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COMPANY PROFILE 2020 -  · PDF file IRCA Academy is the new training centre dedicated to professionals in the fields of chocolate, pastry, bakery, Gelato and food service

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Text of COMPANY PROFILE 2020 -  · PDF file IRCA Academy is the new training centre...

  • C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E 2020

  • The first liquid chocolate refining machinery

    1919 1970 2013 20191985 20082000 1940s 1960s 1965–70

    The Nobili family takes over the Le Essenze

    Italiane company and begins producing

    essential oils and essences for spirits

    A line for mixes is developed for crème patissière and pastries

    1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 4

    The lines for bread improvers and semi-finished goods are launched for bakeries

    The company begins exporting its products and is soon a regular presence

    at top international trade shows

    The first technical product demonstrations are held

    for customers

    is launched

    The first chocolate production equipment is installed in the

    Vergiate factory. IRCA has now a total of 80 employees

    The third plant is purchased in Gallarate for processing almonds

    and hazelnuts

    IRCA celebrates its first 100 YEARS

    The Vergiate factory is expanded to increase

    production of various types of flour and chocolate

    1 9 4 0 – 1 9 4 9

    The first machinery is purchased to

    produce malt and malt extract

    1980 2018

    Joins the IRCA family

    IRCA inaugurates

    "Find a solution, now!"

    This has been IRCA’s motto since the very beginning as a small producer of oils and essences up to the recent time as the market leader in the field of chocolate and preparations for pastry, bakery and Gelato.

    0 1 . M I L E S T O N E S


    We create tasteful and innovative products, which are the result of our passion, to offer everybody unique moments of indulgence.

    IRCA, since 1919.


    Your best solution, always.

    0 2 . O U R V I S I O N A N D O U R M I S S I O N

  • People

    The value of our people.

    Evolving Tradition

    History and Innovation.


    Dedication, commitment.



    Reliable by nature.


    Quality beyond expectations.

    0 3 . O U R V A L U E S

  • Dobla joins the IRCA family

    Dobla is recognized globally as a producer of high-quality chocolate decorations, a growing market segment.

    Dobla integrates the current range of Irca products both in terms of supply and geographical diversification.

    Based in the Netherlands, Dobla operates with 3 production sites in Belgium, the United States and Vietnam serving over 80 countries worldwide.

    Founded in 1950, in 2017 reached a turnover of over 51 million euros and employed over 400 employees worldwide.

    0 4 . A C Q U I S I T I O N S


    The foundation of our business

    We are one of the top three Italian producers of chocolate and compounds. With our annual production of 48,000,000 kg, we offer an extremely diversified range of quality chocolates for industrial, midsize and small customers (over 100 recipes).

    Thanks to more than 30 types of chocolate and single-origin chocolate, and to a wide variety of cocoa-based creams, we are a recognized European player for product range, quality and productive capacity. About 2,000 tankers leave our production sites every year, delivering our chocolate to industries, laboratories and manufacturers throughout Europe.

    0 5 . P R O D U C T S


    IRCA’s unmatched range of excellence

    Over 1,000 products (creams, mixes, fillings, jellies, etc), many of which are unique and well appreciated by Pastry Chefs and laboratories worldwide for their extraordinary quality.

    We provide 360° solutions to fully satisfy even the most specific requirements, which can be conveniently found in one place. We are leaders in many different specialties, and for this reason our customers have chosen our products in more than 90 countries.

    0 5 . P R O D U C T S


    A complete and varied range

    We have developed and are able to offer the best products for all bakery needs: a rich variety of 40 different mixes, available also concentrated, and multiple recipes to guarantee the best and consistent quality of finished products.

    Our R&D laboratories, equipped with the most sophisticated technologies and machinery, constantly improve and develop our classic baking products and special breads, to support the ever changing tastes of consumers.

    0 5 . P R O D U C T S


    One of a kind

    We launched the Joygelato brand in 2013, focusing on quality of ingredients and variety. To date, we offer more than 400 products, covering all kind of needs for the most demanding “Gelato Masters”.

    We also provide customised solutions, gluten-free products and PGI and PDO certifications, with outstanding quality.

    Our Gelato brand has managed to expand in a short time and has become appreciated in Italy and in more than 90 countries all over the world.

    0 5 . P R O D U C T S


    That's the Dobla Touch

    Give the perfect finishing touch to your dessert and pastry with chocolate decorations, chocolate toppings and chocolate cups of Dobla. We work together with world's best pastry chefs to give the pastry business that excitement over and over again.

    This way we develop creative, innovative, unique chocolate decorations.

    Dobla will deliver the highest quality chocolate decorations to you, where ever you are.

    0 5 . P R O D U C T S

  • 400+ Wholesalers and distributors

    90+ Countries

    323,3 mln turnover

    0 6 . O U R N U M B E R S

  • IRCA Academy is the new training centre dedicated to professionals in the fields of chocolate, pastry, bakery, Gelato and food service.

    The Academy has two demo rooms with state-of- the-art machineries and offers a wide calendar of courses: from sales force training to workshops, held by our team of Ambassadors and by internationally renowned Pastry Chefs.

    The curricula of each course provide a complete overview of the product, from the selection of raw materials to conservation and storage.

    · One-to-one demo room · One-to-many demo room · Restaurant · Library · Interactive space

    0 7 . I R C A A C A D E M Y

  • Quality

    Solar panels and Green certified energy sources

    Installed power: 1.335,91 Kw

    Over 1.075.000 kWh produced in one year

    Reduction of CO2 emissions: 796.750 Kg/year



    ProductsCompany Raw materials

    (for selected references)

    More than 115.000 tests and analyses per year Product development, high technology, pilot plants, customised solutions. Quality assurance and quality control of raw materials, processes and finished product.


    For further information about our certifications consult the websites and

    0 8 . O U R Q U A L I T Y



    IRCA Headquarters (6.000 sqm)

    IRCA Manufacturing (35.500 sqm)


    Dobla B.V. (1.000 sqm)


    Dobla Logistics BVBA (5.200 sqm)

    Dobla Belgium Productions NV/SA (3.900 sqm)



    Dobla U.S.A. Manufacturing LLC (4.200 sqm)


    Dobla Asia Company Ltd. (5.600 sqm)

    IRCA S.p.A. – Tel. 0331 284111 – Mail: [email protected]