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Energy Control Save money on your power bills with our essential energy management solutionsStunning New Pure White 250V Clipsal SaturnTMAustralias best electricians are only a click away.New Slimline ImpressTM Push-Button SwitchesThe latest evolution in switchingIssue 09Over 100 electrical solutions for your new home or renovationClipsal LightingCheck out our great new lighting rangeR.R.P. $8.75100 pages of everything electricalEssential Checklist Issue 09 2Save moneyAdding electrical products, like an extra power point, during the planning stage can be relatively inexpensive. However, once the walls are up it's a lot messier and more expensive.Save the environmentPlan to include electrical products like dimmers, motion sensors, energy efficient lighting, timers and ceiling fans, and youll save money by reducing your energy bills. As an added bonus, youll also reduce CO2 emissions, which is great for the environment.Future proongDont put up with ugly cords and power cables across rooms and along corridors! Pre-wiring your home with data cabling or providing plenty of power points makes good sense. With the cabling in place you can add new services whenever you like, such as Pay TV in multiple rooms or have every computer in the house access one printer. Thats why its called future proong.Work through your Checklist Planner to complete all the electrical solutions for your home.Great rewards for a little planning.Youll love itBeyond just switching lights on and off, your electrical installation can improve your lifestyle. Lighting can create moods, control can take over routine tasks, security systems can give you peace of mind, and entertainment units can be integrated into home theatre systems. Take the time to explore what is affordable and possible in your home, and you will be pleasantly surprised.Security and safetyYou cant put a price on your familys safety! Which is why, its smart to invest in electrical products that help keep everyone in your home safe and secure. Clipsal has a wide range of products that give you that added peace of mind, such as surge arrestors,which help protect your home appliances and expensive audio equipment, as well as Infrascans to scare off burglars. And lets not forget the famous Clipsal safety switch which reduces the risk of your family being in harms way of a life threatening electric shock or re.3 clipsal.com3clipsal.comDo you need another Project Planner?If your copy of the Checklist Planner is missing or you require another Project Planner simply call 1300 66 99 25 and we will arrange for one to be sent directly to you.SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY$5Saving energy in and around the home makes more cents, literally. And come on lets face it, who doesnt want to save a few extra bucks whenever possible. With Clipsals Essential Checklist, helping to reduce your energy bills is easy.More than a magazine, the Checklist is an essential tool when itcomestoeverythingelectricalforyourhome,helpingyoutofndtheright solutionsthatarebestforyou.Whetherbuildingorrenovating,theChecklist highlightshundredsofinnovativeproductsforeveryareaofyourhome,inside and out. It also educates you on what products ofer energy efcient solutions from thecleveruseofmotionsensorsandceilingsweepfanstoClipsalsnewrange ofenergysavingdownlights,dimmerswitchesandthefamousCent-a-Meter altogether products that are designed to enhance your lifestyle and help you to cut back on your energy usage. Withtherightproductsandadviceyoucaneasilyreduce yourannualpowerbillby15%.Youllnoticethediference.Teenvironment will notice the diference. Its a win, win situation for everyone. So, take the frst step towards leading a more energy efcient lifestyle and buy Clipsal. Afer all, saving energy makes more cents!20% of Australias greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes Its not just cars and factories that are responsible forproducinggreenhousegases.Youmightbe surprisedtolearnthattheaverageAustralian householdproduces12,000kgsofallgreenhouse gas emissions annually that makes up a massive 20%ofthecountriestotalemissions.Andthe rapid rate at which we are constantly adding new technologiestoourhomesthisnumberonly continues to grow and grow.Cut your electrical use by 15%, reduce your energy bill by $270It is even more staggering to know that in Australia wespendaround$1,800onenergybills.Witha littleefort,eachhouseholdcancuttheirenergy costs,simplybyinstigatinga15%reductionin theirtotalenergyuse.Tiscansavetheaverage household$270ayearandprevent1,500kgsof greenhousegasesfromenteringtheatmosphere. FurthermorewithClipsalsinnovativerangeof productsandthehelpoftheEssentialChecklist making a 15% reduction to your electricity use is very easy to do. Small changes create a big diferenceWebelievethatbyworkingtogether,wecan startactivelybuildagreenerAustralia.Any smallcontributionyoumakewillhaveapositive contributionforourfuture.Ifeveryhousehold weretoreducetheirenergyuseby15%thenit would also prevent a staggering 16.8 billion tonnes ofgreenhousegasemissionsfromenteringthe atmosphere. Tis equivalent to taking 3.36 million cars of the road permanently.Support Clipsal, support change Asyearsgoby,theefectsofglobalwarmingare becoming more and more evident. It is time for us to act, as individuals and by working together.AtClipsalourcommitmenttotheenvironment isdemonstratedinthevastrangeofenergy efcientsolutionsandinnovativeproductswe ofertoenhanceyourhomeandsaveyoumoney. Suchproductsareevidentthroughouttheentire Essential Checklist. Tink about your impactItstimetostopandthinkabouttheimpactwere havingontheenvironmenteverytimeweleave unnecessarylightsonorkeeptheTVonstandby mode all day. Instead consider installing automated timersandsensorsandspeaktoyourelectrician aboutthebeneftsofhavingaCent-a-Meterin your home. AsyouworkyourwaythroughtheChecklist, think about what changes you can start initiating throughoutyourhome,justbyinstallingafew basicproducts.Andrememberthatbybuying Clipsal,youareproductivelybeingmoreenergy efcient and supporting positive change.BysupportingClipsal,youarealreadymaking a diference.CONTENTS9 clipsal.com40 SafetyLIGHTING42 CFL Downlights44 Low Voltage Halogen Downlights46 LEDs47 Exterior Lights48 Synergi SolutionsWHATS YOUR STYLE?52 Colour and FinishTHE RANGE54 Clipsal Saturn 250V Range57 Impress Push-Button Selection58 2000 Series 59 Classic C2000 Series60 Slimline SC2000 Series61 Eclipse SL2000 Series62 Metal Plate Range63 Heritage Range64 Modena 800 Series66 Strato 800 Series67 Moduline68 Colour Selection Chart54102416CLIPSAL SATURNClipsal Saturn 250V enables you to match wall switches and power points throughout the home.ENTRANCEControlling your entire homes lighting from inside the front door.BEDROOMLulling you to sleep with the knowledge that youre saving energy.KITCHENYour kitchen is an everyday room - every day of the week.7 clipsal.comTECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE69Living Technology71Home Networking Solutions73Defne Your Lifestyle74Luxurious Living75Impressive Technology76Serving You More79Create the Perfect Harmony80Home Control that Makes Cents82Now Tere are Wiser Homes84Te Core of a Wiser HomeTECHNOLOGY RANGES86 C-Touch Colour Touch Screens87 MKII B&W Touch Screens88 DLT Range89 Saturn Range90 Modena Range91 Neo Range92 Refection Range93 Standard Range94 How to Make it Happen97 Display Centres98 Index42ROOM SOLUTIONS10 Entrance and Home Security12 Family Room16 Kitchen20 Home Teatre24 Bedroom26 Bathroom30 Laundry32 Study34 Garage and Shed36 OutdoorsHOME THEATREYour theatre room can be part of your everyday life.57Impress Push-ButtonClipsal leading the way with evolutionary push- button switchesLIGHTINGOur brightest ideas give great savings.Energy ManagementFind the right solutions throughout your Essential Checklist.20Essential Checklist Issue 09 8WeLcomeTakecontrol!TeEssentialChecklistforEverything Electricaltakesyouonatourofyournew home or renovation before it is built. Inside, youwillfndsmartideasandelectrical productsforyourhome.Itcomeswitha handy Project Planner that you can take to your Clipspec Consultant (refer to page 96) orelectricalcontractor,andworkthrough yourideas.Yourconsultantwillalsoofer someadviceandfurthersuggestionsthat willhelpyoucustomiseyourhometobest suit your lifestyle.With a little planning, you can meet all your electrical requirements without blowing the budget.TisChecklistandProjectPlanner will help you fnd exactly what you need for every room in your home. It will also ensure youll enjoy your home for years to come.Step 1 >TearoutyourProjectPlanner from the front of this book.Step 2 >Readpages52-68anddecide yourpreferencesonstylesandcolours. Page68hasacolourchartsoyoucansee all the colours available for each style. Step3>Read through pages 10-47, taking youthroughalltheelectricalsolutionsfor everyroominyourhome.Recordyour productpreferencesintheProjectPlanner asyougo,includingstyleandcolour preferences.How to use your Essential Checklist and Project PlannerStep 4 >Readthroughpages69-93to discoverthevarioushomenetworking andcontroloptions.Recordyourhome networkingandcontrolpreferences (C-Bus,StarServe,LexComHome)in your Project Planner.Step 5 >TakeyourProjectPlanner toyourClipspecConsultant,licensed electricalcontractor,builderordesign professional.(Seeclipsal.comforalistof licensed electrical contractors near you.)Published ByClipsal Communications23 East Street, Brompton SA 5007Consumer Hotline 1300 66 99 25Art Direction Tim ColemanDesign Delvene TolbertCopy Editor Jodie Hansen> Is your Planner already torn out?IftheProjectPlannerhasalreadybeen removedfromthismagazine,simplycall 1300 66 99 25 and we will arrange for a new Planner to be sent to you straight away.Clipsals 2009 edition of the Essential Checklist delivers you hundreds of electrical product solutions for your home, all of which have specifcally been designed to enhance your lifestyle and embrace every aspect of your homes electrical needs from safety, security, convenience, style, and most importantly energy ef ciency. With hundreds of products, ranges and designs, you can be sure to fnd something that is perfect for you, your home and your budget.Building, renovating or improving your homeAt Clipsal, we understand that building or renovating your home is a daunting task and there is always so much to do; so many decisions to make. However, your electrical requirements are one area that you truly cant aford to overlook. Spending the time and money to get everything right from the start will avoid a lot of expense, frustration and the need to rewire later on down the track.Tis process neednt be dif cult. Inside the Checklist youll fnd a very useful Project Planner to help you plan and organise your electrical from start to fnish. Take this to your Clipspec Consultant (refer to page 96) or electrical contractor (visit and work through your ideas. Your personal consultant is there to provide you with practical advice and helpful ideas, so you can customise your home to suit your lifestyle. Clipsal is proud to bring you the Essential Checklist; your must-have magazine will help turn your house into a home.9 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the entrance & Home SecurityCLIPSAL.COM JUST GOT BIGGER AND BETTER!Everything electrical is much easier than you think, in fact its just one click away at well as improving on existing ones. VIRTUAL HOMECheck out the new the virtual home in the homeowners section where youcanviewthelatestinenergysolutions.Amustforallnewand existing homeowners.LATEST PRODUCTSClipsal is regularly releasing exciting new products and you can read all about them on the website.LATEST BROCHURESTeClipsalbrochurelibraryisconstantlybeingupdatedwiththe latestproductortechnicalbrochureswhichcanbeviewedonline, printed or downloaded.LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORDont risk using just any electrician for your electrical installations. Byusingclipsal.comtofndaClipsalendorsedinstaller(licensed electrician) in your area, be assured of the best possible service and workmanship.Additionalinformationinregardstotheirareasof expertiseisalsoavailable,alongwithcontactdetailsandamapof their location.3D MODELSTis ever expanding section now has more products shown in 3D. See how easily the parts ft together, turn them around, view them upside down and change the colour. It is as close as you can get to you holding them in your hands.PRODUCT SEARCHClipsal.comhasasophisticatedsearchfunctionthatallowsyouto easily fnd the product that you are looking for by product, content or group search. Just try it and see for yourself just how easy it is.clipsal.com3 4 1 O2MEssential Checklist Issue 09 10ENTRANCE + Home SecuritySo how exactly do you make your home safe and secure? Tis can be a difcult task if youre not sure what to look for. In this section you will fnd several innovative Clipsal products and ideas that will help you get your entrance area and home security just right. Tere are also several energy efcient solutions that will show you how easy it is for you to reduce your energy consumption by making a few smart product choices.1 Infrascan Motion SensorsLightsthatarelefonunnecessarilyare ahugeofenderwhenitcomestowasting your electricity. Did you know a typical 250 wattsecuritylightthatislefonallnight canend up costing you over $124 per year. SimplyinstallinganInfrascancanreduce yourenergyconsumptionsignifcantly. Rememberthisnexttimeyougooutfor thenightandleavetheoutsidelighton. With an Infrascan you can still come home tothelightcomingon,theonlydiference isitwouldonlybeonforfveminutes,as opposed to fve hours. Tats a lot of energy and money saved.2Compact Fluorescent Exterior Lights (CFL)CFLsareidealforoutdoorareaswhere thelightsmayberequiredtostayonfor longperiods.Duetotheirlonglamplifeof 10,000hrs,CFLsreduceyourenergyusage withoutcompromisingonstyle.Formore informationonCFLsrefertothelighting section on page 42.3 Sunset SwitchTurnslightsononlywhenyouneed them!Teseswitchesusealightsensorto turnononcenaturallightlevelsdropbelow thedesiredlevel.Teyautomaticallyadjust toseasonalchangesandsomealsohavean eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALSinbuilttimeroptionwhichmeansyoucan achieve even greater efciency. 4 Dimmer Switches Believeitornot,havingtwo-way dimmer switches for your lights is actually a great way to cut back on using electricity. In fact energy savings of over 60% are possible withacombinationofdimmerswitches. interactive dimmer savings calculator.9L61427103MO'8 5+ENTRANCEM++O'''L L L LL L'11 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the entrance & Home SecuritypoWer poiNtS1 Power Points Power points come in really handy near an entrance or hallway for when you need to use the lamp, water feature or even to vacuum. SWitcHeS/DimmerS2 Wall SwitchesWhen considering wall switches for your entrance area, hallways and stairs remember two-way switches are a much more convenient and energy ef cient option. Use our new Impress LED push-button switches to show at a glance what outside lights are on. 3 Dimmer Switches Create the right mood to welcome friends and visitors.LiGHtiNG4Downlights Makeyourfrontdoorandhomeentrancemorewelcomingatnight.Giveyourhallor staircase a more open look. You can be sure to achieve whatever efect you desire with Clipsals wide range of downlights. Gimble downlights in particular are a great way to put the spotlight on wall recesses in stairways, feature paintings or to make that stunning pot plant the centre of attention. Designed with an adjustable beam, they give you the freedom to create dramatic accent lighting that can turn your entrance from bland to grand. To check out Clipsals current styles and designs in downlights see page 42. 10electricalessentialsSAFety & Security5 Fail Safe Home Emergency Light Finding the front door can ofen be a hard task in the case of a power failure. Not with an emergency light, which automatically works for you when no other lights will. 6 Surveillance CameraSeewhosknockingatyourdoor,fromthecomfortofinsideyourhome.Perfectforthe security conscious and those with two storey homes, as it means youre able to see the visitor on the TV screen frst, meaning you never have to open the door to strangers again. 7 Outdoor Infrascan Your best, frst line of defence, the famous Clipsal Infrascan should feature in every home. Tis is ideal when you come home at night. It will light up the driveway so you dont trip over things in the dark, welcoming friends and warding of intruders throughout the night. Te light can be either fuorescent or incandescent. Arguably the best sensor light money can buy due to its superior electronics and weatherproof construction, the Infrascan is fully adjustable for light level, sensitivity and time. It also has provision for up to two food lamps.8Clipsal DigilantA great addition to your homes overall security solution is the Clipsal Digilant range of surveillancecameras.Ifyoubecometheunfortunatevictimofabreak-in,theDigilantwill captureandstoreimagesduringtheevent,whichcanthenberetrievedandgiventothe authoritiestoaidincapturingthieves.Digilantcanbeusedasacostefectivestand-alone alternativetoCCTV,orcanbeintegratedtoworkwithyourClipsalHomeSafeTMSecurity System.Tisamazingcameracanfunctionforuptosixweeksonbatteriesaloneandstore around 60,000 images. Nothing beats Digilant!9Keyless Entry Useacardorkeyringtoactivateentrythatcanalsobenetworkedtoyoursecuritysystem. Also particularly useful if you are carrying groceries or other parcels, as you can open your door in advance, rather than having to put everything down on the doorstep and hunt for your keys in your pockets or handbag. Entering and leaving your house has never been so easy.10Complete Home Security Clipsals HomeSafe Security Pack is the smart and fexible way to protect your familys home and belongings, in the fght against break-ins. Complete with detection devices, motion sensors, battery backup, LCD keypad, audio and visual alarms and a telephone dialler, which can alert any security monitoring station and call any landline or mobile phone to alert you to the situation. It can even be upgraded to include special features like a panic button that can switch on all the lights, sound an alarm, or even alert a security company. Your alarm system can be integrated with your C-Bus Home Control System. For more information on the Clipsal C-Bus systems available see page 80.Essential Checklist Issue 09 12In todays modern home, family rooms are used for just about everything from dining, entertaining, reading and watching television. To complement this you need a fexible electrical and lighting scheme.Incorporate a good mix of dimmers, low energy downlights, as well as enough power points and audio sockets; doing so will ensure you enjoy the benefts of your living area and have the best lighting and accessories to suit all possible applications. If you want to go that one step further and really bring the room to life, get creative with a range of interior lights and downlights to draw extra attention. Afer all the family room is the centre of your home life, so you want to make sure you get it just right. For more family room options visit clipsal.comfamily room 3 1 4 2 O L '++++ OLLLLLL'W O'FAMILY ROOMEssential Checklist Issue 09 14family room1Wall SwitchesHaving two-way switches for diferent lightingisaninnovativesolutionthatwill helpreduceyourpowerusageandthose nasty greenhouse gas emissions.2Dimmer SwitchesAdjustthelightingtosuitwhatever moodyourein,withthecleveruseof adimmerswitch.Providejusttheright ambienceforhostingtheperfectdinner partyortheideallightingtowatchyour favourite movie. Besides creating the perfect atmosphere,dimmingyourlightsextends the life of the lamp, which in turn generates lessenergy,reducesgreenhousegasesand mostimportantlysavesyoumoney.Visit information on calculating your savings.3Downlight KitsBeing energy efcient doesnt mean you needtocompromiseonstyle.Signifcantly reduceyourenergyusageandsavemoney every year by using a 35W high efciency IRC halogen lamp or CFL inside your downlights. Formoreinformationonhowdownlights can impact your energy efciency around the home, visit Sweep FanKeepcoolinthewarmermonthswith aClipsalCeilingFan.Withaconvenient remote control, it provides the perfect energy efcient means for cooling your living area. eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS 2105311164 OL8'97+ W15 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the Family roompoWer poiNtS1Power PointsUsed in numbers power points allow the family room to become functional and easily adaptable with any layout. 2Powertainment with TV Socket Hate the look of messy cords and cables behind your entertainment system? Te solution is Clipsals Powertainment Unit. It provides multiple power points and an antenna point for your TV all in one tidy unit.SWitcHeS/DimmerS3Wall SwitchesTese days, family rooms now feature many light circuits, including downlights, alcove lighting and wall lights. Using a separate switch for each major group of lights will provide you with greater fexibility in control, so you only use the lights you want at any one time. Add a modern sleek look by installing our Impress push-button switches with the optional sof blue LED indicators.4Dimmer SwitchesAdjustthelightingtosuitwhatevermoodyourein,withthecleveruseofadimmer switch. Provide just the right ambience for hosting the perfect games night or the ideal lighting to watch your favourite movie. LiGHtiNG5Downlight KitsTesehelpyoufocusyourlightonyourfavouritepieceofartworkoryourfavourite reading spot on the couch. Air movemeNt6Ceiling Sweep FanKeepcoolinthewarmermonthswithaClipsalceilingfan.Combinedwithlightsand remote control, it provides the perfect energy ef cient means for cooling your living area. Ceiling fans can also be used in reverse during winter to circulate warm air away from the ceiling and through the room.SAFety & Security7Smoke Alarm Feel safer in your own home. Be assured you get to safety in the case of a fre.8Infrared Indoor Alarm SensorTe perfect tool for detecting intruders; link to an alarm for extra protection. AuDio/viDeo SyStemS9Telephone/Data SocketsTere is an ever increasing need to have a laptop computer in the home, so make sure you are well prepared and remember to install data sockets in your living room. 10Audio Socket No family room is complete without music, which is why you need to make sure you have provision for speakers within the room. 11Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted SpeakersTisistheperfecthomeaccessoryforlisteningtomusicinyourfamilyroom.Aside fromlookingneatandproducingqualitysound-sothateventhepersonsittingintheback corneroftheroomcanhearthetunesasclearasday,theyalsoeliminateunwantedspeaker cables running all over the foor. 11electricalessentialsEssential Checklist Issue 09 16cook up extrA SAviNGSKITCHEN17 clipsal.comIn an area with so many diferent appliances, it makes sense to ensure you have all the right electrical accessories to suit your needs. Here we introduce a range of smart electrical accessories that will help your kitchen run to the best of its potential, now, and in years to come. For more kitchen options visit'LL LL+LLLLLL'LMO+?