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  • 1. Aztec CivilizationChp 7- The People of the Sun
  • 2. Who are the People of the Sun? Who are we? In what ways do a groups beliefs and experiences contribute to their identity? Traditions Food Celebrations Christmas Moving
  • 3. Who are the People of the Sun? What do you know about them? Where are they from? mexican_flag.html
  • 4. Geography Can you imagine an Alberta without mountains? Without oil? What would our culture be like?
  • 5. What did the Aztecs do? They left their old home and came to a completely new one They built in the mountains on very swampy land Mexico City (Tenochtitlan) is sinking now because of the land and human error What else is sinking?
  • 6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • 7. Venice
  • 8. Mexico City is sinking! Mid century: 48 cm per a year! Currently, 2.5 cm per a year on average Since 1900, it has sunk 9 meters! Thats a 3 storey building Natural springs under city were exhausted, the soil collapsed because the aquifer under the city was drained faster than it was filled Subway system built in the 1960s is now more like a roller coaster track
  • 9. Aqueducts Needed to bring fresh water into the city for the Aztecs to survive Built aqueducts These were also used in Ancient
  • 10. Elevation Edmonton is 668 M above sea level Tenochtitlan is 2240 M above sea level How could this affect their living? Flash floods Violent weather What else? Built a dam to avoid flash flooding Terraced their fields, which kept water from running off and made use of space
  • 11. Agriculture Chinampa: Floating islands In the mountains Stakes were put into soil Then reed mats were stacked on top and soil was piled on top of that until it became a mini farm. Trees were planted in the corners to anchor it in place Then they planted flowers and vegetables Corn, chili peppers, squash, beans, tomatos
  • 12. Make a table: Break into groups of 3 Aztec CanadaMaps and mapmakingWar andempireAgricultureTrade
  • 13. What did you come up with? Aztec CanadaMaps and map - Believed they were center of world - North on maps, 2nd biggest country inmaking worldWar and - Location allowed them to defeat - Canada has challenges with a longempire neighbours undefended coastline - Spanish made - During Cold War, alliance with Aztecs between USA and neighbors Soviet UnionAgriculture - Location allowed them to produce - Vast agricultural lands allowed massive surplus foods agricultural sectorTrade - Trade both - Connected to Atlantic necessitated and made and Pacific possible by limited range of food and goods available
  • 14. The Sacred Landscape Aztec gods Believed the gods controlled all aspects of their lives Looked at them for how to live Four main gods There was over 100 gods Polytheistic society
  • 15. Huitzilopochtli Pronounced whets-eel-oh-POCH-tlee He encouraged the Aztecs to leave their homeland and settle in the valley of Mexico The sign he gave them was an eagle perched on a cactus (flag of Mexico) He needs the blood of sacrificial victims to give him strength Battled with Tezcatlipoca
  • 16. Huitzilopochtli /wiki/Image:Huitzil opochtli_tellerano.j pg
  • 17. Tezcatlipoca Pronounced Tez-cah-tlee-POH-kah Considered most powerful of the gods Saw visions of the future Ruler of the night sky Often involved in creation myths In a constant struggle with Huitz Main temple in Tenochtitlan was for him
  • 18. Tezcatlipoca wiki/Imag e:Black_T ezcatlipoc a.jpg
  • 19. Quetzalcoatl Pronounced ket-zal-COH-ahtl God of wind Feathered serpent Was to come back in the year One-reed and this year would be the destruction of the Aztec Empire God of priests
  • 20. Quetzacoatl http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/I mage:Qu etzalcoatl _tellerian o2.jpg
  • 21. Tlaloc Pronounced TLAH-lzok God of rain Unleashed the floods or cause droughts Gave life and substance, but could destroy it easily with weather Needed to keep him happy so they could survive
  • 22. Tlaloc
  • 23. Human Sacrifice Why? To the Aztecs, killing another person as a sacrifice was an honor The victims blood nourished the gods and appeased them, without it, they would get angry or die: World would end! From 1446-1453: numerous natural disasters affected the people (droughts, early frosts, floods, etc) Aztecs were starving, emigrated from Mexico, sold their children, anything to get food Tlacaelel (ruler at time) announced that human sacrifice would save them. In 1453, abundant rain followed.
  • 24. Tenochtitlan: Centre of the World Like many ancient philosophers: the earth was believed to be a round flat disc In the very middle, sat Tenochtitlan, courtesy of the Aztec gods In four sections: connected to mainland by three large causeways Acqueducts and canals ran through it Did not require animals for transport Sat in the mountains, because they believed it was closer to the gods
  • 25. Tenochtitlan: Center of the World In the center of the city was the Great Temple Dedicated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli