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Chpt. 4Notes. History of Rock & Roll J. Greene. Eureka: “ I have found it ”. Disney Land. The Mickey Mouse Club Annette Funicello. Other Mouseketeers ’ Justin, Brittany & Christina. 39-21-33. Male Barbie…Ken. 1959-surfboard. Surf Fashion Pendleton shirts & sandals. Surf Lingo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Chpt. 4Notes

  • Chpt. 4Notes History of Rock & Roll J. Greene

  • Eureka: I have found it

  • Disney Land

  • The Mickey Mouse ClubAnnette Funicello

  • Other MouseketeersJustin, Brittany & Christina

  • 39-21-33

  • Male BarbieKen

  • 1959-surfboard

  • Surf Fashion Pendleton shirts & sandals

  • Surf Lingo Woodie station wagon with wooden sidesPolys/Sticks - surfboardSoup foaming water near the beach Fun surf 3-6 foot waves Big guns surfboards designed to ride tall waves Hairy wave fast wave that is difficult to surf Shoot ride Hot dogging performing tricks Bunnies girlsGremlins/kooks people who couldnt surf

  • Surf Movies Bikini Beach (1964) Frankie Avalon Annette Funicello

  • Surfer SoundDick Dale & the Deltones Leo Fender manufactured the first mass-produced, solid-body electric guitar Gives surf music its distinctively fuzzy sound.

  • Dick Dale: surfing and the guitar

  • The King of Surf GuitarSurfbeat

  • The Beach BoysBrian Wilson leader Carl Wilson brother Dennis Wilson brother Mike Love Cousin Al Jardine Classmate

    Started in 1961 as the Pendletones Favored the 1950s electric guitar sound

  • Beach Boy SoundRock Around the Clock meets Girl-group optimism

    1950s rock with glossy harmonies gleaned from white vocal groups

    Bright, airy, snappy sound that embodied the California myth

  • Beach Boys 1961Abusive father/manager introduced them to music publisher Hite Morgan2 hours later, their name had changed and they had recorded their first song Surfin

  • Land Locked After the success of Surfin, they recorded 4 more songs but their record label had financial difficulties and shut down. Al Jardine quit the band for dental school but rejoined a year laterSigned to Capitol in 1962 with a new album, Surfin Safari

  • Still Surfin in 1963the number-one surfing group in the country

  • Stolen WavesA note-for-note rework of Chuck Berrys Sweet Little Sixteen

  • Beach Boys

  • Surfin with Bo Diddley Surf, Sink or Swim

  • Jan and DeanSurf musicians Performed with Dick Dale and the DeltonesPerformed with the Beach BoysMoved towards the Drag City Sound Drag Racing

    Two Girls for Every Boy