Cold Sores

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Cold Sores. By: Brooke O. Cold Sores. Small fluid-filled blisters Nose, mouth, or lips Last a few days Not protected by body defenses Often reoccur. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Cold SoresBy: Brooke O.

  • Small fluid-filled blistersNose, mouth, or lipsLast a few daysNot protected by body defensesOften

  • CausesHerpes Simplex Virus type 1 and 2HSV 1 only infects body above waist lineCauses majority cases of cold soresHSV 2 only infects body below waist lineGenital herpesCold sores appear when HSV particles are reactivated (from sleep mode)KissingContagious

  • SymptomsFeverPain when swallowingHeadacheInflamed gumsSore mouthSometimes you cant see the sore at firstUnpleasant tingling

  • TreatmentEarly as possible!!!Antiviral medicationsDecrease duration of healing processReduce painReduce size

  • Topical DenavirFDA approvedCreamApplied every two hours for four daysReduced symptoms and time of healing

  • AcyclovirFDA approvedCreamTaken five times a dayLessens painShortens duration of healing process

  • Prevention!Avoid direct contact with soresWash hands after contact with mouthDont pick!Virus can spread to other parts of the bodyGenitals and fingers

  • Primary Herpetic StomatitisMost common99% of cases are subclinicalSymptoms were not apparent


  • DID YOU KNOW?30% to 60% of children ten and under are infected with HSV1Family and Friends sharing tooth brushes and kissingAsymptomatic SheddingEven when the sore isnt present it can copy itself!HSV 1 enters the bodyit NEVER leaves!Cold sores can reactivate fromSunlightStressMenstruation

  • overview of cold sores) info on causes and symptoms of cold sores. Also a few good facts about Primary Herpetic Stomatitis) tips on prevention!) got my Did You Know? Facts from this website) information on different treatments)Related links