where she should goZ when-am-+-geiftt - when I am going

@ Z stre was not/wasn't very keen 3 she ovedcomedies 4 she hadn't gone/didn't go 5 they ha djust finished 6 she would go to the cinema hatday f she could

G I R A F F E3


U P s N A K EB E o



I R A YS o S T n l r l c l n l0wH L I L{_l A

G SI t

A V E Tt2

R E C Y c L E

Answer O"t @

Page 219: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 219/236

@ Suggested questions:2'Are you keen on thrillers?'3 'Do you love comedies?'4 'Did you go to the cinema ast week?'5 'Have you fjust) finished your exams?'6 'When will you go to the cinema?'

Q Suggested answers:

2 I asked you if you were keen on thrillers.3 I asked you if you loved comedies.4 I asked you if you went to the cinema last week.5 I asked you if you had finished your exams.6 I asked you when you would go to the cinema.

WritingreferencePart 1Sentence

ransformationsExercisea spelling mistake (7trsf)b does not mean he same as he first sentencec too many wordsd grammatically wrong

2 as cold as 3 us to 4 soent

ExerciseI any + change of verb fly to noun fLights2 comparative er + than changes o negative not as

A S \

3 direct to repolted speech asked us to4 stayed... or changes o spenf no preposition)5 never .. such an changes o superlative lrc most ..


Part 2

MessagesExdrcise'lI Your riend Eva; you want to borrow her camera2 Informal3 An email4 Explain why, suggest when you can collect t, say

when you'll give t back

Exercise ,,rI any ligdts5 the most

FxerciseSuggested nswers The useful expressions or explaining,thanking, inviting, suggesting, pologising and asking areunderlined):2 I 'd like to borrow your camera ecause my camera(mine) s broken; 3 Thank you ever so much for thetwo weeks spent n your house; 4l know you've nevervisited my country. Would you like to come and stayin the summer?; 5 Why don't we meet n front of thecinema?; 6 I'm so sorry for forgetting your birthday.I feel errible; 7 Can you tell me how to get to yourhouse, lease?

FxerciseI Dear .., Best wishes,All the best, Yours2 Hello, .., Hi ..., Love, Lotsof love, See ou soonExeneise

FxenciseSuggested nswers:A: The answer s well written and organised ithin the

word limit but it could not get more han 3 marksbecause t doesn't nclude one of the content points.

B: The answer s a little long but it is a good answerwhich includes all 3 content points and it wouldprobably be given 5 marks.

C: The message s easy o understand, ut it doesn'tinclude wo of the content points and t is short. tcould only get a maximum of 2 marks.

A B cI X (Thecandidate

doesn'tsuggestwhen he canpick up thecamera.)

X (The candidatedoesn't xplainwhy they want toborrow the cameranor suggest whenthey can collect hecamera so could onlyget a maximum of 2marks.)


3 / (since andand)

/ (but) x

4 / (Dear .Love)

/ (Dear ..Love)

/ [Deor .. See ou)

J (41 words) X (Thisanswer s alittle long at50 words. TheexpressionsHow are you?and I lnpeyou're ftne arenot necessary.)

X (This answer sshort at 20 wordsand could only geta maximum of 2marks.)

@ comnrete ET

Page 220: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 220/236

Page 221: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 221/236

! rerciseI Yes2 Yes3 vril+ would fbe announced), eteive believe, of in

fthe world)1 Suggested nswers:

Past simple: ltought;Past continuous: uas taking

parf; Past perfect simple: hod completed; onditional:would perform; Conditional passive: would) beonnounced; Present perfect: You'vewon

5 immediately, Before, when, After, in two weeks, now6 Mainly formal. She uses he full form of verbs:

had passed, had completed. he passive: would)be announced. Complex sentences. o exclamationmarks or dashes.

7 At the beginning, she makes he reader wait bysaying Before answering, tltought back and thengoes back n time, describing he events eading upto that n the second aragraph. he ends he secondparagraph y saying and now it was flme, and startsthe final paragraph with Neruously, took he caII.Using he natural pause between paragraphs o createinterest s similar to the way writers sometimes othis at the end of a chapter n an exciting novel.

