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  • ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO ---. Office of Professional Fitness Review 676 N. St Clair, Suite 1910 Chicago, Illinois 60611


    Post Office Box 1979

    Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979


    Fax: (312) 751-5279




    Review Board Members

    Leah McCluskey, Interim, Professional F itness Review [email protected]

    ~cNamara, P.

    As per the Review Board meeting minute s, it was requested that the PFRA search

    the file

    of Peter McNamara in order to determine ifthere are any other allegations of sexua


    misconduct present.

    /~The;e are no other allegations present in Peter McNamara's current fi le located in the

    Office of Professional Fitness Review. I spoke with Sr. Marianne at the Vicar for


    office via phone on 8/22/02 to request tha t she search Peter McNamara's file as we

    ll. Sr.

    Marianne could not find a file on Peter M cNamara at either the Vicar for Priests of

    fice or

    at the Archives of the Archdiocese.

    Cc: Rev. James T. Kaczorowski, vica r for Priests

    Members ofPCAC

    f /2A_ /h() ~vf>rl_ -~ J fk· h

    ~~-k~~ ~-1:9 ~f+er,,& ,;.r~-

    t:,/1s) dco~ ,

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  • Peter John McNamara Born:


    St. Bernardine Parish (Forest Park)

    Extraordinary Appointments:

    Archdiocese of Chicago Priest Vitae Card

    Ordained: 06/06/1970 Died:


    Assistant Pastor



    Begin Date



    End Date


    No Image Attached

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  • . ' , .





    Office of the Archbishop .iw-,s, 1970


    ,, .. ',

    Rev. PetorJ, ·McNamara· 1917 N. L9weU Avenue Chicago, IlJjnots 60619

    Dear Father McNamara:

    . ' (·

    :,'( ·~· ,

    •, .

    It gives me great pleasure to appoint you as · V~carius Cooperator to the Reverend Willlam J. QulDlan, Pastor . of St. Bernardlue Parish,, _7~46 W. Harrison St., For•t Rlrk,

    llllnois, and in accorda.tice with canon 476,8, to grant you the neces.sary faculties for the fa1thfu1 disc.barge of that duty.

    Thl.s appointment is effective June 15, 1970, but I would ask you to make arrangements with the Pastor about the exact date when you will assume your new dut~e. ·

    Wlshtng you ~ery blessing and priestly success 1n this pastoral aaslgmnent, I am, dear PatherMcNamara,

    Very truly yours in ~lat,

    Arcbbishop of Chicago


    ." :·

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  • §t. i~ernarlline 0Ti1urrl1 7246 i]jarrison §>trrrt

    I~orrst t(Jarlt, Jlllinois 60130

    August 1, 1971

    Your Emminence1

    Here are the points made against Father McNamara,

    1. That he began an about two months

    17 vears old,

    2. That at one time she tried to break off the relationship but fell back into it.


    4. That he !Ja·deher up in his room along with other young people for pi~~a parties - - but alone after the others had left.

    5, That he was seen kissing her and going off with her alone ~or for long periods of time,

    6. That he visited her home many many nights.

    * * * 7, That sshe spent the night with him in fuis room a couple of weeks ago. This was a Tuesd~t when bot. h Father 11111 and Father lllllllwere away; and Father ..... was asleep in the back of the house,

    B. That he or they are "sweating it out waiting to see if she is pregnant", 9. That there have been continuous phone calls and visits totthe rectory


    10. That Father McNamara told our secretary,



    of this involvement and predicament. She felt in co ience duty bou~ to the pastor. He also revealed this information to ~ a leader or our ~ did not reveal this to us but to one of our seminarians,~ who di

  • • .~ ·- g,1_ i!lernarlline C!Jl!urrl!

    7246 ~arrison §>treet

    I~orest llarh, ifllinois 60130


    The other priests in the house had no indication of impropriety . because1


    2. She is active in was in charge of

    J. Reports of this impropriety have come fnom several independent and re reliable so_.urces. Each day we learn moredetails from more sources. The stories all coincide and give rectory detail nobody could make up.

    4. Father McNamara weakly denied the reports when I confronted him July 28th. A week before when our secretary fisst mentioned them to him and me together he seemed noncommital. I took it for gossip and warned him about leaving himself open to gossip.

