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  • 1.Cowboy WestIndustrial EastCowboy west Industrial EastBy: Matthew J. Waid

2. Chapter 13: red Chapter 14: blue Chapter 15: black Chapter 16: green 18551857 1862 Bessemer Process:Fredrick Law Olmsted: Homesteaders/Homestead Act:Developed by Henryin 1857 along withThis act was passed in 1862 andBessemer and William Kelly Calvert Vaux he drewoffered 160 acres of land toin 1855 it was a cheap andup plans for homesteaders (Settlers thatefficient way for making Greensward, which moved West because of thesteel involving injecting airwas selected to homestead Act). The Act wasinto molten iron to removebecome NYCs Centrallater strengthened and caused a the carbon and other Park. major land rush. impurities. 3. Samuel Gompers: Led the CigarMakers international Union to join with other craft unions in1866. Was the president of the American Federation of Laborwhich focused on collectivebargaining to reach agreements on wages, hours, and working conditions.1864 1866 1867 Sand Creek Massacre: onOliver Kelly/Grange: In 18671864 General S.R. CusterBuffalo Soldiers:he started the Patrons of told Colonel JohnEstablished by Congress Husbandry (grange) an Chivington he wanted the as the first peacetime all organization for farmers. Indians to suffer more. Soblack regiment in the Granges purpose was toon Nov. 29 1864 ChivingtonU.S. army on Septemberprovide a social outlet and an & his troops attacked the21 1866. It was the 10th educational forum for isolated Cheyenne and killed over Cavalry regiment of thefarm families. Grange gave rise 150 inhabitants, other organizations likewomen and alliance. 4. 1868 1869 Tweed Ring/Tammany Transcontinental Railroad: A Hall/Boss Tweed: Tammyrail line that connected theHall was New Yorks powerful Pacific coast with the eastern Democratic politicaltrunk rail line system. Mademachine. Boss Tweed shipping able to thrive away became head of it in 1868 from water for the first time and led the Tweet Ring in since the beginning of the defrauding the city fornation. millions of tax dollars. 5. D. Rockefeller/Trust: AKickback: Illegal payouts trust was an agreement from businesses tocompeting companies used topeople in politicaltake over complete control ofmachines for billing thetheir industries. John D. City for more service than Rockefeller used this to gain the business actually did.complete control of the oilindustry in America. 6. 1876 George Armstrong Custer/ The Thomas Alva Edison: Battle of Little Big Horn: A fight Established the worlds firstAlexander Grahambetween the combined forces ofresearch lab in Menlo Bell/Telephone: InventedLakota, Northern Cheyenne ArapahoPark, New Jersey in 1876.the Telephone with tribes against the 7th cavalry of the Here Edison perfected theThomas Watson, the U.S. army led by George Armstrong light bulb and an entireTelephone opened the Custer. This battle was the mostsystem of producing and way for a worldwideprominent action of the Great Sioux distributing electricalcommunication network. War. Custer and his forces were power. crushed within an hour. 7. 1877 Chief Joseph/Nez Pierce: Chief Gilded Age: TheVanderbilt Family: AmericanJoseph succeeded his father as period that started family that dominated the leader of the Nez Pierce. In 1877 thein 1877 followingGilded Age. They are the 7thNez Pierce were ordered to go to a the Civil War. A wealthiest family in history.reservation and refused to go. Theytime of majorBegan their wealth with thefled to Canada and fought the U.S. growth withshipping and railroad empirearmy along the way. After 5 days railroads as the of Cornelius Vanderbilt.they were beaten and only 431 major industry. remained. 8. 1881Sweat shop: A workingBooker T. Washington: Wild Bill Hickok: Served environment considered He believed racism would as a scout and spy duringto be unacceptablyend once blacks acquiredthe Civil War and later as adifficult or dangerous. useful labor skills and Marshal inOften workers enduredproved their economicAbilene, Kansas. Was shotlong hours, low value to society. By 1881and killed in a poked game pay, hazardous materials he headed the Tuskegeeholding what is still known & situations, and abuse Normal and Industrialas a dead mans hand. from employers.Institute. 9. Joseph Pulitzer: Boughtthe New York World in1883. Pioneered popular innovations such as a large, comics, sports coverage, and womens news. 1883 1884 1885Mugwumps: Republican Civil Service: GovernmentPolical activists who changed Mark Twain: His book the administration reformers to Democrats in theAdventures of Huckleberry pressed for the merit presidential election of Fin was published in 1885 system, which meant the 1884. They supposedlyand is an American classicmost qualified person wouldswung the election to to this day. be hired into civil service.Cleveland. 