8 She hears his over he phone: You'vewon tlrcNational Dance Comp tition.'

9 Nervously, mazed, couldn't bel(ie)ve t, a dream cometfue, the happiest person (in) the world

Speo"kingeferencePart IExercise2 9 t 4 e 5 c 6 a 7 b

Exercisefiye-year fifth year, at+h# at school, somany-ofthe-hternet so much of the Internet, asS'pain like/suchas Spain, lgeneverdid We'd never done / We've neverdone

Erercise/tru"3 False 4 True 5 False 6 True

Recording script cD2rrack26

Examiner: Now,what's ourname?

Emilio: My name's milio.

Examiner: Thank ou.Andwhat's our urname?













Howdo youspell t?

S-A-N-C-H.E-2.Thank ou.Now,where oyou ive?

InSantiago.na district alled lndepend6ncia',

which s quitenear of the citycentre.

And do youworkor are youa student nSantiago?

I'ma student. 'm n my ive yearat secondaryschool.

Andwhat subjects o youstudy?

Er .. could ou epeat he question. lease?

Whatsubjects o youstudy?

Oh,um .. maths, cience, istory, eography... things ike hat.And English. fcourse. dothatat he school, nd have essons thome,

too,witha eacher hatcomes o my house,Do youenjoy tudying nglish, milio?

Yes, like earning t a ot because o manyof he nternets n English, ndalso ecausemostof he music enjoy s oo.

Do you hink hat English illbe useful or youin he uture?



Emilio: Yes, efinitely. or nstance, 'd eally ike otravel oundEurope ndNorthAmerica, ndfor hat 'll need o know English. xceptn

countries sSpain ndMexico, f course,where 'llbe able o speak nSpanish.

Examiner: OK,Emilio. hat id youdo ast weekend?

Emilio: Lastweekend .. Oh yes, was at hesports entre n Saturday. ewere ptayingbasketball gainst ne of he best eams nSantiago, nd n he end we beat hem.Wenever id hat before!

Examiner: Thank ou .

Fxencise .Add more nformation: as well as that, ulso, and

somettmesAsk someone o repeat something: could you say hatagain, please?, orry, didn't catch hat, could you repeatthat, please?Give examples: or instance, ike, for exarnple, such as

[NerciseSorry, didn't catch llat, sucll as, also, Like, or example,ond sometimes

@ "o'no,tte PET

Page 222: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 222/236

Page 223: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 223/236

Part 3Exercisetr

(Acceptotlrcr sensible suggestions)

Photo A: the place, weather, time of day, colours,clothes and activities

Photo B: the place, weather, ime of day, colours,clothes and activities


Sofia alks about the place, the weather, he colouts,the clothes. he activities.

Tania talks about the place, the weather, he colours(dark), he clothes, he activities.


Sofia / 2 X There s some range: a sunny day, trees,mountains and tlrcre are, I can see, think but this is allquite simple. 3 X 4 X [She says lteboy lrcrewhichsuggests he s pointing at the picture.)5 X (She stops quickly by saying That's o-IL.)6 X (Her answer s simple and rather short.)

T a n i a l / 2 , / 3 / 4 . / 5 , / 6 / ( T a n i adescribes he photo well. She uses a wide range ofvocqbulary and structure o do this. She describesthe location ather han points and speaks or about a

minute.)Recording-seript cD2 rack e

Examiner: Now, 'd ike ach f you o alkon your wnabout omething.'mgoing o give ach fyoua photograph fpeople njoyingheirfree ime. ofia, ere s yourphotograph.Please how t to Tania, ut 'd ike ou o talkabout t.Tania, ou ust isten.'llgive ouyourphotographn a moment. ofia, lease elluswhat ou can see nyourphotograph.

Sofia: Um . . e r . . . her e reourpeople n he

/ photograph.can see a boy, o hinkthere'/ are wo boys nd wo girls. hey llhave .. .

um . a . . . his . hink hey re n holiday.t ' sa sunny ayand he weather t'swarm.On eof he girlswears hort rousers nda redt-shirt . heboyd ear . . e r . . e r . . he boyherewears Strirt. he hirt s blue. hey relooking t he rees,mountains nd .. that 's4il .

Examiner: Thankyou. an have he booklet, lease?

Examiner: Now, ania, ere s yourphotograph.t alsoshows eople njoyingheir ree ime. Pleaseshow t o Sofia nd ellus whatVou ansee nthe photograph.