++DINEKITCHEN 0O2 ?415 O3JEssential Checklist Issue 09 181Cent-a-meterTMBy altering your behaviour and energy use, you can save up to 20% of your energy costswithacent-a-meter;anelectricity monitorthatdisplaysgreenhousegas emissions,temperatureandhumidity,and has a peak power limit alarm function. 2Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor Tis cost efective accessory is designed tomakelifeeasierusedasahandsfree lightswitch.Idealforyourpantry,asit canautomaticallyturnonthelightwhen yourhandsarefullofgroceries.Byonly usingelectricityasneeded,theInfrascan is a great solution when building an energy ef cient home.3Dimmer SwitchesDimmersaretheperfectsolutionfor adjusting lighting levels to suit any occasion. Furthermore,theyincreasethelifeofthe lamp; saving you money and reducing your CO2 emissions. 4Timer Switch A timer switch is a convenient solution to saving electricity. It switches of automatically KiTCHENwhenyouwantaccordingtothetime youset.Perfectforcontrollinglightsand appliances such as your exhaust fan.5Ceiling Sweep FanDineincomfortwiththeuseofan Airfow ceiling fan; a great energy ef cient and cost efective solution. When operated on medium speed for four hours on a 19c/kWhrtarif,everydayoftheyear,itcan cost you as little as $10 a year.eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS8 J 9 M7 1012 11 136 L3'2+1O 4519 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the kitchenAir movemeNt7Ceiling Sweep FanDine in comfort with the use of an Airfow ceiling fan which is a great energy ef cient and cost efective solution for your dining room. 8Ceiling Exhaust Fan Teresnothingworsethanthesmellofaburntdinner.Tohelpyouinthoseawkward kitchen moments, make sure you have an exhaust fan installed. SAFety & Security9Fail Safe Home Emergency Light Never be lef in the dark during a power failure again. Tis battery operated emergency light means you no longer have to stumble around in the dark wondering where you put those candles again.10Infrared 90o Alarm Sensor Te perfect tool for detecting intruders; link to an alarm for extra protection. AuDio/viDeo SyStemS11Telephone/Data Sockets Increasingly,appliancesarebeingdevelopedtointegratewiththeInternet.Toadapt easily and future-proof your home, it is certainly worth installing a telephone/data socket in your kitchen. 12TV Socket Prepare for the future, place a TV in the kitchen so you dont miss out on any of your favourite shows while cooking. 13Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted SpeakersEnsure you can listen to music in your kitchen whenever you want without a tangled mess of cords. Audio system cabling is easy to install during the building stage and hides the cabling inside the walls or ceiling. poWer poiNtS1GangbustersAre your oversized plugs or chargers taking up too much space on your regular power points? Clipsal has the solution with Gangbusters to give you extra space for bigger plugs, meaning you no longer have to worry about covering a socket with an oversized plug or charger.2Power PointsMake sure you have enough power points to manage all the appliances needed to operate in this area on a daily basis, also remember to have them installed in convenient locations.SWitcHeS/DimmerS3Wall SwitchesTis is a great area to start with when wanting to make your home more energy ef cient. Did you know that having more switches in your home actually saves you energy? Tink about putting a switch at either end of the kitchen so you can conveniently turn the lights of which ever way you leave the room.4Dimmer Switches Dimmers are the perfect solution for adjusting lighting levels to suit any occasion.5Timer SwitchAutomatically switches of afer a time set by you. Great to control lights or appliances such as the exhaust fan. LiGHtiNG6DownlightsClipsalFixedDownlightsprovideanenergyef cientsolutiontoyourkitchensgeneral lighting, as it is fve-star energy compliant. Square downlights are also a great option for above kitchen benches, inside cabinets and along workspaces as they provide great feature lighting, helping to give you that extra light wherever you need it most.13electricalessentials1 OL24 3'+ O+++LLLWLLLHOME THEATRE Essential Checklist Issue 09 20Home THEATRELighting and cabling are essential elements of your home theatre and with Clipsals multitude of products there is no need to take short cuts. Tey both work together to help create the right mood and ambience in this room; you cant have one without the other. What is the point in generating the right atmosphere with great lighting, then having ugly cords running from your speakers and audio system? Matching your theatre room with your home lifestyle is important. A well designed home theatre has the power to take us out of our living rooms and transplant us to the animated world of Ice Age. With a little forethought and careful planning you can be certain to purchase the right electrical and lighting to meet your needs and avoid costly mistakes. For more home theatre ideas visit SwitchesEvery little bit counts in the fght to save the planet. Make your mark by installing a wall switch at every entrance to your home theatre. 2Dimmer SwitchesAsthemoviestartsthelightsgodown. Did you know every time you dim the lights to set the right mood, you are having a hand inreducingtheenvironmentsgreenhouse gases? Not to mention, dimming the lights by 30% can save you up to $53 over fve years.eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS3Low Voltage Downlights What a bright way to save up to $30 a year on your energy bill.4LED RecessedWall LightsWhataproduct!Withalamp-life that exceeds 50,000 hours and apowerconsumptionofnextto nothing.Ifyouwantrealenergy efciency, these are the way to go. 1024 5O '798113 + W6121 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the Home theatrepoWer poiNtS1Epic Organiser TankstotheEpicOrganiseryounolongerhavetogetonyourhandsandkneesand fumble around behind the TV when plugging in your video camera or game console to audio andvideooutlets.Tissleekunitistheultimatehometheatresolution;neatlywallordesk mounted it sits below your entertainment unit perfectly and can be individually confgured to suit your lifestyle. It includes a wide variety of outlets for easy connection at your fngertips. Pick and mix from 240V power supply sockets, phone connections to USB ports, and so much more. It also features a changeable faceplate, so if you decide to change your dcor, you can change the faceplate to match. For more information visit and search for Epic.2Power PointsTis room is the hub of technology, so make sure you incorporate enough outlets to power up everything from your set top box to the games console. 3PowertainmentBehindmanyTVsisafrighteningtangleofcords.Inyourhometheatreyouneedto consider the TV, set-top box, DVD player, VCR, games console and the stereo system. With multiple power points and an antenna point for your TV, the Powertainment units is a simple solution, designed to keep everything behind your TV in order.SWitcHeS/DimmerS4Wall SwitchesAvoid having one switch that controls your entire lighting. Using a diferent wall switch for your lighting enables greater fexibility and will give you more freedom to create diferent moods.5Dimmer SwitchesDimmers are an essential addition to any home theatre. Dim the lights to set the perfect scene for watching your favourite movie in total comfort, while also reducing screen refection.LiGHtiNG6LED Recessed Wall LightsTeres nothing more frustrating than the refection of glistening lights on your TV screen todetractfromtheenjoymentofwatchingyourfavouritemovie.Recessedwalllightsadda touch of sophistication to your home theatre, providing just the right level of light. Adding a blue or white LED strip light inside your entertainment cabinet can turn any DVD collection into a feature cabinet that friends will envy. Even go that extra mile and add strip lights to the ends of seats to create an aisle or along your skirting boards. Either way helps light a convenient exit path without interrupting everyones cinema experience by turning on the lights.SAFety & Security7Passive Infrared Indoor Alarm SensorWithsomuchexpensiveequipment,hometheatresonlymeanonethingtothieves target. Remain one step ahead with an alarm sensor to prevent intruders walking away with your belongings.8Smoke Alarm Whenthesoundsblaringthroughanactionpackedsceneof007,thelastthingonyour mind is whats going on in other rooms of your home. Keep your wits about you and feel safe with a smoke alarm installed in your theatre. In the case of a fre, you dont want to be zoned out.AuDio/viDeo9Telephone/Data Socket Access the Internet and other multimedia services. 10Banana PlugDesigningyourhometheatresothatitishi-ffriendlyisanabsolutemust.Banana plug sockets allow you to plug in your surround speakers and subwoofer with minimal fuss and mess. Available in 16 socket confgurations so you can customise the room to suit your specifc needs. 11Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted SpeakersSurround sound is one of the basic elements of a frst class home theatre. If youve gone to the trouble of having one of these very vogue rooms in your home, it is really worth going the extra mile to make sure you dont cut corners. Tat said, whilst creating a look that is truly high-class, fush mount speakers provide exceptional quality sound.11electricalessentialsEssential Checklist Issue 09 22Want insight on how to create the perfect bedroom haven? Tese next two pages will give you key energy management solutions and all of your must have electrical accessories. 23 clipsal.comBEDroomTis is your personal space, so design a room that is comfortable and functional. Te perfect sanctuary to relax and unwind. Take the time out and give it some extra special attention. You need to consider everything including the lighting, temperature and mood. For more bedroom options visit ? 