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Commissioner Lifesaving MCS 303 MCS 304

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Commissioner Lifesaving MCS 303 MCS 304. Cornhusker Council College of Commissioner Science October 16, 1999. What is Commissioner Lifesaving. Scouting paramedic Lifesaving Team Urgent cases loss of adult leadership no unit program conflict between unit leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Commissioner Lifesaving MCS 303 MCS 304

  • Commissioner LifesavingMCS 303MCS 304Cornhusker CouncilCollege of Commissioner ScienceOctober 16, 1999

  • What is Commissioner LifesavingScouting paramedicLifesaving TeamUrgent casesloss of adult leadershipno unit programconflict between unit leadersconflict with Chartered Organization

  • Watch the Vital Signs



    Meetings Well AttendedIrregular Meetings

    Program Planned in AdvanceNo Written Program

    Good AdvancementLittle Advancement

    Fully uniformed unitFew in Uniform

    Good Participation in Council/District EventsSeldom seen outside their unit

    (Troop only) Frequent outdoor activitiesLittle outdoor program, no camping

    (Pack only) Participation in Day and Webelo campsLittle participation in outdoor Cub Scout Activities

    Supports FOSNo FOS participation

    Attend RoundtablesNever Attend roundtables

    Constant membership growthNo new members

    Strong Unit CommitteeUnit Leader works alone

    Excellent Parent supportNo parent involvement

    Unit recharters on timeUnit charter lapses

    (Troop only) Strong boy leadershipUnit Leader does all the leading

    (Pack only) Boys involved in Pack MeetingsCubmaster only in front of the Pack

    Good Relationship with Charter OrganizationNo partication on the part of the Charter Organization

    Active Assistant LeadersOnly one active leader

    Having FunLack of discipline

    Unit leader always AvailableUnit leader hard to find

    Unit Leaders Properly TrainedVery little leader training

    &LUnit ___________________&C&"Arial,Bold"&12Cottonwood District&"Arial,Regular"&10Unit Health Assessment&RDate __________________

    A total between 70 and 90 is a green unitA total between 50 and 70 is a yellow unitA total below 50 is a red unit

    Green Unit is a strong healthy unitYellow Unit is a unit which needs to make some correctionsRed Unit is a unit that is in trouble and needs help.

    Score each Unit from 5 to 1 in each catagory...5 being Excellent, 3 being Average and 1 being Very Poor.




  • Going into ActionDont wait until the next Commissioner Staff MeetingEstablish that Unit as a PriorityConsult with your Assistant District Commissioner or your District Commissioner

  • Going into ActionAsk Six Basic QuestionsWhat problems must be solved to save this unit? (Distinguish between a real problem and merely a symptom of a problem)What are alternative strategies for solving the problems and saving the unit? (Outline at least two possible strategies)Which strategy are you going to try first? Why?

  • Going into ActionAsk Six Basic QuestionsWho will you involve? Who is going to do what? When?How will you know if the unit is saved?If all else fails, what is Plan B?

  • Going into ActionBe ENTHUSIASTIC!Discouraged leaders need to know that their situation is not hopelessShare a realistic VisionDemonstrate that you care

  • Typical Hurry CasesStopped BreathingUnit not meetingLeadersNo HeartbeatNo LeaderCommittee ChairmanAppoint someone on a Temporary BasisCharter RepNew Leader needs training

  • Typical Hurry CasesChokingUnit with No CommitteeContact Charter Rep to explain necessity of a CommitteeParental Involvement is not OptionalSevere BleedingUnit with No New MembersMay only be a symptom of lack of programProgram PlanningDont want boys because not enough leaders

  • Typical Hurry CasesPoisoningUnit Conflict with Chartered OrganizationUnit belongs to the OrganizationCommissioners are mediatorsPreventative MedicineCommissioners should know the Reps as well as the Unit Leaders

  • Typical Hurry CasesDisorientationLack of Training on the part of New LeadersFast Start Videotape May mean you going to training over and overExplaining how BSA worksPut in touch with past leaders to get the history of the unit

  • Preventative Medicine

    As in all types of medical situations, being aware of how units are doing will prevent a virus from becoming a life threatening disease!