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TAKK-SAMM INERNATIONAL LTD. (TSIL) Petroleum, General Cargo and MARINE Inspection Company



ABOUT USTAKK-SAMM INTL Ltd. (TSIL) is a Liberian owned Independent Petroleum and General Cargo, and Marine Inspection Company, operating in Liberia since 2009 meeting our clients needs and keeping up with the international standards of inspection procedures. Our Chief Inspector Mr. Samuel k. Swaray, over the past 15 years has been trained, certificated by, and worked for several International and Local Marine / Petroleum companies such as Lloyds Agency, LPRC, REO INTL-LLOYDs Agency Liberia, TOAL Liberia, etc.

As result of our reputation we have worked for the following local and international institutions: UNMIL, GMT Shipping, SWAT, WFP, NECO TRANS, Liberty Airline, UMARCO Shipping Line, Global Survey Service, Camer Shipping, Blue Cross Insurance, Africa P&I Club, ETHICS, B&T, Kailando Petroleum, DELMAS Shipping Line, China Union, OPT Shipping, among others.

Our staffs are highly trained professional with wealth of experience and having previously worked with and for other surveying Companies and have great wealth of experience and training including quality customer services, core competence, integrity, professionalism, computer literacy etc. Our Surveyors are experienced in carrying out various surveys such as; Petroleum survey, Cargo Tallying and outturn surveys, Warehouse tallying, Bunker survey, etc. They provide both and night tallying services on vessel and in warehouse

Also, we operate at various Sea Ports in Liberia namely; Free Port of Monrovia (APM Terminals), Buchannan Port, Sinoe Port, and Port of Maryland.

TSILs ServicesPetroleum Inspection:

Load Port and Discharge Port Inspection:

We carry out Loading Inspection of petroleum products at load port and discharge port. Our surveyor carry out the following inspections upon vessels at the Liberian Petroleum Refinery Companys (LPRC) jetty, Free Port of Monrovia to safeguard our client interests;

-Inspection of vessels ullage to determine quantity on arrival using the American Petroleum Institute (API) standardized procedure -Calculation of of ullage result - Calculation of of Bunker on arrival and post discharge-Inspections of vessels tanks after discharge (empty tanks inspections)-Gauging of all storage tanks on shore before and after discharge for Out Turn reporting purposes-Preparation and submission of final out turn reports for management and clients use

TSILs ServicesPetroleum Inspection:

2.Collateral Management of Petroleum Products: Safe guard the interest of Banking Institutions and or Suppliers that we represent by ensuring the following:

-Monitoring of releases from Banking Institutions and or Suppliers -Monitoring of stock balances at the LPRC storage facility-Daily, Weekly, as well as Monthly update reflecting daily loading and balances-Submission of monthly report signed by LPRS and TSILOther: We also supply bunker fuel for vessels : TANK MAINTENANCE AND TANK CLEANING SERVICES. : TANKS CALIBRATION

TSILs ServicesMarine Inspection In marine Inspection, we cover the following the types of InspectionCondition Survey:Our surveyors are trained and experienced in carrying out condition survey using standardized reporting formats for clarity and precision in our reports. Bunker Survey:We do Bunker Surveys for Delivery and Re-delivery for vessel / ship purposes and also for Loss Control in supervision of loading/discharging of vessels.On-hire / Off-hire: We also specialized in on hire /off-hire survey which include detailed description of vessel cargo/space deck areas and their Structural conditions of Vessels:Vessel hatch cover inspection, cargo holds/space, cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of vessels statutory certificates, portable securing equipment etc. Draft Survey:We also specialize in draft survey to determine the weight of the materials being loaded to, or discharged from, a transportation vessel.

TSIL ServicesGeneral Cargo: In General Cargo we specialize in the following:

-Vessel Loading and off-loading of Bulk Cargo: Rice, Flour, Cement, Iron Ore Concentrates, Super Cargo, containers. Tally Survey of Bulk Cargo (Rice, Flour, Cement, etc.

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI);

Cargo Condition Survey: We do condition, and investigative survey of cargo to determine the cause of damage to the cargo, nature of damage, depreciation of cargo, etc.

Warehouse Supervision: Monitoring and supervision of loading and receiving activities.

Container Survey: We do condition, and investigative survey of Containerized Goods to determine the cause of damage to container, and or cargo, nature of damage, depreciation of cargo, etc.

Collateral management: Representation of Insurance companies, banking institutionRepresentation of P&I Clubs and Under Writers, Importers.

TSILS Photos of Jobs done

TSIL Surveyor on board a Vessel during a Survey

Views of TSILs Petroleum Inspection operation

Views of TSILs Dangerous Cargo Iron Ore Loading inspection operation

TSILS Photos of Jobs done Views of TSILs General Cargo Inspection

Address: Old Road, Sinkor & Bushrod Island Monrovia, Liberia

Contact:Customer care:+231-0777-517509 / 0880489095Operations: [email protected][email protected]

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