4 O3++++00OOWL LL LLL LL L+MASTERBEDROOMENSUITEWIREssential Checklist Issue 09 241DownlightsModernandconvenient.Highlight certainfocusareas,suchasadressingtable, reading area or wardrobe.2Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchWhat could be more convenient than a light that turns on automatically when you enter awalk-inrobe?Bestofall,itswitchesthe lightofagainwhenyouleavewithyour hands full.3Dimmer Switches Besidescreatingtheperfectambience, dimmingyourlightsactuallygeneratesless energy,extendingthelifeofthelampand reducinggreenhousegases,whichinturn saves you money.4Ceiling Sweep FanAssist the ventilation and your cash fow by installing a ceiling fan. Cheaper and more energyef cientthananair-conditionerthis will help you to save money on yourheating and cooling bills. eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALSBEDroom25 L'4 ?1 +O 311768 10 9W25 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the bedroompoWer poiNtS1Power Points In numbers, power points allow the room to become functional and easily adaptable with any layout.SWitcHeS/DimmerS2Wall SwitchesAllClipsalswitchesarefreeofozonedepletingsubstances,suchasPVCandhalogen materials.Anextraswitchortwobesidethebedisreallyconvenientwhenyouarealready tucked up in bed and have forgotten to turn of the light. Our push-button switches are available with a sof blue LED indicator, which makes a great switch locator for your kids.3Dimmer Switches Whilstyoumaywantthelightsupbrightwhengettingreadytogooutonthetown, jumping into your pyjamas and getting ready for bed is easily done with sofer lighting.4Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchWhat could be more convenient than a light that turns on automatically when you enter a walk-in robe? Best of all, it switches the light of again when you leave with your hands full. LiGHtiNG5DownlightsHighlight certain focus areas, such as a dressing table, reading area or wardrobe. Refer to page 42 or for more ideas from our range of lighting.Air movemeNt6Ceiling Sweep FanAssist ventilation and keep a comfortable sleeping temperature by installing a ceiling fan. A convenient remote control ceiling fan allows you to operate the fan without getting out of bed.SAFety & Security7Smoke Alarm Answerstosmokewithashrillalarm,assuringyougettosafetyinthecaseofafre. Upgrade to the photoelectric model and youll sleep safe knowing youre using environmentally friendly products.8Passive Infrared Indoor Alarm SensorWill help prevent any unwanted guests walking off with your valuable jewellery.AuDio/viDeo SyStemS9Audio Distribution If you enjoy listening to music, have an iPod, MP3 player or have your music stored on a com-puter then having an audio zone in the master bedroom can add some real value to your lifestyle.10TV Socket Letsfaceitmosthomesnowhaveatelevisionineachbedroom.Beprepared-no oneusestheoldrabbitearantennasanymore!RefertotheLivingTechnologysectionfor information on networking your digital cabling.11Telephone/Data SocketsHave a phone base station in the bedroom. Extra sockets allow access to technologies such as the Internet, which is especially handy when the kids need to study from home.11electricalessentialsEssential Checklist Issue 09 26Te bathroom is used for a wide variety of activities and must be able to adapt accordingly; from a relaxing retreat one minute to a fast paced, action packed space the next. 27 clipsal.comBATHroomIn this section well explore a few electrical necessities that will help you to make the most of your bathroom space. With so much that goes on in this room and ofen at high risk with the combination of water and electricity, there is a lot to consider in the pre-planning stages. Ensure that you design your bathroom to be practical, comfortable, but most importantly safe.For more information on Clipsal products for your bathroom visit Checklist Issue 09 282 1 J1Compact Fluorescent Waterproof DownlightsReduceyourenergyusagewithout compromisingonstylewithClipsals newCFL(CompactFluorescentLamps) downlights.Currentlythemostenergy ef cientformoflightingforhouseholds availableonthemarket,CFLsprovidethe same light level as incandescent bulbs, but onlyuseaboutonequarteroftheenergy. Asidefromcheaperrunningcostsand being better for the environment, CFLs also have an extremely long lamp life of 10,000 hours,whichmeansyoudonthavethe hassle of changing their globes as ofen. eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALSBATHroom2Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans with Backdraft ShutterReduceyourenergycon-sumption by installing an exhaust fan with a backdraf shutter. Did you know up to 25% of the homes warmthislostinwinter?And 10% of the homes heat is gained in summer? Tis is primarily due to poor seals and openings found inthehomeandcouldequate toseveralhundreddollarsbeing wasted on power bills every year. 6 78O1 452 + 3 0J 29 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the bathroompoWer poiNtS1Power Points Shaver,electrictoothbrush,hairdryer,straightener,thelistgoeson.Terearesomany electricalappliancesrequiredinthemoderndaybathroomthatitshardtokeepup.Notto mention this is a room where almost everything you do requires water, so personal safety must be of the utmost importance to remain protected from risk of electrocution. SWitcHeS/DimmerS2Waterproof SwitchesYou cant put a price on your familys safety. So when considering the right switches for wet areas in your home, make sure you opt for those that are waterproof, so you can enjoy the peace of mind next time you fick on the lights with soapy hands. 3Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchWith movement of your body the lights will switch themselves on. Ten, in time, turn of again all without the fick of a switch. LiGHtiNG4Waterproof DownlightsTese downlights provide a practical solution and a touch of style to your bathroom.Air movemeNt5Ceiling Mounted Exhaust FansTis is one item you cant do without in your bathroom. Te humble exhaust fan will preserveyourbathroomortoiletwallsandceilingsforyears,asitremovesmoistureand unwantedodoursfromtheair.Teaddedbonusistheyareinexpensivetobuy,cheapto install and virtually whisper quiet to run. Te new CEF40 Exhaust Fan collects 80% less dust and it includes a backdraf shutter which reduces chilly drafs or warm air escaping.6Bathroom Fan/Light/Heater Tisisthequintessentialaccessoryforyourbathroom.Teseamazing3-in-1shave everything you could possibly want in a bathroom light, from a built-in heater to help you to thaw out in the cool winter months and an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the air. AuDio/viDeo SyStemS7Audio Distribution Listen to the morning news whilst in the shower. Ceiling speakers are designed for added style,convenienceandbelieveitornotsafety.Aferallthisroomissmallenoughwithout cluttering it with unnecessary items, such as portable stereos and CD players. 8TV Socket Have a TV in the bathroom so you dont miss out on any of your favourite shows while soaking in the tub.8electricalessentials000L+ +BATHROOMwc J0 31 2 JEssential Checklist Issue 09 30lAuNDRyeNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALS1Passive Infrared Indoor SensorActivatingyourlaundrylightsvia movementsensorsnotonlygivesyoumore freedom to use both hands at anytime, it also providesyouwithgreatercontroloveryour electricityusage.Nomoreleavingthelights onunnecessarilymeansnomorewasted powerorcash,equatingtoasustainable solution for you and the environment.2Window/Wall Exhaust Fans with Backdraft ShutterReduceyourenergyconsumptionby installinganexhaustfanwithabackdrafshutter.Didyouknowupto25%ofthe homes warmth is lost in winter? And 10% ofthehomesheatisgainedinsummer? Tisisprimarilyduetopoorsealsand openingsfoundinthehomeandcould equatetoseveralhundreddollarsbeing wasted on power bills every year. Te laundry is the one room inside your house, where relaxing with a book isnt really an option. It is the workhorse of the home, where all the hard yakka is done - washing, ironing, and all that fun stuf. Quite ofen the laundry can be disregarded because of its association to all things uninspiring. It is the big closet in the home, almost always hidden behind closed doors in order to hide all the stuf you need to do, but dont want to. Dont be fooled by its limited space though, the laundry needs to work just as ef ciently for you as any other room in your home and it can be really easy to get it right, by simply remembering to install a few extra electrical accessories, such as those listed on these pages. 3Timer Switch Electronictimerswillautomatically turntheloadofaferapresettimeperiod of between 15 seconds and 254 minutes. So whenthelightsarelefon,theswitchwill turnthemofforyou.Teresultsarereal energy and cost savings.000LLLAUNDRY 0 63 4 12 O 5 8 7J31 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the LaundrypoWer poiNtS1Quad Power PointsOkay,sotheresthenecessitiessuch aswashingmachine,dryerandiron,then theres other appliances that you may want to use in the laundry, such as the chest freezer, barfridgeandvacuumcleaneralthough thelatterisprobablyoneapplianceyoud rather not use. Tat said, need we go into any more detail as to why the quad power point is an essential addition to the laundry? SWitcHeS/DimmerS2Waterproof SwitchesInaroomthatusesalotofwaterand electricitycombined,safetyisamassive issue.Normallytouchinganyelectrical appliancewithwethandswouldbeabig no,no.Unlikeordinaryswitches,the waterproofrangeismadewithaspecial built-inrubbergasket,sowatercantreach any live parts - perfect for wet areas! 3Timer Switch Automaticallyswitchesofafera timesetbyyou.Greattocontrollightsor appliances such as your exhaust fan.4Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchNursingthewashingbasketinonearm, whilsttryingtoopenthedoorandcontrol thelightswitch,aswellaswatchingwhere youre going, can be a bit of a balancing act. Not anymore. With Clipsals Passive Infrared IndoorSensoryounolongerneedtoriska backinjuryoranastyslideonthesuds,as itdetectsmovementandinstantaneously activates the lights for you. A recessed version is now available.LiGHtiNG5 Waterproof DownlightsTesedownlightsprovideasafeand practical solution to your laundrys lighting, withoutcompromisingonalookthatis consistent throughout the rest of your home.Air movemeNt6In-Line Ducted Exhaust FanTereisnothingworsethanmusty odours and unhealthy mould as a result of bad ventilation in wet areas, such as the laundry. Tiscanbeeasytoavoidbyinstallingan axialin-lineductedexhaustfan.Tesefans areaninexpensivemeanstokeeptheroom fresh and free of condensation - particularly in the winter when your clothes dryer is the biggestculpritofbuildingupcondensation on the walls and ceiling. 7Window/Wall Exhaust Fan with Backdraft ShutterFor multi-storey homes, a window or wall mountedexhaustfanisidealforremoving moistairfromthelaundryorbathroom caused by the clothes dryer or a hot shower. It also is great for overcoming problem with shallow ceiling cavities. SAFety & Security8RCD Protected Power PointsElectrocution.Makesureyouand yourfamilyareprotectedandrequestto have a Clipsal RCD Protected Power point installed in your laundry. 8electricalessentialsSTUDYWLLLLLL++O?Essential Checklist Issue 09 32O1 2L3STUDYeNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALS1Dimmer SwitchesTisistheperfectaccessorytohelp control your lighting and that nasty electricity bill. Turning down the lights will really help you to conserve energy.2DownlightsDownlights provide you with a practical lightingsolutionthatlookgreat,butmore importantlycanreallyhelpyoutoreduce yourenergy.Savethousandsofdollarsover alifetime,bysimplyreplacing50Wlamps with 35W high ef ciency halogen lamps. 