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CLJ CATALOGUE 2016 - · PDF filependudukan Jepun melalui Malayan Union, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Malaysia, sehingga kini. Dalam tempoh itu, beliau berjaya mengubah kehidupan beliau

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Text of CLJ CATALOGUE 2016 - · PDF filependudukan Jepun melalui Malayan Union, Persekutuan Tanah...


    2016 Malaysian Legal References


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  • The ‘CLJ’s Consolidated Index’ seeks to introduce and bring forth to our subscribers a multi-faceted research tool that will assuredly assist them in their search for cases, legislation and other relevant materials published in the CLJ reports of the period in a way that is most efficient, efficacious and time saving. The information compiled are comprehensive and concise, and will prove to be indispensable for both the judicial and legal fraternities. Contents of this volume comprise of Table of Articles, Table of Cases Reported, Table of Legislation Judicially Considered and Subject Index all comprehensively and compendiously laid out for easy reference.

    Since its inception some 35 years ago, the Current Law Journal (CLJ) has transformed into a first-point legal reference for members of the judicial, legal and academic fraternities in the country.

    The journal reports cases from the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court of Malaya and the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak, in addition to cases from the Supreme Court of India. It goes without saying that the reports are concise, articulate and elucidatory, and cover practically the whole gamut of subject matter modules known to law.

    As a subscriber, you stand to receive a total of 10 print Bound Volumes of the CLJ a year and the indexes for the year. In addition, you will also receive the CLJ’s full normal reports, carrying the latest cases and judgments from the courts, which will be delivered weekly to you via your email.

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    The Industrial Law Reports or ILR showcases an impressive collection of head-noted Industrial Court awards dating back to the journal’s debut in 1981. Since its inception, the ILR has strived to report as many awards emanating from the Industrial Court as possible. This includes all Collective Agreements which the court had resolved and ratified. With the rise in the number of awards, the ILR has since opted to report the more prominent awards of the Industrial Courts. What the ILR lost in volume has now been replaced with appellate landmark labour and industrial law cases from the Civil Courts. The additional appellate cases, as the feedback indicates, has made a profound impact and was-heartily welcomed by both the HR and IL practitioners. The ILR subscribers are however not deprived of the vital information on the unreported awards, as such awards are listed down in a special index published at the end of the year.

    Industrial Law Reports (ILR)

    The birth of the Sessions & Magistrates’ Cases or SMC in the year 2012 is very much intertwined with the need to harness, and indeed embrace, the reservoir of judgments that are now flowing from our “fourth corridor of justice”, the Subordinate Courts. The judgments reported in the quarterly journal, together with the miscellanea of reports carried in compendium form in it – namely the Digest of Sentencing Decisions, Quantum and Liability, Appeal Updates and Judicial Quotes – we have no doubt – will prove beneficial, and indeed indispensable, to the legal practitioners who ply their trade in the courtrooms of the Subordinate Courts, and the legal profession as a whole.

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  • The SLR embodies Singapore’s jurisprudence and is a pillar in the development of the law and the legal system in Singapore. As Singapore’s official law reports series, the SLR publishes legally-significant decisions of the Supreme Court of Singapore and the Constitutional Tribunal. Cases are selected for reporting by a Selection Panel appointed by the Academy’s Council of Law Reporting. The Council of Law Reporting oversees the function of law reporting in Singapore. The Selection Panel, comprising senior members of the profession, selects judgments that meet the established criteria for reporting in the SLR. Cases reported in the SLR are prefixed by headnotes prepared by Justices’ Law Clerks. Each headnote contains, inter alia, catchwords, summary of the facts, summary of the holding, list of case(s) referred to and list of legislation referred to.

    Singapore Law Reports (SLR)

    The Supreme Court Cases (SCC) provides the entire case law of the Supreme Court of India, making it a comprehensive and dependable source of legal information, and a first source of reference for your research on Indian law. SCC further facilitates its readers with a subject index, chronological table of cases cited, cross-citations, particular references to the judgments cited and more, thereby making your search for rulings easy and convenient. SCC also provides latest case notes from three important Common Law Jurisdictions: United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia. The case notes contain novel developments of law, relevant in the Indian and Commonwealth context.

    Supreme Court Cases

    • Supreme Court Cases Bound Volume from 1969 until present • Supreme Court Cases 1980 Bound Volume and Supplement from 1980 until present • Supreme Court Cases Bound Volume from 1996 until present

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    New Re

    leas e

    Author : Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad

    Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad’s life paralleled with the development of Malaysia, from the Japanese occupation to the Malayan Union, the Federation of Malaya and finally, Malaysia. From a kampung boy, he rose to position of Chief Justice of Malaysia. After retirement, though in pain most of the time, he capped it by being the recipient of the national level Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah Award 1437 H (2015).

    During a period of 40 years, he served as a Judge in every court in the country, from the Magistrate’s court to the Federal Court, including the Shariah Court of Appeal and the Special Court. He wrote 567 judgments and more than 200 speeches, articles and working papers which are available on his websites and

    About the Author

    ‘I Will Never Beg’ traces the journey of Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad from the dirt–poor kampung where he was born to his retirement as the Chief Justice of Malaysia. Readers are transported back in time from the 1950s to the present, while witnessing many of the defining events that have shaped our nation. A no–holds–barred memoir, it captures his principles and ethics authentically – every word written by himself in his trademark clear, simple and precise language coupled with wit, humour, penetrating observation, incisive analysis, logical arguments, honesty and, last but not least, without fear or favour. Hence, I Will Never Beg.

    ISBN No: 978-967-457-067-5 Price : RM180 (WM) / RM190 (EM)


    New Re

    leas e

    Penulis : Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad

    Kehidupan Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad berjalan selari dengan pembangunan Malaysia, dari pendudukan Jepun melalui Malayan Union, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Malaysia, sehingga kini. Dalam tempoh itu, beliau berjaya mengubah kehidupan beliau dari seorang budak kampung, yang pertama keluar dari kampung untuk belajar di sekolah Inggeris sehingga menjadi Ketua Hakim Negara. Selepas bersara, walaupun dalam kesakitan kebanyakan masa, beliau telah menerima Anugerah Tokoh Ma'al Hijrah 1437H (2015) bagi peringkat kebangsaan. Dalam tempoh 40 tahun, selain memegang pelbagai jawatan di Jabatan Peguam Negara, beliau berkhidmat sebagai Hakim dalam setiap mahkamah di negara ini, daripada Mahkamah Majistret kepada Mahkamah Persekutuan, termasuk Mahkamah Rayuan Syariah dan Mahkamah Khas. Beliau menulis 567 penghakiman dan lebih daripada 200 ucapan, artikel dan kertas kerja yang boleh didapati di laman web beliau dan

    'Saya Tidak Akan Melutut' menjejaki perjalanan Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad dari kampung yang miskin di mana beliau dilahirkan sehingga beliau bersara sebagai Ketua Hakim Negara. Pembaca dibawa ke belakang ke tahun 1950-an dan bergerak ke hadapan hinggalah sekarang, sambil menyaksikan banyak peristiwa penting yang telah membentuk negara kita. Satu memoir yang terus terang; ia menggambarkan prinsip dan etika beliau dengan sahih - setiap perkataan ditulis oleh beliau sendiri dalam bahasa yang jelas, ringkas dan tepat ditambah dengan wit, humo