OK. n his picture, e can see hree oys nda girl. hink hey ould e riends. n heright, e can see a boy wearing shirt nd

dark rousers. ext o this boy, here s hisfriend. eappears o be happy ecause e'ssmiling.heother oy s carrying a . -

it'smade f wood and t's used or skating. r... behind he girland boys, e can see om ebuildings nd he street o hink hey're n acity,maybe ewYork r London. heweatherlooks ice nd ..


Examiner: Thank ou

Part 4ExerciseFree-time activities you do now and free-time activitiesyou'd ike to try in the future

FxerciseFree-time ctivities

now in the futureAgnes meet friends

80 to the cinema(very expensive)

skiing (once)

playing tennis, beachvolleyball


Iisten to music

dancing (used to doballet)

go skiing again

visit many pLaces,

e.g. China

doncing essons

Marcos meet friends - haveawalk, talk

go to the cinema

playing tennis(quite bad), skiing,snowboarding,snorkelling (lastyear)

Iisten to music,especially ock

dancing (quite bad)

skiing on tlrc water(woter-skiing)

learn to play electricguitar

@ to'not"te PET

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 224/236

Page 225: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 225/236

Page 226: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 226/236

Writing Par&SThese re two examples f real PET candidates' nsu)ers or Question (Candidate A and Condid"ate ), followed.by ttrc examiner's omments nd the band owarded or each.

Question 7

Candidate A's answer

Dear John

How are you? I hope everything isO.K. with you and your wife. I feelmy town is going to be the same ormay be worse n 20 years. Youngpeople eave he town and theynever come back. The problem isthere is no future for them here.The town is going to become reallyboring and quiet and only elder

people will live here. think I 'll stayhere because my entire live is hereand my family as well. That's myplace and I want to spend est of mylife here.

Take care

Question 7

I Candidate B's answer

Hi Gary

I don't think my town will be likein 20 years time there are manychanges ust 20 years s too shottime for change evrything. Thecost s to hight. One he other handyou never know what happen nfuture. All over the word is stilldevelompment. don't think I 'llalwas live there, but at the momentI have o because living close omy children shool and work aswellnear. I think maybe n future I'll live

\in country where is quiet livel

Examiner's omments or Candidate A and band awarded

Examiner's comments for Candidate B and band awarded

Answer "t @

Page 227: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 227/236

These re two examples f real PET condidates' nswers or Question B (Candidate A and Candidate B), followedbt, he exominer's omments nd the band awarded or eoch.

Question 8

Condidate A's answer

The best decision 'v ever made.When I want to lering any languag I must my selfdon't have any thing. the teacher tart the decisionin the class nessary he student's who understandof me. There are some student's don't asked eacherhim what he want. I draice any bady if will asketeacher im instudent s understand he teacherwhat did he seyed n the class always ask myteacher about any thing I can't understand of meonly because f I asked my teacher any quation aboutany thing and I don't knew it that is Problem well

came. hank you. nice to read you.

Question 8

Candidate B's answer

The best decision 've ever made concerns myistudies. When I was 18, passed he baccalaureatwas studying in the city where I grew. I didn't know

rvhat o do, to continue or to begin to work. I was 18,I was very young. I decided o continue and leave nan other city. I chose hree cities for the exam that Irvould ike to do. Unfortunately all the answers werenegatives. was really disappointed. My mother toldme to try another city but I was not sure because trvas eally far from my family. Finally, I decided osend my name to this school. When I received heanswer was happy because t was yes!

Today I'm really happy to have sent my name to thisschool because passed my exam. can begin to

rvork and to do what I like in my job.

Examiner's comments or Candidate A and bandawarded

Examiner's comments or Candidate B and bandawarded

@ torno,"te PET

Page 228: Complete Pet Student Book

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Paper 2 Listening

Listening Part II A 2 C 3 4 4 C 5 A 6 B 7 A

Listening Fart 28 C 9 B r 0 C r l A t 2 C 1 3 A

Listening tlart 314 R/roof(s)15 (the) P/photoCJgraph(s)16 P/piano(s)17 [inlthe) G/garden(s)18 Septemberle ( .{)13.50(p)

In Part 3 bracketed words do notanswer.

ng Fart 42 2 1 ' 2 3 8 2 4 A 2 S B

Recording script cD2 rack 1This s he Cambridge reliminarynglish est,Number 76.

There re our parts o the est. Youwillheareach part wice.Foreach part of he es tthere willbe ime or you o look hrough hequestions nd ime or you o check ouranswers.

Write ouranswers n he question aper. ouwillhave ix minutes t he end of he est ocopyyouranswers nto he answer heet.