3Ceiling Sweep FanSave up to $300 a year on your heating andairconditioningcosts,withClipsals Ceiling Sweep Fans. Whether youre working full-time from home, or its mainly for personal use, youll probably spend quite a few hours in your study, so it must be well equipped. A good study relies heavily on the design and layout of the electrical and lighting. Here are some helpful ideas to help make this area a more enjoyable and productive space.Although the study is usually small, dont underestimate its potential to really save you some extra cash, when it comes to possible energy ef ciency solutions. Tis is a busy area within the home and if designed properly the study could save you thousands of dollars over time. For more information on products for your study visit 45 L263'+? 9108 711W 1233 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the StudypoWer poiNtS1 Power PointsSay no to messy cords and cables. Having enough power points in the study is the frst step to keeping the room neat and tidy. Te next is where to have them installed Placing them in enough convenient positions helps to avoid the ugly mess of cords all over the foor. 2GangbustersAre you familiar with oversized plugs, ofen the ones that come in the form of phone and laptopchargers?Teytakeupwaytoomuchroomonthepowerboard.Clipsalhasjustthe solution Gangbusters. Gangbusters not only provide you with extra space for bigger plugs, they can be confgured in diferent ways to suit individual requirements; meaning any problems you had with those oversized plugs can become a thing of the past. SWitcHeS/DimmerS3Wall SwitchesStudiesnowfeaturemanylightcircuits;includingdownlights,alcovelightingandwall lights. Ask your electrician to install a separate switch for each group of lights, this will provide you with greater fexibility in control, so you only use the lights you want at any one time saving you both energy and running costs.4Dimmer SwitchesTisistheperfectadditiontoanystudy,helpingtocontrolyourlightingandcreatethe perfect working environment.LiGHtiNG5DownlightsWantapracticalsolutiontoyourstudylightingwithoutcompromisingonlooks?Tenyou cant go passed Clipsals stunning range of downlights. To check out the entire range, go to page 42.Air movemeNt6Ceiling Sweep FanTe most productive work is done in a comfortable environment - which is where ceiling fans come into the picture. Tey allow for better temperature control by assisting a rooms heating, cooling and general ventilation. SAFety & Security7Surface Mount Smoke AlarmRemember all your important data, documents, fles, sofware and equipment are stored in this room. Imagine how stressful it would be, if you were to lose everything due to fre damage. 8Surge Protected Power OutletCan you put a price on irreplaceable photos of your family? What about those important workfles?Privatedocuments?Ofcoursenot.Sowhataboutallthehardworkandtimethat wouldbewasteddownthedrain,ifyoueverlostyourcomputerorexpensiveITequipment? Dontleaveyourselfvulnerableofsuchsituationseverbecomingreality.Makesureyourstudy has a Clipsal Surge Protected Power Point incorporated from the very beginning of the building process. See page 41 for more safety ideas around the home.9Infrared 90o Alarm SensorTisneataccessoryhelpstoprotectyourcomputerandothervaluableequipmentfrom being stolen by intruders.12electrical essentialsAuDio/viDeo SyStemS10TV SocketInthisdayandage,makingsure your home ofce is equipped for a TV goes without saying. 11Telephone/Data SocketsAccording to the Australian Govern-ment, in the eight years to 2006-07, Internet connectionsjumpedfourfold-from16% to64%inAustralianhomes.So,without soundingobvious,themorewerelyon computers,themoregooddataconnection and cabling becomes essential in any study.12Audio Distribution WithClipsalsmulti-roomaudio solutions,listeningtoyourmusicinthe study or any room in the house, is as easy as connecting your computer or iPod to one of these innovative audio systems. 0J' O'GARAGE/SHED30 24' 1Essential Checklist Issue 09 34GaRaGE + SHeD Todays garage is a versatile place. Make sure you have plenty of power outlets for every occasion and remember a power point will be needed if installing a remote controlled roller door.Te shed - a mans refuge and home of half fnished projects. No matter how large or small the humble garden shed is, its worth running underground power to the site. Youll be able to power up a light, plug in a power tool or fre up the bug zapper. Included over the next two pages Clipsal have got your garage or shed electrical and lighting covered. Incorporating a mix of ideas, suggestions and solutions to make sure your garage and shed is equipped to handle any project you decide to start. For more garage ideas visit mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALS1Wall SwitchesAll Clipsal Switches are free of ozone depleting substances, such as PVC and halogenmaterials.Wanttogoonestepfurthertoincreaseyourhomesenergy ef ciency?Speaktoyourelectricianaboutinstallingdoublegangswitches.More control equals better ef ciency its really that simple.2Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchDont leave the security lights on all night. Use an Infrascan to switch lights on and of automatically. Tis will really help to reduce your homes energy consumption. 3Weatherproof Fluorescent LightsFluorescentlightsaregreatforgaragesastheyuselesselectricityandprovide moreadequatelightingthanincandescent.Inaddition,fuorescentlampslastalot longer.4Infrascan Outdoor Motion DetectorDid you know a typical 250Watt security light that is lef on all night costs over $124 per year to operate? Simply installing an Infrascan can make all the diference by reducing your energy consumption signifcantly. It soon adds up. 14' 811 1012139J'O0 542 1673 35 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the Garage & ShedpoWer poiNtS1Weather Protected Power PointsDontallowyourgaragetobecomeadangerzonebyscrimpingonpowerpointsor installing ones that wont do the job right. Extension cords all over the foor are an accident waiting to happen. Dont forget to install two twin outlets on your workbench to power up all those handyman tools.2Weatherproof Power OutletsWhen vacuuming the car its handy to have an outlet close by to plug into, especially one that is protected from the elements.3Pendant OutletA great innovation for the shed or garage is the suspended, adjustable pendant outlet. SWitcHeS/DimmerS4Weatherproof SwitchesTis innovative product allows you to control the lighting, in any weather. Located on and around the exterior of the garage, means the switch will not short out when exposed to rain.5Wall SwitchesHaving a two gang switch allows you to separately turn the lights on over the workbench or in the main garage area.6Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free SwitchHelpsyoutosaveelectricity,withmovementofyourbodythelightswillswitch themselves on, then turn off again automatically after a pre-set time. 7Surface or Flush Mounted SwitchboardSleek,robustandgood-looking.Aswitchboarddoesnthavetobeugly!Nomatter where your switchboard is located, it makes sense to install a model that is as compact and unobtrusive as possible. Clipsal has met this challenge with a range of streamlined designs for all applications, that dont compromise on quality. LiGHtiNG8Weatherproof Fluorescent LightsA great way to light a large area with a constant level of light.9Halogen FloodlightWeatherproofdesignidealforoutdoorareas.Afoodlightoutsidethegarageorshed can be a useful addition to your homes lighting. Whether youre working on the car, shooting somehoopsinthedrivewayatdusk,orsimplywantsomeextralighttoboostsecurity,a quality, weatherproof foodlight will brighten your space afer dark.Air movemeNt10Ceiling Mounted Exhaust FanAhighperformancefanhelpskeepodoursandfumesoutofyourworkplace,brings fresh air into the shed and helps control the temperature.SAFety & Security11Safety Switched Power PointsWith so much electrical gear in the garage, safeguarding yourself and your family from electrocution goes without saying.12Portable RCD Protected Power OutletA portable power outlet ofers a safe and fexible solution for when you need to run power to those not so easily accessible areas inside the shed or garage.13Infrascan Outdoor Motion DetectorMake your way to the garage or shed safely with your hands full. As this light doesnt require you to fick a switch in order for it to activate. Pure genius.AuDio/viDeo SyStemS14Telephone/Data SocketsProvidingameansofseeingthelatestsportingupdates,andvisitingthebestDIY Internet sites while youre out in the shed.14electrical essentialsAustralia is blessed with fabulous weather for most of the year, which could only mean one thing- most free time is enjoyed in the great outdoors accompanied by great mates enjoying a good old Aussie BBQ.Essential Checklist Issue 09 36OUTDoorSHowever adapting to this great way of life has seen a huge development over the years, with pergolas becoming more like an outside extension of the house; incorporating ceiling fans, weatherproof accessories, downlights, home audio systems and BBQs that are more like outdoor kitchens. It is essential to install weatherproof switches and power points when planning the outside area of your home. Tis will ensure that you will be prepared to safely and conveniently power up the party lights and mozzie zapper and altogether enjoy more in the great outdoors.37 clipsal.com3 1 2 1Infrascan Outdoor Motion DetectorIt is a cost efective product that you will getvaluefromtimeandtimeagain;from simplywelcomingguestsatthefrontdoor, without leaving them in the dark to deterring intruders or even lighting the way when your hands are full.2Weatherproof Fluorescent LightsAgain,thisisonemoreamazing product from Clipsal that provides you with anotherelectricalsolutiontohelpcutback onunnecessaryenergyusageandreducing those nasty electricity bills. 3Sunset SwitchAsunsetswitchisactivatedbythe changesinnaturallight,soitwillonly switchlightsonaferitgetsdark.You dontevenneedtoreprogramtoallowfor changing seasons or daylight savings. OL LL LO OPAVED ENTERTAINING AREAEssential Checklist Issue 09 38eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNti ALSouTDoorS5 L6O7283914 39 clipsal.comESSENTIALelectrical for the outdoorspoWer poiNtS1Weatherproof Outdoor Power PointsAustraliansstillhaveabadhabitofrunningextensioncordsthroughdoorwaysto access mains power outside. This is a hazardous problem that can easily be prevented by making sure you have adequate weatherproof power points installed outside your home. Placed in easily accessible areas, they provide the ideal solution when needing to power up items such as the outdoor heater, party lights or vacuum for cleaning the car. SWitcHeS/DimmerS2Sunset SwitchActivated by fading light, this switch is the perfect way to save on using excess electricity outdoors as it automatically turns the lights on outside once it detects nightfall. You dont even need to reprogram to allow for changing seasons or daylight savings.3Weatherproof Outdoor SwitchesOutsidelightsneedoutsideswitches.Clipsalsweatherprotectedaccessoriesarerain proof and wont corrode or allow dust to afect the switching mechanism. Tey are available in single and twin confgurations and a choice of colours. LiGHtiNG4Weatherproof Fluorescent LightsProven to be an economical and easy on the eye lighting solution. Weatherproof fuoro light fttings are great for outdoor entertaining areas. 