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CHINAWARE - · PDF fileas the most popular chinaware among high society homes and first class hotels and restaurants ... single item of them is perfectly matched ... By choosing this

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Text of CHINAWARE - · PDF fileas the most popular chinaware among high society homes and first class...

  • CHINAWAREC O L L E C T I O N 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3

    H O T E L & R E S T A U R A N T

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  • ABOUT HANKOOKSince 1991, Hankook Ceramic has commited to be a prestigious manufacturer of Ceramic Tableware not only in Indonesia but also around the world. We have been producing many prestigious brand names of tableware in the world, such as LENOX and MIKASA (USA), Villeroy & Boch (Germany), ARC International (France), iittala (Finland) NARUMI (Japan), Marks & Spencer (UK) and ZEN (Korea) to name a few. Our brand name, St.James (trademark) has been recognized as the most popular chinaware among high society homes and first class hotels and restaurants in our domestic market.

    As one of the most trusted manufacturer of Ceramic Tableware, we always provide and give our clients the best quality of our products. Producing the best quality of Ceramic Tableware has been our motivation to create the art of tableware and beautifully made from our certified materials, Super Bone.

    Having established the worlds best quality production facility through automation of the manufacturing processes and uncompromising quality control system, Hankook Ceramic has been able to cater to the worldwide customers, which includes over 50 different countries.

    Imagine such a super strong ceramic product, using semi-conductor materials such as Alumina and Silica, fired 3 times at the temperature of 1,300 C, while maintaining the spirit of hand craftsmanship we always concentrated our efforts in manufacturing the highest quality tableware.

    Hankook Ceramics manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art computerized equipment, which is continually updated and improved. The factories have fully automated forming machines, automatic spray glazing lines and computer controlled tunnel kilns. In addition through technical exchange with companies in England, Germany and Japan, we maintains our technical edge and strives to produce products only of the highest quality. Equipped with a modern production environment and the latest technology and know how, we believe that only us can produce high quality ceramic products ranging from elegant formal dinnerware through casual dining tableware, coffee sets and accessories using only 100% unleaded glaze & Decalcomania, our product passed rigorous FDA & California Prop. 65 Standard.

    With twenty years of professional knowledge and 20 millions pcs of annual production capacity, strengthen with more than 1800 skilled artisan and 150 R&D Specialist, our products qualified for international quality certification with ISO 9001 / KS / LOHAS / FDA.

    Our motto is, Worlds Best Quality, and it shows our commitment to provide the best and excellent product quality to serve our customers all around the world. We are certain that we can serve you all with our best quality of Ceramic Tableware.


  • ABOUT PRODUCTGenuine Hard Ceramic The strength and integrity of our ceramic is attributed to our pursuit of using 1st grade raw materials. Under stringent and established quality assurance system, we continually strive to ensure our ceramic is of high premium quality and glazed under lead-free conditions. Using but the best silica materials, our products are thoroughly heated in a 3 step fir-ing process at 1300C. This ensures maximum ceramic strength, durabil-ity and bright colors that ultimately last.

    Laboratory tested quality Our pursuit for the best quality product is equaled by our continued emphasis in research and development. Equipped with state of the art quality equipment and personnel, our research labs continually push to ensure all products perform under our guaranteed high quality standards. We continue to perform chip and abrasion tests, and as such the glaze and pattern comply under the stringent requirements of the US standard Proposition 65. Such reassurance can only be provided with high quality products.

    Unsurpassed resistance to chipping Generally plate and cup rims are the most exposed to external stress, which makes these zones problematic in any tableware. Consideration to anti-chipping design usually yields uncomfortably heavy result in most cases. We however, by means of attentive and special design, have achieved a special combination of form and function into the shape that produced a high level of chip resistance without adding weight to the individual pieces.