The ecording ill nowbe stopped.

Please sk any questions ow because oumustnot speak uring he est,


Nowopen ourquestion aper nd ook atPart1.

There re seven uestions n his part. Foreach question here are hree pictures nd a .short ecording. hoose he correct ictureand out a ick n he box below t.

Before e start, here s an example.

Where s he girl 's at ?

Where's ournew hat,Sally? hope ou

haven'teft t on the school us.

Don'tworry,Murn. put t in my school agbecause was oo hot. ,'

Are yousure? can't ee t here. You probably,dropped t in he road somewhere.Oh,here t s hanging n he hall. orgot otake t this morning.

The irstpicture s corr.ect o here s a tick nboxA.

Lookat he hree pictures or question now.

Now we are ready o start. Listen arefully. ouwiilhear each ecording wice.One.

Which and willthegirlwatch?

l'mgoing o hear my avourite andplaytonight you know The ArcticBlues.

0h, I know hem. There re hree of hem,aren't here? reallv ike he drummer.

have o appear n the








Listeni208 2 t A

Answer key @

Page 229: Complete Pet Student Book

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Gir l : Oh,he eft they don't have drummer nymore.But he singer nd he guitarist re stillthe same. nd hey've ot a keyboard layernow.

0h, well might ome long.

Now isten gain.



Where oes he boy eel painnow?

Tellme what happened xactly.

Well, fter felloff he rock my back elta bitsore or a time, hen t seemed o be all ight.But woke up yesterday ith hisbad pain nmy eft eg, and t still eally urts.I see. Have ou had any other pain, headachefor examole?

Well, didhave bit of a headache fter fell.Ithink hit my head on he rock. But t's inenow.

Now isten gain.



Where s he comouter ow?

I didn reallywant a computer n he house,but rny son does need one or his homework.Of course, e wanted t in his bedroom, ut

saidno - it's or allthe amily o use. Firstwetried t in he sitting oom, ut here's ot muchroom n here, o hen we put t in he room myhusband ses s an office.Buthe wouldn't etanyone lseuse t, so now t's backwhere twas before. nd we've moved he sofa a bit.Now isten gain.



Howdoes he woman ecommend ravellino

around he sland?

Now he sland s easy o get o by plane, ndwhen youget here, ou'll ind here s a localbus system oyou don'thave o hirea car,although hey're vailable fyouwant.Somevisitorsn past ears ave iredbicycles, hichtheyenjoyed ery much. hey're heaper hana car and hey do mean ou can get o thoseparts

of he sland hichare off he main usroutes. o,as ong syoucan ide one safely.I'd say hat's he best dea.Now isten gain.



Whatdo both girlsdecide o wear o thedisco?Whatare you going o wear o the discotonight? 'mgoing n mygreen -shirt,eans

and white acket.Oh,don'twear hat T-shirt. t's he same smine. 'm going o wear hat one, but withaskirt. 'mnot aking a acket, hough, t'llbe oowarm.

Itdoesn't matter f we oo n he same lothes.I haven't ot anything lse want o wearanyway.

Oh,all ight. suppose t'snot mportant. eeyou ater.

Now isten gain.



Who gave he man he CD or hisbirthday?

Thanks ery much or he birthday resent. 'vealways anted o read hat book.That'sOK.Hey lwent round o Dad'syesterday. idyou ike he CD hat he bouohtforyou?

Yes!Great hoice! ow didhe know wanted

that one?I thinkhe had some help rom our ittlebrother- theywent shopping ogether astweekend.Now isten gain.



What s he man oing o order?















@ "o,not"te PET

Page 230: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 230/236

Man: ls hat apple ie ou've ot? Mmm . l thinkl'll have ome f hat. 'll get youanother iecetoo, f youwant.

Woman: I'd ove nother iece, t 'sdelicious. nlyI'mafraid hiswas he ast one.They've otchocolate ake, hough. Whydon't ou havethat?

Man: Nevermind. just hought he apple ie ookedgood, hat's ll. 'll get some offee, nyway.need omething efore he ilmstarts.Shouldget youone?

Woman: Oh, go on. hen. We've ot ime the il mdoesn't tart or another wentyminutes.

Now isten gain.


That s he end of Part 1.

PART CD2 rack 2Now urn o Part2, questions o 13.

Youwillhear he pilot,KateGingford,alkingabout he ast ew days of her lightaround heworld n a small eroplane.

Foreach question, ut a tick n he correctDOX.

You now have 5 seconds o lookat hequestions or Part 2.

Nowwe are ready o start. Listen arefulty. ou

will hear he recording wice.Kate: So astweek when was alking bout my light

around he world, 'd got as ar as Norway. hisweek 'll ell youabout he ast part back oLondon.

When landed n Norway, wo riendswerethere o meet me.We stayed ogethef n ahotel nd alked ot about my rip and heroute 'd chosen. ext morning, e weregivena wonderful ooked reakfast nd hen myfriends elped me get nto he suit have owearwhen lying verwater. t's eally ight.I hadn't lept much, ut was excited nd eltreally ide-awake n he light o Denmark.My son,who s also pilot. alledme on heradio.He was lying plane n Germany t hetimeand we chatted or a few minutes. wasflying cross he sea n hick cloud o couldn'tsee much, ut arrived n Denmark afely nthe Sunday vening.

On Monday was worried bout he plane.Therewas a problem ithone of he rontwheels. knew could till ake off and ly,without ny ear of an accident, ut knewthat f I made bad anding could amage heplane nd so not be able o continue. calledthe airportn Holland, ynext estination,

to arrange ome epairs, nd ortunatelymanaged o land here without ny problems.

Thatnight stayed withsome riends n heirfarm n Holland. ext morning t was so oggythat couldn't ly,but t was good o havebreak. t was difficulto sleep o I walkedaround he arm nstead. hadn't pent nytime n he countryside or months, nd 'dforgotten ow much missed he sound fbirds.

When he og ifted n he afternoon, waspleased o learn hey had epaired myplane, nd took offwithinminutes. y nextdestination as a flying lub n he north ofEngland nd .knew t wouldbe mpossible oland here once he sun had gone down.Butfortunatelyt was a ovely unny vening, ndarrivedn good ime.

I leftearly gain n Thursdayor London. el tnervous ecause t was my ast dayof lying.Then,when finallyanded, feltwonderful- the ong. ifficult ourney ad been worthrt. twas ovely eeing my amily ho were allthere o meet ne. promised wouldn'tmakeanother ong rip ike hat again.

Now isten gain.


That s he end of Parl2.

PART CD2 rack 3

Now urn o Part 3, questions 4 o 19.

Youwillhear a recorded message bout

tourist ttraction alled he GrandPalace.Foreach question, ill n he missinginformationn he numbereQ pace.

You now have 0 seconds o lookat Part3.

Nowwe are ready o start. Listen arefully. ouwillhear he ecordingwice.

Answer O"t @

Page 231: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 231/236

Tourguide:This s he Grand alace nformationervtce.We are pleased o announce hat he GrandPalace s nowopen gain. he emergencyrepairworkon he roof s now complete, utwork s still n progress o repair he outsidewalls f he building, hichweredamaged nstorms ast ear. isitorsmay ike o look at

an exhibitionfphotographsn he entrancehall, hich howhow his work s done. heexhibitions near he giftshop, here ou canbuy postcards f he Palace nd slides f someof he paintings.

The Palace as built n he 18th entury sa holiday ome or he King nd his amily,and decorated n he classical tyle. oucanadmire he beautiful ainted eilingn hemusic oom, hich ontains he Queen's iano.Upstairs re he oyal edrooms, ontaining

18th-centuryurniture. isitors an alsowalkthrough he palace itchens nd nto he diningroom,where he able s aid or orty guests,withsilver inner lates nd beautiful lasses.

lfyouwant efreshments, ome-made akes,sandwiches, ea and coffee re served nthe Queen nne ea-room. n rne days,refreshments re also erved n he garden.

The ea*room s open every ay rom3.00 o5.00 .m., r 5.30 .m. uring uly nd August.The Palace tself s open every ay, rom 10.00

a.m. o 6.00 .m. n he summer eason,hat'sJune o Seotembet nd rom10.00 .m. o 5.00p.m. romOctober o May.There s an entrance harge f{5.50 or adultsor 3.50 or students ndchildren nder 14.

There s alsoa specialfamily icketavailableor{13.50.t's or 2 adults nd 2 children,oyousave 7.00.

lfyouwould ike urther nformation, leasecallus on 01293 67488 uring pening ours.Thank ou .

Now isten gain.TAPE EPEAT

That s he end of Part .