5DownlightsTese downlights provide a safe and practical solution to your laundrys lighting, without compromising on a look that is consistent throughout the rest of your home.Air movemeNt6Ceiling Sweep FanAussiesummerscanbeextremelyhotoutside,butthatdoesntmeanyouhaveto remain indoors under the air conditioner all day long. A ceiling sweep fan is a great way to stay cool outside under the pergola whilst entertaining friends in the warmer months. A remote control adds extra convenience.SAFety & Security7Infrascan Outdoor Motion DetectorHatecominghomeinthedarkandspendingagesatthefrontdoorfumblingforyour keys? With an outdoor motion detector this doesnt have to be the case. As the name suggests, this must have accessory detects motion in order to turn on the light at night. It is a cost efective product that you will get value from time and time again; from simply welcoming guests at the front door to deterring intruders or even lighting the way when your hands are full.8Security CameraProtect your home from intruders. Keep an eye on the kids whilst they are playing in the pool. Better still, when connected to your home network system, they can be continually watched from any TV within your home. Whatever the application, security cameras are a fabulous addition to any outdoor area. AuDio/viDeo SyStemS9Audio DistributionLovetoentertain?Mountedspeakersareperfectforlisteningtomusicoutside,without having any messy and unwanted speaker cables running all over the foor.9electricalessentials28 516 74 3Essential Checklist Issue 09 40ESSENTIALelectrical for Safety1Safety SwitchClipsalswell-knownsafetyswitches are also available in twin power outlets. Tey are perfect for existing homes and although only one safety switch is compulsory in new homes,itisawisedecisiontouseseparate safety switches for each circuit. Tat way, one incident wont cut the power to your whole house.Imagineifoneappliancecauseda powercutwhileyourwerenthome,only to arrivehome and fndout thatit has also afectedyourfridge.Whatadisasterthat would be! 2Surge ProtectorPowersurgesareunavoidableinthe deliveryofelectricitytoyourhome.Caused byaccidentsorelectricalstorms,surges ofendamageexpensiveelectroniccircuitry inequipmentsuchastelevisions,computers and videos. Insurance generally doesnt cover damage caused by power surges, so protection is essential. Individual surge protected power outletsareavailabletoseparatelycontrol devices.Howevertoprotecteverypower pointinyourhomeagainstsurgesand possibleover-voltages,askyourelectrician for a switchboard-mounted option. 3Thermal Trip GPOSwitched SocketTe PDL Termal Trip GPO is an innovative newpowerpointthatcomesloadedwith benefts.Designedtoshutdownpowertoa deviceifoverheatingisdetected,itprotects yourwiring,preventsfresfromstarting and avoids any further damage to the device ifthereisafaultorproblem.Tethermal tripGPOsocketstopsoverloadingatthe source.Assoonassomethingtripsyoucan resetitfromthepowerpointstraightaway, rather than having to go outside to the mains switchboard. How convenient! 4Portable RCD Power OutletClipsalsportableRCDPowerOutlets aregreatforthatshort-termDIYproject oryournextpoolparty.Oferingyoua portablesolutionthatisfexibleandwont compromiseonsafety.Protectyourfamily frompotentiallybeingelectrocutedthenext timetheCDplayergetsknockedintothe pool, the extension cord gets attacked by the lawnmower,orthehedgetrimmercarves through the power cord.5Circuit ProtectionNobodyplansonbeingelectrocuted. Howeveryoucanplantoprotectyourself from electrical hazards and there is no better protectionthanafamousClipsalSafety Switch;aninnovationthathasbeensaving livessincethe70s.Clipsalswell-known switchboardversionofersprotectionto every power point in the home.Althoughcompulsorywhenanewhomeis built,itpaystocheckifyourexistinghome has one installed. 6Fail Safe HomeEmergency LightInthecaseofapowerfailure,yourhome neednt become a hazardous area. Stumbling aroundinthedarkisnotfunandcanbe potentiallydangerous,likewalkinginto somethingorworsestillfallingdownstairs. AvoidanynastymishapswithClipsals emergencylight,whichautomatically switchesonupondetectingapowerfailure. Now thats much safer than racing around the house in the hunt for a box of candles. 7Smoke AlarmsEveryyearpeopledieasaresultof fres in their homes; the majority of which couldbeprevented.Asmokealarmalerts youbeforeitstoolate.Correctlylocated, Clipsalsmokealarmsgiveearlywarning of fre and provide you with precious time tosafelyescapebeforethehousefllswith toxic smoke.8Surveillance CameraA fabulous addition to any indoor or outdoorarea,Clipsalsurveillancecameras havebeenkeepingfamiliessafeforyears. Helpingscareofpotentialburglars,aswell ashelpingyoutokeepanextraeyeonthe kids.Perfectforwatchingthemplaying inthepoolwhenyoucantleavetheliving roomorobserveyourbabyasleepwhilst entertainingfriendsoutside.Whateverthe application,forpeaceofmindmakesure your home has the comfort and convenience of a Clipsal Surveillance Camera.Askyourelectricianabouthowyoucan linkyoursurveillancecamerastoahome networkingsystem,suchasStarServe, whichenablesyoutoprogramadevoted securitychannelintoyourTVforcomplete monitoringofanyareaofyourhomevia remote control.41 clipsal.comSAFetyFrom break-ins and intruders to house fres, drowning and shocking electrical accidents, whatever the situation, you cant put a price tag on your family. Which is why, when planning to build or renovate your home, safety is one area that must not be compromised. Fortunately Clipsals comprehensive range of safety products include everything from state of the art smoke alarms and our famous Clipsal safety switches, through to surge protected power outlets to name just a few. Installing these products will save you money in the long run and can potentially save lives, meaning you can sleep better at night, knowing you and your family are protected. Essential Checklist Issue 09 42Half the battle with lighting is making sure you choose the right type and with so many styles to choose from these days, it can easily complicate the issue. General lighting is needed for general illumination. Task lighting is used to illuminate a certain area like benches, bars and desks. Accent lighting creates a decorative and dramatic efect. Pendant or surface-mounted light fttings provide general lighting and fuorescent lights are ideal where lighting is required for long periods of time, as well as utility areas and the exterior of your home. Whatever you want to achieve, Clipsal has a solution for all indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting applications. Combining both functionality and stylish designs into every product, Clipsal really makes your home come alive.lIgHTINg43 clipsal.comESSENTIALLightingEnergy ef cient lighting.Clipsals new range of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) downlights is the most energy ef cient form of lighting for households available on the market, as they provide the same light level as incandescent globes, but only use about one quarter of the energy. Tis means you can care for the environment without impacting on the aesthetics of your home.CFLs are best suited to living areas, kitchens and dining rooms or outdoors; basically any area where you require the lights on for long periods of time. Due to their long lamp life of 10,000hrs, CFLs reduce your energy usage without compromising on style.Fittings are available in white chrome and brushed chrome, and lamps are available in warm white colour or cool white.cFL DoWNLiGHtS Essential Checklist Issue 09 44BRIGHTIDEA:Reducingthe brightnessofyourdownlights withdimmers,reducesyour energyconsumption,whichin turnalsolowersthecostofyour electricity bill. DoWNLiGHtSClipsals low voltage halogen downlights provide great general and task lighting, and have a unique fnish that enhances the natural beauty of any home. Durable and stylish, they come in a variety of modern designs for every room of your home; from white, brushed chrome, chrome silver, bathroom frosted glass and bathroom arctic silver fnishes Clipsal has downlights to suit every dcor.Adding signifcant value to your home, now and in years to come.Tey are also available in fxed or adjustable designsandcomewithahighquality electronictransformer,whichhasbeen tested and approved to Australian standards. Teelectronictransformersarecompatible with Clipsal control products, which include C-Bus and Clipsal C-Tru dimmers.Highlight your best featuresDoyouhaveafavouritephotoorpieceof artworkthatdeservesspecialattention? Considerthecreativeefectsthatcanbe achievedwithagimbledownlight;its rotatabledesignhastheabilitytomovethe lightbeamandhighlightcertainfeaturesof your home.Various lamp beam angles also make Clipsal downlightsanattractivelightingoption. EXTlampsofera14-degreeangleandare especiallyefectiveoverbenchtops,kitchen benchesandbars,whereasEXNlamps provide a 38-degree angle and FNV lamps 60 degrees, both of which are more suitable for general-purpose lighting.Alternatively,installfxedstraight-down stylesinbulkheadsforalookthatis reallyimpressive.Howeveryouusethem, downlights are one of the most stylish ways to shed some light on your homes best features. Nowanintegralpartofanywelldesigned interior, they not only illuminate a room but canalsobeusedtocreatedramaticlighting efects in the home, giving it that extra wow factorandfllingyourguestswithenvy. Clipsal downlights have glass-covered facias toreduceUVradiationandaretherefore suitable for lighting sensitive artworks.IRC for energy effciency Anotheralternativetoconventional downlightglobesisthenewIRClamp. Perfectifyouareafersomethingthatis energy efcient, without having to sacrifce your level of lighting. Did you know an IRC lampora35Wattlampprovidesthesame light as a regular 50Watt halogen lamp? Its that simple. Splash out in the bathroomWhenitcomestothebathroomorother wetareasinyourhome,dontletalittle water get in the way of good design. Tese roomsneedntbelefinthedark.Clipsal haslowvoltagedownlightmodelsthat incorporate IP54 ratings, meaning they are perfectly safe in areas of high humidity and water exposure. Hip to be squareLove downlights, but want something a little diferent. For a design with an edge, you cant go past Clipsals striking square downlights. Idealforcreatinganultra-modernfeel insideyourhome,squaredownlightswith uniqueidenticalsquarelampsareareal talking point when featured above bars and inside cabinets. Or think outside the square and install them in spaces such as staircases, hallways and inside wall recesses. Set the moodTe sof tones of downlights are an efective way of creating the perfect mood, particularly when teamed with dimming controls. As the lampisdimmedthecolourshifschanging from a white cool light to a sof warm light. Saturn downlightsAttention to detail makes the Clipsal Saturn downlightrangethemoststunningand fashionabledownlightsavailableonthe market. Available in white, brushed chrome and chrome, the Saturn range of downlights, withtheirmodernandstylishfoatingglass fascia turn any downlight installation from a function into a feature. Check out the range to suit any application.Speak