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Charles plan c poster ideas

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  • 1. PLAN C Poster Planning

2. These are all examples, and my inspiration when it comes to creating the film poster. My film poster will include each of the main characters. I will generate a large, bold masthead, therefore it is clear and visible to the audience. The masthead will be positioned in a location where it is clearly visible within the frame. I have been inspired by these examples as they clearly reflect the strong nature of the comedy genre which instantly informs the viewer/public of what type of film is being advertised. 3. MY INTENTIONS For my poster I am considering using a extreme close up of a characters face in order to clearly present the emotions of the character. I will then edit the image to make it less serious and more playful/comical to clearly present the genre of the film trailer. I will continue the continuity of the PLAN C masthead, however I may adapt the colour scheme to suit the image.