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Oceania and Africa Collections management Internship. This is a presentation on the projects I worked on and the skills I acquired from my summer internship at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Text of Collections Management Internship Presentation

  • 1. Julie A. Kress
    Summer 2009
    Penn Museum Internship

2. Introduction
Adria Katz,
Oceania Keeper
Dwaune Latimer,
African Keeper
Oceania Collection:
Mid-19thcentury to now
22,000 objects &specimen
(mostly ethnographic)
- Pacific Islands (Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia)
& insular Southeast Asia & Australia
African Collection: 17th to 20th century
15,000 ethnographic & 5,000 archaeological objects
3. Interns & Helpers
Rebecca Sha
Oversaw volunteers
4. Documentation & Cataloging
Transmittal Forms
(Used for moving or relocating objects)
Department Section
Movers name
Date moved
Object # & Description
Old & new location
Required Argus entry date
Copies (Keeper & Registrar)
-> Entries
->Clean-up on Fridays w/ Registrar, ChrissoBoulis
5. Preservation 1st.
& Humidity
Distilled Wet Wipes
6. Preserving Mats
Misted with distilled water
Coaxed into laying with snakes
7. Collections Storage
Mainwaring 407
Oceania Storage
Create an inventory form for both sections
Documenting the location and objects found there
B27- Oceania & Africa Storage
8. Processing Civic Center Objects
Catalog card info.
Tagging & bagging
Create new accession
record in Argus
9. Textile Row
Civic Center Museum Textiles
Old & new numbers
->matching inventory
Sorting for research
Wrapping & tagging
->sewn on tags
Sudanese Textile
10. Tour
Came for suggestions on preservation and care of their collection
African Museum of Philadelphia curators & intern
11. Civic Center Rejects
Locating them
Identifying them
Offering them to other departments
Bagging & tagging
Assigning a temporary location in Argus
12. Condition Reporting
(Gallery & Storage)
An accounting of all the objects
Condition of objects, cases, and gallery space
Word document sent to exhibition department
Condition report section in Argus
->Details on individual objects
13. Mount Making
Training session with conservation
Ethofoam Polyethofoam
board (1 & 2 layered)
heat gun box making
glue gun
14. The End!