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  • 8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book


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    Map of the units Introduction PET content and overview

    Homes and habits Student days Vocabulary and grammar review Units 1 and 2 Fun ime

    Our worldVocabulary nd grammar reuiew lnits 3 and 4 Feelings Leisure and fashion Vocabulary and grammar reuiew ]nits 5 and 6

    7 Out and about I This s me!

    Vocabulary nd grammar review Units 7 and 8 I Fit and healthy

    10 A question

    of tasteVocabulary and grammar reuiew Units 9 and l0 11 Conserving nature 12 What did you say?

    Vocabulary nd grammar reuiew Units i and 12

    Grammar eference lrregular verbs Writing reference Speaking eference

    Authentic past PETpaper rom Cambridge ESOLExtra material

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  • 8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book



    1 Homes and habits Readrng art : Livrng n a windmill ; L i v i n g a c a v e h o m e Reading or gist and marn oints

    Writ ing art : ldentifyingarget STTUCTUTES Wrjtrng n emai

    Listening art . Routines round he world ldentifying aral lel xpressions Descript ion f a room Two candidates oingSpeaking art1

    2 Student days Reading art :The daily ifeof a Beij ingeenager An extract rom Teen magaztne Reading art . Five exts bout work

    Writ ing art :Writ ing short message Than ing, expla n ng. apolog sing, inviting. uggesting

    Nadine alking bout er experiences s an exchange tudent Listen g Part : Four hort ecordings Two candidates oingSpeaking art

    Vocabulary and grammar review Units and 2

    3 Fun ime Reading art :The eenager ho sarleo cross n ocean ldentifying ri ter 's urpose

    Writ ing art1: dentifying ords o change; rror orTection Describingree-t jme ctivj t ies

    Listening art . Four ways f spending day out Talking bout skiing olidaY Two eenaqers iscussing heir ree im e

    4 Our world Reading art : Discover he sland f Borneo

    Writ ing art :Writ ng a et ter Selma alking boutwhere he ives Listening art : Oymyakon,he Northern Pole f Cold A candidate oingSpeaklng art

    Vocabutary nd grammar eview Uni ts e fid4

    r l 5 Feel ings Reading art : How o be happier Usrng l 'e conle\ t o gL,ess issirg


    Writ ing art :Your avouri te ay of relaxing;Something xcit ing ou ike o

    d o Cause nd effect inks Formal/ informalxpressions

    Listeningart : dentifyinghe anguage l oprnrons

    Candidatesoing peaking art

    6 Leisure and ashion Reading art : The GuideHK [entertainment uide o Hong KongJ DJ Jupiter nd he kickboxer

    Writ ing art :Writ ing short message o say hank you

    Two people alking bout Vprogrammes lwo people lanntng nlght t j t ogether Listening art : Four hort ecordings bou lost tems Two candjdates oingSpeaking art



    l r -- z

    Gcaounry an gnmmar eview nns and 6

    7 Out and about Reading art1: dentifyingext purpose Writ ing art . Transformation dialogue; dentifying aral lel expressions Describinguture l imates

    Lrstening art . Photographing xtreme weather ondit ions Gett ing o he stat ion n ime Two candrdates oingSpeaking art Two people iscussing ransport n he

    future 8 This s me! Reading art : Life oaches in d

    success rtn oung eople Pu ctuation Writ ing art :Writ ing Physical descilplon 'Skilfull inkino' etween ontent oints

    Krist ianalking o his rfe oach Listening art : Becoming ilmextra Describing omeone's hysical ppearance Three andidates oinqSpeaking art

    Vocabulary,and rammar review Units / a n o d

    I Fit and healthy Reading art . Choose our port Using he context o gless r 'ssing words

    Writ ing art : Writing story Text rganisat ion Narrativeerb enses

    Listening art :Young eople 's eal th ldentifying greement, tsagreement nc l decision-making Listeningor agreement, isagreement nd decrsrons

    to A question of taste Reading art : Eight nusual TESTAUTANIS

    Jack Blenkharn as hishair ut

    Wrlt lng art :Writ ing short message Thdn ing, explaining, inviting, ap olog s ng, sugg estt g

    A waiter giving nstructions _,,'-l Listening art : Seven hort ecordings People alking bout aving omething on e Peop asking or objects hey don't know

    the name f One andidate olngSpeaking art

    Vocabulary and grammar review Units I and lA

    I1 Conserving ature Reading art : nternational l imate champrons Matching ptions i th elevant words n he ext

    Writ ing art : Letter boutw ldl ife nd pets Checking or mistakes

    L stening art :Wildlifen ndla Listening or ways of expressing xamples Listening or word stress