10. Haymarket Affair: The aftermath of a bombing thattook place at a labordemonstration on May 4, 1886.Settlement House: Formed Scabs: Strike breakers that It began as a peaceful rally of by reformers in slum areas were used to keep the plant workers striking for an 8 hourto help people, mostlyoperating during strikes. day. 7 police and 4 civiliansimmigrants.died. It is considered to be theorigin of international May DayObservances for workers. 11. Interstate CommerceCommission: created bythe Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, it was aregulatory agency. It wasthe first agency to regulate big business in the U.S. and was meantto regulate railroads. 1887 1888 1889Dawes Act: passed by congress George Eastman: in 1887, aimed toJane Adams: Was a Developed a series of more Americanize Native founder of the Hull Houseconventional ways to takeAmericans. The Act divided thein Chicago and a leader in pictures. In 1888 he reservation land up between woman suffrage and introduced the 25$ Kodakindividuals giving each 160 world peace. Was the firstcamera. It promptedacres. The government sold the American woman to be millions of Americans toremaining two thirds of the awarded the Nobel Peace become ameratuer reservation and kept the 12. Wounded Knee: On Dec. 28, 1890 the seventh cavalry rounded upabout 350 desperate Sioux. A shot was fired (unknown whichside shot) and the 7th cavalryopened fire and killed as many as300 (mostly unarmed) Sioux. Thisbrought the Indian Wars to a bitter end. 1890Monopoly/ShermanLiteracy Tests: A form ofAntitrust Act: Intended tovoting restrictions to try to stop monopolies fromJim Crow Laws: Racialdeny blacks equality. Blacksforming; which was the segregation laws put into were often asked harder complete control over itseffect in questions than whites orindustries schools, hospitals, parks, and given the test in a foreignproduction, wages, andtransportation systems language. The officials couldprices. This Act made itthroughout the south. pass or fail applicants as they illegal to form trusts that wished.interfered with free trade. 13. 1891 Collective Bargaining: A process of negotiations between employers and Populist: A short lived employees aimed at political party established inreaching agreements that1891 that urged social &regulate conditions. Usuallypolitical system change thatit was a negotiation of wage favors the people over the scales, working elite. hours, training, health andsafety, and overtime. 14. Ellis Island: The chiefimmigration station from1892-1924. 17 million immigrants passed through it and only 2%were denied. About 20% were detained for a dayor more before being inspected.1892Ida B Wells: was born a slave, moved Omaha Platform: A party programto Memphis after emancipation to adopted at the convention of Populist work as a teacher. Later became anParty held in Omaha, Nebraska on July editor of the local newspaper. Racial4, 1892. It represented the merger ofjustice was her main theme. On the Agrarian concerns of the Farmers March 9, 1892 three of her blackAlliance with the Free-currency politician friends were illegally monetarism of the Greenback Partylynched, and that theme became a while endorsing goals of the Urban crusade. Knights of Labor. 15. George Pullman/Pullman strike:George Pullman was an Americanengineer and industrialist that designed and manufactured the Pullman sleeping car, and fundedthe company town Pullman. In1894 nearly 4000 of his employees went on strike because of therecent reductions of wages.1894 Eugene VS. Debs: AttemptedAndrew Carnegie: Born in Scotland to poor parents to form an industrial union and moved to America at the age of 12. In 6 years hethat included all laborers;worked his way up to become private secretary of theskilled and unskilled. In1894local superintendant of the Pennsylvania Railroad. He the new union won a strike was rewarded stock for unsnarling a tangle of trains. for higher wages. Within twoHe was the first industrial moguls to make his own months it was 150,000fortune. Entered the steel business in 1873 and bystrong. It added to the 1899 the Carnegie Steel Company manufactured momentum of union more steel than all of Great Britain. organization. 16. William Jennings Bryan:Former Nebraska William Mckinly: Nominated congressman that gave thefor president by thecross of gold speech at therepublican party in 1896.Democratic convention. Won was committed to the gold the democratic nomination standard. Won the election but didnt have good funds and populism the election and ended up loosing. 18951896Grandfather Clause: was meant to reinstate white voters who may have failed thePlessy VS. Ferguson: in 1896 literacy test or coul

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