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In House Training Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Guru SMA/SMK RSBI DINAS PENDIDIKAN PROVINSI JAWA TENGAH Bidang Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Tenaga Kependidikan 2010 Dra. Dewi Rochsantiningsih, MEd, PhD. [email protected]

Classroom English for Rsbi Teachers

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  • In House Training Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Guru SMA/SMK RSBI DINAS PENDIDIKAN PROVINSI JAWA TENGAHBidang Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Tenaga Kependidikan2010 Dra. Dewi Rochsantiningsih, MEd, [email protected]




  • Memberi salamMengecek kehadiranBerdoaMerespon siswa yang terlambatMereview pelajaran sebelumnyaMengecek PRMenyebutkan topik pelajaran hari iniMenjelaskan cakupan topikMenjelaskan pentingnya topikMenanyakan kesiapan belajar

  • memberikan persoalan: bertanya atau memberi tugasmeminta siswa untuk mengerjakan sesuatumemberikan reinforcementmenjelaskan topikmemberikan ilustrasi/contohmemperagakan alat/demonstrasimenggunakan LCDbertanya pada siswa untuk mengecek kejelasan topikmembagi siswa dalam grupmeminta siswa berdiskusimeminta siswa melaporkan hasil kerjamemberikan pertanyaan melacakmengkonfirmasikan jawaban kepada siswa yang lainmemberikan respon thd jawaban siswa memberikan motivasi/encouragementmemberikan kesempatan siswa berpartisipasimenegur siswa yang ribut

  • memberi tanda waktu sdh akan berakhirmeminta siswa berhenti mengerjakan tugas/testmerangkum pelajaran pada tatap muka itumengecek pemahanan siswa thd lesson yang disampaikanmemberi kesempatan siswa untuk bertanya/klarifikasimemberikan PR/tugasjika siswa menggunakan buku/peralatan lab milik sekolah, maka guru meminta siswa untuk mengembalikan ke tempat semuapreview pelajaran yang akan datangmenyampaikan pengumuman (mungkin guru perlu meminta tambahan waktu, 5 menit misalnya)mengadakan refleksimemimpin doamengatakan salam penutupmeminta siswa meninggalkan kelas/lab

  • 1. Memberi salamGood morning everybody.How are you today, Rony?Howre things with you?How are you feeling today?I hope you are feeling fit today.

    2. Mengecek kehadiranWho is absent today?Were you absent last week?Has anybody seen Adi todayYou werent here last week, were you?Whats the matter with Tuti today?Who missed last Tuesdays lesson?

  • 3. BerdoaIts time for prayer.Lets pray together.Lets make a brief prayer for our todays activity.We will now say the Lordd Prayer.Id like to request your attention to a moment of silence and prayer.Budi, could you lead the prayer?

    4. Merespon siswa yang datang terlambatWhy were you late?Where have you been?We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?Did you miss your bus?Did you oversleep?What do you say when you are late?

  • 5. Mereview pelajaran yang laluAre you all ready?Its time to start now.Lets start our lesson now.We wont start until everyone is quiet.Stop talking now so that we can start.Settle down now so we can start.6. Mengecek PRDo you have any homework for today?Lets discuss the homework now.Who didnt do the last exercise?

  • 7. Menyebutkan topik hari iniToday we are going to talk about The topic we are going to discuss is Now we discuss this topic. What did I say about our topic today?WillBased on the illustration, think of the relevant topic to discuss.8. Menjelaskan cakupan topikThe topic is still too broad. We will limit it to The topic is limited to Today, we will discuss only a part of the topic, that is This topic has some sections. Today we learn only (and ).

  • 9. Menjelaskan pentingnya topikThe goal of this lesson is that you can After discussing the topic you are supposed to be able to What benefit do you think you can get from this lesson?Can you take benefit from this lesson? What is that?10. Menanyakan kesiapan belajarAre you all ready now?Its time to start now.Lets start our lesson now.Is everybody ready to start?Im waiting for you to be quiet.We wont start until everyone is quiet.

  • 1. Memberikan persoalanWhat do you think these two phenomena?Dont you enjoy foot-ball match?What are the importance of planting trees?If is , then how long does it take to get to this city?

    2. Meminta siswa untuk mengerjakan sesuatuClose your books.Look at me. Dont write anything.Read the text to yourselves. Start reading from line 6. Tom, go to the front, please.Stop discussing and start writing your report.

  • 3. Memberikan reinforcementGood/(Quite) Right/Fine/Hm-hm. Right you are. Yes, thats good/Thats the way/Yes, youve got it.Excellent!/Thats very good!/Well done!Thats perfectly correct

    4. Menjelaskan topikThe idea of this topic is about The idea behind this is for you to ask questions.Are you all clear about what you have to do?Are there any questions?5. Memberikan ilustrasi/contohThe give you clear idea about this topic, let me show you The illustration of photosynthesis can be seen in To illustrate this process, you may watch the following video. Raining is the example of

  • 6. Memperagakan alat/demonstrasiLook at me. Ill show you how to do it.I would like you to do it in the following way.Could you do it this way?7. Menggunakan LCDI have a film to show you today.Switch on the projector.Next slide, please.The projector doesnt seem to be working.This is a photograph of the eruption of Merapi.Turn the lights on again.8. Bertanya pada siswa untuk mengecek kejelasan topikWhat are the four poins which I emphasised about Molecules? Why did we talk about the topic/it? What is the different between ... and ... which we discussed last week? Has anybody got troubles to get the idea of ...?