    12 What did you say? Reading art : Can ou speak Martian? Writ ing art . Writ ing story Students iscusstng project

    Listening art . Web Challenge'compett t

    Vocaiitary ana grammar revilw Units I and 12

    @ tun of the units

  • 8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book


    . Discussrng young erson's oorn

    . Speaking art 1. Questi0ns nd answeTs H o u s e n d o m e Countable nd uncountable ouns

    . Preposit ions f ime

    . Frequency dverbs

    . Present impie nd present ontinuous

    . State erbs . A few, a little, many, much, a lot of, lots of . Preposit ions fplace . Question orms

    . Talking bout ypical chool ays

    . Talking bout hanges your i fe

    . Speaklng art . Turn aking nd act ve istening

    . Talking bout work

    Take. t. pass. ail. ose. miss. psrn. each. rudl Earn,have, make, spend, ake

    Pas t imp and pas t ontinuous Used o

    Talking bout ourself Speaking art : vlaking uggestions nd reply g po tely o suggestions Pronunciation. ordstress or new nfor mation

    Free me Negative refixes PhrasaJ erbs People 's obbies

    Verbs o lowed by to or -rng

    Speak g Part : Describ g photos fplaces Holiday ct ivit ies Travel,ourney, trip Build gs and places Adjectives sed o describe laces

    Comparative nd superlatrve djectives Spell g of comparatlve nd super t ve adjectives A bit, a little, much, far, a lot /Votas. . . s . . . Big and enormous gradable nd non-gradable adjectrvesl

    . Speaking art : Describing hotos

    . Speaking art : Describing ersonalexperien es

    Personal ee ngs, prnions, xperiences

    Re atrons i th othersAdjectives ilh edand -ing Adjectives nd preposit ions Adjectives f emotion nd heir pposites

    Can. ould. ighL.may ability rd possibi ty )

    Should, houldn't, ought to, must, mustn't, have o,don' t ave o obligation nd prohibit ionJ

    . Ta k ng about nterta ment ' Speaking art . Talking bout ct ivit ies t home

    and going ut ;Talking bout he clothes ou ik e to weaT

    Television rograrnmes Going ut Been/gone, meet, get to know, know, ind out Describingost tems

    Present erfect Yet,already, ust Since and or Present e r fec t r past imple

    . Talking bout xtreme eather

    . Speaking art : Giving nd asking or easons and preferences

    . Pronunciation: eak orms

    Weather Tra sport Adverbs of degree Too/enough

    P-epos ions o' 'novenert.

    an oot'by

    car. elc.Compound ords

    The uture: will, oing o, present 0ntinuous, resent s r m p

    Saying he et ters f he alphabet nd spell g words Speaking art 1 :Asking eneral uestions

    Phrasal erbs Descr ing people Prefixes nd suffixes

    Zero, irst nd second ondrtiona When, f, unless present, uture So do /and Nor/Neither do I

    Speaking art : Which port o ake up PronunciationStressed ords

    Health ndexerc e l l lnesses ndaccidents q ^ ^ r t c ^ ^ l ^ . ^ t i ^ n a

    Which, hat, who, whose, when and nzhere lauses (defining nd non defning) Past e r fec t imple

    ' Talking bout ood ' Soeak g Pdrt : Desc-ib 'rg bjecrs ou don

    know he name f

    Types f ood and dr ink Course, dish, ood, meal, plate Shops nd services

    C o m m a n d s Have something done

    . n i e . , , e a i n ^ a n i m . l { . . i a

    . Saving ater

    . Speaking art : Saving nergy ' Givng examp s . Pronunciation:Wordtress i thsuffixes . P - o n r n c i a t i o n : We a k ' o r n sn p a s s e s

    The natural orld The environment Noun uffixes

    The passive: resent nd past imple Comparative ndsuperlat ive dverbs

    ' Communicating ithothers ' Descrrbing here hings re ' S p e a k i n g a n 3 : D e s c r i n g p h o t o

    Slang ords Speak. alk. say, ell. ask or Preposrt ions fplace

    Reported peech Reported ommands Reported peech. ther hanges Reported uestions Indirect uestions

    Map of the units Cs

  • 8/20/2019 Complete Pet Student Book



    Who this book is for Complete PET s a stimulating and thorough preparation course or students who wish to take the Preliminary English Test from Cambridge ESOL. t teaches you the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills which are necessary or the exam as well as essential rammar an d vocabulary. For those who are not planning to take the exam n the neat future, the book provides skills and language highly relevant to an int ermediate evel of English (Common European Framework CEF) evel BU.

    What the book contains In the Student's Book there are:

    r 12 unitd for classroom study. Each unit contains: . one part of each of the three papers n the PET exam.

    The units provide anguage nput and skills practice to help you deal successfully with the