to a friendly Clipspec consultant about howyoucancalculatethecorrectspacing and design of Clipsals downlights into your building plans.LoW voLtAGe HALoGeN45 clipsal.comESSENTIALLightingEssential Checklist Issue 09 46LeDOkay, so you are probably familiar with LED lighting being typically used in torches, remote controls, Christmas lights and solar or mains powered garden lighting. However, did you know that home LED lighting is now not only possible, but very much the future of domestic household lighting? LEDs ofer so many architectural advantages, its hard to go past them when it comes to accent lighting in your home. Cool, focused, energy efcient. the advantages are endless!Energy effcientTeessentialdiferencebetweentraditional incandescentlightbulbsandLEDlights isthattheformerwastesthemajorityof electricity as heat, whereas LED light sources convertalltheirelectricityintolight(hence thereasontheystaycooltothetouch)and give a pure intense light.Alsowhencomparedtothatofregular incandescentbulbs,LEDlightbulbslastan incredibly long time and cost next to nothing inrunning,maintenanceandreplacement costs.Withlowerenergyconsumption comes less wasted electricity and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions being created andthatsjustthebeginningofwhatLEDs have to ofer.Cool, calm and collectedClipsalsLEDlightsareanaturalchoicefor illuminatingunconventionalspacessuch asdisplayunits,beneathkitchenunits, benches and shelves or inside cupboards and wardrobes etc. As they run at extremely low operatingtemperaturesitmeanstheycan beeasilyinstalledadjacenttoobjectsand surfaceswithoutanydangerofcausingheat damageandofengiveamuchbetterlight than regular light bulbs in such applications. LEDsalsohavenoflaments,makingthem resistanttoshockandvibrations,therefore knocking the lamps wont cause any damage. So next time you knock the light in an efort to get that stray wine glass out from the back of the cabinet it wont be a problem; another reason as to why they make the perfect lighting solution for inside units and on shelves. Vibrant and colourfulAnother dimension that compact home LED lightingaddstothehomeismoodlighting, bringing a whole new array of special efects that existing lighting technology cannot begin toemulate.ClipsalsLEDlightsintroducea stunningvibrantblue,idealwhenwanting toproducewonderful,eye-catchingefects through out your home. Take your creativity tonewheightsandusethesebrightoptions eitherasafocalpointorcastagainstfoors, ceilings and walls to modify the ambience of any room in your house.Clipsals fabulous range of coloured LED strip lightsareavailableinblueandwhite.Strip lightsaredesignedtoftsnuglyinareasyou wouldnt normally dream of, such as the bar, drinks cabinet, under the kitchen bench or in the foor of your home theatre. LiGHtiNG47 clipsal.comExTERIoR lIgHTINgWhen it comes to the exterior areas of your home, you can really let your imagination run wild with lighting ideas for every kind of application possible. From task to general lighting, with Clipsals wide range of exterior lights there is no reason why the outside of your home neednt look just as eye-catching as the inside. Accentuate outdoors withaccent lightingClipsalsstainlesssteeloutdoorwalllights areperfectforilluminatingawall,perhaps nearthepoolorpergola.Lovetoentertain outdoors?Dontkeepyourguestsinthe dark.Stainlesssteelhighquality,marine grade exterior up-downlights are a fabulous touch to any decking area, pathway or set of steps; creating a warm look that is simple but very attractive.Want to renovate your home, but cant aford afulloverhaul?Whynotconsideradding somenewClipsalwalllights,lowvoltageor CFLsoutside,givingyourhomeamodern touch, without costing you a fortune.General lighting whateverthe weatherTe exterior of your home is ofen exposed tomanyelementssuchasdust,wind,rain andeventheharshsun.Soitisnodoubt ordinarylightsjustwontcutit,when itcomestoprovidingsufcientgeneral lighting for your outdoor areas. To overcome thisproblemClipsalhavedesignedseveral contemporaryweatherproofrangesfrom fuorescents,bulkheads,foodlightsand downlights;helpingentertainmentareasto shine in any condition.If you are considering leaving certain outdoor lights on for long periods of time then perhaps ClipsalsrangeofCFLsmaybethemost efectiveandenergyefcientwaytogo,as they have a very long lamp life of 10,000hrs, allowingyoutoreduceyourenergyusage without compromising on style.Essential Checklist Issue 09 4849 clipsal.comSynergi SolutionsSynergiSolutionsisauniqueandimpressivepartnership from Australian household interior brands Clipsal, Caroma andGainsborough.Designedtotakethehardworkoutof yourinteriorselectionprocess,eachpartnerhasreleased a range of coordinated products that combine perfectly to ensurecomplementarystyles,seamlesscolourmatching and unrivalled quality throughout your home.Product Style FeaturesA team of interior design specialists have worked closely witheachSynergiSolutionspartnertoensurethere areclearsynergieslinkingaselectedrangeofpartner products,inapre-coordinated,aestheticallymatched package across the portfolio.Keycorrespondingfeaturesintherangeincludea combination of:Dening colour options that are visible on key elements of the range including Ocean Mist giving you the superior look of glass, Espresso Black, or the new Pure White providing a smart, sophisticated look Premium stainless steel nishesPopular square and round architectural design features. The Synergi Solutions AdvantageChoosing the best quality tap ware, door furniture, electrical accessoriesandhomecontrolproductscanbeconfusing andtimeconsuming.SynergiSolutionsremovesthis inconvenience for new home builders and renovators alike, by giving you all the coordinated information you need on the latest interior product ranges.Environmental FocusInbringingyouthispremiumoffering,SynergiSolutions iscommittedtopartneringwithcompaniesthatutilize environmentallyfriendlymanufacturingpracticesand offer energy efcient products. When you choose from the SynergiSolutionsrange,youcanbeassuredthatyoure playing a part in ensuring a sustainable future.Viewing the Synergi Solutions theentirerangeandseeforyourselfhowsimpleitisto seamlessly integrate your interior design.Detailsforaccessingallproductisavailableonthe Contact Us page.Take the hard work out of interior selectionEssential Checklist Issue 09 50Clipsal Saturn is a premium range of architecturally designed electrical accessories. The entire range has set new standards in home electrical accessories and is unlike any other standard home wiring solution. The Clipsal Saturn 250V range appeals to anyone who desires the latest styles and fashions in their home. It offers a sleek, easy to clean glass-look switch, plus data point and power outlet options. Available in Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and Pure White colour variants to blend in beautifully with any home environment.SaturntsperfectlywiththeSynergiSolutionsrangebecauseeachandeverycomponent has been designed and selected to blend seamlessly with the latest in premium home design trends. Providing greater holistic benets of style, shape, colour and material coordination with the added visual appeal of chrome and glass-like nishes.Clipsal Australia continues to look toward the future as a proven leader in electrical innovation, providing electrical solutions for homes throughout Australia and the world.Synergi Solutions creates stylish possibilities for every room of your home.51 clipsal.comCaroma,thetrustednameinbathroomaccessorieshasjoinedtheSynergiSolutions partnershipwithapremiumrangeofstainlesssteelandsquarearchitecturaldesign featuresforyourbathroom.Thisrangeisextensivetoensureyoullbeabletondthe perfect solution for your bathroom design, and furthermore, has been specically designed to coordinate with other products in the Synergi Solutions range.Today, households are looking for innovative new ways to help save our precious water resources and the environment and Smartush is the smart choice in toilet suites using only 4.5L of water for a full ush and 3L for a half ush. By installing a Smartush you will save up to 35,000L of water per year* without sacricing on stylish design and ensuring proven performance. TheCaromarangeselectedoffersatotalbathroomsolutionincludingatoiletsuite, basin, tap ware and accessories designed to complement all the ranges available from Synergi Solutions. *compared to 11L single ush toilet suites. Toilet Suite WELS 4 star rated and Wall Basin Mixer WELS 5 star ratedGainsborough have created an exclusive range of premium door furniture that encompasses, Ocean Mist and Espresso Black coloured rosettes accenting timeless bright chrome. Made to our premium architectural specications, the shapes, styles and colours blend seamlessly with our other partners in the Synergi Solutions Collection.Renowned for their ne quality door furniture, Gainsborough Hardware have been designing, manufacturing and supplying door hardware in Australia and to the world for over 30 years.Whether youre an architect designing a unique residence or commercial building, planning to build a modern residential home or about to give your place a classic renovation, Gainsborough provides real security with unmatched style, offering a complete range of levers, decorative door handles, security locks, entrance sets and complementary accessories.Essential Checklist Issue 09 52Clipsal SaturnTM 250Vpg 54Impress Push-Buttonpg 572000 SeriesTM pg 58Classic C2000 SeriesTM pg 59Slimline SC2000 Series pg 60Eclipse SL2000 Series pg 61Metal Plate Range pg 62Heritage Range pg 63Modena 800 SeriesTMpg 64Strato 800 SeriesTMpg 66Modulinepg 67Colour Selection Chart pg 68Choose the colour and finish to suit any room of your home.Thereareathousandandone decisionstobemadewhen buildingorrenovatingyour home.Decidingonwalland carpet colours, tile designs and tapstylescanbequitetime consuming,howevermany peoplewontgiveasecond thoughttothelookandstyle of their electrical installation. Itisassumedthattherearenooptions outsidethestandardwhiteplasticswitch. WithClipsal,nothingcouldbefurther from the truth! Gone are the days where a switchhadtobeaboringwhiterectangle fxedbyascrewtopandbottom!Today, there are colours and styles to enhance any dcor. You can also have colours and styles foryourpowerpoints.Nomatterifyour home is federation, colonial, contemporary or ultra modern, there is a style and colour to suit.Architectsandbuilderswilltellyouthat when it comes to dcor, its the detail that sets the best homes apart. ColouR+FiNiSH53 clipsal.comESSENTIALcolours & Stylesred(RD) brown(BR) black(BK)cream(CM) beige(BG) desert sand(DS)white(WE)dove grey(DO)sof grey(SG)charcoal(CC) blue(BL) red(RD) white(WH) black(BK)polished brass(BS)chrome(CH) brushed aluminium(BA)brushed brass (BB)stainless steel (SS)chrome shadow(3S)gun metal(GM)gold(GD)chrome (CH) forentine bronze (FB)antique brass (AB)polished brass(BS)chrome(CH) gunmetal grey(GM)platinum (PT) champagne(CE)ocean mist(OM)espresso black(EB)pure white(PW)Essential Checklist Issue 09 54Clipsal SaturnTM 250V RangeA seamless look and an enviable style. TeuniqueClipsalSaturn250Vcollectionofersarangeofpopularelectricalaccessoriesthatare perfectly matched to each other and