    5. When our secretary a few days later warned me there was sometfuing to the stories I began to investigate.

    6. Our secretary is willing to testify that she is telling the truth in passing on to us Father McNamara,'s admissions to her. At first she felt bound to secrecy hut then·t~ought of the good of the church.

    our seminariaq1111~~ •• ~.;~J~Hles, is willing to swear to :: truth that he acquired fr::im -Father's admissions affl C'.:m:f\,::;s=,lY'S. He also '1as SO'rte :r'L·st ~1dnc1 :i.Ti:O}_'·nati.on.

    and a fev; other young people wo:uld r:rob;c

  • August 10, 1971

    Reverend Peter J. McNamara 1917 N. Lowell Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60639

    Dear Father McNamara:

    In accordance with our recent discussion, I will be pleased to see you at my residence on Saturday, August 21st, 1971 at 10:30 a. m.

    With best wishes, I am, dear Father McNa~ara

    Very truly yours in Christ,

    Archbishop of Chicago

    JPC: dr

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  • Excerpt: Diocesan Priests' Placement Board, 8/27/1971


    MINUTES Meeting No.· 117 - Second Board

    Meeting: Friday, August 271 1971, 10:30 A. M.

    Present: Cardiff, Lynch, Vanecko, Ventura, Wachowiak

    Place: Personnel Board Office

    l. Minutes of Meeting No. 116, were approved. J

    2. Reports:

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  • Excerpt: Diocesan Priests' Placement Board, 9/3/1971


    MINUTES Meeting No. 118 - Second Board

    Meeting: Friday, September 3, 1971

    Present: Cardiff, Lynch, O'Malley, Roche, Vanecko, Ventura and Wachowiak

    Place: Personnel Board Office

    1:30 - The afternoon session followed the ordinary procedure of a regular Board meeting.·

    1. · Minutes of Meeting No.' 117, were approved, ,,.

    2. 1 Reports: Meeting with the Cardinal - (WSR 8-30-71)

    Reverend Peter McNamara has an indefinite leave of absence •

    . --

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  • )> 0 (")

    0 ...JI. ........ ........ ........

  • Excerpt: Diocesan Priests' Placement Board, 9/28/1971



    St.· Bernardine, Forest Park - Peter McNamara

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  • ~it. t!trrnarilinr (!ifpurrl1 72-1& ~arrison §>trr.rt

    iJorrst Parh, Illinois &DllD

    His Emminence John Cardinal Cody Archbishop of' Chicago

    Your Emminence:

    October 18, .1971

    I am wondering about the final ilisposition o£ Peter

    McNamara's case. Up to the present - - and with some misgivings - -

    we haft said nothing publicly about his leaving. My thought was. to

    wait.until f'ina1 debermination. He told me he had requested laici ... ,

    sation bu.t that you adv.lsed,him to think it over.

    ~ ~bought was that we might soften further scandal that

    v.lll ensue should they marry if' we at this time announced that he is seeking

    or has received laicization and has left the priesthood.

    A.waiting your cmmsel,

    I remain,

    Yours 1:ii Christ,

    P.s. Father- s.v .. D., has stayed on because of' our short.handedness bu.t he must :mvve on to his assignment in St. Louis November 14th. Thia will leave ua without the help ot a regular associnte or even a resident.

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  • -------,., ~~· ;s.•, J

    October 20, 1971

    Reverend Wllliam J. Quinlan St. Bernardine Chut"ch 7246 W. Harrison Street Forest Park, llllnols 60130

    Dear Father Quinlan:

    As His Eminence left for Rome yesterday, your letter of October 18, 1971 was received in the Chancery Office and I wish to acknowledge receipt of same. I am forwarding a copy to Hls Eminence in Rome.

    With best wishes, I remain,

    Respectfully yours,

    Daniel F. Ryan Secretary

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  • Excerpt: Diocesan Priests' Placement Board, 10/21/1971

    PB NOTES October 21, 1971





    5. St. Bernardine, Forest Park: Resident Student Priest is leaving for another assignment on November 14th. Quinlan and LeVoy would appreciate r

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