    Functionally stackable The functional stacking of porcelain is especially important in large scale dining events and banquets. Where speed of service and ease of handling and storage is prioritized, we are well aware of the importance of reducing the number of pieces and the multi-functionality of many of our articles. Cups and soup bowls will share the same saucer for example, as well as the ease of stacking of plates, mugs and saucers, enable to serve efficiently your most demanding dining needs.

    Scratch resistant glazing Thanks to our high temperature firing process, which yields an extremely hard surface glaze that even the sharpest knife will not be able scratch. Such an immense strength of Hankooks ceramic glaze provides an unbeatable resistance from scratches, caustic and physical shocks to metal abrasions of everyday use. Ultimately resulting in longer lasting durability of every ceramic product.

    Dishwasher-safe decorations Hankook Ceramic hotelware products will look just as new on its 1000th wash cycle and sparkle just like they did on the first day. The colors and patterns are permanently locked into the glaze because of our high temperature firing process. It means stronger ceramic tableware that definitely last longer.

    Glazed and polished rims and feetWe are attentive to every detail of our products, specifically taking extra care to polish and glaze the rims and feet of our ceramic tableware. The result is an uncompromising stance towards unsightly and unappetizing traces of dreaded stains on ceramic rims. At Hankook Ceramic, we celebrate the history of sharp-edge feet!

    4 | About product 5 About product |

  • MAJOR CLIENTPeople may say, client is the king. But we think, our client is more than a king. Our clients are the most important thing in our history. Together, we triumph and succeed in this ceramic tableware industry. What we have reached untill today, this very moment, are nothing without our client support.

    We have learned to serve with the heart and to give you the utmost satisfaction. We know that our product is present your elegance and beauty of tableware. Our worlds best quality product is proven to be number one in their category. Our existing clients are always satisfy with our ceramic tableware artwork. Our product is always chosen by five star hospitality industry for their dining-ware. They admitted our products never fails them to get compliments from their customers.

    Our clients are those who really understand about luxurious and precious ceramics tableware. Once they choose us as their partners, it shows that we are the best in this ceramic tableware industry. They give us the priceless trust to be the part of their luxury and elegance.

    Below are some of the lists from our precious major clients.

    6 | Major Client 7 Major Client |

  • ALL DAY DININGServing major hospitality establishments

    around the world has allowed us to understand

    fully the needs and requirements of producing

    products that is uncompromising in quality

    and function. Our All Day Dining lineup is

    a reflection of our meticulous planning

    and knowledge in producing tableware for

    volume conditions, such as large scale sitting

    capacity restaurants, hotel coffee shops to

    grand ballroom banquet services. Designed

    and developed deliberately based on the

    consideration of durability, premium quality

    and a basic yet functional style, Hankook

    Ceramic is proud to introduce the Atlas, Duke,

    Concentric and Chino product lineup to suit

    your hospitality needs.

    Courtesy of Ramada Sakala, Bali8 | All Day Dining

  • ATLASOne of various items for our All Day Dining is

    Atlas. It has very formal design for hospitality

    industry. The design is very luxurious and

    elegant. It can be used for many years

    because of its timeless design. If you want

    ceramic tableware for long term used, Atlas

    is the right choice.

    We have various designs for Atlas type. Every

    single item of them is perfectly matched for

    each other. Put them together in the table,

    and you will see the beauty on your dining

    table. Atlas is a perfect choice if you love a

    classic and timeless masterpiece of ceramic


    10 | Atlas


    CodeAtlas Description

    ( mm )L

    ( mm )W

    ( mm )H

    ( mm )V

    ( cc )

    B&B Plate 6 1/2Salad Plate 8Dessert Plate 9 1/2Entre Plate 10 1/4Dinner Plate 11Show Plate 12 1/4

    163 208 244 262 279 312



    18 19 22 23 24 26


    Coffee Pot(S) - 165 92 121 283 40-201-11

    Soup Plate 9Vegetable Plate 11 1/2

    231 295



    39 47


    Oval Plate 10 1/2Oval Plate 12Oval Plate 13 1/2


    268 309 351

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