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Coconino County CJI Pilot Project Overview

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Coconino County CJI Pilot Project Overview. November 5, 2004. AGENDA. Project Background Integration Version 1.0 eCitations Overview Project’s Future. Project Background. Project Goals. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Coconino County CJI Pilot Project Overview

  • Coconino CountyCJI Pilot Project OverviewNovember 5, 2004

  • AGENDAProject BackgroundIntegration Version 1.0 eCitations OverviewProjects Future

  • Project Background

  • Project GoalsCreate an integrated justice system that will eliminate double-entry of data for more effective and efficient sharing of necessary dataAvoid proprietary solutions as much as possibleBe as cost effective as possibleBe flexibleCreate a knowledge base from which future projects may drawHelp to standardize integration components, processes and approach

  • Project ParticipantsPrimary Pilot Project ParticipantsCounty IT DepartmentCounty Attorney OfficeCounty Sheriffs OfficeLocal Courts & AOC

  • Integration Version 1.0

  • Current 1.0 Production Systems

  • Statistics of Version1.0 ProjectseCitations from Law Enforcement Completed 3/31/04 to Municipal CourtsOver 8600 eCitations / 39 per day

    eBookings from Law Enforcement Completed 6/21/04to County Attorney and Case #Over 2900 eBookings / 21 per day reporting from County Attorney to Over 700 Case Numbers / 5 per dayLaw Enforcement

    eCourt Filings from County Completed 7/09/04 Attorney to Local Courts Over 700 eCourt Filings / 6 per day (No AZTEC uploads)

    eInitial Appearances from Completed 7/28/04 Law Enforcement to Municipal CourtOver 1600 eIAs / 17 per day (No AZTEC uploads)

    eCitations from Law Enforcement Completed 7/28/04 to County AttorneyOver 900 eCitations / 9 per day

  • eCitations OverviewData Flow

  • eCitations OverviewSystem Design

  • Projects Future

  • Strategic Product EvolutionProject Steering CommitteePrioritize additional functionalityMonitor and align with other CJIS projectsCollaborate with key driver organizations to enhance standardization and re-usability of product componentsIdentify funding strategies

  • Project Goals (Newly Established)Be a local, state and national leader in the creation of a Criminal JusticeIntegration System for Coconino County. The system will be guided by thefollowing goals and objectives: Improve the overall functioning of the Countys criminal justice systemImprove the public image of the countys criminal justice systemImprove public safety and the extent of services within the countys criminal justice systemImprove the moral and satisfaction of employees engaged in the countys criminal justice systemImprove the effectiveness of the countys criminal justice system by providing a common reporting data repository that will be easy to use and will lend itself to the analysis of the countys jail populationImprove the efficiency of the countys criminal justice system by reducing duplicative manual effort and overall system-related costs

  • Strategic Project Plan

  • Please Visit our Website!Our website has documentation regarding all of the version 1.0 projects.

    All data flow messages are stored in the data warehouse!

    eIAs 4900 IAs have been sent overall or about 50 a day to all Courts. However, the interface needed to import these records into AZTEC is not completed at this time.eCourt Filings The interface needed to import these records into AZTEC is not completed at this time.eBookings - A total of 6700 bookings have been generated and 3900 of those filtered out according to CA business rules.eCitations Only the Flagstaff Municipal court is participating in this interface. There is an additional 2000 citations that are for other courts.

    The eCitation interface to the County Attorneys Office was a project item added after development began that was completed for no additional money. Some new business rules were added to the middleware environment and the citation was mapped to the eBooking interface for the County Attorney.