products from the C-Bus Saturn home control range. Clipsal makes it easy to give your home a seamless look and an enviable style.Te Clipsal Saturn 250V range is manufactured from premium quality materials. Youd be forgiven forthinkingthatthisimpressivelookingfnishwaspureglass.Teelegantglass-look,availablein Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and now Pure White, complements popular modern surfaces, and the hardwearing fnish makes these products ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and family areas.ClipsalAustraliahassuccessfullyincorporatedLEDindicationtechnologyintotheinnovative designoftheClipsalSaturn250Vrange.TesofblueglowingLEDofersastandoutpointof diference for your switches.55 clipsal.comClipsal Saturn Dimmer Switches can help to set the perfect amount of light for any time of the day ornight.ClipsalSaturnDimmerSwitcheswillcreatethemoodyoudesireandgiveyoucomplete lighting control, while maintaining the sleek, stylish look of Saturn throughout your home. Te Clipsal Saturn Universal Dimmer also gives you the advantage of energy ef ciency, saving you money on your power bills, while helping to save our environment.ClipsalhascleverlyteamedupwithsomeofAustraliasleadinghomeaccessorybrandssuchas Caroma, and Gainsborough to create Synergi SolutionsTM. Now the premium look of Clipsal Saturn can be achieved throughout your entire home by installing this pre coordinated portfolio of electrical accessories, bathroom accessories, and door furniture (see page 48).Essential Checklist Issue 09 56Clipsal SaturnTM 250V RangeStands out from the crowd, blends in with the homeTeClipsalSaturn250VSwitchedSocketoutletallowstheoperationofall250Velectrical devices, the same as a standard power outlet. Tese complement Clipsal Saturn Wall Switches extending the 250V family to create the perfect match in switches and sockets.ClipsalSaturnDatawallplatesaretheperfectoptionforanywhereyourequiredata connectivity around the home in areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, lounge rooms and the home of ce without compromising your homes great looks. Te Clipsal Saturn 250V Switched Socket also matches perfectly with the C-Bus Saturn range if you are thinking about home control. See page 80 for more information. 57 clipsal.comOne touchTe contemporary IMPRESS switch is stylish, practical and sleek, bringing a whole new innovation to your electrical installation. With the main features being the smooth reliable action, large switching capacity,anditscompatibilitywithall30SeriesClipsalswitchplatesincludingSlimline,Eclipse, Standard, 2000, Metal Plate and C2000 ranges. Te IMPRESS push-button switch is perfect for new homes and renovations. Also available with a sof blue LED on/of indicator.Impress Push-Button Checklist Issue 09 58The power and the fashionTe 2000 Series is Australias best selling switch. Manufactured in high gloss, impact resistant material, the 2000 Series incorporates surrounds that simply clip on and are totally interchangeable to create lots of colour combinations. Te2000SeriesMultigangSurroundsprovideendlessoptionswheneitherswitchesorsocketsare required under the one surround, and Gangbusters is the multigang solution for oversized plugs and chargers that need extra space.Te surrounds can be easily removed to enable painting or papering right up to the edge. Tis makes decorating a breeze, as you dont need to fuss over painting too close to the edges. Available in a full range of decorator colours and metallic surrounds, theres one to suit every colour scheme.2000 SeriesTM 13mm76mm116mm59 clipsal.comClassic C2000 SeriesTMNothing outclasses a classic TesmoothcurvesandsleeklinesoftheClassicrangerefectthelatestinteriordesigntrends. Remarkable and afordable, the Classic range features a level of quality and elegance that you would expect from electrical switches and power points costing much more. TechoiceofcoloursandfnishesavailablewiththeClassicrangeisquiteoutstanding.Tereare even metal cover fnishes and moulded covers such as the Arctic Silver and Chrome Shadow fnishes in the Classic quad power points. As covers and grid plates are easily interchangeable, you can create combinations to match any dcor theme.13mm76mm116mmEssential Checklist Issue 09 60A classic, sliced extra thinAtfrstglance,SlimlinelooksexactlylikeourClassicswitchesandsockets.Viewedfromtheside however,itsacompletelydiferentstory.ClipsalhastakentheClassicandsliceditextrathin!Te result is Slimline, a range of switches and sockets that are only 4mm thick (or should we say thin) making them the thinnest switch plates in the world. WithSlimline,youhaveacomprehensiverangethatisunique,butstilllooksathomewhenused with the Classic range. A range of metal plate covers and the outstanding Chrome Shadow fnish are available in the Slimline range too. Featuring a full metal look and fnger print resistant fnish, they are sure to add a touch of class at a fraction of what youd expect to pay.116mm4mm76mmSlimline SC2000 Series61 clipsal.comA work of artTe Eclipse range of switches and sockets ofers the thinnest switch plates in the world. With a wafer thin 4mm profle, they are up to 60% thinner than others. Its understated design truly distinguishes the Eclipse range from any other product on ofer. Te sleek elegance of Eclipse rests smoothly on any surface to ensure a slim and highly fashionable fnish. As with Slimline, a range of metal plate covers and the outstanding Chrome Shadow fnish are available. Tey are sure to add a touch of class at a fraction of the cost. Switch and socket innovation has never looked this good.116mm4mm76mmEclipse SL2000 SeriesEssential Checklist Issue 09 62Elements of a beautiful design TeClipsalMetalPlaterangeofersalmostunlimitedpossibilities.Testainlesssteelswitches andpoweroutletslooksuperbintodaysstainlesssteelkitchens,whilebrassmodelsbeautifully complement a more traditional dcor. Boasting stunning design and durability, Clipsal ofers the largest metal plate range in Australia. A choice of lacquered polished brass, anodized aluminium and stainless steel fnishes are available in two plate styles, including curved and fat. Te BSL and BBSL style metal plate ranges, available in stainless steel or brass fnishes, are the lowest profle switches at only 1.2mm, which means they blend in perfectly.85mm130mm1.2mmMetal Plate Range63 clipsal.comGolden oldies in tune with todayTe Heritage range brings together old world charm with the benefts of todays technology. Tese switches and sockets are the perfect solution for those wishing to renovate an older style home or to complement the dcor of a new federation style dwelling. Unliketoggleswitchesofthepast,ClipsalHeritageofersthesafetystandardsandreliabilityof modern materials. Tey are even adaptable to suit TV antennas, faxes and computers.Allmetalfeatureshavebeenlacqueredtowithstandmoistureandmaintaintheirlustre.Heritage covers are available in exquisite Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Florentine Bronze, and the art deco chic of classic Chrome. All models are available with smooth or ribbed covers, with porcelain or metal shallowbaseversionsandcanbecomplementedbyusingpre-drilledcedar,pineorundercoated (ready-to-paint) mounting blocks if required. Heritage Range19mm 19mm 11mm 23mm91mm57mmEssential Checklist Issue 09 64Innovative, with features you should expect.Introducing a new range of sophisticated automatic integrally switched socket outlets and standard switch combinations to add style and a contemporary edge to any modern room. Modular in design and combined to meet your requirements for audio visual, data, TV and lighting control needs whilst lookinggreat.Availableinnineclip-oncolouredpicturesurroundsandineitherWhiteorBlack interior colour options.All switches in the Modena 800 Series are compatible with C-Bus and LexCom Home Control. For more information, please refer to page 69.124mm9mm83mmModena 800 SeriesTM65 clipsal.comA triumph of form and functionWhen it comes to surrounding yourself with style, comfort and fexibility, you cant go past the popular Modena 800 Series.Truly compatible with contemporary living, this classic range comes with large switches and easy to view indicators, ofering a minimalist look that is unobtrusive amongst any modern interior. Catering for all applications the Modena 800 Series is designed with nothing but the best form, function and safety features in mind. Pretty as a picture or expand your horizonsTankstotheStrato800Seriesrangeofpremiumwallplates,wantingtohideyourhomes switches and sockets is a thing of the past. Combining fat-metal picture frame surrounds with attractive modular components, the 800 Seriesprovidesanelegantandversatiledesignthatiscompletelyuniqueanddeservestobe showed of. Also capable of incorporating new push-button switch modules, they allow up to six switches per plate, each with cool blue LED On/Of indication.A feature in their own right, Stratos 800 Series adds a sophisticated fnish to modern dcor.Essential Checklist Issue 09 66Strato Expand your horizonsStrato 800 SeriesTM124mm9mm83mmSpring loaded with beneftsDo away with messy cords and impress guests at your next social event, with Modulines Soho range of innovative pop up power outlets. Teir neat and compact design allows outlets to be hidden when not in use, ideal for areas such as the kitchen, home of ce and home theatre, providing you with power in the most convenient of locations including mounted on bench tops, desks and tabletops, even on foorsandinceilings.Popupoutletsoferadisscretesolutionforallapplicationsincludingpower, data, voice and video/audio. Easy to install and use, Modulines pop up range of outlets is the ideal solution for when you need to combine practicality with style in your home. Ask your electrician or ClipSpec consultant about the range of hydraulic pop up outlets also available.67 clipsal.comModulineTMEssential Checklist Issue 09 68slimlineclassic C2000seriesTMeclipse2000 seriesTMimpress push-buttonclipsal saturnTMmetal plateTMheritageTMpdl.. modenaTMpdlstratoTMneoreectionTMc-bus saturnTMLexCom Home Controlanodised aluminium (AA)arctic silver (3A) orentine bronze (FB)antique brass (AB)stainless steel (SS)chrome (CH)gold (GD)brushed aluminium (BA)brushed brass (BB)polished brass (BS)gunmetal (GM)chrome shadow (3S)silver plate (SP)gold plate (GP)neo grey (1)neo silver (8)neo gold (9)white (WE)cream (CM)soft grey (SG)desert sand (DS)black (BK)brown (BR)red (RD)grey (GY)beige (BG)dove grey (DO)ocean mist (OM)espresso black (EB)pure white (PW)blue (BL)charcoal (CC)platinum (PT)champagne (CE)ColouR SeLectioN*Supplied with either white, black or brown grids. Available in at (B style) or traditional (A style) thickness.^ White or black porcelain bases supplied separately. Also available in smooth or ribbed nishes.Neo inner surround only#Outer surround only~ Classic Chrome Shadow and Arctic Silver available in Quad Power point onlyPLEASE NOTE: PDL Modena colour codes may vary. Please speak with your electrician for more information.# # # # #~ # # # # # # # ~# # # # ## # # # # # # ## # # # #* * *^ ^ ^ ^# # ##69 clipsal.comanodised aluminium (AA)arctic silver (3A) orentine bronze (FB)antique brass (AB)stainless steel (SS)chrome (CH)gold (GD)brushed al