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  • 1. Tele-Source Industries,Inc Providing Solutions and Servicesin the Telecom Industry for over20 years! 3Com Certified Representatives 3Com Authorized Partner Certified Technicians


  • Leaders in VoIP technology


  • Nearly 10 years of VoIP services
  • Over14,500NBX solutions are now in service in 60 countries.
  • 3Coms NBX is afourthgeneration solution.
  • The industry recognizes NBX as the innovative and reliable networked telephony solution.
  • 3Com NBX has won over40industry awards to date .

3. 3Com Profile Founded in 1979 by Bob Metcalfe, principal inventor of Ethernet 4,300 employees worldwide 44 countries / 90 locations 55,000 channel partners $1.48B annual revenue FY02 Strong balance sheet $1.43B US Patents: 830 issued 1057 pending Legend 5 campus locations 8 R&D centers 77 Sales & customer services offices 4. 3Com Mission Our mission is to deliver the greatest possible value for your networking investment Innovation Quality Value 3Com Possible made practical. 5. What do you Need in a Phone System? 6. What are you looking forin a phone system?

  • Basic Needs;
  • Your system must provide reliable worldwide, national, and local telephone service between you, your employeesandyour customers.

7. What are you looking forin a phone system?

  • Ease of use:
  • The ability to utilize existing data networks in conjunction with a phone system, allowing for faster connections.
  • Allow users to move between stations without difficult re-wiring, phone station changes or additional cost.
  • Allow new devices to be added onto the network without additional wiring.
  • Allow existing devises such as phones, fax, and computers to remain functional.


  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • & Overall Cost Savings:
  • A system that will save money in the long run.
  • A system that will not nickel and dime the company for every little change, much like the existing system.

What are you looking forin a phone system? 9. What are my options? Traditional Phone system or 3Com NBX VoIP 10. What is a Business system?

  • PBX and Key systems are old standard phone systems that are costly to operate and are often unreliable.
  • The future of phone systems which sends Voice & Data over the internet. It saves time and money for users and is easy to maintain.

What is a 3Com VoIP system? 11. What is VoIP ?

  • VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocoli.e,Networked Telephony
  • Networked Telephony is Voice and Data traffic on the same network:
    • This traffic can be Layer 2 Ethernet or Layer 3 IP
  • Networked Telephony has one wire to the desktop
    • Ethernet
  • Benefits of Networked Telephony:
    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Richer applications
    • Multi-location and remote location capabilities

Convergence! Voice Data 12. What are thesystemdifferences between a Traditional system & the 3Com NBX?

  • Traditional System
  • Requires its own dedicated voice infrastructure
  • Data network (routers, switches, gateways, wiring) MUST also be completely separate
  • Demands additional proprietary equipment and installation charges.
  • 3Com NBX
  • VoIP networks operate on asharedEthernet LAN.
  • Supports over 1,000 users with the same system software, hardware, and applications.
  • Has more built in functionality, such as network monitoring, asset management, and system administration software.


  • Traditional System
  • Proprietary analog and digital phones, with standard features:
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Conference
  • Redial
  • Speaker
  • 3Com NBX
  • All Standard Features and More
  • Digital High Speed features and Computer Ports
  • On Screen Softphones
  • Intelligent IP/Ethernet 3Com NBX phones, with auto Discover
  • Complete Flexibility to add and subtract features at will

What are thephone featuredifferences between a Traditional system & the 3Com NBX? 14. Traditional System 3ComNBX System VoIP Network Web Admin. 15. Why3ComVoIP ?

  • 3com offers simple office solutions that are reliable and user friendly.
  • 3com products are easy to install and dont require excessive maintenance.
  • All 3Com products go through rigorous testing to ensure quality.
  • 3com has been consistently recognized as the #1 networking brand for small and medium businesses.
  • 3com has provided state of the art technology for the past 24 years.

16. Telephone Systems affect your business in 3 ways. Your phone system investment directly impacts the bottom line ofyourbusiness ! 17. Why 3Com VoIP ? Cost Savings & VoIP 3Com NBX VoIPtechnology offers key benefits! 18. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • Big Cost $avings
  • Expandable
  • Easy to use and maintain

19. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • BIG Cost $avings
  • Expandable
  • Easy to use and maintain

20. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • Expandable
  • 3Com NBX VOIP includes a built-in connector for PCs or Laptops
  • Optional NBX software adds a PC software client for faster call transfers and directory inquiries.
  • Operate as Ethernet or IP devices, they are available for simple and highly custom-programmable features.

21. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • BIG Cost $avings
  • Expandable
  • Easy to use and maintain

22. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • Easy to Use & Maintain
  • 3Com NBX phones are self-locating
  • They plug into any Ethernet LAN port.
  • All telephones offer an attendant console that allows users to monitor staff availability and manage the calls for the entire organization.

23. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • Converge voice and data networks onto a single existing network infrastructure.
  • Let you quickly and cost-effectively add users and implement applications.
  • Runs a wide range of business applications today, and enables powerful emerging applications in the future.
  • Open architecture solution.
  • Low cost to manage and administer.
  • Easy for both on-site employees and telecommuters to use.
  • Gives you control of system changes.
  • Helps your business do more with less.

3Com VoIP systems

  • Expand office capabilities
  • Maintain with ease
  • $ave Money

24. Why 3Com VOIP?

  • BIG Cost $avings
  • Expandable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Check it out ! EverythingyouLook For & Needin a Phone System !

25. Assess what your Business Needs 26. Assess What you Need ! ~ Key Questions ~

  • Have you ever missed or lost any calls from important customers?
  • Does the telephone system help your business do more with fewer resources?
  • Does it let your organization respond to change quickly? Cost-effectively?

27. Investing in a 3Com System

  • Reduces cost of doing business
  • Increases organizational flexibility
  • Accelerates the businesss pace
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases revenues

Our goal is to help you accomplish one or more of these advantages . 28. Providing Customer Solutions 29. Better Solutions&Better Productivity 30. Tools To Make UsersMore Productive

  • Controlling information as it arrives at your desk is a challenge for anyone
    • What tools do you have today to manage voice mail messages?
    • To transfer a call or forward a message to aco-worker in another office?
    • To find out who just called your desk and hung up?
    • To save a voice mail message indefinitely
    • To find a co-workers extension number?
    • To change the speed dial numbers on you phone?

NBX Users Have Them All 31. Tools To Make Users More Productive Message Management Desktop Call Control Directory Access 32. Administer The System&Manage The Users Intuitive Browser Based Administration Call Reports to Manage Costs 33. NBX Networked Telephony Family NBX 100 Communications System 200 Devices (lines/stations) per site SuperStack 3 NBXNetworked Telephony Solution 1500 Devices (lines/stations) per site WAN PSTN PSTN WAN 34. SoundStation IP 3000 3COMNBX Polycom Sound Quality 3Com Features

  • Intuitive Menus
  • Multiple Call Appearances
  • Conference,