PART CD2 rack 4Now urn o Part 4, questions 0 o 25.

Lookat he sixsentences or hispart.

Youwillhear a conversation etween boy,Tom, nd a girl, emma, ho are studyingndifferent artsof he country.Decide feach entence s correct r ncorrect.lf itis correct, ut a tick n he box underA forYES. f it is not correct, ut a tick n he boxunderB or NO .

You now have 0 seconds o lookat heouestions or Part 4.Nowwe are eady o start. Listen arefully. ouwillhear he ecording wice.HiTom, haven't een ou sincewe eft school.

Jemma, hatare oudoing ere? thoughtyouwere at university.

I'mback homewith my parents or heholidays. couldn't fford o stay n London.Do you ikecity ife?Youmust ind t very noisyand busy fte r his illage?Well es,but here's lways omethinghappening. ot ikehere.

There's he cinema n Kingsford.

Yes, ut t's 20 kilometres way.Where live nLondon here are ots of cinemas ith all heIatest ilms,ust round he corner"

Lucky ou!By he ime he ilms eachKinqsford inema verybody lsehas orgottenabout hem.

The rouble s, London's o expensive. tweekends usually o o a club or a restaurantwith my riends. hat can cost more han 30.Reallyl can't believe hat.An evening utroundhere never osts me more han 20.Howdo youafford t? Have ou got a part-timejob?

Notyet. 'vedone a course t he ocalswimming ool o get a certificate n ife-saving. had o pay or he course, ut t meansI can be a pool ife-guard hen go back oLondon.'mgoing o workearly n he morningbeforemyclasses tart.It won'tbe veryexciting.ust sittingwatchingpeople wimming p and down.Maybe ot, but he money's ood. hat's hemain hing.

Actually,'vegot a ob n a children's olidaycamp ear ere or he summer. 'mgoing oorganiseheir porting ctivities.















@ to-o,ute PET

Page 232: Complete Pet Student Book

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 232/236

Jemma: Really? an ou giveme he phone umber?Perhaps can get a ob here oo, while 'm athomel

Tom: You're robablyoo ate. applied ivemonthsago,and had o have n nterview nd a

. health heck.Butyoucan ry.

Jemma: Well, here's othing lse or me o do here.

Tom: 0K. 'llflndhe number.

Now isten gain.


That s he end of Part 4.

You now have ix minutes o check and copyyouranswers n o the answer heet.

You have ne moreminute.

That s he end ofthe est.

Answer "t @

Page 233: Complete Pet Student Book

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The authors would like to thankAnnabel Marriott and Jane Coatespersonally or all their input,efficiency and good humour.Many hanks also o ChrisWilliams (senior productioncontroller), Michelle Simpson(permissions ontroller),Gu yBrook-Hart for permission o

adapt he Grammar eferencesection from Cornplete irstCertiftcate), ilary Fletcher(picture esearcher), ohn Green(audio producer), Tim Woolf(audio editor), Kevin Doherty andMarcus Fletcher proof-readers).

Emma would ike to thankcolleagues nd students at

Lacunza IH San Sebastidn ortrialling some of the material. Shewould also ike to thank familyand friends or all their supportand encouragement. ery specialthanks to Mikel. Sara and Alex fortheir patience and understanding.

The authors and publishers are grateful to the following for reviewing thematerial during the writing process:

Jane Coates, UK; Caroline Cooke, Spain; Ellen Darling, Italy; StephanieDimond-Bayir, UK; Sarah Hellawell, Spain; Joanna Kosta, UK; PeterMcClaren, UAE; Karen Saxby, UK; Amanda Thomas, UK.

Development of this publication has made use of the Cambridge nternationalCorpus CIC).The CIC s a computerised ataba se f contemporar y pokenand written English which currently stands at over one billion words. It

includes British English, American English and other varieties of English. talso includes the Cambridge Learner Corpus, developed n collaboration withthe University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Cambridge University Presshas built up the CIC o provide evidence about language use that helps toproduce better language eaching materials.

The authors and publishers acknowledge he following sources of copyrightmaterial and are grateful for the permissions granted. While every effort hasbeen made, t has not always been possible o identify the sources of all thematerial used, or to trace all copyright holders. If any omissions are broughtto our notice, we will be happy to include the appropriate acknowledgementson reprinting.

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Page 235: Complete Pet Student Book

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Page 236: Complete Pet Student Book

8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/complete-pet-student-book 236/236

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