  • 9. Membagi siswa dalam grupWork together with your friend.Find a partner.Which group would you like to join?Get into groups of three.There are too many in this group. 10. Meminta siswa berdiskusiHere are some tasks/exercises for you to work on in groups/pairs/threes.I want you to do some reading in groups.Dont disturb your neighbour 11. Meminta siswa melaporkan hasil kerjaTime is up. Stop writing and attach yours on the wall.I would like each group to report the discussion.Dont forget to put/write your names on them.Could the leader in each group collect the papers, please

  • 12. Memberikan pertanyaan melacakWhat you said is very interesting. Why do you think so? Is that what you honestly think? What exactly are you trying to say?Could you go into more detail?13. Mengkonfirmasikan jawaban kepada siswa yang lainWho agrees/disagrees with Dela/what Dela said? Dela, what do you think about this? Rani, do you think that Intans answer is right?14. Memberikan respon thd jawaban siswa Thats very good!Well done!No, thats wrong.Unfortunately not right.Can you say that again?Repeat once again, please?

  • 15. Memberikan motivasi/encouragementThats better. Have another try.Try it again. Ill help you if you get stuck.What if I give you a clue?

    16. Memberikan kesempatan siswa berpartisipasiWho wants to write that on the board?Any volunteers to do this section?Is there a particular topic you are interested in?Whod like to be the reader?17. Menegur siswa yang ributIf you dont be quite, Ill send you out.This is the last time Im warning you.Could I have a bit of quiet, please? Stop chattering there.

  • 1. Memberi tanda waktu sdh berakhirTime is almost up.We have 10 minutes before the bells ringing.Now, its time to close the lesson.

    2. Meminta siswa berhenti mengerjakan tugasIts almost time to stop.Thats the bell. Well have to stop here.All right! Thats all for today, thank you.Right. You can put your things away.That will do for today. Pens down, please!

    3. Merangkum pelajaran pada tatap muka ituI would like to make a summary of the lesson. Today we discuss about To sum up the lesson, I can say that today we talk about The topic of the lesson today is about Let me tell you again that the lesson today is about

  • 4. Mengecek pemahanan siswaWhat was the topic (that) we discussed today? Is there anybody of you who knows (about) the aims of this lesson. So, there are two major points of the lesson. What are they? 5. Memberi kesempatan siswa bertanyaDo you understand about the lesson?Which part of the lesson you dont understand?Has anybody got troubles to get the idea of ...?6. Memberikan PR/tugasFor your homework would you do exercise 10 on page 23.Prepare the last two chapters for Monday.You will have to read the last paragraph at home. Do the rest of the exercise as your homework for tonight.

  • 7. Meminta siswa mengembalikan buku/peralatan lab milik sekolah ke tempat semulaPut your desks back where they were.Clean the microscope and put it back to the cabinet.8. Mereview pelajaran yang akan datangWhere did we stop last time?How far did we get last time?Have you done exercise 5, Bill?How far have you got?

    9. Menyampaikan pengumuman/meminta tambahan waktuJust a moment, please. One more thing before you go.The lesson is about to end.Before we finish, the headmaster has some announcements to make.

  • 10. Mengadakan refleksiI think we finished discussing all the topics, didnt we?What do you think of the lesson?Do you find it interesting?Is there anything which you dont like about the lesson? Do you prefer to have it for discussion, next time? 11. Memimpin doaLets pray together.We will now say the Lordd Prayer.Id like to request your attention to a moment of silence and prayer.Budi, could you lead the prayer?

  • 12. Mengatakan salam penutupSee you again on Tuesday.Ill see you (all) again next Wednesday.I hope you all have a nice vacation. Goodbye Gbye, everyone. 13. Meminta siswa meninggalkan kelas/labWill you please go out? Go out quietly.Not so much noise, please.No noise as you leave. Other classes are still working.

  • OPENINGPikirkanlah sebuah skenario di awal pelajaran dengan menggunakan paling tidak 9 (sembilan) ungkapan bahasa Inggris yang Anda katakan kepada siswa.

    MAIN ACTIVITIESPikirkanlah sebuah skenario pada main activity dengan menggunakan paling tidak 3 (tiga) kegiatan berurutan terkait dengan mata pelajaran Anda.

    CLOSINGPikirkanlah sebuah skenario menjelang akhir pelajaran dengan menggunakan paling tidak 8 (delapan) ungkapan bahasa Inggris yang Anda katakan kepada siswa.